Regular container handling began in Kiel

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Regular container handling began in Kiel
Port of Kiel co-operates with Baltic Terminal Kiel International (BTKI)

Kiel, March 18, 2009: Regular container handling began in Kiel March 13th with
the arrival in the port’s Ostuferhafen of the first one hundred 20ft containers
from Riga on board the MS “Vera Rambow”. The Managing Director of the Port of
Kiel (SEEHAFEN KIEL GmbH & Co KG) Dirk Claus said: “This is an important
step in the development of our port. Container handling represents a new
business sector for Kiel”. The new container transport service between Riga and
Kiel is based on the shipment of ferroalloys - high value supplement materials
for the west European and Scandinavian steel industries. The Baltic Terminal
Kiel International GmbH (BTKI) has been able to clinch a long-term contract to
handle them. The aim is to turn round 10,000 TEUs in the Ostuferhafen in the
first year. BTKI Managing Director Jan-Rainer Strassburg said “Once Kiel has
established itself as part of the transport chain, then handling volumes will rise
over the coming years”.

The ferroalloys are produced and packed into containers in Kazakhstan in
Central Asia. The containers are then transported from Kazakhstan on block
train services to Latvia. In the port of Riga they are loaded onto ocean-going
ships destined for Kiel. On arrival in Kiel, those containers with feroalloys which
have already been sorted are loaded straight onto rail. Any unsorted products
are sorted in closed warehouses in the Ostuferhafen. Depending on volume and
destination, on-shipment is by truck, rail or by inland waterway – the latter
something now planned for the future. Empty containers are sent back to the
shippers via Kiel and Riga.

The container handling in the Ostuferhafen is the result of a co-operation
contract signed at the start of this year by BTKI and the Port of Kiel. To facilitate
handling, the port has invested in its own brand-new mobile port crane. For its
part, BTKI is responsible for delivering and positioning the containers in the port
using its own mobile equipment, as well as for operating the container depot
and for sorting the ferroalloys, where necessary, in the warehouses.

The SEEHAFEN KIEL operates Kiel’s commercial port on behalf of the Schleswig-
Holstein state capital of Kiel and is a 100% subsidiary company of the City. The
Ostuferhafen is the biggest port site on the Kiel Fjord and the hub of roll-on/roll-
off liner shipping activity with Russia and the Baltic region. There are regular
shipping services from here to Klaipeda, St. Petersburg and Kaliningrad. BTKI is
a subsidiary of Britain’s TSG Group and has been active in Ostuferhafen cargo
handling and warehousing services since 2003.

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