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									Underground mining

   Specialising in quality high-speed development
      Total service delivery                                                      Expertise and efficiency

Part of the Leighton Contractors’ Mining Division, HWE Mining
combines the strength of Australia’s premier contract mining and
services provider with our reputation as a leader in large-scale
materials handling and minerals processing, offering unparalleled
expertise and total service capabilities.                                         HWE Mining has the ability to provide gold and base metal mine owners with
                                                                                  extensive, high quality underground development and production services.
With one of the largest fleets of plant and equipment in Australia, HWE Mining
currently manages the mining and processing of over 100 million tonnes of ore     As a contractor with an operator’s focus, we are committed to fostering
per year on behalf of mine owners in Western Australia, South Australia and the   enduring and collaborative client relationships. To this end, HWE Mining works
Northern Territory.                                                               alongside mine owners to provide whole-of-mine management solutions.

HWE Mining has a longstanding reputation for providing high quality               With a well resourced team and a multi-million dollar fleet of specialised
underground hard rock mining services across an extensive range of minerals in    underground mining equipment, the underground mining services we provide
Australia and New Zealand.                                                        can assist mine owners in maximising the value of hard rock mineral resources.

In addition to our underground and surface mining expertise, HWE Mining
provides contract maintenance services to the mining industry and specialises
in fixed plant and mobile crushing.

Safety, high productivity and innovation are the key features of the way we
A quality high-speed
                                                                                Flexibility and experience
development specialist

HWE Mining specialises in providing quality high-speed development
and our crews have a track record that is right up there with world’s best
advance rates.                                                                  HWE Mining provides customised underground services encompassing a
Our strength lies in our ability to bring together the right personnel,         range of project sizes and complexities, from single-heading development
equipment and knowledge and managing them to achieve a quality                  to multi-faceted and integrated projects.
product.                                                                        Our expertise extends to all aspects of underground mining from the
Apart from development, our expertise includes the provision of ground          provision of decline and level development to longhole drilling, mechanised
support services (rock bolting, cable bolting and shotcreting), longhole        stoping, waste and ore haulage, shotcreting, diamond drilling, raise drilling
drilling and blasting, conventional and remote loading, haulage, backfilling,   and underground civil construction.
raise drilling, diamond drilling and handheld raising. We also provide
crushing, screening, conveying and hoisting services.
      Specialised underground
      mining equipment

                                                                               Our fleet of underground mining plant and equipment includes:

                                                                               • 20 x Tamrock twin boom development jumbos            • 2 x Robbins raise bores
With an extensive fleet of underground mining plant and equipment,
HWE Mining can provide the right equipment to match project needs. Our size    • 7 x Tamrock longhole production drills               • 8 x Boart Longyear diamond drills
also gives us enhanced buying power, allowing us to pass on savings to our     • 13 x Cat Elphinstone trucks and loaders              • 3 x Nautilus tele remote cabins
                                                                               • 4 x Tamrock loaders                                  • 1 x Tylden batch plant
HWE Mining has developed a comprehensive range of post factory
                                                                               • 6 x Normet Charmec charge up machines                • 3 x Normet Spraymec machines
modifications for our underground plant that are recognised as leading-edge.
This enables us to provide equipment with high availability and productivity   • 4 x Bell dump trucks                                 • 7 x underground agitator trucks
                                                                               • 4 x Hitachi dump trucks                              • 1 x Komatsu excavator

                                                                               • 6 x Volvo L120 E IT loaders                          • 5 x Caterpillar loaders, graders and dozers

                                                                                                                                      • Various ancillary items
A well resourced team

HWE Mining’s management and technical personnel bring many years of
practical experience in underground development and production.

Our team includes experts in mine management, planning, design, project
management, maintenance, safety and environmental management. We
use field-proven systems and procedures to ensure that best practices in
safety, health, environment and training are maintained from the outset.

Depending on the requirements of mine owners, HWE Mining’s experienced
management team can also provide statutory supervision.
Our capabilities at a glance

• Safety, health and environmental excellence.

• Underground project management.

• Mine planning.

• Mechanised underground development and stoping.

• Vertical development.

• Diamond drilling.

• Crushing and processing.

• Plant maintenance and optimisation.
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