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                Secondary School

 Post-Secondary Information

                      Summerland Secondary School
                                    9518 Main Street.
                                Summerland, B.C. V0H 1Z0
                         Tel: (250)770-7650 Fax: (250)770-7650                            
Brad Russill                                                    Linda Bergstrom

   Post-Secondary Information Booklet

                        Table of Contents

Year at a Glance for Grade 12s

Post-Secondary Application – Dates to Note

Post-Secondary Liaison Visits

University Admission Averages for SFU and UBC

Scholarships Page 12 Letters of Reference Requests

University/Scholarship Checklist and Grade 12

Planning for Further Education – Some Things to Consider

Information about the Language Proficiency Index (LPI)

Helpful Websites

         Summerland Secondary
            Year at a Glance for Grad 2008
October 2008
    By October, you should have checked that you meet graduation requirements and that you have the
      correct courses you need for your post-secondary programs.
    Research college/university programs and admissions requirements
    Use, user id: summerss password: rockets to explore careers
      opportunities, postsecondary institutions and their respective programs
    Watch for early scholarship opportunities. Submit your email address to counsellor‟s so they can
      send you scholarship other graduation information. Regularly check scholarship websites (see
      Helpful Websites handout included in this package).
    Attend the Post-Secondary Liason sessions. Admissions advisors from 13 B.C. post-secondary
      institutions will present information on their programs and admissions requirements. You will be able
      to attend 3 different sessions.
    Attend other post-secondary liaison visits that occur in the fall. They are offered at lunch or after
    Write the SAT I & II or ACT (in October or November at the latest) if planning to apply to a US post-
      secondary institution
    Attend the Grad Meeting with your parents on November 6th at 7:00 pm in Center Stage.
    Registration is now open for the LPI (Language Proficiency Index) exam at (Select
      On-Line Services, then High School Sittings).

November 2008
      November 1 deadline for U.S. early action/decision applications (allow three weeks notice for
       counsellor‟s report and letter).
      You must give your counsellors, teachers or administration at least one weeks notice and you
       must provide all necessary documentation
      By November, most Canadian universities have opened admission. Check university websites for
       application deadlines and apply after you have listened to the Post-secondary speakers. Submit
       your application only, unless required for the early decision process which is based on Term 1 report
       card marks.
      TVR (transcript verification reports) will arrive from the Ministry of Education in November and
       students will have a chance to check that their courses and credits are correct at the Ministry
      Keep researching universities and program requirements

December 2008
    Apply to post-secondary institutions of greatest interest to you. Good idea to apply to 3 – 5 post-
     secondary institutions.
    December/January – regular decision deadlines for U.S. colleges/universities. Allow three weeks
     notice for counsellor‟s reports and letters of reference.
    Winter break holidays! Get some rest!

January 2009
    Application process continues; make sure to meet application deadlines
    Visit student services for scholarship information. Check the scholarship websites!
    January Provincial Exams (Jan. 26 – 30).

February 2009
    Apply! Apply! Apply! Deadline for most post-secondary institutions in B.C. is February
       28 ! Remember that some university application deadlines may be sooner!
      Scholarship applications continue

March 2009
      March 1 , 2009– Deadline for students to sign up for transcripts to be sent to out-of-Province
      Investigate if you should register for the Language Proficiency Index exam on-line at: . At the home page, select On-Line Services, then High School Sittings. No drop-ins
       are allowed on the day of the exam.
      Self-report Term 2 marks on-line and/or mail transcripts to colleges/universities as required.
      Once students have self-reported their term 2 grades, they will start to receive information on their
       admission status and conditional offers of acceptance
      Obtain the Local Bursary and Scholarship Financial Aid Booklet from student services and
      PSI (Post-Secondary Institutions) CHOICES forms distributed and completed by students. This form
       allows the students‟ Term 2 marks to go electronically to Canadian post-secondary institutions.

