Annual Report 2003pub by keara


									                                     Annual Report

                           Kenneth King Foundation
                          “To do the common thing in an uncommon way”

                                   900 Pennsylvania Street
                                   Denver, Colorado 80203
Kenneth King Foundation
900 Pennsylvania Street

                                    Phone: 303.832.3200
                                     Fax: 303.832.4176
Denver, CO 80203

  Grant Guidelines (Revised May 2004)                                                              From the President:

    ***Please*** contact the Foundation office for up-to-date                                     Dear Non-Profit Community:
      deadlines and specific updates to guidelines or visit
        our web site at                                                 Another year, another audit completed, another round of proposals submit-
                                                                                                  ted, another round of applications reviewed, the cycle grinds or glides forward
           Please follow the below format, include the exact numbers and titles                   depending upon your attitude.
             and enclose the original and one complete copy of the proposal                           This is a world of keeping and maintaining a positive attitude whether seek-
                                    (including all addenda)                                       ing or authorizing grants. Remember that when a door slams a window always
1. Name of organization.                                                                          opens and that some of the greatest fundraisers in history did not hear “No”
2. Address, telephone number, fax number, email address and web site address (if
                                                                                                  until the fifth time.
3. Name and title of person submitting the application.
                                                                                                      The Kenneth King Foundation undergoes a full certified audit just like many
4. The mission of your non-profit organization.                                                   other non-profits and foundations. Kundinger, Corder & Engle, P.C. arrives at
5. When and where was your organization founded?                                                  our offices in late January and spends a week examining how we spend our
6. Please state how your organization is governed/managed.                                        revered leader’s funds. Our Treasurer Minnie Lundberg is a flawless account-
7. Provide the amount requested and submission date of request along with the total               ant and since the beginning of this foundation in 1990 has kept all the columns
      budget for the specific project/program (if asking for general operating funds, provide     balanced despite a sometimes “cranky” computer and over $27 million dis-
      total operating budget).                                                                    persed in grants to several thousand recipients. She has written a lot of
8. Describe how and when the funds will be used.                                                  checks, the bank now personally delivers the month-end statements because
9. Are there any time requirements for the distribution of the funds requested?
10. From whom does the organization receive its financial support?
                                                                                                  there are more canceled checks than fit their envelopes.
     A. List other foundation grants, dates and amounts received in the last two years.               We receive copies of the audit a few weeks later and we print the Revenues
     B. If applicable, detail any Federal, State or local government financing or funding,        and Expenses and Balance Sheet in our annual report. We also print a com-
         including government entity name, date, amount and percentage of total budget in         plete list of each grant made during the year. Every applicant grant should re-
         the last two years.                                                                      ceive a letter from us either containing a check or denial explanation. Many
     C. Will funding continue?                                                                    times, there is a very fine line between those who receive checks and those
11. How many volunteers participate in your programs and/or projects?                             who do not. At the King Foundation we like to award grants and we work very
12. If applicable, how many persons on average benefit from your services annually?               hard to make grant applications successful. All who apply should realize that
13. How many employees are on your payroll?
                                                                                                  this is a competitive drill, every grant competes against another request.
14. Special attention is given to your financial presentation.
      A. Provide your budget, balance sheet, and income and expense statement for the                 Many times we have to remember our founder who many board members
         past two years. Requests omitting the above will be automatically denied.                knew for years and attempt to fund what his wishes might have been. We do
      B. Provide your most recent audit report and, if applicable, dates for upcoming sched-      have some guidelines to follow including funding the non-profits he personally
         uled audits.                                                                             assisted during his lifetime.
      C. Provide amount, in percentages, spent on administrative support, fundraising and             Some grants are awarded because a non-profit is indeed attempting to “do
         program services.                                                                        the common thing in an uncommon way.” This was Mr. King’s motto written
15. Include a list of your Board of Directors with their business and professional positions.     while he was in school.
16. Include a copy of your organization’s 501(c)(3) with Tax ID number. In order to be
                                                                                                      This year there was just not enough money to fulfill all of the requests we
    eligible for funding it is mandatory that the 501(c)(3) be in the legal name of the organi-
    zation applying for the grant.                                                                received. If you received a grant from us it means that in our opinion you run a
17. Have you previously applied for a grant from the Kenneth King Foundation?                     top-flight non-profit organization and that you were at the top of the class.
            A. If so, when? (provide month and year)                                                  Grants are denied because the request for funds may be too large. Most of
            B. Did you receive funding? If so, provide amount.                                    the time, we simply reduce the awarded amount, but sometimes we decide that
            C. Were you declined and if so, when?                                                 if you do not receive the full amount requested, the project cannot go forward.
18. How did you learn about the Kenneth King Foundation?                                          We look at “volunteerism” and the amount of funds in the bank. Sometimes, it is
                                                                                                  our opinion that a non-profit has too much money, or sometimes too little.
Completed proposals (original and one copy of proposal and all attachments) should be             Foundation grant makers become nervous about funding large deficits that do
submitted to:
                               Kenneth King Foundation
                                                                                                  not improve in following years. We like to use a lot of just plain common sense
                900 Pennsylvania Street, Denver, Colorado 80203                                   when reviewing grants and we would urge grant writers to do the same thing.
                          303.832.3200      303.832.4176 fax email:
                      Please contact foundation for deadlines.
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    From the President: (Cont-d)                                                          2003 grant recipients (Cont-d):
                                                                                          University of Denver, Denver                        $3,150
    In closing this report I just read the Rocky Mountain Multiple Sclerosis Center
newsletter where they report the following, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst,     University of Wyoming Foundation, Laramie, WY       $48,000
for they are sticking to their diets.” While many diet we still have much work to do to   University of Wyoming Foundation, Laramie, WY       $10,000
end hunger, provide shelter and medical services for the disabled and disadvan-           Urban Peak Colorado Springs                         $5,000
taged. The King Foundation will continue to support these efforts in Colorado in 2005.    Vail Mountain Rescue, Vail                          $1,000
                                                                                          Veterans of Foreign War, VFW Post 2601, Longmont    $500
                                                                                          Veterans of Foreign War, VFW Post 2601, Longmont    $500
                                                                                          Weld County Food Bank, Greeley                      $2,500
                                                                                          Women of the Word, Denver                           $1,500
                                                                                          Women's Bean Project, Denver                        $1,000
                                                                                          Women's Resource Center, Durango                    $1,500
    Robert F. Sweeney
    Foundation President                                                                  Young Musicians Foundation of Colorado, Littleton   $1,500
                                                                                          Zonta Club of Denver, Denver                        $1,500
                                                                                          Total                                               $970,854
                                                                                          Total Number of Grants: 259

