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					                           COMOX VALLEY PROSTATE CANCER SUPPORT GROUP
                           NEWSLETTER              ----Much Easier Together-----
                                                        December 2009

    Mission Statement                                                                      Email:
    Our aim is to be of help to                                                  
    those who have been di-
                                                      Merry Christmas                      Check our webpage at:
    agnosed with prostate                                                        
    cancer by providing op-                                Ramblings
    portunities for learning           As the media ads never cease to remind every-
    more about the disease by          one, Christmas is now just around the corner.
                                                                                           NEXT MEETING
    group discussions and              I’m sure you are already organized for the com-
                                                                                           Where: Comox Valley
    personal support. If we are        ing social season and have all your shopping
                                                                                           Health Centre. 961a
    aware of your upcoming             done. I should be so lucky!!
                                                                                           England Ave. Courtenay,
    surgery, we will visit you         In any case, our group’s Christmas Dinner is
    in the hospital or at home         early this year on Monday, November 30th, so
                                                                                           When: January11th2010
    to explain what to expect          for some of us it will probably be the harbinger
                                                                                           Time: 7:30 PM
    in the future. Meetings are        of the season’s gatherings. We will be at the
    held the 2nd Monday                Florence Filberg Centre beginning at 5:00 with a
    between Sept and June at           meet and greet before dinner. As we have always
                                                                                           See the Ramblings
    the Comox Valley Health            done: the turkey, ham, condiments, gravy,
    Centre at 7:30pm.                  mashed potatoes, buns, coffee and tea will be
    Everyone who has                   provided and the additional dishes will marvel-
                                       lously appear, on a pot luck basis. You may         Medical Advisors to the
    Prostate Cancer, their                                                                 C.V.P.C.S.G. Urologists
    friends and families are           chose between providing an appetizer plate, OR
                                       a cooked vegetable dish, OR a green salad, OR a     Dr. James Chartrand
    welcome. Professionals                                                                 Dr Guillermo Beristain
    and volunteers who want            bean type salad, OR a dessert. Please remember
                                       to bring your own cutlery and plates. Glasses,      Dr W. Tinmouth
    to help may also attend.
    If you wish to support us          cups and napkins are provided. Libations are on
    by the giving of your time         a BYOB basis. As always there will be valuable      Cancer Information
    in some capacity, please           door prizes and draws together with the annual
    let your name be known at          Stuffit Award.                                      CPCN:
    the meeting. Or call Brian         The entertainment will be provided by our val-
    Lunn at 338-8235. We               ued supporters, The Forbidden Plateau Barber-       Canadian Cancer Society
    are a busy support group           shop Chorus. Please let us know that you are at-    Information Line:
    and we always welcome              tending this enjoyable evening by contacting        1-888-939-3333
    help.                              Barry at 250.334.8803 before November 27.
    --------------------------------   On November 9th, Dan Belcher from the Cour-         Comox Valley Unit
                                       tenay Physiotherapy Clinic explained the proper     Canadian Cancer Society
    Chairman-Brian Lunn                technique for Kegel Exercises. This exercise is     102-1509 Cliffe Ave.
    Vice Chair – Barry Hesson          one that must be maintained for post treatment      Courtenay B.C.
    Treasurer– Don Lanyon              urinary control and, if done correctly, can miti-   V9N 2K6
    Secretary/Newsletter-              gate many complications. Many of us found the       Phone – 338-5454
    Don Waddell – 338-6748             clear explanation a revelation and felt men fac-
    Programs - Brian Lunn              ing a radical prostatectomy would benefit from      If anyone requires a ride to
    Shut in Contact– Don               such a presentation.                                our meetings please
    Lanyon – 334-2807
                                       Our first meeting in 2010 will be on Monday,        contact Brian Lunn at 338-
    Hospital Visits – Russ
    Engelmyer - 339-4968
                                       January the 11th. It will centre around cancer      8235
    Socials – Bob Oblenis -            prevention and health maintenance. Small dis-
    cussion groups will be formed to talk about changes        at U of S, and most of the men working there are
    in diet, lifestyle and attitude following the discov-      participating. There is even talk of a “men of
    ery of cancer.                                             Louis’” calendar that would showcase the men and
    There will also be an opportunity to obtain the 2009       their moustaches to raise money for Movember.
    annual directors’ report and to meet your new orga-
    nizing team.                                               While Movember appears to be growing in popular-
    I look forward to seeing you on November 30 at our         ity every year, with the Canadian branch of the
    Christmas Dinner, and if you are unable to make it,        campaign raising four times more in 2008 than it
    would like to take this opportunity to wish you a          did in 2007, some people have yet to hear about it.
    Very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and              Eldstrom only learned about it recently from his
    Prosperous 2010!                                           manager.
    All the best,
    Brian                                                      “I always wondered if there was a guy’s prostate
                                                               cancer month [to mirror October’s role as breast
                                                               cancer month],” Eldstrom said. “But I never knew
    ‘Movember’ grows across world                              until Dan told me.”

