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I am pleased to note that the 11th Defence Services Asia Exhibition and Conference or
DSA 2008 will be hosted from the 21 - 24 April 2008 at the Putra World Trade Centre,
Kuala Lumpur. The 2008 DSA Exhibition also marks the inauguration of a second decade of a
well-known land based international defence and security exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region.
I am indeed glad that DSA has once again been able to successfully attract senior
government officials, exhibitors as well as trade visitors, both locally and from abroad, to
experience at first-hand, the state-of-the art defence and security based platforms, weapons
and systems being showcased at the DSA 2008 exhibition. It is assuring to note that
around 600 exhibitors from over 30 countries will be participating at the 2008 DSA
exhibition. I am particularly pleased with the Malaysian defence industry commitment
reflected through their overwhelming participation at DSA 2008. I believe that strong
indigenous defence industry participation at exhibitions of this nature manifests the
government»s aspiration to project Malaysia as a growing defence industry and
technological development nerve centre in Asia. I am certain that the decision to move
the DSA exhibition venue to the Putra World Trade Centre is clearly based on the surge in
participation amongst international and local defence exhibitors at DSA 2008.
I would also like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all of you, government
officials, exhibitors and trade visitors who have shown your commitment towards DSA
2008. I am positive that, as always, DSA will provide excellent services and support to
their clients, creating dynamic business environment as well as providing ample avenues
for networking amongst government and industry members from the defence and security
community present at the DSA 2008.
Last but not least, I would also like to take this opportunity to register my full support to
DSA Exhibition and Conference Sdn Bhd as well as express my heartiest congratulations
for their untiring efforts in making DSA 2008 a successful international event.

DSA 2008 IS

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                       THE WHO»s WHO IN THE
                       MALAYSIAN MINISTRY OF DEFENCE

                                        Dato' Sri Mohd Najib Bin Tun Hj Abdul Razak
                                                   Deputy Prime Minister & Defence Minister

                          Dato' Hj Zainal Abidin Bin Hj Zin
                                   Deputy Minister of Defence

                              Dato' Hj Abu Bakar Bin Hj Abdullah                                Gen Tan Sri Dato' Sri Hj Abd Aziz B Hj Zainal
                                           The Secretary General                                               Chief of Defence Forces

                        Tuan Hj Ismail Bin Ibrahim          The Deputy Secretary   Gen Tan Sri Muhammad Ismail      Admiral Tan Sri Ramlan      Gen Tan Sri Dato'           Lt Gen Dato' Shahron
                         The Deputy Secretary General      General (Management)*         Bin Hj Jamaluddin            Bin Mohamed Ali          Sri Azizan Bin Ariffin        Bin Hj Ibrahim RMAF
                                (Development)                                            The Chief of Army              The Chief of Navy       The Chief of Air Force         The Chief of Staff

                                                                                      Lt Gen Dato' Masood         Vice Adm Datuk Abdul Aziz     Lt Gen Dato' Bashir
                                                                                        B Hj Zainal Abidin              Bin Haji Jaafar         Bin Abu Bakar RMAF
                       *Position vacant at time of print                                Deputy Chief of Army           Deputy Chief of Navy     Deputy Chief of Air Force

                       THE DSA 2008 MAIN ORGANISING
                       The 1st DSA 2008 Main Organising Committee meeting was
                       held on 30 October 2007 and chaired by Dato' Hj Abu Bakar,
                       the Secretary General of the Malaysian MINDEF. All preliminary
                       planning and strategies were discussed in great detail. The
                       next meeting has been scheduled for January 2008.

                                                                                                               Also in attendance was the Malaysian Chief of Army, Gen Tan Sri Muhammad
                                                                                                               Ismail, who will be heading the Official Functions Sub-Committee for DSA 2008.
  Chief Of Defence Forces, Malaysia

Q   Having visited a number of other international defence exhibitions, (based on your
    observation) how does DSA compare to these other exhibitions?
A : DSA has always been an exhibition that I look forward to, as it serves as a means for
    me to get acquainted with new weapon technologies. It has also been facilitating my
    understanding of defence matters. In this regard, I have personally made it a point to
    visit almost all DSAs since it was first held in the country. To me, DSA is one of the
    mechanisms that forms an integral part in the development of the nation»s defence
    capability. A well-organised DSA exhibition contributes significantly to the availability
    of the state-of-the-art technology, weapon systems and military solutions .
    I can see that DSA has progressed and developed significantly since the early days.
    You could see this based on the magnitude of the exhibition and the major players
    participating in it.
    I believe DSA has reached a platform where it can rank itself among the best
    world defence exhibitions. Evidently, DSA has all the hallmark of an excellent
    defence related exhibition where all participating exhibitors are guaranteed
    with global exposure of their ≈wares∆ and the chance to make a ≈score∆ in the
    market. Considering its excellent professional management, aggressive marketing
    and strong support from the Government of Malaysia, DSA can be satisfied with its
    overwhelming success by far.

Q   Are there specific defence equipment, products or technologies that should be
    highlighted or featured at the forthcoming DSAs, currently not on display?
A : We envisage that after 2010, the MAF would need to improve and enhance
    its Information Warfare (IW) and Electronic Warfare (IEW) capabilities, and
    at the same time possess a fully developed network of command and control,
    communications, surveillance and intelligence systems. We would also be
    further integrating various technologies in our systems so that we will be able
    to react instantly to any contingencies. By then, we should be able to fully function
    as a modern, versatile and formidable force in the 21st century.
    I passionately hold that it is clearly imperative for the MAF to possess self-reliant
    capabilities, so that we can act independently in protecting our territorial integrity
    and security interests. As such, it is essential to have force projection capabilities
    that can be extended well beyond our perimeter of strategic interests, operate in
    two regions i.e Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah / Sarawak simultaneously, as well as
    go for other capabilities that characterise deterrence. In view of this, I would say
    major weapons or equipment required to complement our existing systems are :
    a. Airborne Early Warning (AEW) aircraft
    b. Long Range Maritime Patrol (LRMP) aircraft
    c. New Generation Patrol Vessels (NGPVs)
    d. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) that will enable us to have a greater coverage
       of our battlefield. The system we are looking at is a multi-role surveillance system
       which can effectively function in combat areas, for instance operational surveillance
       and recognition over the horizon targeting, artillery support and target acquisition,
       damage assessment, compilation of real time/night video image and data, as well
       as search and rescue missions.
    e. Latest Ground Based Air Defence (GBAD) weapons with the advancement of
       airborne weaponry system produced against ground targets, such as cruise
       missiles, air-to-surface missile (ASM) and stand-off weapons.
    f. SHORADS whether it is MANPADS or self-propelled
    g. Medium Range Air Defence System (MRADS) which can cover more than 50km
       in order to deny enemy airborne into our airspace.
    h. Airbus A400M for strategic role and its system.
    i. Multi-Role Support Ship (MSS) and its system.
    j. Attack Helicopter
    Other requirements necessary for the modernisation priority list are upgrading
    firepower, mobility, command, control and communications capabilities for the
    Army through several major procurement of equipment which include MLRS,
    ATGMs, AFVs and self-propelled 155mm artillery. Fundamentally, in our
    modernisation and capability development plan, we place a great deal of emphasis
    on increasing air mobility and firepower for the Army, more surface combatant ships
    for the Navy, and some airborne early warming platforms for the Air Force.
                           DSA 2008 IS OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED! Continued
                                                                                DSA 2008 was officially launched by YAB Dato» Sri Najib
                                                                                Bin Tun Hj Abdul Razak on 31 July 2007 at PWTC.

                           Among some of the highlights was the DSA 2008 Certificate of Exhibiting Presentation to 19 local defence and
                           security companies totalling some 3,500 sqm. Datuk Azzat Kamaludin, Director of DSA presented the DSA 2008
                           Certificates of Exhibiting to all local defence and security players, witnessed by YAB Dato» Sri Mohd Najib.

