Librarian's Report December 2009 by pqp12144


									                               Librarian's Report
                                December 2009

1. Jim Jannes asked for our contact at Kone. In a letter dated Nov 12, 2009, from
    Dan Solis at Kone, our maintenance contract will be adjusting upward 3% on
    March 1, 2010.
2. We finally received the long awaited letter from AT&T.
3. The Friends cookie sale was a huge success on Dec 5th from 9-12. Their Open
    House from 1-3, that same day boasted 9 authors signing and pictures with Santa
    for the kids.
4. I proctored four more tests the week of the 7th.
5. That same week, the staff had a holiday potluck and Secret Santa exchange.
6. Tami's daughter, Lindsey, bore a healthy son, Kyle, on Dec 10. Mother, child,
    and grandmother are doing fine.
7. We found a great cartoon we wanted to use in our newsletter but when I asked
    how much the owner of copyright charged, it was $35. Not really in our budget
    but I learned a lot from the process so maybe in the future we can try again.
8. The furnace started making a new noise on the 15th. We called Johnson Controls
    and they came right out. The actuator in the boiler room which controls the air
    handler outside air dampers had died. We got it replaced and I had the technician
    go around and calibrate all the thermostats for us. Seems to be fine now.
9. The Downey family dropped off a $100 check for the library the week of the 14th.
    I deposited it in Misc and the children's room has some extra money for the 2010
    summer reading.
10. We sent the newsletter original to Office Depot and the copies came on the 18th.
    It's good to get them done before Christmas but we waited to mail them until after
    the holiday rush.

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