     If you see an army of moustaches this month, just         The issue of men’s health is one that is often ne-
    remind yourself it’s for the greater good.                 glected for various reasons. Movember is one part
                                                               of a growing move away from the stigma surround-
    “Movember,” as it has grown to be called, suppos-          ing public discussion of men’s health. “Mo bros,”
    edly began in 2003 when a group of friends sat             as the men growing moustaches are referred to,
    drinking in Melbourne, Australia, and a discussion         both raise money and talk to people about prostate
    sprang up about bringing back the glory days of the        cancer.
    moustache. To legitimize their dubious fashion de-
    cision, the men raised money for charity in con-           Public awareness of and discussion about men’s
    junction with their moustache growing.                     health is important to stop unnecessary casualties,
                                                               especially when it comes to prostate cancer, which
    Within a few years, the month of November had              is “over 90 per cent curable if detected and treated
    been renamed Movember by the moustache enthu-              in its earliest stages,” according to Steve Jones, the
    siasts, and it is now currently referred to as “the        CEO of Prostate Cancer Canada.
    month that was formerly November.” Movember’s
    official online headquarters,, de-            While only men can participate in terms of growing
    scribes Movember as “an annual month-long cele-            moustaches, women who want to get involved with
    bration of the moustache, highlighting men’s health        Movember can round up male acquaintances to par-
    issues – specifically prostate cancer.”                    ticipate. For their efforts, these women are known
                                                               as “Mo sistas.”
    Matthew Eldstrom, a server at the University of
    Saskatchewan campus pub, said he originally de-            In 2008, the Canadian branch of the movement
    cided to grow a moustache for selfish purposes but         raised $2.4 million, making it the largest charity
    changed his motivation when he heard about                 event for men alone in Canadian history. All the
    Movember.                                                  money raised in Canada during the campaign is
                                                               spent in Canada on raising awareness, as well as re-
    “It came about originally from talking with [my            search into prevention, detection, and a cure for
    manager] Dan, and he told me it would increase my          prostate cancer.
    tips tenfold. So originally it was selfish. Then it bal-
    looned into realizing November was coming up,
    and there’s a Movember thing people do.”

    From those humble beginnings Movember has be-
    come a huge event for the entire staff of Louis' Pub
    Prostate cancer device poised for                         Andrew Lloyd Webber sidelined with
    commercialization in the US                               prostate cancer
    An innovative prostrate cancer treatment device           Friends say hospitalized theatre legend Andrew
    developed by University of Wollongong (UOW)               Lloyd Webber, 61, looks forward to full recovery.
    researchers has enhanced the Prostate Immobilizer
    Balloon System launched by US Texas company,              Andrew Lloyd Webber whose mega-musicals have
    RadiaDyne, at the American Society for Therapeutic        been a vital part of this city's professional theatre
    Radiology and Oncology (ASTRO) convention in              scene – has been admitted to a London hospital for
    Chicago earlier this week.                                treatment of prostate cancer.