                               Dato» Mohd Adib                                       Mr Umang Sharma,                                                CASS TECHNOLOGY SDN
                                   Ismail, Group                                     Director & CEO receiving the                                    BHD represented by its
                           Operation Director of                                     certificate on behalf for                                       Managing Director
                                AZA HOLDINGS                                         BRY-AIR (M) SDN BHD                                             Mr Raymond Lau receiving
                             BERHAD receiving                                                                                                        the certificate
                                  the certificate

                                                                                                                     Dato» Mahammad Fathil bin
                                                      Receiving for ALLISONS                                          Dato» Mahmood, Executive
                                                      DEFENCE TECHNOLOGIES                                               Chairman receiving the
                                                      (M) SDN BHD was Tuan Haji                                            certificate for MFDM
                                                      Mohamed Salleh bin                                                   HOLDINGS SDN BHD
                                                      Mohamed Ali, Managing                                                                         Mr Zyed Ahmad Hassan,
                                                      Director                                                                                      Managing Director of
                             For M-POL RUBBER                                        Chief Operating Officer for                                    LAND ROVER (MALAYSIA)
                           PRODUCTS SDN BHD   BHD,                                   DRB-HICOM DEFENCE                                              SDN BHD receiving the
                               the certificate was                                   TECHNOLOGIES SDN BHD   BHD,                                    certificate
                              received by Mr Nor                                     Mr Aminshah Shahludin
                                  Iskandar Nordin,                                   receiving the certificate
                                Executive Director

                                                                                                                    Mr Muzafar Shah Mustafa,
                                                                                                                    Business Development
                                                                                                                    Director KULITKRAF SDN
                                                     Kol ( R) Rosdi bin Mahmud,                                     BHD receiving the certificate
                                                     Chief Executive Officer of
                                                     COMPOSITES TECHNOLOGY                                                                           Mr Sharef Mustaffa, Chief
                                                     RESEARCH MALAYSIA SDN                                                                           Executive Officer receiving
                                                     BHD receiving the certificate                                                                   the certificate for MV
                                                                                                                                                     DEFENSE SDN BHD
                                                              Mr Riduwan Saari,
                                                     Managing Director of MASTER
                                                      DEFENCE (MALAYSIA) SDN
                                                     BHD receiving the certificate
                                                  Kolonel (Kehormat)
                                                  Jamaluddin Hassan, Managing                                       Mr Airol Hairrie bin Aluwi,
                                                  Director receiving the                                            President of TRI LEVEL
                                                  certificate for SATANG                                            MILTECH SDN. BHD receiving
                              For SAPURA-LTAT HOLDINGS BERHAD                                                       the certificate
                             COMMUNICATIONS                                          Mr Habibur Rahman Ibrahim,                                     Gen (B) Dato» Seri Mohd
                            TECHNOLOGIES SDN                                         Group Managing Director of                                     Shahrom Nordin, Executive
                            BHD Yg Bhg Tan Sri                                       SYSTEM CONSULTANCY                                             Director - Defence & Precision
                               Subhan Jasmon,                                        SERVICES SDN BHD receiving                                     Engineering for NATIONAL
                             Chairman receiving                                      the certificate                                                AEROSPACE & DEFENCE
                                  the certificate                                                                                                   INDUSTRIES BHD receiving
                                                                                                                                                    the certificate

                                                                                                                       For ZETRO AEROSPACE
                                                      Managing Director of XSPEC                                     CORPORATION SDN BHD   BHD,
                                                      TECHNOLOGY SDN BHDBHD,                                            Dato» Zamri Haji Muda,
                                                      Mr Sugito Wibawa receiving                                    Managing Director receiving
                                                      the certificate                                                            the certificate
   The Chief of Army, Malaysia

Q   How do defence showcases like DSA help in terms of exposing local and regional
    forces to new products and services ?
A : DSA provides an excellent opportunity for defence planners to have a comprehensive
    view of what is available in the market and appreciate state-of-the-art technologies
    being displayed or offered. They can choose the best product in the market and
    at the same time meet the producers rather than agents.
    This awareness will also provide better and wider options to defence planners in
    their force planning process. Hence, such an organised exhibition creates

    opportunities for productive business networking.

    What are your views about DSA as a regional event where it acts as a meeting point
    for you and your counterparts amongst others?
A : I think the greatest value of these interactions is really building up a reservoir of
    understanding and goodwill and friendship which will enable us to walk together well
    into the future. This is the kind of relationship which we would like to build with other
    armies to give a deep insight, a better understanding of Malaysia and I think this is
    very valuable.
    I believe that besides the current platforms for regional engagement in the form of
    ARF, ASEAN+3 and other bilateral and multilateral programs between and among
    regional countries, DSA could also provide opportunities for moderating and
    strengthening the transparency in certain areas of military affairs, particularly

    in defence acquisitions by regional states.

    Having visited a number of other international defence exhibitions, (based on your
    observations), how does DSA compare to these other exhibitions ?
A : DSA has grown to be one of the most comprehensive and largest exhibitions since
    its inception in 1988. In my view, DSA is as much at par in terms of quality and

    comprehensiveness compared to other exhibitions.

    How do you see competition among defence equipment and service providers? What
    will be needed for local regional suppliers to gain an upper hand against more
    established counterparts?
A : I believe there is a healthy competition among local and regional defence
    equipment and service producers. This healthy competition creates prospects
    for better procurement of equipment and technologies. Defence equipment and
    service producers must be able to keep abreast with developments of the latest
    defence technologies. To be more competitive, local defence industries should develop
    their products by expanding its own R &D. This will assist them in gaining an upper
    hand against their counterparts. Other avenues can be done through smart
    partnership and effective cooperation among themselves and by having strategic
    alliances with the more established counterparts as technology providers.
    For example, Sapura has made quantum leaps through collaboration with Thales in
    providing communication systems to the Army. Likewise DEFTECH is able to expand
    its capacity in maintenance and repair activities as well as carrying out assembly
    works. The defence industry players can also make full use of the counter-trade
    programme as an effective tool for promoting and marketing their products and


    In your opinion, how can the Armed Forces personnel benefit from visiting DSA?
A : As an exhibition, DSA showcases the use of technology to enhance defence and
    security. I»m sure this exhibition will reinforce the message that each and every
    Armed Forces personnel play an important role in ensuring the security of their
    country and DSA provides them with the highest level of security awareness in
    relation to the state-of-the-art defence technologies available in the showcase.
    If given a chance, every Armed Forces personnel would not want to miss the
    opportunity to visit DSA. This is one of the avenues where they can gain
    experience and upgrade their knowledge on almost every aspect of the latest
    defence technologies available today. The opportunity to see the available weapon
    systems through visiting DSA will allow them to keep pace with the fast changing
    technology as well as to learn promote networking and confidence from building
    from others. Eventually, the utmost benefit is that DSA will definitely enhance
    the professionalism of the Malaysian Armed Forces personnel as a whole and
    the Army in particular.
                  MORE ON BATTLEFIELD
                  Some companies specialising in this field have already confirmed their
                  participation in this new feature of DSA.
                  To further enhance this sector, live demonstrations is also being organised
                  whereby 4 countries have already confirmed their participation. They
                  include Norway, Germany, USA and UK.

