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					                                                       THE LACC CUBS RETURN TO THE TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN!
                                                                               By Fred Piegonski
                                            The Los Angeles City College Cubs Men's Basketball team was crowned 2003 California
                                            State Champions on March 16 after it won the championship game 90-82 against the Rams
                                            of Fresno City at University of San Diego's Jenny Craig Pavilion.
                                            This year's victory brings home the second State Championship for LACC's Basketball pro-
       Academic Services Staff              gram. The first title was won during the 1996-1997 season. (LACC had also won a national
   Dr. Jackie Ireland, Vice President       tournament title in 1949-50 when community colleges competed nationally.)
  Kim Kalo, Administrative Secretary        For this year's championship game, under the leadership of coach Mike Miller, five Cubs
                   AD 212
       Dr. Merrill Eastcott, Dean           scored in double digits: Wilbur Williams 21 pts; Romel Beck 20 pts; Tyrone Riley 19 pts;
     Erica Johnson, Senior Secretary        Jerel Bassingame 18 pts, and Julian Sensley 12 points.
    Fred Campi, Administrative Aide         Dr. Mary Spangler, LACC president, who was on hand for the championship game, said,
                  AD 208 A
         Dr. Martha Sklar, Dean             "The college is extremely pleased at the success of our team and we congratulate the team
     Cheryl Smiley, Senior Secretary        and coaching staff of the 2003 champions!"
                  AD 208 B
                                            This year's final made for one of the best in recent memory. Going into the tournament,
           Joyce Moore, Dean
    Sylvia Soo Hoo, Senior Secretary        Fresno was the number one ranked team in the state, LACC was number two. Going into the
                  AD 208 C                  finals, both teams were the best in their respective regions.
           Allison Jones, Dean              What a season 2003 has been for the LACC team! In addition to taking the State Champion-
      Pat Salunga, Senior Secretary
                  AD 208 C                  ship, the LACC Cubs have captured two tournament championships, won their 10th straight
 Ronda Mintz-Binder, Dean (Nursing) (Southern Coast, Northern Division) conference championship, established a presence in the
Colleen Stringfellow, Administrative Intern State and Southern rankings, and closed the regular season with a 30-2 record. The Cubs
 Emily Moher, Senior Office Assistant were successful in every single conference game this season, for an overall record of 8-0.
                  Bung 7 & 8
     Mohammed Pashazadeh, Dean              LACC went into the final game having defeated Saddleback (round 5) 69-53, Hartnell (round
         (Workforce Education)              4) 82-60, Mt. San Jacinto (round 3) 118-74, Cuesta (round 2) 106-74, and Santa Ana (round
    Renee Stampoli, Senior Secretary        1) 87-55.
                AD 300
 Chad Woo, Associate Dean (Evening)
   Korla Williams, B-Shift Secretary
               AD 208 A

Article                          Page
The LACC Cubs Return To The Top Of
The Mountain                           1                  Dr. Spangler, Coach Miller and other LACC Fans
Another Successful Season              2
Applause For Theatre Faculty Member    2 Coach Miller broke the 400-win barrier on Feb. 8, 2003, when the LACC Cubs beat the Sad-
Reminders                              2 dleback Gauchos. The 2002-2003 season is Mr. Miller's 15th season as a head coach at the
Foreign Language Day                   3
LACC Is Featured In Nurseweek          4 college or high school level. At 38 years old, Miller is believed to be the youngest coach who
Vocational Education Services Team       has amassed 400 career victories.
(VEST) Updates                         4 LACC lost last year's State championship to Saddleback College by one point (77-76).
Wisdom Corner                          4
                                         The Cubs were acknowledged at an LACC ASBG rally on the campus. They will also receive
Fun Fact                               4 a special commendation from the LACCD Board of Trustees at the April 9 board meeting to
                                         be held at LACC. And they have been invited by L.A. Councilman Eric Garcetti to be hon-
                                         ored at a Friday morning LA City Council session. (tentatively April 11).
                                         In 1992, coach Miller was named head basketball coach at LA City College. Since then he
                                         has completely rebuilt LACC's program into a nationally known basketball power. While do-
                                         ing this, Miller has become the most winning coach in LACC history in every measurable
                                         category. Miller's LACC teams have won almost 80% of their games during his tenure, in-
cluding three straight 30 win seasons. However, he is          While at Cal Poly, he advanced to elimination rounds at
most proud of producing over 35 Division One players,          the CEDA National debate tournament four years in a row,
which probably ranks first in the entire nation during that    finishing as high as fifth place and receiving a speaker
period of time.                                                award at his last national tournament, ranking among the
The Cubs team roster includes Romel Beck, Tyrone Ri-           top twenty debaters in the country. During that time he
ley, Dwaun Rice, Jerel Blassingame, Lanere Anderson,           won more than fifteen tournaments and received more
Nashid Beard, Anthony Davis, Wilbur Williams, Julian           than fifty awards including runner up at the 1987 Junior
Sensley, Jaqui Carlyle, Kenny Harris, Francisco Mendez,        Varsity National Debate championship in Kansas City.
