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                            E85 Conversion Kits Now with Cold Starting Technology

       Dated: Dec 31, 2007

       Change2E85, the leader in E85 Conversion Kit sales, is pleased to announce the only E85 conversion kit
       available in the world with Cold Starting Technology. Beginning January 1, 2008, all of Change2E85’s kits
       will ship with Cold Start Technology.

       What is Cold Start Technology? The Full Flex E85 Conversion Kit was developed over 20 years ago in
       Brazil and made its way to the USA about two and a half years ago. It is sold though distribution channels
       like htp:// This technology has a proven track record. Brazil is always warm or hot
       and starting on ethanol or E85 is relatively easy. However the USA, Canada and Europe experience cool
       and downright frigid temperatures which make starting on E85 difficult and in some cases, impossible. The
       new FFI Platinum E85 conversion kit has been redesigned for 2008 to include fully automatic Cold Starting
       Technology which will make for easy starting in cold and frigid temperatures.

        How does it work? Ethanol has a vaporization temperature approximately 56 degrees Fahrenheit. When the
       outside temperature drops below 56, the FFI Platinum’s cold start feature will turn on but only during the
       initial starting cycle. It will add extra fuel during the starting cycle to help increase the vaporization
       potential. The FFI Platinum will resume normal operations after 30-40 seconds of engine run time.

       Industry Firsts: Full Flex was the first E85 conversion kit company in the USA to obtain 2007 EPA OBD2
       Compliance and the 2008 FFI Platinum is the first and only conversion kit to have Cold Starting

       For more information about the FFI Platinum E85 Ethanol Conversion Kit, please visit the website http://, call 303-859-1097, toll free 877-E85-E853 or email

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