                               ≈We at the Health Services Division of
                               the Malaysian Armed Forces, would like
                               to congratulate DSA 2008 for including
                               a showcase on battlefield healthcare                             EXHIBIT PROFILE
                  and would like to take this opportunity to extend a                           The exhibit profile will cover all aspects
                  very warm welcome to our regional counterparts to                             related to Battlefield Healthcare for Land,
                  DSA 2008 for a fruitful and successful show.∆                                 Air, Sea and Security which includes :
                  Lt Gen Dato Dr Sulaiman Bin Abdullah
                                                                                                • Combat Casualty Care (i.e Haemostatic
                  Director General, Health Services Division
                                                                                                  Agent, Specialised Bandages, Combat
                  Malaysian Armed Forces
                                                                                                  Applications, Pain Management In The Field)
                                                                                                • Evacuation Assets (i.e Field Ambulances,
                  The Health Services Division of the Malaysian Armed Forces currently
                                                                                                  Air Ambulances, Water Ambulances, Field
                  operates on an annual budget of RM 70 million. A further RM 30
                                                                                                  Surgical Facilities, Field Hospitals, Field
                  million has been allocated in the recent 9th Malaysia Plan. This
                                                                                                  Medical Equipment)
                  clearly reflects the Government»s shift of importance to this sector.
                                                                                                • Battlefield Dentistry (i.e Chairs, Hand Tools)
                                                                                                • Medical Equipment For Specialised Warfare
                                                                                                • ICT Applications In Battlefield (i.e Electronic
                                                                                                  ID Tags, Medical Simulators, Health
                                                                                                  Readiness Information Systems)
                                                                                                • Medical Solutions For Sea / Air Operations
                                                                                                • Medical Technology Related To CBRNE
                                                                                                  (Chemical Biological Radioactive Nuclear
                                                                                                • Other related products / technology
                                                                                                Calling all companies who have relevant
                                                                                                products or technology to participate in this
                                                                                                highly specialised event.
                                                                                                Surgeon Generals from across the Asia Pacific
                                                                                                region and also from Europe and the USA will
                  Lt Gen Dato' Dr Sulaiman, Director General,                                   be invited to attend DSA 2008 specifically for
                  Health Services Division and Col Dr Faizal
                  Baharuddin of the Malaysian Armed Forces                                      this sector.
                  posing with the DSA Team and William Warnes,
                  the US Group Coordinator for DSA 2008 at
                  the AUSA Medical Symposium 2007 held in
                  San Antonio, USA

                   Lt Gen Dato' Dr Sulaiman and Col Faizal on
                        tour at the AUSA Medical Symposium

                  The Battlefield live demonstrations will comprise :
                  1. DESO UK, Chronological technologies - CBR onsite processing to
                  2. MOD Norway using NOREPS, equipment for humanitarian needs
                  3. DOD USA , Medical Education Technologies, Inc. (METI) / PEO STRI
                     US - Human Surgical Simulation Military Training (tentative)
                  4. MOD Germany - Bundesweer demonstration on mobile hospital
                                                                                                                       FACE-TO-FACE / CONFERENCES

   The Chief of Staff
    How do you see the future of the local defence industry developing within our sphere
    of operations ? What new technologies do you see having the biggest impact on the
    Armed Forces?
A : The local defence industry is growing considerably but at a modest rate. Though still
    in its infancy, the development of this industry is vital, given the policy guidelines of
    Self-Reliance in defence capabilities as advocated in the National Defence Policy.
    We must be less dependent on foreign supplies by developing and making available
    through our own in-house capacity.
    Technologies that help springboard the Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) capabilities
    to the next level includes the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). UAV is playing a greater
    role in the MAF for its surveillance system and possibly as a weapon delivery platform.
    Connectivity is another area that gives impact on the MAF operational capability in
    the future. Connectivity in the form of data and voice communication using secure
    networks across the whole force. MAF would continue to enhance our EW
    capability through development and acquisition of the appropriate technology
    in the future.
    I must also mention that the success of sending our own "Angkasawan" to the ISS
    recently marks a giant leap as far as our space programme is concerned. The MAF
    is looking hard at having our own satellite developed and operated by MAF. Space

    technologies is increasingly important in dealing with the future defence scenarios.

    DSA will once again act as a showcase of leading technology suppliers from around
    the world, but what do you see as the advantages and benefits for visitors and
    exhibitors at such an event?
A : Speaking in the context of external perspective of visitors and exhibitors, DSA is
    known for its professionalism in organising events of such magnitude. We have had
    visitors from as far as Poland, Sweden and South Africa in our shows. Those visitors
    are prominent figures and decision makers in defence-related matters of their
    respective countries. Hence, the DSA exhibition provides an excellent platform
    for visiting officials of the defence institutions to interact with other visitors
    from other countries.
    As for the exhibitors, they have the opportunity to establish more networking among
    manufacturers and suppliers in a conducive place like Malaysia. Besides showcasing
    their products and experience to the visitors, exhibitors also have the
    opportunity to acclimatize to their local counterparts and see where they
    can collaborate further.

DSA 2008
The Malaysian Defence University and Malaysian Ministry of Defence will be organising a Global Defence Conference in
conjunction with DSA as follows:
Date             : 23 & 24 April 2008
Time             : 9am to 5pm & 9am to 1 pm
Venue            : TBA
No of delegates : 80 - 100 pax

To be on the mailing list, kindly email

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                               DSA 2008 IS SET TO BE
                               THE BIGGEST DSA YET!
                               DSA will comprise a very organised and structured visitor flow system which will ensure all VIPs and Visitors cover all 7 halls
                               which will span across some 40,000 sqms at PWTC.

                                                                                    ESCALATOR FROM
                                                                                        HALL 3

                                                                                                 TUN RAZAK
                                                                                            HALL 4
                                                                       ESCALATOR FROM                                                                                       REVISIT
                                                                           HALL 3
                                                                                                                                                         EXIT        EXIT

                                                                                                                    MERDEKA HALL
                                                                                                                    HALL 5
                                            (LEVEL 4)

                                                 ESCALATOR TO                    TUN RAZAK
                                                    HALL 4
                                                                                 HALL 3                                                     REVISIT

                                                                                                                    EXIT                                  LEVEL 2

                                                                                                                                      REGISTRATION                          POINT A
                                       (LEVEL 3)                                                                                                       TO EXHIBITION
                                                                                                                                                                              TO CAR PARK
                                                                         BANK                                                                              FROM                                      OF DEFENCE
                                                                         (BCB)               SHOP       SHOP                                               LEVEL 3

                                                                                                                                  MAIN EXIT
                                                                MTPB               TO CAR PARK                   SECRETARY
                                                                                                             GENERAL MINDEF                                                                  CHIEF OF ARMY
                                                                                                            CHIEF OF
                                                                                                         DEFENCE FORCE                                                                   CHIEF OF
                                                                                                        INSP. GEN
                                                                                                                              TUN HUSSEIN           TUN DR                              AIR FORCE
                                                                                                          POLICE               ONN HALL           ISMAIL HALL                   CHIEF OF NAVY

                                               MAIN                        DEMO
                                                                                                                      HALL 7                  HALL 6                        CHIEF OF STAFF
                                           ENTRANCE                                                                                                                    IMMIGRATION

                                                                           (LEVEL 2)

                               TWO HIGHLY FOCUSED CONFERENCES
                               WILL BE HELD IN CONJUNCTION WITH
                               DSA 2008 Continued
                               In conjunction with its partners in the International Training & Simulation Alliance (ITSA), the European Training & Simulation
                               Association is organising a one-day seminar on training, education & simulation for defence forces in the ASEAN region in
                               conjunction with DSA 2008 on 23 April 2008 at the Putra World Trade Centre.
                               Delegates will include :
                               • Users and purchasers of training & simulation from defence forces in the region
                               • Suppliers of training & simulation who wish to sell their products & capabilities to defence forces in Asia
        VIPs and Visitors will commence their tour from Point A as follows:
        1. Start tour - Point A
        2. From Level 2 to Level 3
        3. From Level 3 Escalators or staircase to Halls 2, 1, 1M and 1A
        4. From Hall 1A back to Hall 3, to Hall 4 via Escalators then to Hall 5
        5. From Hall 5 move down via lift or escalators to Level 2, into Hall 6 and 7 to exit.

        This planned routing is simulated in the following overall plan.

