; Forged cavity-back irons are
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Forged cavity-back irons are


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                                      THE MONTHLY NEWSLETTER OF KZG, THE #1 CUSTOM PROLINE
       Volume 1, issue 6                                                                                                             May 1, 2006

new CB III irons: feel and
                                      HAVE CAKE, EAT IT TOO
forgiveness, combined.                    KZG’s new CB III: a real forging that’s real easy to hit

THE FITTING LAB                          orged cavity-back irons are                                           But what makes the CB III’s dif-
When is a six-iron no                    not a new concept. But                                              ferent from any other game-
longer a six-iron?                       how about a forged iron                                             improvement club on the market is
                                         with a cavity so deep and a                                         the double-forging process we use
NO BORDERS In one               sole so wide you’d swear it had to                                           for all our forged irons. Raw bars
Houston shop, teaching          be cast? And what if it was double-                                          of S20C carbon steel are ham-
and fitting go together.        forged and hand-crafted for the                                              mered into shape, cooled and
                                smoothest, most consistent feel                                              trimmed, then hammered again
DREAM TEAM The #1               you can find? That would be new.                                             before being hand-finished. The end
Pro Shop and #1 Custom             Say hello to KZG’s new CB III                                             result? The CB III’s are irons with
ProLine join forces.            Irons, the first double-forged, fully                                        unmatched molecular alignment
                                oversize irons with a deep, gener-                                           and superior feel that turn mishits
IM-POSTURE! Slouching           ous cavity. Designed with mid– to                                            into spectacular shots. They make a
is a swing killer — and         high-handicappers in mind, the CB                                            perfect set on their own, or, try
your clubs might be the         III’s feature all the characteristics                                        mixing and matching them with any
culprit.                        one looks for in a game improve-                                             of KZG’s six other forged models
                                ment iron: moderate offset, an ex-                                           for your own personal blended set.
                                panded hitting area from heel to                                               The CB III Irons are available
                                toe, a wide sole to help the ball get                                        now, so ask your KZG Dealer for a
                                airborne, and maximum perimeter                                              demo and experience this exciting
          MAY                   weighting for forgiveness.                                                   new club for yourself.
Let’s hear it for the ladies
and the old guys.
   Given a choice, the vast
majority of golf fans will                           Tools, techniques and tips from the KZG Fitting Center
opt to watch a PGA Tour             THE FITTING
event, but if there’s ever a
month to wander over to                                                    THE NUMBERS GAME
the Champions and LPGA
Tours, it’s May.                    Here’s a common, and unfortunately, well calcu-       launch monitor: You hit the Callaway seven yards
   The revised 2007                 lated scenario: You go into a pro shop and say        further. And who doesn’t want seven more yards?
schedule may change                 you’re interested in new irons. The pro gives you       But you have to stop and think. There’s only one
things, but May has tradi-          two demo 6-irons from two different companies         reason that Callaway club hits a longer ball, and
tionally been an odd                so you can compare your results with each. And        it’s not because of any advanced technology or a
month for the PGA Tour.             then he takes you over to his launch monitor or       “hot” face. It’s because it isn’t actually a six-iron.
There’s no major tourna-            simulator so you can “look at the numbers” as you     It’s a five-and-a-half iron.
ment, and the four events           hit balls. Because feel can fool you — but numbers       No, it doesn’t say that on the bottom of the
that do fill the schedule           don’t lie.                                            club, but the fact is, the Callaway X-18 6-iron has
— Wachovia, Byron Nel-                Actually, in this case, they might. Say the first   29° of loft, compared with the Evolution’s 31°.
son, Colonial, Fed Ex St.           demo you tested was a KZG Forged Evolution 6-         Since the standard loft differential between clubs
Jude — don’t attract the            iron. The club suited your eye, and you loved the     in a set is four degrees, and the typical distance
star-studded fields like            combination of feel and forgiveness. Then the pro     differential between clubs in a set is 10-15 yards,
the TPC or Memorial                 hands you a Callaway X-18. It might not feel as       those two missing degrees add up to 5-8 more
Tournaments. This year,             good, but wow, look at those numbers on the                                                  (cont’d on p. 3)
             (cont’d on p. 4)
    CLUBHOUSE                                                                                                              PAGE TWO