April 2009
    Students start to receive conditional offers of admission from post-secondary institutions
    Scholarship applications continue
    Term 2 marks sent electronically to the Ministry of Education in Victoria
    Transcripts do not have to be mailed to BC universities and colleges
    Mass mailing of Term 1 & 2 marks to other Canadian universities

May 2009
   Ministry of Education sends Term 2 marks electronically to post-secondary institutions
   June provincial exam registry check
   Students continue to receive information on their admission status and conditional offers of
   Pay admission deposit by the college or university‟s deadline
   Scholarship applications continue
   Final TVR check

June 2009
    Provincial Exams
    Develop timetable and register for courses (June for universities and Summer for colleges)
    Application for scholarships continue and confirmation of scholarship awards to students ongoing
    Need a summer job? Visit Service Canada‟s Student Employment Centre
    Scholarship applications continue
    Provincial Exams begin – June 17 - 25
    Graduation Ceremony – June 25th & 26th
    High School is finished!!! Good luck and Best Wishes!


For BC schools, apply on-line at you will need the following:
      Personal Education Number
      Social Insurance Number
      Full Address Credit
      Card Number & Expiry Date.
Apply as early as possible during the intake periods. University acceptance is based on
meeting all the required pre-requisites and your Grade 12 Grade Point Average after your
Provincial Exam results. Colleges are based on first come, first served.

UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH                            Early Admission: Applications accepted starting
                                                  early October.
COLUMBIA                                         Self-report grades after 2nd report card. February
Apply at:
                                                  28th is the deadline for September 2009 entry.
Undergraduate Admissions Website:
                                                 May be required to take the Language Proficiency
                                                  Index (LPI) to register for 1st year English
Student Enrollment Services
Student Recruitment & Advising:
SIMON FRASER UNIVERSITY                          Early Admission: Applications accepted after Nov1
Apply at:                          Self-report grades – after first report card.
Undergraduate Admissions Website:                Deadline for Early Admission is February 28 for                 September 2009 entry (applications accepted until
Admission & Enrollment Information:               April 30/09).
778-782-6930                                     Deadline for spring entry: Oct 2; Summer entry:
                                                  Jan 31.
                                                 May be required to take the Language Proficiency
UNIVERSITY OF VICTORIA                           Applications accepted between September 1st and
Apply at:                           February 28th for September 2009 admission.
Undergraduate Admissions Website:                October 1st – Grade 12 students can self report                 their final grade 11 marks, potentially receiving a
Admissions: 250-721-8121                          conditional offer of admission. Marks must be
                                                  submitted by Nov. 30,2008.
                                                 Self-report grades all grades February/March.
QUEEN’S UNIVERSITY                               Applications accepted starting in October.
Apply at:                         February 1st is the deadline for September 2009
Undergraduate Admissions Website:                 entry.                         Applications for major entrance scholarships &
Recruitment & Advising: 613-533-2217              awards are due on December 1st
For students who have applied:                    (Mar 1st- Entrance Bursaries deadline).
613-533-2218                                     All applicants must complete and submit Personal
                                                  Statement of Experience by March 1st

McGILL UNIVERSITY                                   Applications accepted starting in September
Apply at:             February 1st is the deadline for September
Admissions Website:                                  2009 entry                       Entrance scholarship applications must be
Recruitment & Advising: 514-398-3910                 submitted by February 1st