                                                                                                           HALL 1A


                                                                                                       EZ ZAK
                                    EXIT         TUN RAZAK                    TUN RAZAK

                                              HALL 2                        HALL 1




                               (LEVEL 1)

        Contact us if you are interested in:
        • PRESENTING
          ETSA would like to hear from potential presenters, especially if they have experience of defence training, education & simulation
          issues in the region.
        • SPONSORING
          There are opportunities to promote your products to the growing Asian defence training & simulation market by sponsoring
          a seminar related activity.
                        DELEGATES FEES
                                                         Pay before 21 March 2008             Pay after 21 March 2008
                        Delegate fee                     MYR 1080 / US$ 315                   MYR 1200 / US$ 350
                        ETSA member delegate fee         MYR974/ US$284                       MYR1080 / US$315

        Contact Information:
        Malaysia DSA Exhibition And Conference Sdn Bhd - Suite 1402, 14th Floor, Plaza Permata, Jalan Kampar, Off Jalan Tun Razak,
        50400 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
        email: tel: +603 404 10311 fax: +603 404 37241
        UK DWA - 12th Floor, Westminster Tower, 3 Albert Embankment, London SE1 7SP, United Kingdom
        email: tel: +44 207 840 2157 fax: +44 207 840 2159
        A flyer and Booking Form is enclosed herewith. This information is also available on the website -
        Note - To pay in Pound Sterling or Euros, download a Registration Form from the ETSA website -
        or call +44 1985 846181 to register or for more information.
 The Deputy Chief of Army

Q   What new technologies do you see having the biggest
    impact on the Army?
A : a. Detection-Based Capabilities; i.e surveillance
    equipment, thermal imaginary, network-centric
    capability, UAV, etc.
    b. Survive and Strike Capabilities; i.e artillery,
    armour and anti-armour capabilities. Need to also
    develop limited aviation capabilities to meet both the
    transportation requirements (lift-capability), as well
    as offensive capability. Engineering assets such as
    bridging equipment, plants, etc. is also another
    avenue for development.
                                                               Q   Based on your past and current experiences, what
                                                                   is your personal view and opinion are the values,
                                                                   benefits and importance of DSA exhibitions to the

                                                                   Army and also to the Country ?
    DSA will once again act as a showcase of leading           A : a. Army :
    technology suppliers from around the world, but what           i. Values - a very good platform for knowledge
    do you see as the advantages and benefits for visitors              enhancement; especially in the area of defence
    and exhibitors at such an event?                                    industry
A : a. Visitors :                                                  ii. Benefits - opportunity to procure the best item
    i. Opportunity to see the state-of-the-art weapons,                 for the Army based on a number of determinants
    weapon systems and equipment in the market; i.e,                    such as cost, operability, etc.
    the latest technologies and models.                            iii. Importance - awareness on the development of
    ii. Able to identify, compare, select and negotiate                 the state-of-the-art weapons and weapon systems
         the best deal (if required) for a particular item.             as well as equipment in the market.
    iii. Opportunity to enhance one»s own knowledge on             b. Country :
    the various items on show /display                             i. Values - a platform to develop further the defence
    b. Exhibitors :                                                     industry sector of the country.
    i. Opportunity to show off their latest models                 ii. Benefits - opportunity to bring in potential
         and technologies on a particular item/product                  investors to the country. This will inevitably
         for potential buyers.                                          pr ovide oppor tunities for employment,
    ii. Able to improve their individual business/corporate             investments, R &D, etc. within our own local
         strategies by comparing and competing amongst                  entrepreneurs.
         each other whilst participating in this exhibition.       iii. Impor t ance - a f or m of bot h r egional and
                                                                        international recognition to the country as a hub
                                                                        for the development of defence industry within
                                                                        the South East Asian region.

 The Deputy Chief of Navy

                                                               I am pleased to pen my total support
                                                               to DSA Exhibition And Conference Sdn
                                                               Bhd, organiser of the forthcoming
                                                               DSA 2008 of which I have been made
                                                               to understand is by far the largest and most
                                                               comprehensive exhibition yet, in its ten-show series.

                                                               I am confident that the DSA series of exhibitions
                                                               will continue to offer armed naval planners exposure
                                                               to a world-class showcase of defence technology
                                                               from military and commercial manufacturers. It will
                                                               also allow us to study how we may best assimilate the
                                                               various new technologies to improve the Royal Malaysian
Vice Admiral Datuk Abdul Aziz attended the DSA 2008            Navy»s performance.
Official Launch held in July recently
                                                               We look forward indeed to visiting the DSA 2008
                                                               exhibition to familiarise ourselves with the latest defence
                                                               and security solutions and to network with vendors and
                                                               associates from the region and beyond.
 LT GEN DATO» BASHIR                                                TUAN HAJI ISMAIL
 BIN ABU BAKAR RMAF                                                 BIN IBRAHIM
 The Deputy Chief of                                                Deputy Secretary General
                                                                    (Development) of the

 Air Force
                                                                    Malaysian Ministry of Defence

    What new technologies do
    you see having the biggest                                         How do you see the future of the
    impact on the Armed
                                                                       defence industry developing within
A : I see that the network-                                            our sphere of operations ?
    centric technology will                                        A : Yes, there is a future for the local
    have the biggest impact on                                         defence industry but not as bright
    the Armed Forces. Battles                                          as we would like it to be. Having
    of the future will be                                              said that the Government has been
    dominated by forces that                                           consistent in the budget allocation
    are network-centric, inter-                                        whereby Defence has always been
    connecting all elements -                                          within the top three. This not only
    land, sea and air - into one                                       shows that there is a constant
    networked military force.                                          demand for defence enhancement
    Network-centric warfare
                                                                       and upgrades but that it is a top
    increases combat power by
    sharing awareness of the                                           priority as far as the Government»s
    battlefield or battlespace,                                        policy is concerned.
    speed of command, greater                                          My view is we need to look at the
    lethality and survivability. The                                   export market, specifically towards
    soldiers see what the pilots                                       the less developed countries. And
    and sailors see. However, achieving this technological             in order for the local defence industry to grow, I see
    advantage will be difficult as military planners are tasked        two potential areas; the first is, the local companies
    with the technological challenge of quickly distilling             need to focus on products which have a competitive
    information from an ocean of data, disseminating it over           advantage. Take for example ≈track pads∆. We have
    secure networks, and ensuring that every commander                 managed to manufacture track pads here in Malaysia
    at every echelon has precisely the information he needs,
                                                                       which not only last longer but is also cheaper. And not to
    when he needs it. In the final analysis, it is the decision
    superiority that will be the determining factor in winning         forget our very own CTRM who produce world class
                                                                       composite products.

    a campaign.
                                                                       Secondly, our companies have to merge with the major
    Based on your past and current experiences, what is                international players.
    your personal view and opinion are the values, benefits            I am certain the Government will continue to lend
    and importance of DSA exhibitions to the Air Force and             its full support.