At Larry Gibson’s shop in Texas, instruction and club fitting go hand-in-hand
By JIM H ARDY, PGA                      one is caused by the other. So a       clubs reinforce good habits in-       for distance and accuracy.
D IRECTOR OF I NSTRUCTION,              typical fitting will usually involve   stead of bad.                            The good news is, it’s a rela-
CUSTOM CLUBS BY LARRY G IBSON           some instruction, and vice-versa.        A good example is an overly         tively simple fix. By focusing on
                                        Sometimes, of course, that’s           steep angle of attack. We see it      the action of the right palm dur-
Should I get fitted for clubs or just   impossible. If somebody can’t          frequently: the golfer delivers the   ing the swing, we can get the
take a lesson? It’s a question Mas-     make contact with the ball, we         club to the ball with a choppy        golfer to swing more around his
ter Club Fitter Larry Gibson and        won’t fit them. Delivering the         motion that sticks the toe of the     body and deliver the club to the
I hear a lot from golfers looking       clubhead to the ball has to be a       club in the ground and leaves the     ball on a shallower, inside path.
to turn their games around. Our         given before custom fitted clubs       heel in the air. The end result: a    (see the photos below for a de-
typical answer is, “both.”              are relevant.                          lot of fat shots and slices.          tailed explanation).
  It’s not an upselling technique.        The most common scenario,              Put that same golfer on a lie          For most golfers, it takes a few
I believe one reason Larry was          however, is that a customer            board, and the impact marks           swings to get a feel for this new
named one of the World’s Top            comes in for a fitting with a cou-     would tell us to build his clubs an   move. Then we can fit them,
100 Club Fitters is his philoso-        ple of swing glitches that prevent     extra few degrees upright. But        knowing their new clubs will be
phy of looking at the golfer and        him from getting optimal results.      we wouldn’t be doing him any          built to help them play better,
his equipment as a whole: Clubs         In that case, we fix the fault, then   favors. His swing flaw would still    not cover up their mistakes. And
that don’t fit are just as damaging     fit the clubs based on the cor-        have him struggling to make solid     in our minds, that’s what custom
as a swing flaw, and very often,        rected swing. That way, the new        contact, not to mention fighting      fitting is all about.

                                                                      I’m swinging the club
                                                               2      from the inside here,
                                                                      not because I want to
                                                            hit a big draw, but because I
                                                            like to think of the swing as a
                                                            circle tilted on its edge: The
                                                            club swings from inside the
                                                            target line, to square, to inside
                                                            again on the follow through.
                                                            From the steeper position,
                                                            however, there’s rarely any
                                                            rotary movement. Most ama-
                                                            teurs will chop down with the
                                                            arms (inset), which brings the
                                                            club over the top and outside
                                                            the target line: A classic sli-
                                                            cer’s position.
                                                                                                                  The shallower path

            In the larger photo,
            I’ve rotated the right                                                                        3       allows me to arrive at
                                                                                                                 impact with the club
            palm open during the
                                                                                                       nicely soled, whereas the
 backswing so it faces the sky at
                                                                                                       steeper path (inset) bring the
 the top. I’ve exaggerated the
                                                                                                       club to impact in a very upright
 flat plane a bit (the left arm
                                                                                                       position. Again, we could fit
 should probably intersect the
                                                                                                       the golfer with clubs that ac-
 right shoulder) but notice how
                                                                                                       commodate this position, but
 the open palm allows my right
                                                                                                       all you have to do is look at
 arm to fold and swing around
                                                                                                       picture #2 to know that there
 my body as I rotate. By com-
                                                                                                       will be a host of other prob-
 parison, what we often see is a
                                                                                                       lems with the ball flight. By
 top of the swing position where
                                                                                                       fitting the lie to the position in
 the right palm points at the
                                                                                                       the larger photo, the clubs
 golfer’s head (inset), which en-
                                                                                                       actually encourage the golfer
 courages a steep, narrow angle
                                                                                                       to make better swings.
 of attack.
    CLUBHOUSE                                                                                                      PAGE THREE