McMASTER UNIVERSITY                                 Applications accepted starting on October 1st
Apply at:                            January 10th is the recommended date to apply
Admissions Website:                                  by for September 2009 entry, esp. for Arts and                 Science or Bachelor of Health Science program.
Recruitment & Advising:                             Both programs require supplementary
905-525-9140 ext 23650                               application for these two programs.
UNIVERSITY OF WESTERN                               Applications accepted starting October 1st for
                                                     September 2009 entry.
ONTARIO                                             June 1st is the deadline for Sept. 2009 entry.
Apply at:
                                                     Apply early. Starting Jan. 1/09, offers of
Admissions Website:
                                                     admission to general undergraduate programs
                                                     begin and continue throughout the Spring &
Admissions Inquiries: 519-661-2150
                                                     Summer. Students may submit Term 1 marks
Admission is on a rolling basis. You are advised
                                                    Extraordinary Extracurricular Activities and
to apply well in advance of the June 1st
                                                     Contributions to Citizenship Profile – Admission
application deadline.
                                                     available under this category to qualified
                                                     students who don‟t meet the competitive
                                                     academic admission requirement
KWANTLEN POLYTECHNIC                                November 1st to June 30th for September
UNIVERSITY                                          March 1st to October 15th for January entry
Apply at:
                                                    July 1st to February 28th for May entry
Admissions Website:
  Admissions Offices:
 - Surrey (604)-599-2000
 - Richmond (604)- 599-2512
 - Langley (604)-599-3215

LANGARA COLLEGE                                       October 1st to April 30th for September entry
Apply at:                               February 1st to October 31st for January entry
Admissions Website:                                   June 1st to February 28th for May 2009 entry                 May be required to take the Langara English
Admissions: 604-323-5241                               Test (LET) or the Language Proficiency Index
                                                       (LPI) to enroll in English

EMILY CARR UNIVERSITY                               Admission application deadline is March 1st for
Apply at:                              September 2009 entry
Admissions Website:                                 Portfolio required for admission                        Feb 13 & 14 Deadline for submission of

VANCOUVER COMMUNITY                              Continuous intake (depends on availability)
                                                 Please refer to the calendar for program start
COLLEGE                                           dates.
 Apply on line at :
                                                 VCC offer Arts & Science university transfer
Download paper based application from website
CAPILANO UNIVERSITY                              Applications accepted starting September 1st
Apply at:                           for September 2009entry.
Admissions Website:                              Priority Application Deadlines for applying to          University Transfer & Business Administration
html                                              programs:
Admissions: (604)-986-1911                      -March 31st for September entry
                                                         -September 15th for Spring entry
                                                         -January 14th for Summer entry.
                                                 For application deadlines to Career/Vocational
                                                  Programs, see College Calendar.
BRITISH COLUMBIA INSTITUTE                       October 1st: applications are accepted for most
OF TECHNOLOGY                                    Applications for the Trade programs are
Apply at
                                                  received and processed all year-round, on an
Student Information and Enrollment
                                                  ongoing basis.
Services: (604)-434-1610
                                                 Some programs may have specific deadline
                                                  dates. Please check individual program web
                                                  pages for details

UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO                            Applications accepted starting November 1st
Apply at:                         February 1st is the deadline for September
Undergraduate Admissions Website:                 2009entry                              February 1st is the deadline for Music (Music
Admission & Enrollment Information:               questionnaire due February 15th)
426-978-2190, press „0‟                          E-mail admissions questions to:

      The above information is based on the College and University calendars/websites and is
       intended as a guide.

      Students and parents are advised that deadlines may change.

       Users of this material are responsible for verifying the information is accurate and

      Application deadlines for International Students may be different; please refer to the
       college or university calendars/websites for details.

      It is advisable for students to apply as early as possible during the application
       intake periods of any particular college or university

Contact: Student Recruiting & Advising
Phone: 604-822-9836

      Applications will be accepted starting October 1, 2008. Students should apply through or by the PASBC website at

      Students can also apply to UBC through their own online application form at You will need to create an ID/password access then follow
       the application procedure.

      Self-reporting opens in March and April; Students self-report Term 2 grades. What a
       student reports on-line will be verified in May when the Ministry of Education send the
       student‟s marks electronically to UBC. Final marks are verified by UBC in July. Please be
       accurate in what you report; it must be the same as what the Ministry will send in May.

