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									            Uniform Shop                                          Price List
                                                                                                                      Linden Park
The Linden Park Schools’ Uniform Shop is
located in the Primary Campus near the staff                   ITEM                             PRICE
                                                 Polo shirt short sleeve
While providing an excellent service for               White or maroon                      $ 19.00           Uniform Policy
School families, profits from the shop support   Polo shirt long sleeve -maroon             $ 24.50             Effective January 2007
many projects and activities in the School.      Polar Fleece Jacket                        $ 44.50
                                                 Polar Fleece Vest                          $ 41.50     Our students are proud to be part of the
The shop is run by the parent representatives    Rugby Style Windcheater                    $ 30.00     Linden Park Schools’ community. By wearing a
from the Governing Council Promotion and         Raincoat                                   $ 37.00     polo shirt or windcheater with our Schools’
Marketing Sub-Committee and staffed by           Bootleg Pant                               $ 26.00     Linden Tree logo, students show school pride
volunteers which allows us to keep the prices    Track pant                                 $ 23.00     while promoting our Schools’ vision for students:
down. In fact you may have noticed some          Cargo Pants                                $ 31.00     to grow in body, mind and soul.
considerable savings on some items.              Cargo Shorts                               $ 24.00
                                                 Rugby Shorts Unisex                        $ 18.50     Our aim with the Linden Park Schools’ uniform
Purchases can be made by cash or credit          Skort                                      $ 21.00     review has been to make it smart and distinctive,
card.                                            Summer Dress                               $ 45.00     while still being comfortable and functional for
                                                 Winter Tunic                               $ 49.00     students.
If you would like your child/children to visit
                                                 Winter Pleated Skirt                       $ 49.00
the shop alone, our helpful staff at the shop                                                           We are pleased to announce that a number of
                                                 Bucket Hat                                 $ 7.50
will provide assistance.                                                                                new items have been added to our uniform list
                                                 Legionnaire Hat                            $ 5.00
                                                 Safety Slouch Hat                          $ 10.00     for the 2007 school year. These items are now
Alternatively, order forms are available from
                                                 Girls Tights                               $ 10.00     available directly from the Uniform Shop.
the Uniform Shop or the Front Office and
items can be delivered to the classroom.         School Backpack 23 litres                  $ 35.00
                                                                                                        Compliance with the policy is expected and
The Uniform Shop also stocks the entire                                                                 encouraged. Staff members are delegated the
range of Summer and Winter uniforms and a                                                               authority to speak with students who persistently
selection of 2nd hand uniforms.                                                                         breach the uniform policy and any ongoing
                                                                                                        issues will be managed by the principal or
* Only items not available from the Uniform                                                             deputy principal, in conjunction with the
Shop are marked with an asterisk.                                                                       student and their parents.
                                                 Further information                                    Thank you for your continued support of
                                                                                                        Linden Parks’ Uniform Policy.
                                                 Linden Park Schools
            Trading Hours                        6 – 14 Hay Road, Linden Park
                                                 Phone: Primary 8379 2171      Fax: 8338 2507           Rob Harding and Roberta Spreadbury
                                                          Junior: 8379 3382    8338 3059                Co-Principals
            Monday 8.30-9:30am                   Website:
           Summer Uniform                                      Winter Uniform                                        Jewellery
                                                                                                     Please do not allow children to wear jewellery
Girls Reception-Year 7                             Girls Reception-Year 7                            to School. Sleepers or studs only for pierced
• Maroon and grey check dress with matching free   • Maroon check pleated skirt or tunic with        ears. No fashion jewellery, no make-up or nail
  scrunchie                                          button-on tabard                                polish.
• Maroon or white short-sleeve polo                • Maroon long-sleeve polo shirt
• Maroon skort                                     • Maroon polar fleece jacket
• Maroon unisex rugby shorts                       • Maroon polar fleece vest
                                                                                                                   School Bags
• White or grey socks*                             • Maroon rugby style windcheater                  Sturdy Linden Park 23 litre school backpacks
• Maroon hats – slouch, legionnaire or bucket      • Maroon bootleg pant                             are now available from the Uniform Shop.
                                                   • Maroon tights
                                                   • White or grey socks*
                                                   • Maroon raincoat                                                Library Bag
    Linden Park School’s Sun                       • Maroon scarf
                                                   • Maroon hats – slouch, legionnaire or bucket
                                                                                                     Maroon library bags with school logo are handy
    Smart policy states school                                                                       for storing books, diaries, homework. They fit
                                                                                                     neatly inside the official Linden Park Schools’
    uniform hats are                               Boys Reception-Year 7                             bag.
    compulsory for play                            •
                                                       Grey cargo pants
                                                       Maroon long sleeve polo shirt
    throughout the year.                           •   Maroon polar fleece jacket
                                                   •   Maroon polar fleece vest                      Comfortable and sturdy footwear; such as
                                                   •   Maroon rugby-style windcheater                leather lace up shoes, runners or sandals (not
Boys Reception-Year 7                              •   Maroon track pant                             thong style). Shoes should be plain in style,
•   Grey cargo shorts                              •   White or grey socks*                          with a minimum of added colour.
•   Maroon unisex rugby shorts                     •   Maroon raincoat
•   Maroon or white short-sleeve polo              •   Maroon hats – slouch, legionnaire or bucket
•   White or grey socks*                                                                             Exemptions to the Policy
•   Maroon hats – slouch, legionnaire or bucket    Option for Year 7 Students                        Either principal may exempt students from the
                                                   A special windcheater for year 7 students may     dress code upon written request from parents.
                                                   be included.                                      Grounds for exemption are:
                                                                                                     • Religious or cultural, itinerant students,
                                                                                                        financial hardship, medical reasons
                                                       All clothing must be named                    • Other reasons that the Governing Council
                                                       please ~ one maroon                              may determine.
                                                       windcheater looks very like

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