    also to the country ?
A : The DSA exhibitions and conferences have brought about             DSA will once again act as a showcase of leading
    a positive impact to the Air Force as well as the nation.          technology suppliers from around the world, but what
    Apart from showcasing the state-of-the-art technology,             do you see are the advantages and benefits for visitors
    DSA offers a significant avenue for senior military and
                                                                       and exhibitors at such an event?
    key civilian decision makers, ministerial officials, defence
    and security technocrats and entrepreneurs from all            A : For exhibitors, the obvious is that they can advertise
    parts of the globe to converge and discuss recent                  their services, technology and products but more
    developments and current innovations in security and               importantly they can demonstrate their products»
    modern warfare. This important platform has proven                 capabilities. As the saying goes ≈seeing is believing∆. By
    to be an effective catalyst for new deals, promoting               this, they are able to reach a wide range of customers
    the establishment of new partnerships and                          all under one roof. The customers come to you!
    strengthening existing ones for mutual benefits. I                 As for visitors, I would categorise them into; Armed
    have no doubt that such developments in the past have              Forces visitors and Industry visitors. For the Armed
    also somewhat contributed to the process of regional               Forces personnel who are the users of the products

    confidence building.                                               and services, they can use their visit to DSA to expose
                                                                       themselves and educate themselves on the latest
    Your comments and suggestions on how DSA can
    further improve.                                                   technology in the world defence market. For those
A : DSA can improve further by highlighting aerospace                  soldiers with an analytical mind, they can even make
    technologies feature and operation. This can be done               comparisons from one supplier to the next.
    by bringing together all communities working on air and            For the industrial visitors, even those from other
    space-related technologies and applications in the areas           industries, they can use their visit as a means to seek
    of theatre missile defence systems development,                    new business sectors and at the same time also seek
    advancement in multiple launched rocket system (MLRS),             out agents, representatives etc. Basically, there is so
    space based support for war fighting operations as                 much information, so much opportunities all under
    well as integration, synchronisation and capability                one roof waiting to be snapped up!
                       DSA 2008 - ALMOST SOLD OUT !
                       DSA 2008 is expected to be the largest DSA yet with an anticipated floor space of 40,000 sqms. Some 640 companies
                       from over 40 countries will be participating.
                       The team has been busy closing contracts at other major shows worldwide.

                       AT MSPO 2007, POLAND
                       The Polish Pavilion at DSA 2008 will comprise 100 sqms
                       of space and will be lead by the Polish Chamber of

                                                                                        PIT Telecommunications Research               Polish Agent responsible for Polish Group
                       DSA organiser and Polish Agent promoting DSA 2008 to the US      Institute. Justyna Janczuk, Marketing         Pavilion. Jakub Jaworski, Director of the
                       Army. Albert Orr from US Army Security Assistant Command Jakub   Manager of PIT Jakub Jaworski, Director       International Co-operation Office of Polish
                       Jaworski, Director of International Co-operation Office Polish   of the International Co-operation Office of   Chamber Of National Defence Manufacturers
                       Chamber of National Defence Manufacturers Susan Dyar, DSA        Polish Chamber Of National Defence            Anna Zbieska, DSA 2008 Polish Interpreter
                       International Project Manager                                    Manufacturers                                 during MSPO 2007

                       RETURNING TO DSA 2008 IN A BIGGER WAY...
                       The DSA 2008 exhibition was selected by the Association of the Defence
                       Industry of the Czech Republic together with the Ministry of Industry
                       and Trade of the Czech Republic as the major event in South East Asia
                       to present the capabilities of the Defence and Security Industry of the
                       Czech Republic. The Czech Republic will have a national pavilion at DSA
                       2008 with the participation of at least 10 companies where the latest
                       products and systems will be introduced. The participation of the Czech
                       Republic at DSA 2008 will be the biggest and most represented in the
                       history of the DSA exhibition.
                       Companies which confirmed their
                       interest to take part in DSA 2008:
                       • OMNIPOL Prague
                       • ERA Pardubice
                       • ALES Strakonice                                                                     OMNIPOL Praha - Zdenek Burian, Publicity Manager.
                       • VOP 025 Novy Jicin                                                                  OMNIPOL is the internationally recognised trading company with
                       • TATRA Koprivnice                                                                    more than 70 years of tradition in the foreign trade with defence
                       • CZECH NBC TEAM                                                                      and aerospace equipment. The main activities in the current period
                                                                                                             are export, import and re-export of systems and equipment for
                       • CESKA ZBROJOVKA Uhersky Brod                                                        land and air armed forces, police corps and civil defence units.
                       • SELLIER & BELLOT Vlasim                                                                  OMNIPOL is also co-ordinating with the all Czech defence and
                       • DICOM Uherske Hradiste                                                              security industry to be present at the coming DSA 2008 event in
                                                                                                             Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with the strong support from the Ministry
                       • SKODAEXPORT Prague                                                                  of Trade and Industry of Czech Republic to showcase and present
                       • MINISTRY OF INDUSTRY AND TRADE                                                      the countries products, systems and technologies.

                       Companies seriously considering to                                                                                    CZECH NBC TEAM Praha - Miloslav
                                                                                                                                             Smutny, Export Department Area
                       take part in DSA 2008:                                                                                                Manager from Sigma Group.
                       • CZECH HEALTH & SAFETY                        CESKA ZBROJOVKA Uhersky Brod -                                         The Czech NBC Team is an alliance
                         ALLIANCE Prague                              Radek Hauerland, Head of Marketing.                                    of 11 renowned companies from
                                                                      The company develops and                                               the Czech Republic specialising in
                       • E-COM Slavkov u Brna                         manufactur es small caliber                                            research, development and
                       • VR GROUP Prague                              handguns (pistols and sniper rifles)                                   production of NBC defence
                       • VOP 026 Sternberk                            designed especially for Armed                                          equipment and services. The
                                                                      Forces and Special Units as well as                                    alliance offers a complex range of
                                                                      rifles for hunting and sporting                                        products and services with the
                                                                      purposes including the wide range of                                   best references both from the
                                                                      tactical accessories (holsters and                                     Armed Forces of the Czech
                                                                      magazine pouches, lights, gloves,                                      Republic as well as many users in
                                                                      belts etc.)                                                            dozens of states worldwide.
                                                                       TATRA Koprivnice - Alena Jancarikova, Advertising and Exhibitions Manager.
                                                                       Traditional manufacturer of all-terrain trucks and chassis with modular concept - 4x4, 6x6, 8x8, 10x10
                                                                       and 12x12 drive configurations are available. The excellent high mobility performance of the vehicles in
                                                                       difficult terrain, climatic and environmental conditions result from the special chassis design with
                                                                       independent wheel suspension also reducing vibrations for crew as well as sensitive loads.
                                                                                                                                                              DSA 2008 - AN UPDATE
                                                                                             AT DSEI 2007, LONDON
                                                                                             Recently at DSEI 2007, UK, DSA 2008 had the
                                                                                             honour of sealing the contract of the Pakistan
                                                                                             pavilion whereby The Hon. Chief of Army, Gen Tan
                                                                                             Sri Muhammad Ismail witnessed a simple signing
                                                                                             ceremony of 500sqm at the DEPO booth.

From left, Mrs Susan Dyar - DSA 2008,
Malaysian Chief of Army, Gen Tan Sri
Muhammad Ismail, DG of Ministry of Defence
Production - Defence Export Promotion
Organisation (DEPO), Major General
Muhammad Farooq, Nadzeem Abd Rahman -
DSA 2008 and Col Tahir Butt-Director EPS of

     Nadzeem counter signs the DSA 2008
      Space Contract after the Director for                                                   DSEI 2007 Susan Dyar with Gen Tan Sri Muhammad Ismail
       Support and Exhibitions, Brig Farooq                                                                      at DEPO stand.
          Naser Awan signed for 500 sqm.


                                                                                             Visit to German Pavilion with German Army and testing the
                                                                                             products. L-R: Lt. Colonel Jason Weintraub - US Embassy KL,
                                                                                             Major General Dato» Mokhtar bin Perman - Mindef, Lt. Colonel V
                                                                                             Schmank - Bundesweer/Heer.

Taken at DSA 2008 booth at AUSA 2007 Annual Meeting with Malaysian Delegation during
their visit to the event. L-R : Susan Dyar - DSA, Major General Dato» Mokhtar bin Perman -
Mindef, Lt. Colonel Rashid - Mindef KL, Colonel Latiph Ismail - Defence Attache to US and
Nadzeem Rahman - DSA General Manager.