    Board of Directors
         Robert F. Sweeney, President/Director
         Matthew E. Banner, III, Vice President/Director
         Bernice A. Bettis, Secretary/Director
         Jay Davidson, Director
         Minnie P. Lundberg, Treasurer/Director
         T.E. Welker, Director
         *Joseph Kelly, Director (currently serving in Peace Corps)

             Robert F. Sweeney, President
             Bernice A. Bettis, Secretary
             Minnie P. Lundberg, Treasurer
             Janice K. Fritsch, Program Officer

    Contact Information
         Kenneth King Foundation
         900 Pennsylvania Street
         Denver, CO 80203

             Phone: 303.832.3200
             Fax: 303.832.4176
             Web site:

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2003 grant recipients (Cont-d):                                                                                 The Kenneth King Foundation
                                                                                                        Financial Statements as of December 31, 2003
Pueblo Medal of Honor Foundation, Pueblo                        $1,000
Pueblo Suicide Prevention Center, Pueblo                        $1,500
                                                                                                                    Revenue and Expenses
Pueblo Zoological Society, Pueblo                               $2,500                                                  (Cash Basis)
Rainbow Bridge, Denver                                          $3,000    Revenue Collected:
Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic, Denver                    $2,500    Interest and dividends                                                                    $686,338
Regional AIDS Interfaith Network Colorado, Denver               $1,500    Net realized gain on sale of investments                                                $1,033,702
Respite Care Inc., Fort Collins                                 $1,500    Rental income                                                                             $177,750
                                                                          Other income                                                                                  $1,761
Righteous Passage c/o Righteous Ministries, Greenwood Village   $1,500
                                                                              Total revenue collected                                                             $1,899,551
Rio Blanco Colorado Historical Society, Rio Blanco              $1,000
Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank, Denver                           $1,000
                                                                          Expenses Paid:
Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Institute, Aurora                      $1,320    Grants                                                                                  $1,051,027
Rocky Mountain Multiple Sclerosis Center, Englewood             $15,000   Administrative expenses                                                                   $589,827
Rocky Mountain Youth Corps, Steamboat Springs                   $1,500    Rental expenses                                                                           $274,387
Rocky Mountain Youth, Denver                                    $1,000    Excise taxes                                                                                     –
Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation, Simi Valley, CA          $100          Total expenses paid                                                                 $1,915,241
Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation, Simi Valley, CA          $500      Changes in net assets                                                                     $(15,690)

