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									Anecdotes have Oktoberfest on anecdotes you have to know the

 beer has to know the anecdote

 beer tent area of the six famous Munich beer brewer Spaten-Franyiskaner
-Braeu, Augustiner, Paulaner, Hacker-Pschorr, Hofbraeu and Loewenbraeu in
Oktoberfest beer tent on its own. This is indeed a kind of beer brewer in
terms of high honor, because under the rules, only the best quality
Munich region, using traditional brewing process, and consistent with the
1487 Munich beer purity regulations and the provisions of the 1906 German
beer purity of beer eligible to qualify for a Beer Festival on the big
tent set up their own.
 visitors from 14 large tents and 15 smaller tents select their favorite
brands. As the number of participants over the past few years have forced
the temporary closure of some tents. For the coordination of traffic, the
city of Munich on its website, namely, "Oktoberfest heat table," real-
time to reflect the current traffic of each tent.

 transparent beer mugs and pocketing operations
 beer tents are now used in beer cups have been used from the past,
copper glass, replaced with glass, intended to enable consumers to
clearly see the wine's purity, to prevent fraudulent behaviors beer
 cup of beer pubs owned by all, not to bring glass is considered theft to
go. Of the last century's beer cups 80,90 rampant theft incident, the
security control personnel tent had to shoulder the work of the
pocketing. In order to distinguish it from the wine tavern, beer festival
on the sale of commemorative wine glass are decorated with colorful

 Beer Song
 was performed in the beer tent, and most of the songs sung by street
tabloid called "Beer Song." 2006 World Cup fever has not yet receded off
of sports, Oktoberfest song also advancing with the times to the main
World Cup theme song. For visitors unfamiliar with the lyrics can be
integrated into one, the organizers also produced a special beer festival
song Start Guide, a collection of more than above the first Oktoberfest
of the most popular songs.

 beer festival on the best-known helper
 power company in a particular year or the apprentice of Albert Einstein
went to the Oktoberfest on the laborer, his task is to install light bulb
in the beer tent.

 commemorative Oktoberfest beer festival postmark
 conference hall with boxes, each sealed off from the letter posted here
will be commemorative postmark stamped on the Oktoberfest. The postmark
will naturally become a collection of fans of "eyeing the prey."

 credit guarantee to eliminate "Quejinshaoliang"
 pouring skilled teacher can every 1 second and a half liter bottle,
filling one cup of beer cups, it's not what more "consummate" the pouring
teachers can use 200 liters of beer a full cup and filled with 289 liters
of beer cups! To combat this "Quejinshaoliang" deception, Oktoberfest on
the establishment of a special oversight committee to ensure that the
difference of each beer volume control in less than 100 ml.

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