NUMBERS                               overall impact on your game
                                      might be negative.
                                                                           been happening the last ten
                                                                           years, since the industry’s aver-
                                                                                                                   want to “pull a number” on our
                                                                                                                   customers, but it seemed point-
(CONT’D FROM P. 1)                      But the trend’s effect on your     age iron loft has started going         less to put ourselves in a clearly
yards. In fact, if you look at the    pocketbook can be even more          down. Every year the lofts get          disadvantageous position simply
chart to the right, you’ll see that   damaging, and this is where          stronger, so every year con-            on principle. So, because the
several other major manufactur-       manufacturers should take a          sumers feel compelled to spend          CB III’s are clearly game-
ers have followed Callaway’s          good look at themselves in the       up to a thousand dollars on a           improvement clubs, designed to
lead, strengthening the lofts of                                                  new set of clubs and             be easier to hit and more for-
their irons to produce more                                                       experience the “latest           giving than anything else we
distance. And why, you might
                                      Manufacturer/Model         6-Iron Loft      technology,” which               offer, we’ve given these clubs
ask, is that a problem?               Nike Slingshot                 30°          really isn’t technology at       strong lofts: the CB III 6-iron
  For a number of reasons.                                                        all. Long and mid-irons          carries 29°.
First of all, the six-iron is not     Taylor Made Rac OS             29°          get progressively more              But when you’re ready to
supposed to be a power club.                                                      difficult to hit, so golfers     take your game to the next
Mid-irons are for approach            Callaway Big Bertha            29°          are encouraged to re-            level, you can be confident that
shots, where the goals are accu-                                                  place them with easier-          our other irons will retain tra-
                                      Hogan CFT                      30°
racy and distance control, both of                                                to-hit but more expen-           ditional lofts, from 31-32° in
which are more difficult with         KZG Forged Evolution           31°          sive hybrid or utility           the six iron, depending on the
less loft. That’s why Tour pros’                                                  clubs. And if you don’t,         model. And if you still want to
six-irons usually spec out at 32°     KZG Forged ZO Blade            32°          the perception is, your          strengthen the lofts, remember:
— they know extra distance is                                                     clubs are outdated. But          Whether it’s our heat-treated,
meaningless if it doesn’t put         mirror. Because all Callaway or      they’re not. They just have             high performance castings or
them closer to the hole. For          Ping has to do is introduce a        their “real” lofts.                     our double-forged blades and
amateurs, lower-lofted clubs are      new 6-iron next year with 28°          So that is why we did some            cavity backs, they’re all de-
also more difficult to hit. So        of loft to make the rest of the      long, hard thinking when it             signed for easy adjustment in a
while they may appeal to your         market appear to be obsolete.        came to setting the lofts for           loft and lie machine. See your
power-hungry instincts, the           And that is exactly what has         our new CB III irons. We didn’t         KZG Club Fitter for details.

           FEEL THE                                         KZG FINDS PERFECT FIT
           RUMBLE                                            WITH HAGGIN OAKS
It’s starting.                                         For 19 straight years, it’s
   We knew the launch of the new GF 4 Driver           been named to Golf
and the World’s Top 100 Club Fitters for 2006          World’s Top 100 Golf
would be big news. Now that word has gotten            Shops in the US. Golf Today
out, coverage is starting to pour in. As they say in   called it “the largest and
tornado country, feels like a storm is brewin’.        best-stocked on-course
   At the eye of it all: PGATour.com, which ran        pro shop in the United
a home-page feature and review on the GF 4, and        States.” The Haggin Oaks
reported that it’s testing panel called it a “must     Golf Super Shop in Sacra-
consider” among new drivers. Also featuring the        mento is the FAO
GF 4 in April were Golf Range Magazine and             Schwartz of golf equip-
Lake of the Ozarks Business Journal. With              ment, and now, they’re an
stories underway at a handful of other magazines,      official KZG Dealer.
we know this is just the tip of the iceberg for the      It’s obviously an exciting
GF 4.                                                  relationship for KZG, be-
   Ditto for the World’s Top 100 Club Fitters.         cause Haggin Oaks is more        The #1 Custom ProLine is center stage at Haggin Oaks’ Golf Expo 2006
Top 100 winner Lanny Correll from Pawley’s             than just a pro shop — it’s
Island, SC, earns the honor of being the first on      a veritable nerve center         Shop owners Ken Morton              brand of clubs you want at
the list to be recognized by his local press — in      for retail golf equipment in     and Ken Morton, Jr. are             Haggin Oaks, their deci-
the Georgetown Times, which tracked down a             the US. Each year their          two of the most respected           sion to bring KZG into
handful of Lanny’s loyal customers for the story.      Golf Expo and demo day           names in the golf industry.         the mix signals that the
Read what they had to say about their Master           (see photo) attracts               The relationship speaks           mainstream golf world is
Club Fitter at www.gtowntimes.com. Look                13,000+ golf-crazy atten-        volumes about the quality           waking up to the impor-
for more features like this in the coming months,      dees — more than any             of KZG equipment, but it            tance of true custom fit-
as we highlight the best of the local coverage of      equipment event outside          says something else, too:           ting. Patience certainly has
the Top 100.                                           the PGA Show in Orlando.         Since you can get any               its virtues.
     CLUBHOUSE                                                                                                                        PAGE FOUR