Safe Shelter of St. Vrain Valley, Longmont                      $2,500
San Miguel Resource Center, Telluride                           $1,500    Changes in net assets not reported under the cash basis method of
Savio House, Denver                                             $500
Savio House, Denver                                             $1,000        Increase in unrealized appreciation of investments                                  $8,285,113
Senior Hub, Inc., Federal Heights                               $3,500
Seniors! Inc., Denver                                           $2,500                                                 Balance Sheet
Sewall Child Development Center, Inc., Denver                   $2,500    Assets:
                                                                          Cash and money market accounts                                                           $107,365
Sigma Chi Foundation, Evanston, IL                              $3,000
                                                                          Common stock at fair market value                                                      $45,636,694
Sigma Chi Foundation, Evanston, IL                              $18,000   Partnership interest at fair market value                                                $141,520
Sigma Chi Foundation, Evanston, IL                              $25,000   Real estate at fair market value                                                        $1,611,022
Smoky Hill PTCO, Centennial                                     $1,000    Other investments at cost                                                                  $71,633
Soaring Eagles Center for Autism, Pueblo West                   $1,200       Total cash and investments                                                          $47,568,234
                                                                          Property & equipment, net of accumulated depreciation of $344,306                         $723,396
Spring Institute for International Studies, Denver              $4,800    Cash surrender value of life insurance policies                                           $236,953
St. Martin's Chamber Choir, Denver                              $1,500
Stanley Museum of Colorado, Estes Park                          $1,000    Total assets                                                                           $48,528,583
START Homeless Day Resource Center, Boulder                     $2,000
Step 13, Denver                                                 $5,000    Liabilities and Net Assets:
                                                                          Security deposits and other liabilities                                                    $12,290
Step 13, Denver                                                 $1,000
                                                                          Net assets at fair market value                                                        $48,516,293
Stevens Johnson Syndrome Foundation, Denver                     $500
                                                                          Total liabilities and net assets                                                       $48,528,583
Strings in the Mountains, Steamboat Springs                     $1,500
Suicide Education & Support Services of Weld County, Evans      $1,500
Swallow Hill Music Association, Denver                          $1,000
Telluride Adaptive Sports Program, Telluride                    $1,500
The Independence Institute, Golden                              $1,500    The Foundation's financial statements are audited by Kundinger, Corder & Engle, P.C. A copy
The Round House, Estes Park                                     $1,500    of the audited financials is available upon request.

