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					                 ACRONYMS and ABBREVIATIONS
                 Commonly Used by the Department of Mental Health
                      and other State of Missouri Agencies

AA                 Administrative Agent
AA                 Alcoholics Anonymous
AAIDD              American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
AAMR               American Association of Mental Retardation
AATOD              American Association for the Treatment of Opioid Dependence, Inc.
AATF               African American Task Force
ABA                American Bar Association
ABD                Aged, Blind, and Disabled
ABF                Adult Boarding Facility (licensed by the Department of Social Services)
ACDD               Accreditation Council on Services for People with Developmental
ACF                Administration for Children and Families
ACI                Access Crisis Intervention
ACM                Administrative Case Management
ACP                Adult Community Placement
ACT                Assertive Community Treatment
ADA                Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Division of
ADA                Americans with Disabilities Act
ADA-CDR            American Dietetic Association Commission of Dietetic Registration
ADARA              American Deafness and Rehabilitation Association
ADD                Attention Deficit Disorder
ADEP               Alcohol and Drug Education Program
ADH                Acute Day Hospital
ADHC               Adult Day Health Care
ADHD               Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
ADL                Activities of Daily Living
Administrative     Contracted community mental health centers designated to provide
Agent              mental health services to particular services areas throughout the state.
AFDC               Aide to Families of Dependent Children (now known as Temporary
                   Assistance for Needy Families – TANF)
AFSCME             American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees
AG                 Attorney General

April 2009                                                                                     1
AHIMA           American Health Information Management Association
AHRQ            Agency for Health Research and Quality
AIMS            Abnormal Involuntary Movement Scale
ALE             Additional Living Expense
AMA             American Medical Association
AMI             Alliance for the Mentally Ill
A/N             Abuse and Neglect
ANG             Air National Guard
AoA             Administration on Aging
AOA             American Osteopathic Association
ARC             American Red Cross
ARC             Association of Retarded Citizens
ARO             Albany Regional Office
ARRA            American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
ARS             Adult Residential Services (housing)
ASMHA           Association of State Mental Health Attorneys
ATF             Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (federal law enforcement agency)
ATHOS           Advanced Topics in High Order Statistics
ATOD            Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs
ATR             Access to Recovery Grant (Division of ADA)

B&P             Budget and Planning
BAC             Blood Alcohol Content
BBBD            Biologically Based Brain Disorder
BG              Block Grant
BHC             Bellefontaine Habilitation Center
BI              Business Intelligence
BT              Behavior Therapy
BT              Bio Terrorism

C&Y             Children and Youth
C-2000          Division of ADA program for schools/communities
CACO            Chief of Adult Community Operations (DMH)

April 2009                                                                       2
CAFAS        Child & Adolescent Functioning Assessment Scale
CARF         Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities
CARO         Central Accident Reporting Office
CASSP        Child and Adolescent Service System Project
CATS         Consumer Affairs Tracking System
CC           Caring Communities
CCFC         Committed Caring Faith Communities
CCP          Crisis Counseling Program (FEMA grant program)
CD           Children’s Division (within the Department of Social Services)
CDC          Center for Disease Control
CEMP         Comprehensive Emergency Management Program
CEO          Chief Executive Officer
CERT         Center for Emergency Response and Terrorism (within the Department of
             Health and Senior Services)
CERT         Community Emergency Response Team (SEMA term)
CFE          Certified Forensic Examiners
CFO          Chief Financial Officer
CFR          Code of Federal Regulations
CHIP         Community/Hospital Incentive Program
CHS          Community Housing Support
CI           Capital Improvements
CIO          Chief Information Officer
CIDRAP       Center for Infectious Disease Research & Policy
CIL          Center for Independent Living
CIMOR        Customer Information Management, Outcomes and Reporting
CIP          Clinical Intervention Program
CISE         Center for Innovations in Special Education
CISM         Critical Incident Stress Management
CLAS         Client Licensure & Accreditation System
CMHC         Community Mental Health Centers
CMHS         Center for Mental Health Services
CMO          Care Management Organization
CMRO         Central Missouri Regional Office
CMS          Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services
CO           Central Office (relates to DMH)
Coalition    For DMH, refers to the Coalition of Community Mental Health Centers
COLA         Cost of Living Adjustment

