Microsoft Excel 2007 CHARTS by mzj20485


									    AGC of San Diego Education Department Presents a NEW Class in 2010:

                                           Microsoft Excel 2007 

This class covers Excel's many charting features                   DATES:              April 6, 2010 
and shows you how to choose the right chart for
your needs. You will learn to create professional-                                     June 29, 2010 
looking and visually appealing charts, modify data                                         ** ONLY 15 SEATS AVAILABLE 
within the chart, use trend lines and error bars,                                          
etc.                                                               TIME:               8:00 AM to 4:00 PM 
Introducing Excel Charts
What Is a Chart? How Excel Handles Charts, Parts of a Chart,       TUITION:   $159      AGC Member 
Basic Steps for Creating a Chart, Working with Charts                         $249      Non‐Member  
Understanding Chart Types
Conveying a Message with a Chart, Choosing a Chart Type,           LOCATION:  AGC‐SD Computer Lab 
Excel’s Chart Types, Creating Combination Charts, Creating and                6212 Ferris Square 
Using Chart Templates
                                                                              San Diego, CA 92121 
Working with Chart Series                                                     858‐558‐7444
Specifying the Data for Your Chart, Adding a New Series to a
Chart, Deleting a Chart Series, Modifying the Data Range for a
Chart Series, Understanding Series Names, Adjusting the Series
Plot Order, Charting a Noncontiguous Range, Using Series on
Different Sheets, Handling Missing Data, Controlling a Data
                                                                             REGISTER ON‐LINE
Series by Hiding Data, Unlinking a Chart Series from Its Data
Range, Working with Multiple Axes
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Formatting and Customizing Charts                                    For more information contact 
Chart Formatting Overview, Adjusting Fills and Borders: General                                       
Procedures, Formatting Chart Background Elements, Formatting                       Payments & Cancellations Policy 
Chart Series, Working with Chart Titles, Working with a Chart’s     Payment MUST be received no less than 7 days prior to class 
Legend, Working with Chart Axes, Working with Gridlines,           start date. Substitute registrants can be named at any time. A 
Working with Data Labels, Working with a Chart Data Table             full refund will be given if notification is given 72 hours in 
Formatting 3-D Charts                                                  advance.  If you do not cancel within the 72 hour policy 
                                                                   timeframe or elect not to attend, you are responsible for the 
Working with Trendlines and Error Bars                                                       entire payment. 
Working with Trendlines, Linear Trendlines, Nonlinear
Trendlines, Displaying a Moving Average, Using Error Bars in a
Chart Series, Other Series Enhancements

Creating Interactive Charts
Introducing Interactive Charts, Hands-On: Creating a Self-
Expanding Chart, Controlling a Series with a Scroll Bar,
Specifying the Beginning and End Point for a Series, Specifying
the First Point and Number of Points for a Series
Plotting the Last n Data Points in a Series, Plotting Every nth
Data Point in a Series, Using Check Boxes to Select Series to
Plot, Creating a Very Interactive Chart

Charting Techniques and Tricks
Adding Lines and Backgrounds to a Chart, Charts That Use a
Single Data Point, Using a Dummy Axis, Column and Bar Chart
Variations, Creating a Timeline, Creating “Impossible” Charts by
Stacking and Overlaying

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