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About Our Founder:                                                                   2003 grant recipients (Cont-d):
                                                                                     Limon Child Development Center, Limon                           $1,500
                          Kenneth Kendal King was born in Nederland, Texas on        Listening Post, Denver                                          $1,000
                      August 12, 1901. His father died when Kenneth was eight        Listening Post, Denver                                          $1,500
                      years old. His early childhood days revolved around work-      Little Sisters of the Poor, Denver                              $1,000
                      ing with his widowed mother at a family-run boarding
                                                                                     Little Sisters of the Poor, Denver                              $2,500
                      house, both in Texas and later in Denver. In 1916, he and
                      his mother and two brothers moved to Denver. Kenneth           Little Sprouts Community Preschool, Cedaridge                   $1,500
                      graduated from East High School in 1918. Determined to         Los Pobres, Pueblo                                              $1,000
                      get a good education, he enrolled at Northwestern Univer-      Mariachi San Luis, San Pablo                                    $1,000
sity in Evanston, Illinois. He worked his way through four years of college,         Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation, Princeton, NJ              $500
driving a taxi cab in Chicago, waiting tables at his fraternity house, and selling   Metropolitan State College of Denver Foundation, Inc., Denver   $25,409
men’s clothing in the Chicago Loop.
                                                                                     Mile High Child Care Association, Inc., Denver                  $200
      In 1929 Kenneth King founded Columbia Savings and Loan Association
in Denver, Colorado with offices in Denver, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs,          Mile High Ministries, Denver                                    $1,500
Pueblo, and Littleton with field staff serving all of Colorado. In 1958, Kenneth     Missionaries of Charity, Denver                                 $1,000
with his brother, Harold Taft King, built the Petroleum Building at Sixteenth        Mizel Museum of Judaica, Denver                                 $1,500
and Broadway.                                                                        Mount St. Vincent Home, Denver                                  $5,000
       In 1962 Columbia was sold to MCA, Inc. Kenneth remained on the                Mountain Resource Center, Conifer                               $1,500
Board until 1979, completing 50 years with Columbia Savings.                         Mountain Ridge Community Church, Erie                           $1,500
       Kenneth King continued his work as an active philanthropist, supporting
                                                                                     National Day of Prayer Task Force, Colorado Springs             $1,000
such organizations as Goodwill Industries, the Leukemia Society, Easter Seal
Society, and countless church, civic and social services organizations.              National Day of Prayer Task Force, Colorado Springs             $1,500
       While active with Columbia Savings, he hired a number of handicapped          National Philanthropy Day, Denver                               $600
employees and in 1963 was named Colorado Employer of the Year by then                National Repertory Orchestra, Breckenridge                      $1,500
Governor John Love, and later received the Distinguished Service Award               National Sports Center for the Disabled, Denver                 $2,500
from President Lyndon Johnson, who cited him for “encouraging and promot-            Neighbor to Neighbor Volunteers and Chaffee Shuttle, Salida     $500
ing the employment of handicapped people.”
                                                                                     Neighborhood Ministries, Denver                                 $1,000
       He was a life member of Sigma Chi Fraternity. The Omega Chapter
                                                                                     Night Walker Enterprises, Inc., Fort Collins                    $1,000
House at Northwestern University bears his name.
       During his presidency of the Denver Lions Club, he formed the Denver          Northeastern Junior College Foiundation, Sterling               $1,500
Lions Foundation, recognizing the need for Foundations to raise and distrib-         Northwest Colorado Visiting Nurses Association, Inc., Craig     $10,000
ute funds to worthwhile causes, such as the Lions’ blind and hearing pro-            One to One San Miguel Mentoring Program, Telluride              $1,500
grams.                                                                               Open Door Christian School, Denver                              $2,500
       In 1990, Kenneth King founded the Kenneth King Foundation and be-             Paradise Preschool, Crested Butte                               $500
came the organization’s first president. Upon his death on April 25, 1992,
                                                                                     Parenting Place, Boulder                                        $1,500
Stevens Park Kinney II became the Foundation’s second president and the
Board of Directors selected by Kenneth King became active.                           Phillips County Family Education Services, Inc., Holyoke        $1,500
       In the latter part of 1993, President Kinney succumbed to a serious ill-      Phoenix Concept, Denver                                         $5,000
ness, and the five-member board elected Vice President Robert F. Sweeney             Physically Handicapped Amateur Musical Actors League, Denver    $2,500
to assume the current presidency in 1994.                                            Prairie Family Center, Inc., Burlington                         $1,500
       The Board meets quarterly and at special meetings to review business          Prison Fellowships Ministries, Washington, D.C.                 $1,000
operations and review grant proposals.                                               Project Angel Heart, Denver                                     $1,500
       Kenneth King’s motto throughout his life - and strongly carried out by his
                                                                                     Project PAVE, Denver                                            $1,500
Foundation is:
       “To do the common thing in an uncommon way”                                   Project Self-Sufficiency, Loveland                              $2,500
                                                                                     Project WISE, Denver                                            $3,500
                                                                                     Project Yes (Youth Envisioning Social Change), Lafayette        $1,500