April 2009                                                                         3
COO             Chief Operating Officer
CO-SIG          Co Occurring State Incentive Grant (Division of ADA)
CP              Cerebral Palsy
CPI             Consumer Price Index
CPP             Community Placement Program
CPR             Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation
CPR             Community Psychiatric Rehabilitation
CPRC            Community Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center
CPRP            Community Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program
CPS             Comprehensive Psychiatric Services, Division of
CPU             Central Processing Unit
CRS             Community Residential Services
CRTC            Cottonwood Residential Treatment Center
CRU             Clinical Review Unit
CSAC            Certified Substance Abuse Counselor
CSAP            Center for Substance Abuse Prevention
CSAT            Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (within SAMHSA)
CSMT            Comprehensive System Management Team
CSC             Children’s Services Commission
CSP             Community Support Program
CSR             Code of State Regulations
CSTAR           Comprehensive Substance Treatment and Rehabilitation
CSW             Clinical Social Worker
CTRAC           Client Tracking Registration Admission & Commitment

DA              Developmental Aide
DA              Developmental Assistant
DA              District Attorney
DAC             Disaster Application Center (within FEMA)
DAC             Deaf Advisory Council
DART            Disaster Area Response Team (Coast Guard)
DCR             Data Central Reports
DCT             Data Central Tables
DD              Developmental Disabilities, Division of
DED             Department of Economic Development

April 2009                                                             4
DESE             Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
Detox            Detoxification (relates to alcohol and/or substance abuse)
DFS              Division of Family Services (within the Department of Social Services)
DOA              Department of Agriculture
DOA              Dead on Arrival
DIFIPR           Department of Insurance, Financial Institutions, and Professional
DoLIR            Department of Labor and Industrial Relations
DHE              Department of Higher Education
DHHS             Department of Health and Human Services
DHS              Department of Homeland Security
DHSS             Department of Health and Senior Services
DHT              Day Habilitation Treatment
DIS              Drug Inventory System
DMDA             Depressive/Manic Depressive Association
DME              Durable Medical Equipment
DMH              Department of Mental Health
DNR              Department of Natural Resources
DNR              Do Not Resuscitate
DOC              Department of Corrections
DOJ              Department of Justice
DOR              Department of Revenue
DOR              Department Operating Regulations (DMH)
DPS              Department of Public Safety
DSM              Diagnostic and Statistical Manual
DSN              Data Source Name
DSS              Department of Social Services
DTAC             Disaster Technical Assistance Center (federally supported TA Center for
                 Disaster Mental Health, funded by CMHS)
DUI              Driving Under the Influence
DDTC             Developmental Disabilities Treatment Center, St. Louis
DW               Data Warehouse
DWI              Driving While Intoxicated
DYS             Division of Youth Services (within the Department of Social Services)


April 2009                                                                                 5
E&E             Expense and Equipment
EA              Environmental Assessment
EAP             Employee Assistance Program
EAS             Emergency Alert System
ECA             Epidemiological Catchment Area
ECT             Electroconvulsive Therapy
ED              Emotional Disturbance
EDW             Enterprise Data Warehouse
EEO             Equal Employment Opportunity
EEOC            Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
EHI             Electronic Health Information
EHR             Electronic Health Record
EIS             Executive Information Systems
EMI             Emergency Management Institute
EMR             Electronic Medical Record
EC              Early Childhood
EBP             Evidence Based Practices
EMS             Emergency Medical Services
EMT             Emergency Medical Technician
EMTALA          Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act
EOC             Emergency Operation Center
EPA             Environmental Protection Agency
EPI             Early Psychological Intervention
EPSDT           Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment
ER              Emergency Room
ERC             Employee Relations Committee (within DMH Central Office)
ERG             Emergency Response Group
ERT             Emergency Response Team

FACT            Family and Community Trust (formerly known as Family Investment
FAS             Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
FBI             Federal Bureau of Investigation
FDA             Food and Drug Administration
FEMA            Federal Emergency Management Agency

April 2009                                                                        6
FF              Federal Funds
FIS             Family and Individual Support
FIS             Financial Information System
FQHC            Federally Qualified Health Center
FRP             Federal Response Plan
FSE             Full Scale Exercise
FSH             Fulton State Hospital
FSLP            Family Support Loan Program
FTE             Full Time Equivalent (relates to full time employees)
FTP             File Transfer Protocol
FFY             Federal Fiscal Year
FY              Fiscal Year

