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									Designing and Implementing OLAP Solutions Using Microsoft SQL Server 2000
Duration: 5 Days           Course Code: M2074

This five-day instructor led, hands-on course is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to design, implement,
and deploy OLAP solutions by using Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services

Target Audience:
This course will is intended for system administrators who design and implement OLAP solutions using SQL Server 2000


 Define the term OLAP and its role within data warehousing               Create and manipulate measures & Develop and understand virtual
                                                                         cubesDesign cube storage and aggregations & update dimensions
 Design multidimensional data marts by using star and snowflake          and cubes when source data changes
 schemas & recognize the fundamental components of a cube
                                                                         Optimize the processing of dimensions and cubes and create
 Understand the architecture of Analysis Services                        partitions

 Create dimensions from relational dimension tables                      Implement simple calculations by using multidimensional
                                                                         expressions (MDX) and calculated members
 Understand the many types of dimensions
                                                                         Use Microsoft Excel 2000 as an OLAP front-end application
 Utilize various dimension properties and settings
                                                                         Understand how data mining fits within OLAP and the Microsoft data
 Design OLAP dimensions based on underlying source data                  warehousing framework

 Create cubes by using the Cube Wizard and Cube Editor                   Employ actions, drillthrough, and writeback for data analysis

                                                                         Design and implement cube and dimension security

                                                                         Automate the processing of dimensions and cubes through Data
                                                                         Transformation Services (DTS)Create cubes and virtual cubes
                                                                         based on end-user requirements

Delegates are required to meet the following prerequisites:

 A basic understanding of database design, administration, and
 implementation conceptsA satisfactory level of comfort within the
 Microsoft Windows 2000 environment

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Introduction to Data Warehousing and OLAP        Managing Storage and Optimization                  Using Actions, Drillthrough ; Writeback
line                                             line                                               line
   Defining OLAP Solutions                          Analysis Server Cube Storage                       Creating Actions ; Performing Drillthrough
   Understanding Data Warehouse Design ;            The Storage Design Wizard                          Understanding Writeback
   OLAP Models ; Applying OLAP Cubes                Analysis Server Aggregations
                                                    Usage-Based Optimization                        Using Actions, Drillthrough, and Writeback
Analysis Manager Wizards                            Optimization Tuning                             line
line                                                                                                   Creating Actions ; Performing Drillthrough
   Defining Terms ; Previewing Analysis          Processing Dimensions and Cubes                       Understanding Writeback
   Manager                                       line
   Preparing to Create, Build ; Process the         Processing Dimensions ; Cubes                   Implementing Security
   Cube ; viewing the Results                       Optimizing ; Troubleshooting Cube               line
                                                    Processing                                         Introducing Analysis Services Security ;
Analysis Services Architecture                                                                          Understanding Administrator Security
line                                             Managing Partitions                                   Helping Protect User Authentication ;
   Microsoft Data Warehousing Overview           line                                                   Understanding Database Roles
   Analysis Services Components                     Creating ; Merging Partitions ; Using              Implementing Dimension Security
   Metadata Repository ; Cube Storage               Advanced Settings                                  Managing Cube Roles
   Client Architecture ; Office 2000 OLAP        Implementing Calculations Using MDX                Deploying an OLAP Solution
   Components                                    line                                               line
                                                    Understanding Calculated Members                   Introducing DTS
Building Dimensions Using the Dimension             Building Calculated Members                        Executing and Scheduling Packages
 Editor                                             Creating Non-Measure Calculated                    The Analysis Services Processing Task
line                                                 Members                                           Copying and Archiving OLAP Databases
   Understanding Dimension Basics                   Using Functions Within Calculated
   Shared vs. Private Dimensions                     Members                                        Introduction to Data Mining
   Working with Standard Dimensions                 Understanding Other Calculation                 line
   Basic Level Properties                            Methods                                           Training a Data Mining Model ; Building a
   Working with Parent-Child Dimensions             Introducing Solve Order                            Data Mining Model with OLAP Data
                                                                                                       Browsing the Dependency Network
Advanced Dimension Settings                      Working with Virtual Cubes
line                                             line                                               Case Study - Working with the Foodmart
   Working with Levels and Hierarchies              Understanding ; Building Virtual Cubes           Database
   Working with Time Dimensions                     Obtaining Logical Results                       line
   Creating Custom Rollups ;Introducing             Creating Calculated Members                        Building the Warehouse ; Sales Cube
   Member                                                                                              Building the Warehouse ; Sales Virtual
   PropertiesUnderstanding Virtual Dimensions    Using Excel as an OLAP Client                         Cube
Working with Cubes and Measures                     Office 2000 OLAP Components
line                                                Using Excel PivotTables ; Pivotcharts
   Working with Cubes ; Measures                    Working with Local Cubes
   Defining Cube Properties ; Using the             Creating OLAP-Enabled Web Pages
   Disabled Property                                Office 2000 OLAP Components
                                                    Using Excel PivotTables ; Pivotcharts
Creating the Store Expense Cube                     Working with Local Cubes
line                                                Creating OLAP-Enabled Web Pages
   Case Study on Building ; Updating the Store
   Expense Cube                                  Using Excel as an OLAP Client
                                                    Office 2000 OLAP Components
                                                    Using Excel PivotTables ; Pivotcharts
                                                    Working with Local Cubes
                                                    Creating OLAP-Enabled Web Pages
                                                    Office 2000 OLAP Components
                                                    Using Excel PivotTables ; Pivotcharts
                                                    Working with Local Cubes
                                                    Creating OLAP-Enabled Web Pages

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