Emergency Preparedness Conference brochure by ywz14490


            The purpose of this
            conference is to create
            awareness about emergency
            preparedness in African,
African American, American Indian,
Asian and Pacific Islanders and Latino
communities.                                                                            EMERGENCY
OBJECTIVES                                                                              CONFERENCE
•   Increase awareness of emergency
•   Increase participation in emergency
    preparedness planning and execution
    of plans
•   Highlight culturally appropriate
                                          Office of Minority and Multicultural Health


                                          St. Paul, MN 55164-0975

The completed registration form can be
mailed to the Minnesota Department of                                                     “LET’S GET READY”
                                          625 Robert St. N.

Health or registration can be completed
                                          PO Box 64975

online at                                                                                    NOV. 1, 2007
                                                                                         Minnesota Department of Health
Registration deadline is October 26.                                                     Snelling Office Park
                                                                                         1645 Energy Park Drive
There is no fee for this conference.                                                     Saint Paul, MN 55108
                                                                                                                        EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS
                                                         Agenda/Presenters                                              CONFERENCE REGISTRATION
                  To bring an awareness and develop
                                                         NOV. 1, 2007                                                   Registration deadline is Oct. 26. Mail this
                  skills to plan for emergencies for                                                                    form or register online at
                                                         8:30-8:45     Opening prayer
                  Populations of Color and urban
                  American Indians using community,
                                                                       Herb Sam, Mille Lacs American Indian Elder       http://www.health.state.mn.us/ommh.
                  local and state resources.
                                                         8:45-9:00     Welcome
                                                                       Mitchell Davis, OMMH Director
  Who should attend                                                                                                     First name
                   •   Members of communities of color   9:00-9:30     Overview of emergency preparedness and
                                                                       conference content                               Last name
                   •   Organizations working with                      Jacob Owens, Anoka County Emergency
                       people of color                                 Preparedness Specialist                          Organization
                   •   Emergency preparedness experts    9:30-10:00    Personal stories about emergencies
                       of color                                                                                         Mailing address
                                                         10:00         Break
  Planning committee                                                                                                    City/State/Zip
                                                         10:15-11:00   Audience reflections / Beginning the
  American Red Cross                                                                                                    Telephone
                                                                       planning process
  Anoka County Public Health
                                                         11:45-12:30   Buffet lunch                                     E-mail
  Center for Asian and Pacific Islanders
                                                         12:30-1:00    Keynote speaker
  College of St. Benedict
                                                                       Carl Adrianopoli, Department of Health
  CLUES                                                                and Human Services, Region V Emergency           Demographic information (optional):
                                                                       Preparedness Specialist                            African American
  Macalester College
                                                                                                                          American Indian
                                                         1:00-2:00     Community group activity
  MDH Office of Emergency Preparedness                                                                                    Asian/Pacific Islander
  MERET (Minnesota Emergency Readiness Education             Describe a typical home environment in the                   Latino
  and Training)                                              communities of color and urban American Indians.
                                                             Draw the typical home for your community. Include
  Mille Lacs, Twin Cities Office                             what the home looks like, i.e., apartment, house,          Special accomodations:
                                                             duplex, etc. What is the family make up, i.e., how many,
  Native American Community Clinic
                                                             how do they “live” together. How do they respond
  Vietnamese Social Services                                 to emergencies such as fires, tornados, summer and
                                                             winter extremes.
  For more information                                                                                                  Mail registration to:
                                                         2:00-2:30     Share your information
  Contact:                                                                                                              Mary M. Johnson
  Sharon T. Smith                                        2:30-2:45     Break                                            Minnesota Department of Health
  MDH Office of Minority and Multicultural Health
                                                                                                                        Office of Minority and Multicultural Health
  651-201-5820                                           2:45-3:15     “Time to Get Ready” Jeopardy game
  sharon.t.smith@health.state.mn.us                                                                                     PO Box 64975
                                                         3:15-3:45     Emergency kit making session                     St. Paul, MN 55164-0975
                                                         3:45-4:00     Next plan of action/Wrap up

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