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2003 grant recipients (Cont-d):                                             2003 grant recipients:
Franciscan Brothers of Mary, Denver                               $1,000    32nd Avenue Jubilee Center, Denver                                          $2,500
Fresh Start Ministries, Lamar                                     $1,000    ACE Scholarships, Denver                                                    $2,500
Friends of Nursing, Englewood                                     $1,250    Adoption Exchange, Aurora                                                   $2,500
Gardening Angels, Inc., Laporte                                   $1,500    Advocates Safehouse Project, Glenwood Springs                               $2,000
Gathering Place, Denver                                           $3,000    African-American Leadership Institute, Denver                               $3,000
Golden Pioneer Museum, Golden                                     $1,500    Alice Lloyd College, Pippa Passes, KY                                       $1,000
Grand Valley Catholic Outreach Soup Kitchen, Grand Junction       $1,000    Alternatives Pregnancy Center, Denver                                       $2,000
Grand Valley Catholic Outreach Soup Kitchen, Grand Junction       $1,500    Alzheimer's Association, Denver                                             $2,500
Greeley Dream Team, Greeley                                       $1,000    American Council of Young Political Leaders, Washington, DC                 $1,500
Greeley for God, Greeley                                          $1,500    American Lung Association of Colorado, Denver                               $2,500
Hands of Mercy, Lakewood                                          $1,500    American Red Cross, Pueblo                                                  $2,500
Harrison Memorial Animal Hospital, Denver                         $1,500    American Red Cross, Denver                                                  $10,000
Health S.E.T, Denver                                              $2,500    Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association, Boulder                          $1,500
Hearts & Horses, Inc., Loveland                                   $1,500    Arapahoe Community College Foundation, Littleton                            $1,750
Highlands Presbyterian Camp, Allenspark                           $1,500    Arapahoe House, Thornton                                                    $20,000
Historic Southside Catholic Community, Pueblo                     $1,500    Arapahoe Philharmonic, Englewood                                            $1,500
HOBY (Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership) Colorado, Denver             $1,500    ARCS Foundation, Denver                                                     $2,500
Homeward Bound of the Grand Valley Inc., Grand Junction           $5,000    Arkansas Valley Community Center, La Junta                                  $1,500
Hospice and Palliative Care of Western Colorado, Grand Junction   $3,500    Arkansas Valley Pregnancy Center, La Junta                                  $1,500
Hotel de Paris Museum, Georgetown                                 $500      Arkansas Valley Resource Center, La Junta                                   $1,500
House of Emanuel, Denver                                          $1,500    Arts in Medicine, Denver                                                    $1,500
Human Services, Inc., Denver                                      $7,500    Assistance League of Colorado Springs, Colorado Springs                     $1,500
Humanex, Englewood                                                $1,500    Association for Community Living in Boulder County, Longmont                $2,500
Iliff School of Theology, Denver                                  $56,000   Association for Senior Citizens, Denver                                     $2,500
Inner City Health Center, Denver                                  $10,000   Attention Homes, Boulder                                                    $1,500
Inter Faith Task Force for Community Service, Inc., Englewood     $2,500    Auraria Foundation, Denver                                                  $200,000
Intercambio de Comunidades, Boulder                               $1,500    Avdii 4 Kids, Colorado Springs                                              $1,500
Interfaith Hospitality Network of Pueblo Area                     $2,500    B.R.A.V.E., Brain Tumor Resource and Vital Encouragement, Denver            $500
Jewish Senior Recreation Network, Denver                          $2,500    Back Country Discovery, Fort Collins                                        $2,500
Judith Ann Griese Foundation, Greenwood Village                   $1,500    Bayaud Industries, Denver                                                   $5,000
Junior Achievement - Rocky Mountain Inc., Denver                  $2,500    Blue Skies Riding Center, Inc., Sterling                                    $1,500
Junior Achievement of Southern Colorado, Colorado Springs         $1,500    Bluff Lake Nature Center, Denver                                            $1,500
Justice Information Center, Denver                                $1,500    Boulder Center for Grief and Loss, Boulder                                  $1,500
Karis Community, Denver                                           $1,500    Boulder County AIDS Project, Boulder                                        $1,500
Kids in Need of Dentistry /KIND, Denver                           $5,000    Boulder County Foster Parent Association, Longmont                          $1,500
LA Dance Studio, Rocky Ford                                       $1,000    Boys & Girls Club, Black Canyon, Montrose                                   $1,500
La Puente Home, Alamosa                                           $1,000    Boys & Girls Clubs of San Luis Valley, Alamosa                              $1,000
La Puente Home, Alamosa                                           $1,000    Boys and Girls Club of Metro Denver, Denver                                 $5,000
Lake City Arts Council, Lake City                                 $1,000    Boys and Girls Club/Girls Inc. of Pueblo County and Lower Arkansas Valley   $3,000
Liberty Day Colorado, Centennial                                  $15,000   Boys Hope Girls Hope, Aurora                                                $1,500
Life Choices Pregnancy Center, Longmont                           $1,500    Bridgeway, Lakewood                                                         $5,000

