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									Health and Human Services Department
Mental Health Commission
                                Berkeley/Albany Mental Health Commission

Berkeley Mental Health Clinic                                                                   Regular Meeting
2640 Martin Luther King Jr. Way                                                      January 24, 2008 – 5:00 pm

Commissioners Present: Paul Clermont, Michael Diehl, Luvenia Jones, Allan Maris, Regina
Simpkins (arrived late)

Commissioners Absent: Darryl Moore, and Linda Smith

Staff Present: Harvey Tureck, Carol Patterson

Public Present: Kim Nemirow, Howard King
5:12    1. Call to Order
        A. Action Item: Approval of the Agenda and December minutes
            M/S/C (Diehl, Jones) Move to approve the agenda
            Ayes: Unanimous, Absent: Moore, Simpkins (arrived after vote) and Smith

            M/S/C (Diehl, Maris) Approve the minutes with the following corrections:
            On page 4 of (packet) 6B Correct the second sentence such that one time funds are
            available to all MH systems due to surpluses. Strike the third sentence.
            Ayes: Unanimous, Absent: Moore, Simpkins, Smith

        B. Public Comment
           “Ms. Nemirow introduced herself as an applicant to the commission.
        C. Announcements
           Commissioner Clermont announced he is the CQIC/MHC liaison and that the CQIC
           (Continuous Quality Improvement Committee) has been looking at progress scales including
           the Milestones of Recovery Scale used at The Village. He thinks that BMH is moving toward a
           culture of personal growth. He is suggesting that a CQIC report should be added as a standing
           agenda item.
           Ms. Patterson announced the CALMHB/C training on April 11 and 12. If Commissioners want
           to attend, they need to complete the application form and return it to her as soon as possible.
           Commissioner Diehl announced there will be a Civil Rights and Open Government Public
           Forum on January 26, 12-2 pm at 1730 Oregon St.

        D. Rides were arranged.

5:30    2. Chair’s Report
        A. Revitalizing Recruitment & Selection Committee
           There is an applicant who has met with one Commissioner and needs to meet with the
           Committee. Commissioner Diehl is trying to schedule another meeting.
           Ms. Nemirow is also an applicant and committee requested that she attend this and the next
           meeting to see if she has the forebearance for the meetings.

                1947 Center Street, Berkeley, CA 94704 Tel: 510.981-5270   Fax: 510.981-5235   TDD: 510.981-6903
          We now have a brochure and flyer and have discussed criteria for recruitment – cultural
          diversity, age diversity. We need to get the word out that we’d like applicants, but it’s important
          to strategically outreach in order to achieve broader commission diversity.
          In addition to BMH staff we might also contact high schools, Asian Community Mental Health
          Services, the shelters, Berkeley Youth alternatives, NAMI, the TAY TIP team, Terry Kalahar
          and Judy Izzo at the Senior Centers. The Chair asked everyone to outreach to people who are
          in our list of targeted groups. A map of Berkeley services might be useful for outreach.
          Next meeting: 2/8/08 10-12 Noon

       B. Retreat Summary - Discussion of previous year’s goals
          The Commission walked through the Retreat Summary. They noted that there has been better
          communication with BMH staff. Commissioner Diehl will call Councilmember Moore to
          encourage him to come to the next meeting. We will wait until we have more members before
          having our next retreat so that new members can benefit from the training component of the

       C. Preparation of Annual Report to Council
          Commissioners Maris and Simpkins will form a subcommittee along with Howard King to work
          on developing the report. The first meeting will be 3:15 pm on February 12 in the Deodar cedar
          Room at 1947 Center St. on the 3rd Floor.

6:20   3. Old Business
       A. CIT Task Force Update
          Captain Miller from the Berkeley Police Department and other new people attended the last
          meeting. At the next meeting (2/4/08 at 3;30 pm in the Deodar Cedar Room on the 3rd floor at
          1947 Center St) there will be more information from existing curricula. Important to the
          Commission is defining whether the Task Force is a Subcommittee of the Commission. The
          group will also need to clarify who is sitting on the Task Force. At the next Commission
          meeting we’ll talk about the issue of the Task Force as a Subcommittee of the Commission.

