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					TC3 CLIMATE CHANGE PROJECT              Name                                      Period
CRITERIA SHEET                          Today‟s Date

        Taborhagen Climate                                                         C
                                                                              C    TC
         Change Conference                                                        2010

                          Call for Papers
                   Submission Deadline: January 12, 2010

Criteria for Paper Submission are as follows:
 Create tri-fold, poster, or multi-page brochure (hereafter referred to as “the project”)
  to present at the Conference
 Project is research-based. Use of citations is required. Failure to do so will result in
  full penalty of the law in accordance with TCCC bylaw TSNP 10:21a.
         » Citation list with correct citation formatting to be included as addendum
         » Internet resource citations must include brief reasoning as to why each
             particular site was used

Each Project must address the following topics:
 What is global warming?
 What is evidence of global climate change?
 Research an article on web or magazine – present summary and lessons learned
        » Original article must be attached as addendum
 How will climate change affect you in the years to come?

In addition, each Project must address at least two (2) of the following options:
 What is Portland, as a city, doing about climate change?
 What is Oregon, as a state, doing about climate change?
 What are the United States doing about climate change?
 What are issues, successes, problems at COP15 United Nations Climate Change
  Conference in Copenhagen?
 What can YOU do to mitigate, or lessen, global warming, including detailed analysis
  of impacts of personal change
 How will the Pacific Northwest be affected by global warming?
 What are effects on life forms due to climate change? Provide multiple examples.
 How has the atmosphere changed over time, and how much faster is it changing in
  the last 100 years?
 Factors affecting climate, and „normal‟ climate conditions (by request only)
 Other specific requests can be researched, pending approval by TCCC Director.

Intended Goals/Objectives for Taborhagen Climate Change Conference include (in
whole or in part):
         » Describe the composition of Earth‟s atmosphere, how it has changed over
            time, and implications for the future.
         » Explain the causes of patterns of atmospheric and oceanic movement and
            the effects on weather and climate.
         » Analyze evidence for geologic, climatic, environmental, and life form
            changes over time.
         » Evaluate natural processes and human activities that affect global
            environmental change and suggest and evaluate possible solutions to

Additional Criteria specific to Taborhagen Locale:
 Level 4 Quality Project – scored academically and on effort – major component of
  2nd quarter grade
 At least 6 full days of in-class time devoted to project; additional time requirements
  outside of class are recommended
 Scoring rubric to be generated in part by participants and will be provided upon
 Creativity is encouraged – perhaps you are representing a non-profit organization, or
  presenting university research, maybe even a parent group of concerned citizens
 Basic supplies will be supplied by TCCC
 Poster or tri-fold may be multi-dimensional, i.e. flaps, windows, etc.
 You will be expected to provide a brief presentation of Project to Conference
  participants highlighting key concepts/ideas
 Outside audiences may be invited to attend Conference

Funding Organization Acknowledgement of Participation – Due by December 18. 2009

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