    NEXT STOP                                                                                Major General Dato» Mokhtar bin Perman - Mindef visit to the
    • LIMA 2007, Langkawi, Malaysia                                                          US PEO Stri Medical Corp Unit.
      December 2007
    • Singapore Airshow 2007, Singapore
      February 2008

    • Defexpo 2008, New Delhi, India
      February 2008
                                              EXHIBITOR PRODUCT FEATURES
                                              DRB - HICOM DEFENCE TECHNOLOGIES SDN BHD                          BAE SYSTEMS
                                              DEFTECH AV4 LIGHT ARMOUR VEHICLE (4X4)                            BAE Systems are
                                              DEFTECH AV4 is designed and                                       delighted to again be
                                              developed locally in Malaysia by                                  exhibiting at Defence
                                                                                                                Serv ices Asia in
                                              DEFTECH»s engineers based on
                                                                                                                2008. The tri-service
                                              the Malaysian Army and Royal                                      nature of the
                                              Malaysia Police requirement to                                    exhibition dovetails
                                              meet various roles and                                            perfectly with our
                                              applications.                                                     global presence.
                                                                                                                BAE Systems is therefore able to showcase our full range of
                                              G WAGON WEAPON PLATFORM (HMG/AGL/ATGM/                            products and services, in a manner that highlights the breadth
                                              RCL) - (4X4)                                                      and depth of our capabilities and partnerships.
                                              This vehicle is the outcome of a                                  BAE Systems is a global defence and aerospace company
                                              successful R&D collaboration                                      delivering a full range of products and services for air, land
                                              between Ministry of Defence and                                   and naval forces, as well as advanced electronics, information
                                              DEFTECH. The configuration of                                     technology solutions and customer support services. With
                                              weapon platform (HMG/AGL/                                         88,000 employees worldwide, BAE Systems' sales exceeded
                                              ATGM/RCL) is a proven design                                      £13.7 billion pounds sterling (US25.4 billion dollars) in 2006.
                                              and suitable for all kinds of mission.
                                                                                                                                                  DOMETIC S.A.R.L.
                                              ACV-S 300 ADNAN MORTAR CARRIER FOR 120 mm                                                         Dometic S.A.R.L. (Luxembourg)
                                              MORTAR SYSTEM                                                                                     - Tailor-made solutions for
                                              ACV-S is the general name                                                                         all needs from Meals
                                              for a family of modern high                                                                       Distribution, Multi-Purpose
                                              performance vehicles, all derived                                                                 filed kitchen for military
                                              from the highly successful                                                                        and humanitarian food
                                                                                                                                                preparation requirements to
                                              ACV 300 (ADNAN). ACV-S Self-                                                                      Multi-Fuel burner, Field
                                              Propelled Mortar (SPM) offers                                                                     Refrigeration and Food
                                              an ideal flexible platform for                                                                    Transport, Dometic will help
                                              integration of 120 mm mortar                                      you to take care of your fighting forces gastronomic needs
                                              system.                                                           with excellence. Meet them at DSA 2008.

                                              ACV-S 300 ADNAN TRACKED LOGISTIC CARRIER                          SAAB AB
                                              (ACV-S TLC)                                                       Saab serves the global market
                                              The ACV-S TLC offers an ideal flexible platform for integration   with world-leading products,
                                              of a crane and flat bed for cargo                                 services and solutions ranging from military defence to civil
                                              carrying operations. Due to its                                   security. Saab has operations and employees on all continents
                                              modern suspension system, high                                    and constantly develops, adopts and improves new technology
                                              power to weight ratio and low                                     to meet customers» changing needs.
                                              ground pressure the ACV-S TLC                                     Saab has 13,600 employees. Annual sales are € 2.3 billion.
                                              is capable of manoeuvring cross-                                  Research and development corresponds to about 20 percent
                                              country in the most difficult terrain.                            of annual sales.

                                              MODLEX                                                                           ALLISONS DEFENCE TECHNOLOGIES
                                              As a major Middle-East exporter, Iran has gone through a                         (M) SDN BHD
                                              very long path to develop and invent more of what countries                      To get an edge on the market, besides
                                              would need in hard times, as well as items and equipments                        supplying the core optronics products, Allisons
                                              in ground force, navy, and air-force that would not let you                      Defence Technologies (M) SB (ADT) has been
                                                                                           down. M.o.D's                       putting effort into providing after sales service
                                                                                                                               such as maintenance and supply of spare
                                                                                           capabilities in
                                                                                                                               parts. After almost 5 years of evolvement, the
                                                                                           technical            business is becoming savvier and soon ADT will be producing
                                                                                           engineering,         its local assemble of Simrads‘ equipment to tap the needs of
                                                                                           design and           Malaysian defense market. In DSA 2008, ADT will officially launch
                                                                                           manufacturing        a new number of spin-off Simrad»s and Vinghog»s products.
                                                                                           skills are
                                                                                           o f m e r e          EADS
                                                                                           expertise with       EADS is a global leader in aerospace, defence and related
                                                                                           unique quality.      services. In 2006, EADS generated revenues of € 39.4 billion
                                                                                                                and employed a workforce of about 116,000. The Group includes
                                                                                                                the aircraft manufacturer Airbus, the world»s largest helicopter
                                                                                                                supplier Eurocopter and EADS Astrium, the European leader
                                                                                                                in space programmes from Ariane to Galileo. EADS, the major
                                                                                                                partner in the Eurofighter consortium, develops the A400M
                                                                                                                military transport aircraft, and holds a stake in the joint
                                                                                                                venture MBDA, the international leader in missile systems.
                                                                                                                                                          EXHIBITOR FEATURE - LOCAL AND INTERNATIONAL
ESRI                                                                                  VICTORINOX
With annual sales of more than $600 million, ESRI remains                             Victorinox looks forward to our 6th appearance at DSA Kuala
the world leader in the Geographic Information System (GIS)                           Lumpur as this show has increased dramatically the brand
software industry.                                                                    and product awareness for our company in South East Asia.
                                                                                      Further we are about to finalise ambitious projects with
GIS are increasingly being recognized as a critical                                   various official entities in Malaysia.
infrastructure for defense and intelligence communities. Ten
                                                                                      The Malaysian Defence Forces have decided that a Victorinox
years ago, ESRI typically supported specialist GIS users in
                                                                                      Pocket Knife has to become a standard equipment to their
activities such as the production of datasets for defense                             soldiers.
mapping organizations, advanced terrain analysis, and
environmental impact studies for base development. These
uses continue but today, defense is demanding a generic,
open and interoperable spatial capability to underpin a wider
range of defense systems. ESRI»s ArcGIS platform serves
defense and intelligence organizations around the world
because it conforms to these characteristics.
ESRI»s ArcGIS platform has been deployed into a wide range
of defense and intelligence programs. The Commercial Joint
Mapping Tool Kit (C/JMTK) is the leading program that is
providing GIS capabilities into the US C4ISR domain (see By increasingly relying on COTS technology,
defense and intelligence benefit from the services oriented
architecture concepts that are demanded by Network Centric
Operations (NCO). ESRI»s user community shares information;
reduces cost by reusing, not redeveloping applications; and                           THE RUAG TECHNOLOGY GROUP
reduces risk through shared knowledge. A key enabler is                               RUAG is an international aerospace and defence company
ESRI»s focus on standards and a commitment to enterprise                              with strong technological skills. The Group»s holding company
interoperability.                                                                     is based in Berne (Switzerland). RUAG has production sites
                                                                                      in Switzerland, Germany and Sweden. As an internationally
                                                                                      operating technology group we focus on three markets:
                                                                                      Aviation & Space : RUAG is a leading supplier and integrator of
                                                                                      systems and components for civilian and military aero-space
                                                                                      applications. It is active in aircraft construction as well as in
                                                                                      the maintenance and outfitting of aircraft and helicopters.