       B. Public Commons for Everyone Initiative (PCEI) Update
          One of the results of the PCEI is the distance that smoking is banned increased around
          Berkeley Mental Health to 50 ft from doors and operating windows. It’s also extended to many
          entire streets in commercial areas and all parks. PCEI does provide outreach and engagement
          to homeless to help them get into services and housing. Those services will be modeled after
          the AB2034 program and the Coach (Shelter Plus Care) program. There will be an RFP
          process for a provider of the support services. They are hoping to get this started before the
          parking revenues begin to come in. PCEI also creates an outreach position at Berkeley Mental
          Health by as early as April. Informal reports are that enforcement hasn’t begun, bathroom
          hours appear to have been extended but there has not been any increase in signage.

       C. Possible Action Item: Proposal to allow a Berkeley seat on the MH Commission to be filled by
          an Albany resident when the 2 Albany seats are already filled
          Ms. Patterson stated that she and Mr. Tureck had met with Deputy City Attorney Kristy
          Vanherick and she made 4 points: 1) there is a need to clarify how Albany came to be served
          by Berkeley Mental Health and whether there was a Joint Powers agreement; 2) the concept
          of a floating seat (between Special and General Interest) that could be an Albany or Berkeley
          seat is not practical in terms of implementation; 3) Having a designated seat (General Public
          Interest) that could be either an Albany or a Berkeley seat might be possible; and 4) we will be
          amending the resolution that created the current Commission and the Commission will review
          those changes at a future meeting before submitting to Council

6:50   5. New Business
       A. Action Item – Reappointment of Commissioners Dixon and King
          M/S/C (Diehl, Simpkins) Reappoint Nadine Dixon and Howard King to the Commission.
          Ayes: Unanimous, Absent: Moore, Smith

       B. Possible Action Item – Nomination of new Commissioners
          Not at this time.

6:52   6. Director’s Report
       A. Passing of Dr. Graber:
          There will be a Remembrance Gathering on February 6 from Noon to 2:00 pm at the Clinic.

       B. Update on Adult Clinic Restructuring:
          Mr. Tureck detailed the beginning of the ACT team, which signaled a change from one-to-one
          therapy in an interview room to team-based intensive case management services. The current
          restructuring will result in 2 teams that are similar to ACT and then a larger team to provide
          crisis and specialized services. The intent is to improve access to services
          Commissioner Simpkins suggested that perhaps more WRAP and Pathways to Recovery tools
          could be incorporated at this time.
          Commissioner Jones said we need resources to involve consumers in the community and
          supports for transitions.

       C. MHSA Update
          The MHSA “one time” funds will be used primarily to help transition and close the AB2034
          program. We have developed a plan to use these funds and it will be posted on the City of
          Berkeley website. There will be a 30 day public comment period. Staff won’t be laid off but
          moved into vacant positions as services are phased out. The MHSA Steering Committee
          hasn’t started Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI) and Workforce Education and Training
          (WET) planning. The Steering Committee needs to be expanded to include stakeholders who
          have expertise in these two areas. Alameda County is moving ahead with their planning in
          both categories and is doing a good job on it. There have been consumers involved in all
          aspects of the MHSA planning through the Pool of Consumer Champions (POCC). There is
          hope that the POCC will have an orientation in Berkeley.

       D. AB2034 Update
          We are waiting for a response from the Governor regarding the lawsuit about cutting these
          funds. About 30 of the 92 enrolled AB2034 clients continue to receive “wraparound” services
          from the intensive case management teams. The balance of AB2034 clients continue to receive
          mental health services but have been moved to a lower level of care based on their stability
          and lack of need for housing subsidies and other supports.

       E. State Budget Update
          The State budget cuts are huge and it is anticipated the State budget might be a delayed until
          the Fall. There are proposals to eliminate the COLA for SSI and to cut Medi-Cal rates, which
          will reduce BMH funding by $60K - $100k on top of the $1 million AB2034 cut.

       F. Adult Clinic Repairs Update
          The contractor has been identified and repairs are supposed to start in 3 weeks. The cold
          auditorium is because the furnace was shut down due to the fires.
7:25   8. Liaison Reports
       A. Berkeley City Council Liaison – none
       B. Homeless Commission – Commissioner Diehl reported that Terry Kallahar is working with
          elderly homeless persons and Amy Davidson reported about the MHSA Housing program.
          There may be someone on the Homeless Commission interested in the CIT.

7:30   9. Adjournment

Contact person: Carol Patterson, 981-5217 /

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