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2003 grant recipients (Cont-d):                                                       2003 grant recipients (Cont-d):
Broadway Assistance Center, Denver                                          $5,000    Creede Repertory Theatre, Creede                                            $1,500
Canine Partners of the Rockies, Inc., Denver                                $500      Crossroads Ministry of Estes Park                                           $1,500
Capitol Hill Community Services, Denver                                     $10,000   Crossroads of the Rockies, Denver                                           $2,500
Care And Share Food Bank for Southern Colorado, Colorado Springs            $2,500    Crossroads of the Rockies, Denver                                           $1,000
Catholic Charities of Colorado Springs                                      $4,000    Crystal Mountain Center for the Performing Arts, Westcliffe                 $1,500
Catholic Worker Soup Kitchen, Denver                                        $1,000    Damen House, Denver                                                         $3,500
Catholic Worker Soup Kitchen, Denver                                        $500      Delta Montrose Youth Services, Inc./Partners, Montrose                      $5,000
CCHS Meistersingers, Englewood                                              $300      Denver Inner City Parish, Denver                                            $5,000
Center for Women's Employment and Education, Denver                         $90       Denver Lions Foundation, Denver                                             $25,000
Chamber of the Americas Foundation, Denver                                  $2,500    Denver Metro Kids, Wheat Ridge                                              $1,500
Chatfield High School Varsity Baseball Team, Littleton                      $500      Denver Rescue Mission, Denver                                               $1,000
Children's Advocacy and Family Resources, Inc., Denver                      $3,000    Denver Santa Claus Shop, Denver                                             $1,000
Christ's Body Ministries, Denver                                            $1,000    Denver Scores, Denver                                                       $1,500
Church of the Holy Ghost, Denver                                            $500      Denver Street School, Denver                                                $1,000
City of Delta c/o Fort Uncompahgre Living History Museum, Delta             $500      Denver Young Artists Orchestra, Denver                                      $1,500
Clifton Hall, Clifton                                                       $1,000    Desert Edge Therapy, Palisade                                               $2,000
Colorado AIDS Project, Denver                                               $2,500    Doctors Care, Littleton                                                     $3,500
Colorado Association of Nonprofit Organizations, Denver                     $985      Doris Denker Wheelchair Sports Foundation, Grand Junction                   $1,500
Colorado Boys Ranch, La Junta                                               $10,000   Dream Catcher Therapy Center, Olathe                                        $1,500
Colorado Business and Professional Women, Boulder                           $1,250    Eagle River Presbyterian Church, Avon                                       $1,000
Colorado Endowment for the Humanities, Denver                               $1,500    East Central Colorado Resource Conservation and Development, Hugo           $500
Colorado Food Bank Association, Denver                                      $5,000    East High School Debate Team Foundation, Denver                             $1,000
Colorado Historical Society, Denver                                         $1,500    Easter Seals Colorado, Lakewood                                             $5,000
Colorado Homeless Families, Inc., Westminster                               $1,500    Ecumenical Church of Pueblo West                                            $1,500
Colorado Mathematics Engineering and Science Achievement, Denver            $1,500    Ecumenical Social Ministries, Colorado Springs                              $2,500
Colorado Nonprofit Development Center, Denver                               $5,000    El Centro Su Teatro, Denver                                                 $1,500
Colorado Northwestern Community College Foundation, Rangely                 $1,300    Emergency Family Assistance Association, Boulder                            $3,000
Colorado Optometric Center, Denver                                          $3,000    Emily Griffith Foundation, Inc., Golden                                     $2,500
Colorado Springs Children's Chorale, Colorado Springs                       $1,500    Estes Park Area Historical Museum, Estes Park                               $2,500
Colorado Springs Youth Symphony Orchestra                                   $1,500    Estes Park Caring Pregnancy Center, Estes Park                              $1,500
Colorado State Fair, Denver                                                 $650      Estes Park Medical Center Foundation, Estes Park                            $1,500
Colorado Symphony Association, Denver                                       $7,500    Excel Wrestling, Longmont                                                   $1,000
Community Asset Project/Cherry Creek Schools, Greenwood Village             $2,500    Excelsior! Youth Center, Aurora                                             $1,000
Community College of Denver                                                 $5,000    Family Homestead, Denver                                                    $2,500
Community College of Denver                                                 $1,000    Family Hope Counseling Center, Denver                                       $1,500
Community Foundation of Northwest Colorado, Craig                           $2,500    Family Star, Inc., Denver                                                   $2,500
Community Resource Center, Denver                                           $5,000    First Baptist Church, Denver                                                $2,500
Concerned Parents for Education, Inc., Castle Rock                          $500      First Steps of Weld County, Greeley                                         $1,500
Council of Preventative and Supportive Services for the Aging, Rocky Ford   $1,000    Food Bank of the Rockies, Denver                                            $5,000
Court House Inc., dba Beacon Center, Denver                                 $2,500    Fort Collins Symphony, Fort Collins                                         $1,500
Creede Child Care, Creede                                                   $2,500    Ft. William Bent Chapter of Daughters of American Revolution, Springfield   $1,000

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