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									                             Microsoft Excel 2003 – ADVANCED
                      Santa Ana College School of Continuing Education
                                COMPUTER SKILLS LAB

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                                                       (714) 241-5736. Classroom E-108W
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          Please read the following information carefully before you begin
Textbook:         Microsoft Office Excel 2003, Illustrated Series by Elizabeth Eisner Reding

Credit:           Three units of High School credit are given in computer Applications upon completion of
                  Microsoft Office Excel 2003 Beginning. Credit is based on completing all required
                  assignments and receiving a grade of “C” or better.

General Instructions:

1. Save all your work on a disk. You can purchase a disk from the bookstore or an office supply store.
2. After you have your disk, ask the instructor to put the Answer Form file for the Concepts Review on
   your disk.
3. For any Skills Review or Independent Challenge you complete and print, put your name and date, the
   file name, and lesson number on the top of the page. For example:

                  Don Juan      1/1/01
                  Excel Help Feature Independent Challenge 1         Unit A

4. When you complete each unit, staple all work together and put in the box marked “COMPLETED
   WORK to be graded.” Your corrected work will be put in the box marked “GRADED PAPERS
   Daytime.” If corrections by you are required, make the corrections and resubmit the work. Be sure to
   have your instructor or instructional assistant sign your assignment sheet.
5. If you are having a problem with one of the lessons, raise your hand or come up and ask an instructor
   or an assistant for help.
6. To receive a certificate of completion, you must complete all assignments listed.
   Remember: If you are in high school subjects, ask you instructor how you can receive three elective
   credits for each course you complete.
7. Sample files for the exercises can be found on the desktop in the Lab Files folder. From the Look In
   dialog box, double click Desktop. Double click Lab Files, double click Office 2003 Student Data
   Files, double click Microsoft Office 2003-Second Course, double click Excel 2003, double click the
   unit you are working in (I-P), and double click the files name you are looking for.
8. Once you have located the files, before you can make any changes you must do Save As and rename
   the files to your disk per the instructions in the book.

Important Information:
1) Read each lesson carefully.
2) Perform all the exercises in each lesson as shown on the Assignment Sheet.
3) Review the objectives listed at the beginning of each lesson.
4) Pay special attention to the boxes marked Quick Tip and Trouble.
5) After completing this program, ask your instructor which Microsoft Office program is next in the
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                                OFFICE 2003 – EXCEL ADVANCED
                                        Illustrated Series
                           Assignment Sheet – COMPUTER SKILLS LAB

          UNIT #                        ASSIGNMENTS                       Completion            Checked
                                                                            Date                  By
                                   Concepts Review (1-14) pg I-18
            UNIT I                    Skills Review (1-7) pg I-20
                                  Independent Challenge 1 pg I-21
    Analyzing List Data          including the Advanced Challenge
                                  Independent Challenge 3 pg I-22
                                       Visual Workshop pg I-24
                                   Concepts Review (1-18) pg J-18
           UNIT J                     Skills Review (1-8) pg J-19
                                 Independent Challenge 1, pg J-21
     Enhancing Charts             Independent Challenge 3 pg J-22
      and Worksheets                including Advanced Challenge
                                       Visual Workshop pg J-24
                                  Concepts Review (1- 14) pg K-18
           UNITK                      Skills Review (1-7) pg K-19
                                 Independent Challenge 1 pg K-21
        Using What-if               Including Advanced Challenge
          Analysis                Independent Challenge 3 pg K-22
                                    Including Advanced challenge
                                       Visual Workshop pg K-24
           UNIT L                 Concepts Review (1-20 ) pg L-18
                                      Skills Review (1-8) pg L-20
    Analyzing Data with           Independent Challenge 2 pg L-22
       Pivot Tables               Independent Challenge 4 pg L-23

                                  Concepts Review (1-16) pg M-18
           UNIT M                     Skills Review (1-7) M-19
                                 Independent Challenge 1 pg M-21
     Exchanging Data             Independent Challenge 3 pg M-22
    with Other Programs            including Advanced Challenge
                                     Visual Workshop pg M-24
           UNIT N                 Concepts Review (1-16) pg N-18
                                      Skills Review (1-7) N-19
    Sharing Excel Files          Independent Challenge 1 pg N-20
     and Incorporating           Independent Challenge 3 pg N-22
     Web Information               including Advanced Challenge

           UNIT O                 Concepts Review (1-14) pg O-18
                                      Skills Review (1-8) O-19
     Customizing Excel           Independent Challenge 2 pg M-21
      and Advanced                 Including Advanced Challenge
        Worksheet                Independent Challenge 4 pg O-23
          UNIT P                  Concepts Review (1-18) pg P-18
                                       Skills Review (1-6) P-19
     Programming with            Independent Challenge 3 pg P-21
           Excel                   including Advanced Challenge
                                      Visual Workshop pg P-24

             All Assignments must be completed and checked by an instructor in order to get the
                           Microsoft Excel Advanced Certificate. No exceptions

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