Terrell Powell, Rodney Williams.                               Members of the 2002-2003 debate team were: Hiada
The associate head coach is Wendell Westbrook, and the         Autrey, Brett Baker, Alex Becheru, Divina Clifford, Suz-
assistant coach is Andre Henry.                                anne Robinson, Augustin Salinas, Michael Survert, and
                                                               Sara Wagstaff. Other students who contributed to overall
                           AAA                                 success this past season were the team’s Maurice Bard-
            ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL SEASON                          ley, Brett VanBenschoten, Jennifer Lessesos, Joshua
                     By Dean Allison Jones
The City College Forensics team, under the guidance of Lalonde, and Diana Marin. John Matteson is the only
Ken Sherwood, completed another successful tourna- official assistant coach, however, Christian Hoff received
ment season. Among the highlights were: third and fifth independent study credit for assisting the team.
place speakers and first place finish in the tournament                                  AAA
sweepstakes in the October Jaguar Invitational at South-                       APPLAUSE FOR THEATRE
western College in San Diego; fifth place speaker in the                          FACULTY MEMBER
November Epicenter Invitational at California State Uni- James Moody, a limited instructor in our theatre depart-
versity, Northridge; third place finish in the Community ment, recently returned from the United States Institute for
College Sweepstakes in the December Forensic Fiesta at Theatre Technology Conference in Minneapolis Minn.
Arizona State University; third and fifth place speakers where he was given the JOEL E. RUBIN FOUNDERS
and the advancement of two teams to the semifinal round AWARD. The plaque reads; "For outstanding and contin-
in the January Sun Tournament at California State Uni- ued service to USITT as Board member, Fellow and sup-
versity, Fullerton. Additionally, in February LACC was porter of students. Your boundless energy and unselfish
one of two schools invited for the fourth consecutive year support of the Institute are an inspiration for us all."
to participate in the National Junior Varsity Round Robin. The USITT is the American wing of OSITT based in Pra-
Sherwood has been coaching at City since fall 1995, and gue. There are over 10,000 members worldwide and over
running the Forensics program since fall 1999. Highlights 5,000 members here in the US who are professional thea-
during that time include qualifying a team for the 1996 tre designers, technicians and educators.
National Debate tournament (only the third community A feature article was also recently printed in Pro Lighting
college ever to qualify in the fifty year history of the tour- and Staging News, March issue, about Moody.
nament) and obtaining a second place team finish at the
Phi Rho Pi Community College national tournament in
1997. In the past four years, Coach Sherwood’s teams
have continuously finished in the top five of the national
rankings among community colleges in policy debate.
                                                                         To Report Absences: Call Ext. 2070
Sherwood’s background in forensics began in high school                                     C
where he debated for Bishop Amat Memorial High and Academic Services (formerly Academic Affairs), is now putting
qualified for the California State Forensics championship its newsletter on the Academic Services website. To view and/
in his freshman year. He didn’t debate again until his or print a copy of Academic Services’ newsletter, go to:
freshman year at California Polytechnic University,
Pomona where he finished his competitive career as the AcademicAffairsWebSite_files/frame.htm
most successful forensics competitor in school history.                                  AAA
                            16th Annual
                          March 27, 2003
   promoting intercultural understanding through foreign language
               By Dean Ronda Mintz-Binder
In the February 24, 2003 edition of Nurseweek maga-
zine, an interview with Ronda Mintz-Binder was featured
in a 1/2 page article regarding launching a new Associ-                       Weekly Quotes
ate Degree Nursing program at LACC. LACC was the
only college in the state of California to open a new As-
                                                              “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is
sociate Degree Nursing program in 2002.                       not an act, but a habit.”                Aristotle
The RN students are in their second semester in spe-                                   C
cialty rotations of Maternity and Pediatric Nursing. The                    By GlennVan Ekeren
clinical placements include Kaiser Permanente, Queen          The Anchor of Attitude
of Angels and Childrens Hospital. LACC just received
the approved contract for student affiliation with Good
                                                              What really matters is not the way things are, but
Samaritan Hospital for the fall. Applications are being       the way you think things are, and how you decide
accepted for fall 2003 for entering students.                 to respond.
The Home Health Aide course began on March 24th.                                       I
The prerequisite is being a current Certified Nurse Assis-    Success is Where You Find It
tant. Joyce Biddle-Holt is teaching the first group of 15
pilot students in theory and clinical. The Spring CNA
                                                              Success is all about who you are, and what you are
program is being taught at the Corporate and Commu-           doing every moment of your life to cause good
nity Education Center, on the 8th floor of the District of-   things to happen.
fice. Coordinated by Queen Davis, the CNA program                                      I
currently has 54 students. It is being funded with the        Loosen Up...Lighten Up...Have Fun
Governors 15% Discretionary Fund award in coordina-
tion with M. Pashazadeh, Dean of Workforce Education.         Fun isn’t for everyone...only those who want to en-
                         AAA                                  joy life and feel alive. For all others there is ten-
VOCATIONAL EDUCATION SERVICES TEAM (VEST)                     sion, stress, ulcers, headaches, and boredom.
                       UPDATES                                                         C
§ VTEA BUDGET – The California Department of                  Gift of Education
Education has notified us that the 03-04 federal budget
has been approved. There will be a small increase in
                                                              The one great gift of education is that it gives us
local assistance funds for 2003-2004. Additional budget       the torch of aspiration and the ambition to dream,
information can be found at the following websites.           to do, to become, each according to his talents. It             gives us the will to continue the struggle, no matter
                                                              how great the odds against us.
                                                                                                    Hugh B. Brown
budget.html                                                                          AAA
PERKINS REAUTHORIZATION – The most current infor-
mation on Perkins reauthorization can be found at the
following websites.
                                                              33% admit that they talk to their dog on the              phone or leave messages for them on the answering
                         AAA                                  machine.

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