 WHAT’S HAPPENING                                           of the top 50. But forget the numbers: Did             Ryder Cup. Oak Tree is another Pete Dye
                                 (cont’d from p. 1)         you watch the final round of the Nabisco               course built on the windy plains of Edmond,
                                                            Championships? Karrie Webb dunking a                   Oklahoma, and it’s where, in 1988, Jeff Slu-
with Tiger Woods taking time away from                      wedge for eagle on the par-5 18th hole to              man won one of the most forgettable PGA
the game to cope with the loss of his father,               take the lead? Lorena Ochoa hitting the                Championships in modern history. The di-
May looks to be an especially tepid month                   green in two then draining the 15-footer to            minutive Sluman won on the strength of his
on the big tour. So, here are a couple of                   force the playoff? Natalie Gulbis making a             putting and a few holed bunker shots, firing
alternatives that should be interesting:                    late birdie barrage while everybody else               a then-Championship record 272. Don’t
   The LPGA Michelob Ultra Open at                          seemed to fall apart? It’s a different LPGA            expect similar results this time. Today the
Kingsmill, May 11-14. You’ll have to                        Tour than it used to be. As with the men’s             par-71 layout has been stretched 400 more
navigate your way over to ESPN 2 to catch                   tour, physical fitness has become a priority.          yards to 7412 total, and is rated a frighten-
it, but this is one of those tournaments on                 Players are more aggressive, and they make             ing 77.1 by the USGA. Expect a healthy
the LPGA Tour that garners the same sort                    more birdies. And with Annika Sorenstam                dose of the usual “this course is unfair”
of “Fifth Major” discussions the TPC gets                   no longer blowing everybody else away,                 complaints from the over-50 crowd, but
on the men’s tour. A couple of reasons                      there are a host of young players challeng-            you can also expect some pretty exciting
why: The course is a modern classic — the                   ing every week. It’s exciting. Seriously.              golf. Challenging the season’s biggest gun so
Pete Dye-designed River Course at King-                       The Senior PGA Championship,                         far — Loren Roberts — are names like
smill was for 22 years a staple on the PGA                  May 25-28. May’s only major champion-                  Haas, Irwin, Kite, Jacobsen, Pate, Strange,
Tour — and the $2.2 million purse is one                    ship returns to Oak Tree Golf Club. While              Stadler, and Watson. And for anyone over
of the largest of the season. No surprise,                  that name that might ring a bell, it’s not to          the age of thirty-five, that’s enough reason
then, that Michelob has commitments from                    be confused with Oak Hill, in Rochester,               to watch, even if they were playing at Oak
all the top 20 LPGA money winners and 47                    NY, home to a couple of US Opens and a                 County Municipal.

     A good fitting doesn’t accommodate your body’s imbalances; it helps correct them

By D R. CHRISTIAN REICHARDT                           simply reinforce your bad habits.                     Hock Squat
Second of a three-part series                           In order to encourage your body to                  Hold hands on top of golf club, slowly go down into a squat,
                                                                                                            come off your heels if necessary. Push hands away, keeping

                                                      operate from biomechanically sound                    your club on the floor.
          aby boomers tend to slouch.                 positions, a fitting must address both the            Breathe 5x
                                                                                                            (push yourself up with help of the club)
          Somewhere there’s a psycholo-               clubs and the body. At Golf Health, we
          gist with a very interesting the-           work on getting golfers into the proper
          ory about what’s behind that                posture — slight bend at the hips, long,
generational trend, but that’s not what I             straight spine, chin high — and then fit
do. I am a Chiropractic Sports Physician.             them. With this process, I’ve found that
I look at bodies and how efficiently they             properly fitted clubs actually help golfers
function, and what I’ve seen is a lot of              improve their posture, and as a result of
slouching — shoulders slightly hunched                that, their swing.
over, tailbone tucked in, belly out.                     The two stretches illustrated here
   Baby boomers also love golf, and                   help create the length in the spine you
when they bring that slouchy posture to               need for proper posture and free, pow-                Neck Extension Stretch
                                                                                                            Put your hands on the back of the neck, fingers interlaced. Push
the golf swing, it causes problems.                   erful golf swing. As I emphasized last                your elbows and head backwards, squeezing your shoulder blades
Namely, physical restriction: It’s impos-             month, practicing them for just a min-                together. Breathe in, release as you breathe out.
                                                                                                            Repeat 5x
sible to make a full turn and free swing              ute, 5-10 times a day, can effect a signifi-
of the arms when the spine is hunched                 cant difference in your body and swing.
over and compressed.
   Introduce ill-fitting clubs into the               Dr. Christian Reichardt, DC, CCSP, is a Certified
equation and the problems are only                    KZG Master Club Fitter and the author of Pain
magnified: Bad posture at address leads               Free Golf. For more on his teachings and prac-
to bad posture at impact. In order to                 tice, visit www.golf-health.com.
play better golf, clubs with customized
lengths and lie angles need to be fitted
to your better posture. Otherwise, they

5125 Lankershim Blvd. North Hollywood, CA 91601                                                           (800) 200-8800 Fax: (818) 506-8053 www.kzg.com

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