      When student self-report their grades on-line, in many cases, they will receive an
       immediate response with a conditional offer of admission. If a student does not receive an
       offer, it is usually for any other reasons listed below:
           o Missing documentation(e.g. landed immigrant/citizenship papers, TOEFL results)
           o The student has applied to Commerce where a Supplemental Application is required
            before an admission decision can be made.
          o The student has applied to Science under Broad-based Admission and still needs to
            submit a Supplemental Application Form.
          o The student has applied to a program with additional requirements (e.g. Music
            requires an Audition and Music Supplementary Application.)

      English Language Admissions Standard (ELAS)
       Students must have four or more years of education in English full-time and must include
       BC Grade 12 or the equivalent. Exemption from the ELAS requirements can be on the
           o A grad of 70% or better on the provincial examination portion of BC English 12 or
            English Literature or the equivalent.
          o The first two years of the four years can include ESL/ Transitional classes, however
            grades 11 and 12 must be a regular curriculum.

      Do I have to write the Language Proficiency Index? Is the LPI an admission
       requirement for UBC?
          o The LPI is NOT an admission requirement. However, it is needed to enroll in first
             year English courses at UBC English. Regardless of the faculty to which you are
             applying, all UBC students are required to take first year English. LPI scores must be
             5/6 or above on the essay portion.
          o You do NOT have to write the LPI if your final grade in English 12 or Literature 12(
             course mark+provincial exam mark) is 80% or higher. As a high school student, you
             should NOT be waiting until you receive your final grade in English 12 in July to see if
             you need to write the LPI.

      The LPI must be written by August to maintain registration in any first year
       English course at UBC.
         o For students whose final mark in Eng 12 or Lit 12 is less than 80% and who do not
             score a minimum 5/6 on the essay portion of the LPI, it is recommended that they
             register in “Writing 098: Preparation for University Writing and the LPI” prior to
             retaking the LPI again. This is a non-credit course offered by UBC Continuing
             Studies. UBC stude3nts must register online for this course through UBC‟s Student
             Service Centre ( Students should inform the English
             Department that they are registered in this course and obtain permission to register
             in a first year English course that starts in Term 2.

      UBC’s President’s Entrance Scholarships
         o No application required. Students are automatically considered based on their
            admission average. The criteria are as follows:
                Based on final grades
                Determined by the courses used for admission purposes
                95%+ average= $4,000 plus early course registration date and eligible to
                   apply for housing
                  90%- 94.99%= $2,000 plus early course registration date and eligible to apply
                   for housing
                    86%-89.99% average= $500 = early course registration date

UBC had a foreign language 11 requirement for all applicants. Students can receive the
Language 11 requirements by:
         Taking the course at the grade 11 or grade 12 level( beginner‟s language course will
           NOT be accepted);
         Write a Challenge Exam; or
         If the student‟s first day in BC (this also includes Canadian students from other
           provinces) is in Grade 10, then the student must obtain a letter from the School
           Principal stating when he/she started in the BC school system. This provides an
           exemption for the student.
         If the student completed Grade 9 in another country where English is not the
           language of instruction, then that student is eligible for External language credits
           provided they forward the school with proper documentation i.e. Grade 8 + 9 report
               o Grade 8- External language Grade 11
               o Grade 9- External language Grade 12

Contact: Sara Lim, Admissions Advisor

      Applications will be accepted starting November 1, 2008. Students should apply thought the
       PASBC website at In 2 to 3 weeks time, the student will receive an e-mail
       from SFU containing a temporary user ID and password. Students will use this ID and
       password to log into to pay their application and document evaluation fees (if
       any) by credit card.

      Qualified students can receive an early admission offer as soon as spring break. After you
       apply on-line, you will receive an acknowledgment from SFU with instructions on self-
       reporting your grades. You will be asked to report your final grade 11 and interim or final
       grade 12 marks.

      What a student reports on-line will be verified in May when the Ministry of Education send
       the student‟s marks electronically to SFU. Please be accurate in what you report; it must be
       the same as what the Ministry will send in May.

