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Outline for Microsoft Word 2000 - Advanced by uup11454


									 IT Skills

                                                                         Microsoft Word 2000
The skills and knowledge acquired in Microsoft Word 2000 Advanced are sufficient to be able to use and operate the
software at an efficient level.

Target Audience
Microsoft Word 2000 Advanced is designed for users who are keen to extend their understanding and knowledge of
the software.

Microsoft Word 2000 Advanced assumes the delegate has completed Word 2000 Intermediate or has equivalent

At the completion of Microsoft Word 2000 Advanced you should be able to:

      •    perform mail merge operations
      •    perform more complex merge operations
      •    use outlining in documents.
      •    create more efficient longer documents
      •    create master and subdocuments
      •    add captions to objects such as tables and figures
      •    create automated fields within a document
      •    create fields that prompt the user for input
      •    create electronic forms in Word
      •    use the document review features in Word
      •    create macros in Word
      •    customise toolbars
      •    apply appropriate password and other protection on documents
      •    work with the properties of a document
      •    understand design issues associated with documents
      •    identify the importance of company standards for document production

Course Duration is 1 Day

Course Code: W3M3 | | P: 0207 436 3636 |
 IT Skills
                                         Printing A Master Document               Modifying A Macro Tool
Merging                                  Why Master Documents Are                 Assigning A Macro To A Menu
 The 4-Step Merge Process                    Misunderstood                        Assigning A Macro To A ShortCut
 The Main Document                                                                   Menu
 The Data Source                       Captions                                   Creating A Custom Pull-Down
 Adding Merge Fields                     Creating A Caption For A Table              Menu
 Performing A Merge                      Creating A Caption For A Figure          The Many Ways Of Running A
 Printing A Single Label                 Using Automatic Captions                    Macro
 Creating A Mailing Label Main           Generating A Table Of Figures            Editing A Macro
     Document                                                                     Deleting A Macro
 Merging To Labels                     Fields                                     Removing References To Macros
                                         Document Information Fields              Creating A Macrobutton Field
Merging Techniques                       Working With Fields                      Tips For Developing Macros
 Performing A Conditional Merge          Formula Fields
 Sorting A Merge                         Unlinking Fields                      Customising Toolbars
 Merging From Another Data               Updating Fields When Printing            Understanding Toolbars In Word
    Source                               Printing Field Codes                        2000
 Using IF For Merging                                                             Creating A New Toolbar
 Skipping Records                      Prompting Fields                           Adding Tools To A Toolbar
 Merging Statistics                      Using The FILLIN Field                   Deleting Tools And Toolbars
 Merge Fields That Prompt For            Typing Fields Into A Document
    Information                          Activating Fields                     Document Security
 Merging With Prompts                    Using the Ask Field                      Password Protecting A Document
                                         Using REF To Display BookMarks           Opening A Protected Document
Outlining                                Activating Prompting Fields              Removing A Password
 Creating A New Document In                  Automatically                        Creating A Write-Protected
    Outline View                                                                     Document
 Working With An Outline               Electronic Forms                           Working With Write-Protection
 Outline Numbering                       Electronic Forms - How They              Creating A Read-Only
 Outlining An Existing Document               Work                                   Recommended Document
 The Document Map                        Creating A Structure For The             Using Hidden Text
 Assigning Outline Levels To                  Form
    Paragraphs                           Creating Text Fields In A Form        Document Properties
                                         Setting Text Form Field Properties       Viewing Document Properties
Longer Documents                         Displaying A Date In A Form Field        Updating Document Summaries
 Bookmarks                               Text Field Help                          Creating Custom Properties
 Creating Footnotes                      Adding Numeric Fields To A Form          Using Properties To Find
 Creating Endnotes                       Creating Calculation Fields                 Documents
 Converting Footnotes And                Creating Fields That Total               Previewing Documents
    Endnotes                             Creating Drop Lists
 Modifying Footnotes And                 Creating Tick Boxes                   Document Design & Layout
    Endnotes                             Protecting And Saving An                 Creating Organisational
 Deleting Footnotes And Endnotes              Electronic Form                        Documents
 Creating A Table Of Contents            Filling In An On-Screen Form             Understanding White Space
 Navigating Using A Table Of                                                      Understanding Typeface
    Contents                           Document Review                            Understanding Visual Elements
 Updating A Table Of Contents            Highlighting Text                        Understanding Rules And Borders
 Updating Page Numbering                 Finding Highlighted Text                 Understanding headings
 Marking Index Entries                   Inserting Comments                       Document Design
 Creating A Concordance File             Working With Comments                    Understanding Page Layout
 Using A Concordance File                Printing Comments                        Document Tips And Traps
 Deleting Unwanted Index Entries         Tracking Changes                         Document Naming Conventions
 Creating An Index                       Reviewing Tracked Changes                The Four Basic Principles Of
 Marking Citations                       Version Control                             Design
                                         Working With Versions                    Understanding Computer
Master Documents                         Comparing Documents                         Graphics
 Creating A Master Document              Protecting A Document                    Understanding Colour
 Creating Subdocuments                   Unprotecting A Document
 Working With Master Documents           Routing A Document                    Document Standards
 Inserting Subdocuments                                                           Types Of Business Documents
 Formatting A Master Document          Macros                                     Choosing Appropriate Software
 Editing Subdocuments                    Understanding Macros                     Who Prepares Business
 Merging Subdocuments                    Setting A Macro Security Level              Documents?
 Splitting Subdocuments                  Recording A Simple Macro                 Speeding Up Document
 Deleting Subdocuments                   Running A Macro                             Production
 Building A Table Of Contents            Assigning A Macro To A Toolbar           Establishing Document Standards | | P: 0207 436 3636 |

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