The Communication System Planning
                                                                                      Defence & Security : The company is the industry partner for
Tools (CSPT), also known as the RF-                                                   the technical systems upgrade programme of the Swiss
Analyst in the Defense Community,          The USAF Distributed Common                Armed Forces. It supplies and integrates weapon, command
were developed by the U.S.                 Ground System (DCGS-AF).                   & control and simulation systems for other countries» armed
Department of Commerce, National                                                      forces and the international government agencies market.
Telecommunications and Information
Administration (NTIA), Institute for
Telecommunication Sciences (ITS) for                                                  Ammunition & Products : RUAG is also an international leader
the Department of Defense.                                                            in small calibre ammunition manufacturing. RUAG is an expert
                                                                                      in high-precision manufacturing technologies for the
                                                                                      aerospace and defence sectors as well as for the automotive,
                                                                                      semiconductor and mechanical engineering industries.
                                                                                      RUAG»s engineering skills provide the foundations of its
                                           Prototype of a Basic Capability            dynamic role in development and production.
                                           Common Operational Picture for the
                                           Spanish Armed Forces
                                           The prototype of the developed COP
                                           gathers tactical information from the
Joint Geospatial Enterprise Services       current C2 systems (SIMACET for
ERDC-TEC manages a JGES science            land operations, MCCIS for navy
and technology (S&T) program for           operations, ICC for air operations, and
testing, evaluation, and experimentation   SIJE for joint operations). In addition,
of critical geospatial services and to     there are ongoing developments to
make needed architecture a reality         collect information fr om other
in the net-centric environment. The        existing C2 systems and types of
JGES S&T program promotes the              information such as meteorology,
use of geospatial technologies to          signals intelligence (ELINT, COMINT),
allow data management, collection,         etc.
exploitat ion, visualisation, and
dissemination of geospatial data/
information from any available
national or tactical source.
          APPOINTED FOR DSA 2008!
          INNOGEN SDN BHD                                                 Staffing for your stand (Stand Hostess, Receptionist &
          No 1, Jalan Perusahaan 1, Taman Industri Selesa Jaya            Secretary) and other secretarial support services including
          43300 Balakong, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia                  interpreters can be arranged by Kelly Services Sdn Bhd.
          Tel     : +603 8961 1108
          Fax     : +603 8961 0687                                        J2S SELECTIONS SDN BHD
          Email : /                                17-02, 17th Floor, Wisma MPL, Jalan Raja Chulan
                                        50200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
          Contact : Mr Jeff Lam / Ms Feyond Teh                           Tel     : +603 2032 2889
                                                                          Fax     : +603 2031 2889
          PICO INTERNATIONAL (M) SDN BHD                                  Email :
          Wisma Pico, 19 - 20 Jalan Tembaga SD5 / 2                       Contact : Ms Komala
          Bandar Sri Damansara, 52200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
          Tel     : +603 6275 5990                                        OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER :
          Fax     : +603 6275 6366 / 6275 3233                            We have appointed Willy Studio as the Official Photographer.
          Email : /                                  They will have an on-site service centre for exhibitors' and
                                          visitors' convenience. You may contact them directly for
          Contact : Mr Telly Teh / Mr Koh Chee Hou                        special photography services.
          QUBE INTEGRATED MALAYSIA SDN BHD                                WILLY STUDIO
          35-1, Jalan Tanjung SD13/1, Bandar Sri Damansara                No 11B Jalan Pandan 3/5, Pandan Jaya
          52200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia                                    55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
          Tel     : +603 6277 9973                                        Tel     : +603 9285 2688
          Fax     : +603 6277 3973                                        Fax     : +603 6189 9999
          Email :                                  Mobile : +6012 335 9862
          Contact : Mr Richard Teo / Ms Alicia Thong                      Email :
                                                                          Contact : Mr Willy Chong
          INSTALLATION CONTRACTORS :                                      SALES LEAD RETRIEVAL SYSTEM (LIGHT PEN)
          Wisma Allied, No - 10 & 12, Lorong 51A / 227B                   Capture contact details of visitors visiting your booth
          46100 Petaling Jaya                                             through this service provided by MSCI Sdn Bhd.
          Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
          Tel     : +603 7957 8888                                        MSCI DATA BASE MANAGEMENT SDN BHD
          Fax     : +603 7956 3308                                        No 67, 1st Floor, Jalan SS 2/24, 47300 Petaling Jaya
          Email :                                    Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
          Contact : Mr Murugan / Mr Mohd Ismail                           Tel     : +603 7875 6877 / 7875 3877
                                                                          Fax     : +603 7875 6839
          JIM PROJECT & EXPO LOGISTICS (M) SDN BHD                        Mobile : +6012 385 1238 / +6012 238 5889
          Wisma JIM, No 23, Jalan Apollo 45/194                           Email :
          Bandar Pinggiran Subang, 40150 Shah Alam                        Contact : Ms Au Jee Nee / Ms Jenny Chong
          Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
          Tel     : +603 7846 1811                                        OFFICIAL COMPUTER HARDWARE SUPPLIER :
          Fax     : +603 7846 1944                                        If you are in need of computers and / or peripherals,
          Email :                                      please be advised that we have appointed Achitec
          Contact : Mr Daniel Mithran / Mr A Kumar                        (Puchong) Sdn Bhd as the Official Computer Hardware
          R.E. ROGERS (M) SDN BHD
          7, Jalan Juruodit U1/76, Taman Perindustrian Batu Tiga          ACHITEC (PUCHONG) SDN BHD
          40000 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia                 No. 35A, Jalan TK 1/11A, Taman Kinrara, Seksyen 1
          Tel      : +603 5510 8611                                       Batu 7 1/2, Jalan Puchong, 58200 Kuala Lumpur,
          Fax      : +603 5510 6296                                       Malaysia
          Email : /                 Tel     : +603 8075 6449 / 8076 6570
          Contact : Mr Chris Smith / Mr Syed Amirul Hafiz                 Fax     : +603 8075 6532
                                                                          Mobile : +6012 273 7433 / +6019 382 5249
          EXHIBITION HALL OWNER :                                         Email :
          (Including Audio Visual / Potted Plants / Florist / Catering)   Contact : Mr David Wong / Mr Ng Sae Chian
          Level 3, PWTC, 41 Jalan Tun Ismail,
          50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
          Tel      : +603 2614 6222
          Fax      : +603 2614 6223
          Email :
          Contact : En Suratta Mohd Rus / En Rosdin Johari
FOR DSA 2008
These hotels have been appointed specifically for DSA 2008 for the convenience of exhibitors and visitors. Compatible rates
have been negotiated as follows:
                  Official & VIP Hotel                                           Official Hotel
                  SERI PACIFIC HOTEL KL • MYR 260++                              THE LEGEND HOTEL KL • MYR 230++
                  • A new brand 5 Star Luxury Hotel                              • A 5 Star Hotel
                  • Location : Adjacent to PWTC                                  • Location : Directly opposite PWTC
                  Tel        : +603 - 4042 5555                                  Tel        : +603 - 4042 9888
                  Fax        : +603 - 4043 5253                                  Fax        : +603 - 4042 9069
                  E-mail     :                            E-mail     :
                  Website :                                  Website :
                  Supporting & VIP Hotels
                  SHERATON IMPERIAL KL • MYR 460++                                TRADERS HOTEL KL • MYR 390++
                  • A 5 Star International Hotel chain.                           • Direct Accessibility to Kuala Lumpur
                  • Location : 10 minutes drive to PWTC                             Convention Centre
                  Tel      : +603 - 2717 9125                                     • The ultimate business, convention,
                  Fax      : +603 - 2717 9931                                       shopping and entertainment hub of
                  E-mail   : meikuan.yap@                                           Kuala Lumpur
                                                    • Within walking distance to KL Light Rail
                  Website : www.luxurycollection.                                   Trains (LRT) at KLCC
                             com/kualalumpur                                      Tel       : +603 - 2332 9888
                                                                                  Fax       : +603 - 2332 2677
                  SHANGRI-LA HOTEL KL • MYR 520++                                 E-mail    : groupreservations.thkl@
                  • A 5 Star Hotel                                                  
                  • Location : 15 minutes drive to PWTC                           Website :
                  Tel      : +603 - 2074 3544
                  Fax      : +603 - 2078 5990                                     RENAISSANCE KL HOTEL • MYR 395++
                  E-mail   : victor.madhavan@                                     • Strategically located in the heart of the
                                                            Golden Triangle.
                  Website :                                    • Within short distance to Petronas Twin
                                                                                    towers and shopping centres.
                  CROWNE PLAZA MUTIARA KL •                                       • Luxury five star hotel which is ideal for
                  MYR 350++                                                         both business and leisure travellers
                  • A 5 Star Hotel                                                Tel      : +603 - 2716 9910
                  • Location : 20 minutes drive to PWTC                           Fax      : +603 - 2161 5555
                  Tel      : +603 - 2146 3877                                     E-mail   :
                  Fax      : +603 - 2146 3887                                     Website :
                  E-mail   : rizwan.izham@crowne
                                                      DYNASTY HOTEL KL • MYR 230++
                  Bookings : reservations@crowne                                  • Within 5 minutes walk to PWTC
                                                      • Strategically located strolling distance
                  Website :                                     to the Monorail Station and Shopping
                                                                                    complexes such as The Mall
                  PRINCE HOTEL & RESIDENCE KL •                                   • A business and Convention Hotel
                  MYR 315++                                                       Tel      : +603 - 4043 7777
                  • 5 star hotel                                                             EXT 3837 / 3834
                  • Location : 20 minutes drive to PWTC                           Fax      : +603 - 4043 6868
                  Tel      : +603 - 2170 8630                                     E-mail   :
                  Fax      : +603 - 2170 8808                                     Website :
                  E-mail   :
                  Bookings : reservations@                                        CORUS HOTEL KL • MYR 280++
                                                       • 8 minutes walk to KLCC Convention
                  Website :                                Centre via air-conditioned underpasses
                                                                                  • Next door to the Putra light rail transit
                                                                                  • Aeroline luxury coach, direct to Singapore
                                                                                    from Corus Hotel, Tel +65 - 6341 9338
                                                                                  Tel       : +603 - 2161 8888
                                                                                              / 2160 5977
                                                                                  Fax       : +603 - 2162 3428
DSA 2008 HAS APPOINTED THE FOLLOWING MEDIA                                        E-mail    :
PARTNERS TO ENSURE EFFECTIVE EXPOSURE OF THE                                      Website :
                                                               MALAYSIA AIRLINES HAS BEEN
                                                               APPOINTED AS THE OFFICIAL CARRIER
                                                               Malaysia Airlines is providing competitive airfares on Malaysia
                                                               Airlines international* scheduled services for all registered
                                                               participants/exhibitors attending DSA 2008. Registered
                                                               participants/exhibitors and accompanying persons who wish
                                                               to purchase special rates should contact Malaysia Airlines
                                                               nearest ticket office and quote ≈G DSA 2008" for further
                 SMALL ARMS                                    assistance.
                   REVIEW                                      For further information, visit
                                                               *excluding Singapore-Malaysia, domestic services and business
                                                               class seats.
                DSA 2008 OFFERING                                                                              HOW TO
                SPONSORSHIP                                                                                    EXHIBIT?
                                                                                                                 SPACE ONLY
                EXCLUSIVELY TO EXHIBITORS                                                                      Rent a space to build and design
                Create MAXIMUM exposure of your participation at DSA 2008 by investing in                      your own stand.
                one or more of the Sponsorship Programmes.                                                     MYR1,919 per sqm

