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					                                                                           NanoJapan: Summer Nanotechnology
                                                                           Research Internships for
                                                                           Undergraduate Engineers

 As the fields of science and engineering
 become increasingly international there is a
 pressing need for the development of                                                                                                 NanoJapan 2008 Details
 research and education programs to                                                                        Participant Kriti
                                                                                                           Charan (l) from      • May 16 – 18, 2008: Pre-Departure Orientation at Rice
 produce globally aware scientists and                                                                     Rice University      University & Travel to Japan
 engineers. The NanoJapan Program was                                                                      with a member of
                                                                                                                                •May 19 – June 7, 2008: Japanese Culture & Language
 developed to address this need by attracting                                                              her Japanese
                                                                                                                                Orientation Program in Tokyo
                                                                                                           research group.
 young undergraduates to the emerging                                                                      Kriti conducted      • June 8 – July 10, 2008: Research Internship at Host
 areas of electrical engineering and the                                                                   research under the   University in Japan
 physical sciences, especially the study of                                                                direction of Prof.
                                                                                                           Masayochi            • July 11 – 13, 2008: Mid-Program Meeting in Kyoto with
 nanotechnology. By involving and training                                                                 Tonouchi at Osaka    Full-day Japanese Traditional Arts Workshop &
 students in cutting-edge research projects                                                                University.          Sightseeing

 in Nanoscale science and engineering this                                                                                      • July 14 – August 5, 2008: Research Internship at Host
 program aims to increase the numbers of                                     Eligibility and Selection                          University in Japan

 US students who choose to pursue                                                                                               • August 6 – 8, 2008: NanoJapan Re-entry Program and
 graduate study in this field while also                        • Currently enrolled as a degree-seeking undergraduate          Rice Quantum Institute Summer Research Colloquium

 cultivating a generation of globally aware                     student at any US institution of higher education
                                                                                                                                • Program Cost: $500 and all participants will receive a
 engineers and scientists. Generously                                                                                           stipend of up to $3,500 to be used towards airfare & living

 supported by a Partnership for                                 • Freshman or Sophomore at the time of application              costs during research internship in Japan.

 International Research and Education grant                                                                                         Research Host Institutions
 from the National Science Foundation                           • Currently in good academic standing and not under             • Keio University, Itoh Lab (Tokyo)

 (NSF-PIRE) this program is administered                        any academic or disciplinary probation at your home             • RIKEN, Kawata Lab (Tokyo)
 through the Electrical and Computer                            university
                                                                                                                                • Tokyo Institute of Technology, Munekata Lab
 Engineering Department of Rice
 University.                                                    • Demonstrated interest in the field of nanotechnology          • University of Tokyo, Hirakawa Lab & Maruyama Lab

     “The research project that I am currently working on,
                                                                as it relates to nanoscale semiconductor devices,               • Osaka Institute of Technology, Sasa & Inoue Lab
   creating gold nanowires using non-contact AFM, and the       nanophotonics, and carbon nanotubes.
research experience that I have gained this summer relate to                                                                    • Osaka University, Kawata Lab & Tonouchi Lab
 one of the concentration fields that I am considering for my
   electrical engineering major. This summer’s research has     • Demonstrated interest in study of Japanese language           • Shinshu University, Endo Lab (Nagano)
 deepened my interest in taking nanotechnology classes, and     and/or culture though no prior language experience is
           desire to work in a Nanotech lab at Rice.”                                                                           • Hokkaido University, Koga Lab & Yoh Lab (Sapporo)
    ~ Jennifer Gillenwater, Rice University, NanoJapan 2006                                                                     • Tohoku University (Sendai)
                                                                                                                                   • Iwasa Lab, Nojiri Lab, Saito Lab, and Yusa Lab

                                                  Apply Online by February 8, 2008 at