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          Microsoft Outlook 2007
       Exchange Configuration Guide

                               Revision 1.0

This document covers configuration of Microsoft Outlook 2007 for use
with the ITS Exchange email system.

The syntax used in this document is as follows:
Boldface = Names of input fields such as text and check box names.
Boldface and Italics = Input expected from user.

If you have any questions please direct them to your local Customer
Service Center, Helpdesk or Local NCMail administrator

If your questions cannot be answered by your local contact, your local
contact can open a ticket with the ITS Customer Service Center by
telephone at 919.754.6000 or 800.722.3946 or email at

Our staff will be happy to answer any of your questions.
NCMail: Outlook 2007 Configuration Guide                              2

                Configuring Outlook 2007
Microsoft Outlook 2007 is part of the Microsoft Office family of
products. You must have an Exchange email account to continue with
these instructions. All users, whether they have used Outlook
previously can use these instructions to setup their Exchange account.
The first step in setting up Outlook 2007 is opening the Mail icon in the
Control Panel. To accomplish this click on your Windows Start button,
then click on Run. In the popup window type in the word “control”
(without the quotes) then click the OK button as shown below.

This should take you to the control panel as shown below. It may
“look” different than yours depending on what “view” you have
Windows set to but that is OK.
NCMail: Outlook 2007 Configuration Guide            3

Double click on the Mail icon as shown below.

Click on the Show Profiles button as shown below.
NCMail: Outlook 2007 Configuration Guide                                4

Some users may already have an existing profile listed on the
following screen. Either way, click on the Add button as shown below.

Type in the name that you wish to use for your profile in the Profile
Name: section. You can name it anything you like as long as you
haven’t used it as a profile name before. Our example below uses
“Outlook” for the new profile name. Click the OK button.
NCMail: Outlook 2007 Configuration Guide                            5

The Add New E-mail Account screen will appear as shown below.
  • Your Name: is your real full name
  • E-mail Address: is your full Exchange email address
  • Password: is your current NCID password

After entering this information click the Next button as shown below.

On the next screen click Allow as shown below.
NCMail: Outlook 2007 Configuration Guide                              6

Type in your full Exchange email address in the User name: field and
your current NCID password in the Password: field for verification

Click on the OK button to continue.

Your Outlook 2007 profile will then be created. Click on the Finish
button to complete the process.

Congratulations! That’s it!

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information, how-to’s and tutorials.

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