GAF             Global Assessment Functioning
GBMI            Guilty, But Mentally Ill
GC              General Counsel
GH              Group Home
GIS             General Inventory System
GO              Governor’s Office
GR              General Revenue
GRRF            General Revenue Reimbursement Fund

Hazmat          Hazardous Materials
HB              House Bill
HC              Habilitation Center
HCBS            Home and Community-Based Services
HCFA            Health Care Financing Administration
HCO             Health Care Organization
HCPH            Hawthorn Children’s Psychiatric Hospital
HCS             House Committee Substitute
HCY             Healthy Children and Youth
HHC             Higginsville Habilitation Center
HHS             Health and Human Services

April 2009                                                              7
HIMD            Health Information Management Department
HIPAA           Health Insurance Portability and Accountability
HJR             House Joint Resolution
HMO             Health Maintenance Organization
HRO             Hannibal Regional Office
HRSA            Health Resources and Services Administration
HS              House Substitute
HS              Human Services
HSAS            Homeland Security Advisory System
HUD             Housing and Urban Development

IAPSRS          International Association of Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services
ICD-9           International Classification of Diseases 9th Revision
ICE             In Case of Emergency
ICF             Intermediate Care Facility
ICF-MR          Intermediate Care Facility for the Mentally Retarded
ICP             Incident Command Post
ICS             Incident and Command System
IDEA            Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
IEP             Individual Education Plan
IFB             Invitation for Bid
IFG             Individual and Family Grant Program
IFSB            Individualized Family Service Plan
iiTS            Incident and Investigation Tracking System
IPC             Individual Plan of Care
IRCT            Incident Response Coordination Team
IRA             Integrated Risk Assessment
IRB             Internal Review Board
IRP             Individual Rehabilitation Plan
ISG             Immediate Services Grant (FEMA program available after a
                disaster/weather related event)
ISL             Individual Supported Living
IST             Incompetent to Stand Trial
ITAA            Information Technology Association of America
ITAB            Information Technology Advisory Board

April 2009                                                                          8
ITAG            Information Technology Advisory Group
ITP             Individual Treatment Plan
ITSD            Information Technology Services Division
IU              Investigations Unit

JCAHO           Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations
JRO             Joplin Regional Office

KCRO            Kansas City Regional Office
KiRO            Kirksville Regional Office

LOC             Level of Care
LPC             Licensed Professional Counselor
LPHA            Local Public Health Authority
LRE             Least Restrictive Environment
LTC             Long Term Care

MAADAP          MO Association of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Programs
MAAP            MO Adolescent Addiction Providers
MABSS           MO Adaptive Behavior Scoring System
MACDDS          MO Association of County Developmental Disabilities Services
MADD            Mother’s Against Drunk Driving
MAPP            MO Association of Public Purchasing
MARC            Mid-America Regional Council (KC Region)
MAT             Medication Assisted Treatment
MAW             MO Addiction Treatment for Women and Children
MCDHH           MO Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
MCE             Mass Casualty Event
MDT             Multi-Disciplinary Team
MEIS            Medicaid Eligibility Information System

April 2009                                                                       9
MEPA         MO Emergency Preparedness Association
MERC         MO Emergency Response Commission
MERGIS       MO Emergency Response Geographic Information System (DHSS
MERIS        MO Emergency Response Information System
MFP          Money Follows the Person Grant (Division of DD)
MHA          Mental Health Association
MHA          MO Hospital Association
MHAD         Mental Health Awareness Day
MHB          Mental Health Board
MHC          Marshall Habilitation Center
MHC          Mental Health Center
MHC          Mental Health Commission
MHCBW        MO Home and Community Based Waiver (Division of DD)
MHEF         Mental Health Earnings Fund
MHFA         Mental Health First Aide
MHP          Mental Health Professional
MHS          Mental Health Services
MHSIP        Mental Health Statistics Improvement Program
MHT          Mental Health Team
MHTF         Mental Health Trust Fund
MI           Mental Illness / Mentally Ill
MICA         Mentally Ill Chemical Abuser
MIMH         MO Institute of Mental Health
MMHF         MO Mental Health Foundation
MMMHC        Mid-MO Mental Health Center
MO P&A       MO Protection and Advocacy
MOA          Memorandum of Agreement
MOACT        MO Association of Community Task Forces
MOAIDD       MO Advocates for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities
MoALPHA      MO Association of Local Public Health Authorities
MO-ANCOR     MO American Network of Community Options & Resources
MOANG        MO Army National Guard
MOASPRS      MO Association of State Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services
MO AT        MO Assistive Technology
MoCDS        MO College of Direct Supports
MoDOT        MO Department of Transportation