      All early offers of admission to SFU are conditional based on the student maintaining the
       minimum grade point average (GPA) required by the program to which they have applied
       and/or completing specific required courses. SFU receives final marks from the Ministry of
       Education in July and confirms all offers then.

      SFU has a second language 11 requirement. Students with a language 12, but no language
       11 will meet this requirement. A Beginner‟s Language 11 or 12 course is acceptable.

      Meeting SFU’s Language and Literacy Requirement:

       Students with one of the following three results can be admitted to SFU; will have met
       SFU‟s language and literacy requirement; and may enroll directly in an SFU “W” (writing
       intensive) course.

       1. English 12/English Lit 12 or equivalent with 75% or better
       2. An LPI overall test score of 4 or better and 50% on all parts, and a minimum of 60% or
          above in English 12/English Lit 12 or equivalent
       3. IELTS International English Language Testing System) with a minimum score of 6.5 on
          the Academic Modules.

       Students with a grade of between 60% and 74% in English 12 will be required during their
       first 3 terms at SFU to either complete the Foundations of Academic Literacyy Course
       (FAL x99-4) with at least a C grade or pass the the Language Proficiency Index exam (LPI)
       with a score of 4 or better on the essay section and at least 50% on all other parts.

   Quantitative (i.e. Math) Skills Requirement

    1. Students can be admitted with a grade of 70% or higher in the required senior math
       course (Principles of Math 11, Applications of Math 12, or Principles of Math 12); will
       have met this quantitative skills requirement; and may enroll directly in an SFU "Q"

    Students can be admitted with a grade of 60 to 69% in the required senior math course, but
    during their first three terms at SFU must either score at least 20/30 in our Q Placement
    Test, or achieve at least a C grade in the Foundations of Analytical and Quantitative
    Reasoning course (FAN X99-4).

   SFU‟s Automatic Entrance Scholarships
          All applicants with an admission average of 95% or higher will receive a $5,000
           scholarship for academic achievement.
          All applicants with an admission average of 90% or higher will receive a $3,500
           scholarship for academic achievement.

    Awards are conditional in that admission requirements must be met and students must
    maintain scholarship standing on final grades. Regardless of the program that the student
    applies to, SFU uses the Arts Admission average. The scholarship can be used for tuition,
    residence and any fees imposed by SFU. If all fees have been paid by other means, the
    students can receive the award in cash.

    SFU encourages students with a GPA of 90% or above to apply for the Major Entrance
    Scholarships. Visit for details.

    The above information from SFU was updated in Sept 2008. Students and parents are
    advised that information could change without notice. Users of this material are responsible
    for verifying that the information is accurate and current. Students are advised to check the
    SFU website for the most up-to-date information.


Question: I've applied - now what do I do?
   If you applied online, you will automatically receive your UVic student number. If you applied
    by submitting a paper application, you will receive your UVic student number via email or mail.
   You will be notified of any documents that are still required in order to complete your
    application. Once your application is complete and an admission decision is made, you will be
    notified by mail.
   Using your UVic student number, you can access your student record online at WebView. By
    using WebView, you can check to see if your transcripts have been received and you can also
    see if and when an admission decision is made.
   If you have been offered admission, you can also check to see if you have been awarded
    transfer credit for any eligible courses.
   If you‟re hoping to live on-campus, don‟t forget to apply for housing. You should also check
    out information about scholarships and financial aid.

Question: I've received an offer of admission by mail - what do I do next?
   Congratulations! If you decide to accept your offer of admission, send the acceptance deposit
    to Accounting Services as instructed in the Admission Summary section of your admission
    letter. Remember, the acceptance deposit is non-refundable and will be credited to your
    tuition account; it must be paid before you can register for courses.
   If you want to live on campus, but haven‟t already applied for on-campus housing, make sure
    to apply right away.
   Your admission letter will include a course registration date – this is the time and date on
    which you can sign up for courses. (Please note that depending on the time of year that
    admission is granted, course registration information may be sent in a follow-up letter). UVic
    Course registration is done online using WebReg. For more information, see the registration

Undergraduate English Requirement
All undergraduate students, including diploma, certificate and unclassified students, must complete
1.5 units of first-year English (excluding ENGL 181 and 182) in order to satisfy the English
Requirement. Students who can show equivalent proficiency in English may be exempt from this

Registration in English courses is not permitted until a placement test or other
measure of English proficiency is submitted. The most common English proficiency measure
is the Language Proficiency Index (LPI) result.