    The technologically advanced ‘Prostate Immobilizer        Fortunately, according to a Lloyd Webber spokes-
    Balloon System’, which supports adaptive radiation        man, the disease was detected at an early stage,
    therapy for prostate cancer patients, incorporates        which offers excellent hope for a full and rapid re-
    sensors developed by the University’s Centre for          covery.
    Medical Radiation Physics (CMRP), under the
    directorship of Professor Anatoly Rozenfeld.              The 61-year-old Oscar-winning composer indicated
                                                              to friends that he plans to be at work again by the
    UOW licensed the technology exclusively to                end of the year.
    RadiaDyne for its Prostate Immobilizer System, with
    the assistance of commercialization partner,              There was no indication what course of treatment
    UniQuest. The patent has been registered                  Lloyd Webber has chosen – surgery, radiation or
    internationally, and it is anticipated that the new       other options – at the unnamed hospital where he
    version of the system with the novel sensor will be       was admitted Saturday evening.
    available for commercial sales in the United States
    within six months, pending regulatory clearance from      The diagnosis came as Lloyd Webber was about to
    the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).                   go into rehearsals for his much anticipated sequel to
                                                              The Phantom of the Opera, called Love Never Dies,
    According to Manager of Innovation and                    that stars Torontonian Ramin Karimlu. The show is
    Commercialization Tony Enright, the Moskin                scheduled to begin previews in London on Feb. 20.
    Dosimetry Sensor Technology detects and measures
    in real-time the radiation exposure immediately           Lloyd Webber's offerings in recent years – Sunset
    adjacent to the rectal wall when a patient is             Boulevard and Whistle Down the Wind among them
    undergoing treatment for prostate cancer.                 – haven't done well, and his friends and enemies
                                                              alike (he has plenty of both) are watching Love
    “The rectal wall is an area particularly susceptible to   Never Dies with fascination to see if it will be a ca-
    radiation exposure. For patients undergoing adaptive      reer-redeeming hit.
    radiation therapy, this advance in the technology
    means greater protection from potential                   Here in Toronto, his work has been inseparable from
    complications that are known to occur,” Mr Enright        the professional theatre scene for nearly 25 years.
    said. “Launching this innovation into the market via
    RadiaDyne’s system is going to make a real                Cats was the show that in 1985 began our love affair
    difference to prostate cancer patients in the near        with mega-musicals. Its run at the Elgin Theatre was
    future.”                                                  followed by 10 more shows.

    For more information on the system using UOW’s            Lloyd Webber then returned with The Phantom of
    Moskin Dosimetry Sensor Technology, visit the             the Opera – the real winner. Its decade-long run,
    RadiaDyne website:               which began in 1989 at the Pantages, is still unsur-
                                                              passed in the city's theatrical history.

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat has
been another local favourite, with stagings on 10    Dear Members
separate occasions, in many cases starring Donny     After publishing the newsletter for 10 years, this is
Osmond.                                              my last newsletter. I am also stepping down as sec-
Jesus Christ Superstar has been on Toronto stages    It has been a pleasure doing these jobs for the
eight times, most recently in 2008. And Evita will   group. I have learned much in the way of creating
get its eighth local production next summer at the   the pages for the newsletter, as well as making many
Stratford Festival.                                  new friends.
                                                     I would like to thank Roy Johnson who as director
                                                     encouraged me to start the newsletter shortly after
THE HAIRCUT                                          my surgery in 2000. Gordon Parker who always did
                                                     an excellent job of proof reading the newsletter, in
A young boy had just received his driver's per-      addition to having the newsletter copied every
mit and asked his father if they could discuss       month. John and Ann Campbell who did the enve-
his use of the car. His father said he would         lope stuffing and mailing. Paul Ryniak who was al-
make a deal with his son. "You bring your            ways ready to step in when Gordon wasn’t avail-
grades up from a C to a B average, study your        able. It was this group of individuals that helped
Bible a little, get your hair cut and we'll talk     make your newsletter possible.
about the car."                                      I sincerely hope I didn’t forget anyone because I had
                                                     lots of help over the years. If I did forget anyone I
 The boy thought about that for a moment, de-        thank you too.
cided he'd settle for the offer and they agreed      I haven’t left the committee. The webpage needs to
on it. After about six weeks his father              be looked after, and I have volunteered to carry on
said, "Son, I've been real proud. You brought        with it. Because of a conflict with Shaw cable, I have
your grades up and I've observed that you have       created another website for the group. You can view
been studying your Bible, but I'm real disap-        it at
pointed you didn't get your hair cut."
                                                     All the best to you and Merry Christmas
 The young man paused a moment then said,
"You know, Dad, I've been thinking about that,       Don and Berti Waddell
and I've noticed in my studies of the Bible that
Samson had long hair, John the Baptist had
long hair, Moses had long hair. And there's
even a strong argument that Jesus had long

To this his father replied, "Did you also notice
that they all walked everywhere they went?"