April 2009                                                                  10
MONA            MO Nurses Association
MORENet         MO Research & Education Networks
MOSERS          MO State Employees Retirement System
MOSOTC          MO Sexual Offender Treatment Center
MOTEC           MO Technical Training & Education Center
MOU             Memorandum of Understanding
MoVOAD          MO Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster
MPC             Metropolitan St. Louis Psychiatric Center
MPC             MO Planning Council (Division of DD)
MPCA            MO Primary Care Association
MRDD            Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities
MRDDIS          MRDD Information System
MRN             MO Recovery Network
MRP             MO Re-entry Process (Department of Corrections Program)
MSAS            MO Services Authorization System
MSE             Mental Status Exam
MSHP            MO State Highway Patrol
MW              Medicaid Waiver
MYAA            Missouri’s Youth/Adult Alliance

NAD             National Association of the Deaf
NADDC           National Association of Developmental Disabilities Councils
NAFS            Non-Appropriated Fund System
NAMI            National Alliance for the Mentally Ill
NASADAD         National Association of State Alcohol and Drug Abuse Directors
NASDDDS         National Association of State Directors of Developmental Disabilities
NASMHPD         National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors
NCTSN           National Child Traumatic Stress Network
NEMT            Non-Emergency Medical Transportation
NF              Nursing Facility
NFIP            National Flood Insurance Program
NGA             Notice of Grant Award
NGRI            Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity
NHC             Nevada Habilitation Center

April 2009                                                                              11
NHR             Nursing Home Reform
NIAAAA          National Institute of Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse
NIDA            National Institute on Drug Abuse
NIMH            National Institute of Mental Health
NIMS            National Incident Management System
NMPRC           Northwest MO Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center
NOC             Network of Care
NOD             National Organization on Disability
NOGA            Notice of Grant Award
NOMs            National Outcome Measures
NOVA            National Organization Victims Assistance
NOVAD           National Organization of Volunteers Active in Disaster
NPN             National Prevention Network
NRF             National Response Framework
NVOAD           National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters

OA              Office of Administration
OCCMH           Office of Comprehensive Child Mental Health
OCD             Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
OCR             Office of Civil Rights
ODD             Oppositional Defiant Disorder
OPA             Office of Public Affairs
OSCA            Office of State Courts Administrator
OT              Occupational Therapy
OTP             Opioid Treatment Programs

PA              Psychiatric Aide
PAB             Personnel Advisory Board
PACT            Psychiatric Acute Care Transformation
PC              Personal Care
PCCM            Primary Care Case Management
PCP             Person Centered Plan (Planning)
PCP             Primary Care Physician or Provider

April 2009                                                               12
PERforM         Productivity, Excellence and Results for Missouri (State Employee
                Performance Appraisal System)
PGH             Psychiatric Group Home
PHS             Public Health Service
PIC             Personal Independence Commission
PIO             Public Information Officer
PL              Public Law
PO              Personnel Officer
PO              Project Officer
POP             Point of Purchase
POS             Point of Service
PRC             Professional Review Committee
PRO             Poplar Bluff Regional Office
PRT             Pandemic Response Team
PS              Personal Services
PSA             Public Service Announcement
PSC             Program Support Center
PSR             Professional Standards Review
PSR             Psychosocial Rehabilitation
PTD             Permanently and Totally Disabled
PTSD            Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

QA              Quality Assurance
QC              Quality Control
QDDP            Qualified Developmental Disabilities Professional
QI              Quality Improvement
QMHP            Qualified Mental Health Professional
QSR             Quality Services Review
QT              Quality Treatment