Exemptions from the English Requirement

      Students who meet any of the following criteria are exempt from the English Requirement:
          o a grade of 86% or higher on any provincial Grade 12 English examination or Grade
             4U English (Ontario) within the three years prior to admission
          o a score of Level 6 on the Language Proficiency Index (LPI)
          o a score of 4 or higher on the Advanced Placement Exam in English Language and
          o a score of 4 or higher on IB Higher Level English
          o 1.5 or more units of transfer credit for university level English courses (excluding
             ENGL 181 and 182)
          o a degree from an accredited English-speaking university
          o while attending as a visiting student on a Letter of Permission

The Language Proficiency Index

      Students who are not exempt from the English Requirement must write the Language
       ProficiencyIndex (LPI).
      Students applying to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing post-diploma Option B program are
       advised to contact the School of Nursing Adviser prior to writing the LPI.
      Students should arrange to write the LPI at least six weeks before registration to allow time
       for the results to be processed.
      The Language Proficiency Index is available nationally and internationally.

For dates, locations and further information, contact the LPI office at UBC or consult the LPI
website using the link below:
LPI Office
Neville Scarfe Building
University of British Columbia
2125 Main Mall, Room 6
Vancouver BC V6T 1Z4
Fax: (604) 822-9144
E-mail : <>

Current secondary students who have received a school or interim grade of 86% or higher in
Grade 12 English may register for ENGL 125, 135 or 145 without writing the LPI.

                              University Admission Averages
                               for 2007-2008 School Year

Students who wish to pursue the degrees in the table below should aim to earn grades within or above the
percentage indicated. The averages listed below are based on academic courses, not the overall average.

Note that the percentage ranges below are given as guidelines only; in any given year, the GPA for
admission may fall outside these ranges Please use this as a guide only.

Simon Fraser University

SFU offers an admission guarantee for all programs. It is anticipated that for Sept. 2009, an
admissions average of 80% will guarantee admission to all programs, except for the Faculty of
Business which will require 90%. These averages will be finalized in the near future.

University of British Columbia (Vancouver Campus)
Agroecology                                                    High 70‟s
Applied Science (Engineering)                                  High 70‟s to low 80‟s
Arts                                                           Low to mid 80‟s
Commerce (direct entry)                                        Mid to high 80‟s (1)
Food Nutrition & Health                                        Low to mid 80‟s
Forest Sciences, Forestry Resources Management, Forest Operations,    Mid to high 70‟s
Natural Resources Conservation
Human Kinetics                                                 Mid to high 80‟s
Sciences                                                       Mid 80‟s to low 90‟s (2)

   1. Plus supplemental application
   2. Students at the low end of this range may be invited to submit a personal profile to strengthen their

University of British Columbia (Okanagan Campus)
Nursing                                                                 High 70‟s to low 80‟s
Visual Arts                                                             High 60‟s
All other programs                                                      Mid 70‟s (3)

   3. At present, UBC Okanagan offers an admission guarantee to all programs except Nursing for students who
      present a GPA of 75%

University of Victoria

                                                    September 2007 Admission Cut-off
Business                                                           No Year 1 Entry
Education                                                          No Year 1 Entry
Engineering                                                        77%
Computer Science                                                   75%
Fine Arts
        History in Art                                             75%
        Writing                                                    85%
        Music, Theater, Visual Arts                                67%
Human & Social Development                                         75%
Humanities                                                         75%
Law                                                                No Year 1 Entry
Science                                                            75%
Social Science                                                     75%

Thompson Rivers University

No admission Averages Required.

