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									News Releases
Plasti-Fab Ltd. changes name to PFB Corporation
January 15, 1996

Plasti-Fab Ltd. announces that at the meeting of its shareholders held
December 28, 1995 a resolution was passed that changed the name of the
corporation to PFB Corporation.

With the name change to PFB Corporation, the Company will operate as
two separate divisions. The Plasti-Fab division will operate PFB
Corporation's expanded polystyrene foam insulation and construction
products business. The rapidly growing OEM parts business of PFB
Corporation will be centralized in the Morval division and includes the
custom shapemoulding and automotive parts businesses.

PFB Corporation operates plastic foam businesses throughout Canada
which manufacture building products, for the construction industry; and
custom moulded products, for the automotive and other industries.
Common shares trade under the symbol PFB on the Toronto Stock

For further information contact:

Dan J. Stearne
PFB Corporation
270, 3015 - 5 Avenue N.E.
Calgary, Alberta
T2A 6T8
(403) 569-4321

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