Virgin Atlantic Fares and Ticketing (VA Level 2)

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            Virgin Atlantic Fares and Ticketing (VA Level 2)

Objectives                                                 What will I learn on this course?

The Guild of Business Travel Agents and Virgin
Atlantic have joined forces to offer this new IATA         At the end of this course you will be able to:
accredited approved fares and ticketing course. This
qualification is recognized in the travel industry               Work confidently with neutral units of con-
worldwide and is designed to give you a comprehen-               struction to calculate multi-sector airfares,
sive understanding of fare construction principles,              taking into account the mileage system,
enabling you to calculate complex fares with confi-
dence. Possession of this qualification can lead to
                                                                 higher intermediate fares and minimum
exciting opportunities and employment with any ma-               fare check rules.
jor airline or travel agency.
                                                                 Interpret both linear (automated) and lad-
                                                                 der (manual) fare calculation formats.
Who is the course for?
This course is suitable for anyone who is al-                    Calculate mixed-class fares.
ready working within the industry, for those
wishing to return to travel work or those looking                Construct fares for complex routings con-
for a change in career.                                          taining fares with surface sectors and side

Qualification achieved                                           Interpret and apply special fares rules
                                                                 multi-sector routings and open jaw con-
Virgin Atlantic/GBTA Certificate Level 2                         structions.
and 20 IATA Points.
                                                                 Issue conjunction tickets for normal and
Where and when does it take place?                               special fares to IATA standards.

          Time:     7:00pm– 9:00pm                               Understand the basic procedures for
                                                                 endorsements, revalidation, re-issues and
                    Tuesday/Thursday                             refunds.

    Start Date:     Jan 2008

      Duration:     15 weeks                               Other Information
                    College of North West London,          Please note:
                    Crescent House,
      Location:     140 Wembley Park Drive,
                    London HA9 0AD

 Date of Exam:      End of course exam

How much does the course cost?

£490.00(inc examination fee).

How do I enrol?
Please complete the registration form and return with
full payment to
                                     Feraline Whyte
                      College of North West London
                                     Crescent House
                            140 Wembley Park Drive
                                            HA9 0AD
                                 Tel: 020 8208 5276
                                Fax: 020 8208 5279
 Confirmation and full joining instructions will be sent
    following receipt of registration and payment.
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