                Your company or organisation will visibly stand out and project a much Effective
                Image through one of the DSA 2008 Sponsorship Packages.
                Find herewith just some of the packages available:                                               WALK-ON PACKAGE
                                                  • DSA 2008 OFFICIAL OPENING RECEPTION                        Space, modular stand structure
                                                    The Sponsor»s name will be placed on the backdrop of       consisting of rear and side walls,
                                                    the Reception which will be hosted by the Deputy Prime     carpeting, fascia with exhibitor»s name
                                                    Minister of Malaysia and attended by all visiting VVIPs.   and stand number, fluorescent tube(s)
                                                                            !                                  lighting, 13Amp socket(s), reception
                                                  • LANYARDS SOLD                                              desk(s), display board or wall shelving.
                                                    All VIPs and Visitor badges will be handed out             MYR2,147 per sqm
                                                    attached to a lanyard carrying the sponsor»s name.
          The first flight for the DSA 2006 VIP
          Golf Tournament, The King of              A total of 25,000 will be distributed.
          Malaysia, The Deputy Prime Minister,
          The Chief of Defence Force and a rep    • DIRECTIONAL SIGNAGES
          from BAE Systems
                                                    These will be placed all over the exhibition to direct      * A Walk-on
                                                    VVIPs and Visitors. Sponsor»s name will be placed           Stand is not
                                                                                                               necessarily a
                                                    on each.                                                   corner stand

                                          • PLATINUM LOUNGE
                                             This is an exclusive lounge for top management as
                                             well as foreign VVIP delegations who have one-on-
                                             one meetings with the top rank of the Malaysian                   FOR FURTHER
                    Ministry of Defence. The Platinum Lounge will be strategically located at the              INFORMATION,
                    main lobby or reception of all the Malaysian Officials» suites at the exhibition.
                                                                                                               PLEASE CONTACT:
                  These top quality gifts carrying the sponsor»s name will
                  be placed in the VVIP»s hotel rooms upon their arrival.                                      DSA EXHIBITION AND
                                                                                                               CONFERENCE SDN BHD (423338-H)
                • VISITORS» REGISTRATION AREA SOLD                                                             Suite 1402, 14th Floor, Plaza Permata
                  This excellent opportunity is where the sponsor»s name                                       Jalan Kampar, Off Jalan Tun Razak
                  is placed all around the Visitor Registration Area. The                                      50400 Kuala Lumpur
                  sponsor will also be given an information booth to hand                                      Malaysia
                  out their company information and brochures.                                                 Tel    : +603 4041 0311
                                                        !                                                      Fax : +603 4043 7241
                • VIP GOLF TOURNAMENT SOLD                                                                     E-mail :
                  TheΩsponsor will have their name placed on the greens
                  and at tee boxes as well as on the goodie bag items                                          WORLDWIDE AGENT
                  and also on the backdrop of the Banquet to be hosted                                         DEFENCE WORLDWIDE
                  by the Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister.                                           ASSOCIATES (DWA)
                                                                                                               12th Floor, Westminster Tower
                • BILLBOARDS
                                                                                                               3 Albert Embankment
                  These huge highly visible Billboards will be placed in a
                                                                                                               London SE1 7SP
                  variety of areas such as the main entrances of the
                                                                                                               United Kingdom
                  venue as well as on hot spots such as in front of the
                                                                                                               Tel    : +44 20 7840 2157
                  Malaysian MINDEF Main entrance. The sponsor»s
                                                                                                               Fax : +44 20 7840 2159
                  name will be placed on the billboard.
                                                                                                               E-mail :
                • ROAD SIDE BUNTINGS
                  Similar concept to the Billboard but these are smaller                                       ASIA-COORDINATOR
                  in size and are placed on lamp poles on all the                                              INTERNATIONAL EXPO
                  surrounding streets of the venue as well as other                                            MANAGEMENT PTE LTD
                  main roads and streets leading towards the venue as                                          47 Scotts Road
                  well as within the vicinity of MINDEF, the Police, etc.                                      #05-02 Goldbell Towers
                                                                                                               Singapore 228233
                There are a host of other excellent opportunities. To secure the exclusivity of a              Tel    : +65 6736 1221
                particular package, please contact : Mrs Susan Dyar                                            Fax : +65 6736 1771
                Tel : +44 20 7840 2157 E-mail :                                                E-mail :

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