Note: If a student does not have a “B” in English 12 they will be required to write the LPI before being
allowed to register in a first year English class

University of Northern British Columbia
                                                    Minimum Admission Average
Arts                                                               65%
Fine Arts                                                          67%
Commerce                                                           65%
Science                                                            65%
Nursing                                                            65%
Health Science                                                     65%
Environmental Engineering                                          75%

                   Planning For Further Education

Some things to consider . . .
About programs…

     How long is the program?
     How do colleges, universities and institutes of technology differ?
     Can I begin a program elsewhere then transfer?
     Does this program differ in content or length from other similar programs?
     Do I have to choose a specific program before I apply?
     What is the program format? Lectures, labs, tutorials? How big are classes?
     Do programs include work and/or practicums?
     How do your equipment and facilities compare to that currently being used in industry?

About admission…

     What high school courses are necessary for admission to the program?
     How is my eligibility for admission determined?
     Is there any entrance tests required?
     How do I apply? Is there an application fee?
     Is there a restriction on the number of students accepted for any of the programs?
     What can I do if I am not eligible for admission, either because my grades are too low or
      because I lack the correct courses?

About acceptance…

     Who do I see about choosing my first-year courses? Do I need an appointment?
     Which courses do I have to take during my first year/semester?
     Is there a minimum number of courses which I must take each term?
     Can I visit your campus at any time? If so, can I attend classes or visit labs?

About financing your education…

     How much does it cost for tuition, books, residence? What other expenses are there?
     What kind of scholarships, financial awards and assistance are available from the

About student services…

     What is residence life like?
     How do I go about finding a place to live off campus?
     What counseling services are available?
     What about clubs, cultural, athletic and recreational activities?

About universities, colleges and institutes…

     How many students attend your institution on a full-time basis?
     How many hours per week does a student typically spend in classes? Studying out of class?
     What type of degree, certificate or diploma programs are offered?

                 Information about the
            Language Proficiency Index (LPI)
Q: What is the purpose of the LPI?
A: The purpose of the LPI is to provide information about an individual‟s
   competency in English. The LPI is a requirement for enrolling in first
   year English at UBC, SFU and UVIC and in English courses at most
   colleges and universities in B.C. All undergraduate students at UBC
   must take a first year English course in order to graduate.

Q: What does the LPI test?
A: It tests your functional literacy. The test consists of 4 parts
   comprising 80 points: identifying errors in sentence structure (10
   points); identifying errors in English usage (10 points); evaluating
   and/or summarizing short prose passages (20 points); and writing a
   300- to 400-word argumentative essay on one of three topics (40
   points). The essay is marked holistically: expression, organization,
   and content are weighted equally.
Q: Where can I write the LPI?
A: Visit the LPI website for location and dates
Q: How do I register for the LPI?

   To register, go to From the menu, select On-Line
   Services, then High School Sittings. Payment is by credit card ONLY.
   Remember to print your Test Admission ticket and bring it
   with you to the test.
Q: When should I write the LPI?
A: It is recommended that grade 12 students write the LPI during the
   2007-2008 school year in order to ensure that the English Language
   requirement is met for the university or college to which the student
   has applied and prior to registering for university courses in June,
   2008 or for college courses in the Summer 2008.

    Please note that the LPI does not fulfill the English Facility
    Requirement for students whose first language is not
    English. These students may still need to take the TOEFL
    which IS a condition for acceptance.

Q: Can I be exempt from writing the LPI?
A: To be exempt, students need to obtain a final grade in BC English 12
   (school mark plus government exam mark) of 80% or more for UBC
   and SFU and 86% or above for UVIC and Langara. Students should
   check with postsecondary institutions for particular exemption
Q: How can I prepare for the LPI?
A: Students should speak to their English teacher for advice. They can
   also purchase study materials from the LPI website. UBC offers an
   LPI preparation course in January and in the Spring through
   Continuing Education
   ( ).

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