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Climate Change Policy En Banc by vcm12307


									                                   Climate Change Policy En Banc
                           CPUC Auditorium, 505 Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco
                              Wednesday, February 23, 2005, 9:00 am
                      Live audio of this meeting will be available via the web at
                                    and by phone at 877-345-0241, passcode 92105.

Purpose: The purpose of this meeting will be to move “beyond energy procurement” and begin to identify best
practices for all CPUC regulated companies. Opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions related to business
operations include fleet vehicle efficiency, building efficiencies, and overall reduction of energy consumption. The U.S.
is the world’s largest greenhouse gas emitter and is responsible for approximately 25% of the world’s emissions.
California policymakers and businesses have the opportunity to address this issue proactively, to demonstrate effective
leadership, and to make a significant contribution to emissions reduction. Business and industry leaders will also be
asked to respond to a recent CPUC summary paper on the subject.

9:00-9:15        Welcome and Introductions
                 Michael R. Peevey, President, California Public Utilities Commission
                 Geoffrey Brown, Commissioner, California Public Utilities Commission
                  Dian Grueneich, Commissioner, California Public Utilities Commission
                 Susan Kennedy, Commissioner, California Public Utilities Commission
                 James Boyd, Commissioner, California Energy Commission
                 John Geesman, Commissioner, California Energy Commission
                 Art Rosenfeld, Commissioner, California Energy Commission
                 Joe Desmond, Deputy Secretary, CA State Resources Agency
                 Anne Baker, Deputy Secretary for External Affairs, California Environmental Protection Agency
                 Toni Symonds, Deputy Controller, Investments & Corporate Governance, CA State Controllers Office
                 Catherine Witherspoon, Executive Officer, California Air Resources Board
9:15-9:45        Background on Climate Change - impacts on California and regulated industries.
                 Judi Greenwald, Director of Innovative Solutions, Pew Center on Climate Change
                 Diane Wittenberg, President, California Climate Action Registry

9:45-10:45       Best Business Practices - business leaders discuss effective business and operational practices they
                 have identified in response to climate change – as well as the benefits of those practices.
                 Pete Cartwright, President and CEO, Calpine
                 Bill Tyndall, Vice President of Environmental Services and Federal Affairs, Cinergy
                 John Ranieri, Vice President for Bio-Based Materials, DuPont
                 Robert Parkhurst, Global Environmental Program Manager, Hewlett Packard; Environmental
                 Committee Co-chair, Silicon Valley Manufacturers Group

10:45-11:00      Break
11:00-12:15      Risk Mitigation Strategies and Policies – representatives from financial and insurance industries
                 present their climate change strategies, while other stakeholders discuss policy options for minimizing
                 greenhouse gas emissions.
                 Dan Bakal, Director of Electric Power Programs, Ceres
                 Denise Furey, Senior Director, Fitch Ratings
                 Ralph Cavanagh, Energy Program Director, Natural Resources Defense Council
                 Tom Kerr, Chief, Energy Supply and Industry Branch, Climate Protection Partnerships Division, U.S.
                 Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Air & Radiation
                 Dr. Steve Schneider, Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, Stanford University
12:15-1:15       Lunch Break

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Agenda, continued…

  1:15-2:30      Regulated Industries – utility and industry leaders discuss current and planned climate change
                 mitigation activities.
                    SDG&E                                                      Verizon
                    PG&E                                                       Union Pacific
                    SCE                                                        Amtrak

  2:30-3:00         Next Steps - recommended actions and implementation strategies.
                    Utility/industry panel discussion with policymakers
                    (After this en banc, the regulated industry leaders will be responsible for developing a
                    collaborative report to the CPUC recommending industry actions to address climate change and
                    the CPUC policies needed to facilitate those actions.)
  3:00-3:45         Public Comments

  3:45-4:00         Closing Remarks

  This meeting will be transcribed.
  The notice and documents for this meeting can be found at:

  All utilities are asked to confirm their attendance and to discuss their presentations. To RSVP, and
  for further information, please contact Lainie Motamedi, CPUC Division of Strategic Planning,
  (415) 703-1764 or

  Any person who wishes to address the Members may do so by signing up at the start of the meeting with the
  Public Advisors. Public comment will be limited given time constraints at the discretion of the Members;
  individual speakers should expect to have approximately 3 minutes.

  For further information about making public comments at this meeting, please contact the CPUC Public Advisor
  at (415) 703-2074 or by E-mail at

  This location is accessible to people with disabilities. If specialized accommodations for the disabled are
  needed, e.g. sign language interpreters, please call the Public Advisor at (415) 703-2074 or TTY# (415) 703-
  5282 or toll fee # 1-866-836-7825 three business days in advance of the meeting.

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