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April 21_ 2008 - 600 PM CLOSED SESSION


									LIBRARY ADVISORY COMMISSION                                           April 21, 2008
ONE TOWN SQUARE, 24601 JEFFERSON AVENUE                               6:30 PM REGULAR MEETING

CALL TO ORDER:        Chair Blankenship called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.


ROLL CALL:            Present:       Blankenship, Ferrer, Heinz, and Osborne
                      Absent:        Skeen*
*Commissioner Skeen arrived at 6:37 p.m.
Chair Blankenship reiterated the meeting will be held in memory of Dean Carson.

1.     The minutes of the Regular Meeting of February 20, 2008 were unanimously approved as
       amended to staff on a motion by Heinz and seconded by Ferrer. Absent: Skeen.

       The minutes of the Special Meeting of March 31, 2008 were unanimously approved on a motion by
       Osborne and seconded by Ferrer. Absent: Skeen.


3.     Library Services Update-

       Director of Library Services Loretta McKinney gave an update of services at the Library. She spoke
       about “Love Your Library Month” in February and that staff promoted several programs with one in
       particular called “Food for Fines”. This program gave Library patrons the opportunity to reduce or
       eliminate their fines (within certain parameters) by donating canned or dry foods to use as
       “payment”. The donations were given to the Murrieta United Methodist Church (MUMC) Pantry.
       Ms. McKinney read a thank you letter sent by the Church to the Library for the donation. She also
       relayed that California Coast Credit Union donated $1,000 for the Summer Reading Program and
       thanked Supervising Librarian Beth Jones for procuring the donation.

       Ms. McKinney spoke about several programs that were sponsored by the Friends of the Murrieta
       Library during National Library Week (NLW) in April. She talked about programs that will be taking
       place during the month of May, which include children’s storytime and another Book Club
       discussion. Ms. McKinney said the Children’s/Teen and Adult/Young Adult services are currently
       developing the Summer Reading Programs (SRP), which is a six to eight week-long reading event.
       She reported that the interior concrete will be micro-topped and that the Library is tentatively
       scheduled to be closed May 9th and 10th.

       Ms. McKinney spoke about several staff changes including the hiring of a new Part-time Library
       Assistant III, Jackie Howell. She announced that Gretchen Sedlacek has been hired as the new
       Library Secretary and will begin on Wednesday. Ms. McKinney acknowledged all the work that
       Office Specialist Katie Huff has done throughout the year as interim Secretary.

       Ms. McKinney talked about the Library Statistics numbers, which were provided in the agenda
       packet and addressed questions and changes that were discussed by the Commission.

4.     Auxiliary Group Update-

       Maggie Pillote gave a report on the Friends of the Murrieta Library. The report is attached for more
       information. Ms. McKinney spoke about the Young Adult Advisory Council (YAAC) and said they
LIBRARY ADVISORY COMMISSION                                           April 21, 2008

       will make a presentation at the City Council Meeting on May 6th about their accomplishments in the
       last year, as well as to recruit teen volunteers to assist the kids in the Library during the Summer
       Reading Program.


5.     Library Foundation-

       Ms. McKinney spoke about the Library Foundation Committee saying that they have had three
       meetings to date and have created a Mission Statement. The next meeting is scheduled for
       Thursday, April 24th at 2:30 p.m. Chair Blankenship relayed that the Committee has been working
       on the Bylaws and are making progress. Ms. McKinney said the City Attorney will need to review
       the Bylaws before they go before the Library Advisory Commission to vote on. She said they could
       be turned into the City Attorney on Monday, May 5 th, which will give them a few weeks to review.
       Ms. McKinney tentatively scheduled a Special Meeting on May 29 th at 1:30 p.m. to discuss the
       proposed Bylaws. It was reiterated that the following individuals are members of the Library
       Foundation Committee: Library Advisory Commission Chair Blankenship and Commissioner
       Ferrer; Friends of the Murrieta Library representatives Nancy Dixon and Carol Carson; and
       community representatives Al Volbrecht and Larry Osborne.

6.     Library Murals

       Ms. McKinney presented the final mural reflecting some of the suggestions that the Commission
       requested at the December 17, 2007 Library Advisory Commission meeting. There was discussion
       among the Commissioners and staff about additional changes to the mural.

       On a motion by Lee and seconded by Osborne the third mural was accepted with the following
       changes: removing the blurred out sign and decrease the size of the doctor. Motion passed

7.     Library Mission, Vision and Value Statements

       Ms. McKinney presented the final Mission, Vision and Value Statements and thanked the
       Commissioners for attending the Special Meeting. She said the statements have been forwarded
       to the City Manager and will then go to the City Council.

       On a motion by Lee and seconded by Osborne the Mission, Vision and Value Statements were
       received and supported. Motion passed unanimously.



2.     Steering Committee

       Commissioner Skeen said she will be reporting on the Steering Committee meeting at the next
       Library Advisory Commission meeting.

LIBRARY ADVISORY COMMISSION                                          April 21, 2008


Commissioner Osborne thanked Library staff for all their work on the Mission, Vision and Value

Ms. McKinney relayed that the City is starting its city-wide Commission recruitment. Chair Blankenship
and Commissioner Skeen’s positions will become vacant in June. She said that current Commissioners
can reapply and that the deadline is May 23rd at 5:00 p.m.


At 7:26 p.m., a motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Commissioner Ferrer and seconded by
Commissioner Heinz. Motion carried unanimously.

The next Regular Meeting will be held Monday, June 16, 2008 at 6:30 p.m.


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