RAC             Regional DD Advisory Council
RADAR           Regional Alcohol and Drug Awareness Resource
RCCI            Residential Child Care Institution
RCF             Residential Care Facility
April 2009                                                                          13
READI Team       REadiness And DIsaster Support Team (DMH)
REC              Regional Emergency Coordinator
REO              Regional Executive Officer (DMH)
RID              Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf
RFI              Request for Information
RFP              Request for Proposal
RHA              Regional Health Administrator
RHC              Rural Health Clinic
RP               Real Property
RPC              Regional Planning Council
RRCC             Regional Response Coordination Center
RRO              Rolla Regional Office
RSC              Regional Support Centers
RSMo             Revised Statutes of Missouri
RSP              Regular Services Program (relates to the FEMA Crisis Counseling
RTC              Residential Treatment Center

SA               Security Aide
SA               Self Advocate
SA               Service Area
SA               Substance Abuse
SAC              State Advisory Council
SAG              Stakeholders Advisory Group (DMH Children’s Services)
SAM II           Statewide Advantage for Missouri
SAMHSA           Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
SARS             Sudden Acute Respiratory Syndrome
SATOP            Substance Abuse Traffic Offender Program
SB 40 or         A board that administers county property tax funds for services to the
SB 40 Board      developmentally disabled
SB               Senate Bill
SBA              Small Business Administration
SBIRT            Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment
SCHIP            State Children’s Health Insurance Program
SCL              Supported Community Living

April 2009                                                                                14
SCO          State Coordinating Officer
SCS          Senate Committee Substitute
SDC          State Data Center
SDS          Self Directed Supports or Self Directed Services
SED          Seriously Emotionally Disturbed
SEIU         Service Employee International Union
SEMA         State Emergency Management Agency
SEMMHC       Southeast MO Mental Health Center
SEMORS       Southeast MO Residential Services
SEMS         Standardized Emergency Management System
SEOC         State Emergency Operations Center
SEOP         State Emergency Operations Plan
SERT         State Emergency Response Team (Highway Patrol SWAT Team)
SETAG        State Emergency Training Advisory Group
SFY          State Fiscal Year
SIOC         Strategic Information and Operations Center
SiRO         Sikeston Regional Office
SIS          Supports Intensity Scale
SIT REP      Situation Report
SJR          Senate Joint Resolution
SLDDTC       St. Louis Developmental Disabilities Treatment Center
SLPRC        St. Louis Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center
SMHA         State Mental Health Authority
SMT          Standard Means Test
SNF          Skilled Nursing Facility
SNP          Special Needs Population
SNS          Strategic National Stockpile
SOC          State Operations Center
SOC          System of Care
SOG          Standard Operating Guidelines
SOMMS        State Outcomes Measurement and Management System
SOP          Standard Operating Procedure
SOTA         State Opioid Treatment Authority
SPF SIG      State Prevention Framework State Incentive Grant
SPIRIT       School-based Prevention Intervention and Resource Initiative
SQL          Structured Query Language

April 2009                                                                  15
SLRO            St. Louis Regional Office
SpRO            Springfield Regional Office
SSA             Single State Authority
SSA             Social Security Administration
SSDI            Social Security Disability Income
SSI             Social Security Income
SSL             Secure Sockets Layer
SSOP            Standard System of Psychiatry
ST              Speech Therapy
STI             Spring Training Institute
STRC            Statewide Training and Resource Center
SVP             Sexually Violent Predator
SWMPRC          Southwest MO Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center

TA              Technical Assistance
TANF            Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
TBI             Traumatic Brain Injury
TCM             Targeted Case Management
TL              Transitional Living
TWG             Transformation Working Group

UAP             University Affiliated Program
UCPA            United Cerebral Palsy Association
UN              Unmet Need
USDA            United States Department of Agriculture
USGS            United States Governmental Services

VA              Veterans Administration
VIS             Vendor Inventory System
VOAD            Voluntary Organizations Active In Disasters
VR              Vocational Rehabilitation

April 2009                                                        16

WIP             Weekend Intervention Program
WMD             Weapons of Mass Destruction
WMMHC           Western MO Mental Health Center


Y-CIP           Youth Clinical Intervention Program
YCP             Youth Community Placement


April 2009                                                        17