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                                                                                  15 Mar 07

                                  INFORMATION PAPER

SUBJECT: USARPAC Mental Health Offices

1. Purpose. To provide an overview of USARPAC Mental Health Offices.

2. Points of major interest and facts.

  a. Soldier and Family Assistance Center, Hawaii: SAFAC is designed to provide
mental health assistance to redeploying Soldiers and their families. Trained professionals
will provide access to tailored assistance programs based on the needs of the individual.
The services provided at SAFAS include: Soldier Assistance, Adult Family Member
Assistance, Marriage and Family Counseling, Child/Adolescent Assistance, Substance
Abuse Program, Group Therapy, Chaplain Assistance, and Social Work. The Soldier and
Family Assistance Center (SAFAC) is located at Schofield Barracks and is open 24
hours/7 days a week. Telephone: (808)655-6600 or (808)433-8130.

   b. Ft. Richardson Mental Health Office, Alaska: The Army is committed to
preventing the consequences of mental illness, suicidal/homicidal ideas and behaviors,
child abuse/neglect, and spouse abuse among its Soldiers and family members. The Fort
Richardson Community Mental Health Service, Family Advocacy/Social Work Service
(CMHS, FAP/SWS) mission is to meet and support the mental health and emotional needs
of Soldiers. Referrals are given to those who exhibit signs of Mental Health or emotional
difficulties. Confidentiality is maintained by all CMHS/Staff, however, there are limits to
this confidentiality if the issue at hand may present a danger to oneself or others, children,
or spouse. If a Soldier is referred by their Command, communication may be made
regarding the Soldiers' progress and status. No information is released to third parties
without the Soldier's written authorization and consent. In order to get better, Soldiers must
be willing participants in changing their lives, attitudes, behaviors, and emotional
responses. Office hours are 0800 Hrs, Mon-Fri, at 384-0405. Walk-ins are seen in the
Clinic, but a waiting period may or may not be involved. If the Soldier is experiencing and
emergency after duty hours, a call may be made to Elmendorf AFB for emergency room
services. Telephone: (907)384-0405.

  c. Ft. Wainwright Mental Health Office, Alaska: The professional staff includes
social workers, mental health counselors, marriage and family therapists, alcohol and drug
abuse counselors, psychologists and psychiatrists. A wide variety of mental health
services are offered such as counseling for substance abuse, domestic violence,
deployment stress, marriage and family problems, and other mental health issues.
Individuals may be referred by command, their primary care physician or may self refer.
Community Mental Health Services is located at Bldg 1064 Apple Street, Fort Wainwright.
 The hours of operation are Monday through Friday 0730-1630. Both appointments and
walk in services are available. After hours, an on call worker can be reached at 353-9418
(pager). Telephone: (907)353-6059.
   d. Camp Zama Mental Health Office, Japan: Mental Health Services provide
outpatient mental health services to active duty and retired Soldiers, as well as their
dependants. Civilian personnel are allowed to be seen, but they will be charged for
services. They may seek compensation through their healthcare insurance. Patients may
attend individual, group, couples, and family psychotherapy for the treatment of mental
health concerns. All psychological treatment is done on an outpatient basis. If needed,
medication referrals can be made from the Behavioral Health Clinic to MEDDAC-J for the
treatment of mental health conditions. Severe psychiatric services are beyond the scope
of BHS capabilities are referred to neighboring services with the U.S. Air Force, Navy, or
Tripler Army Medical Center, Hawaii. Telephone: DSN (315)263-4610

   e. Torii Station Life Skills Office, Japan: The following services are provided: stress
management, life skills topics, suicide prevention, and violence awareness education,
deployment decompression, adult and child psychiatric services, medication management,
and individual and group counseling services. Clinic providers specialize in the disciplines
of psychiatry, psychology, clinical social work and substance abuse counseling. They have
considerable experience and expertise in dealing with issues and problems that effect
one’s emotional and behavioral well being. The hours of operation are 0730-1630,
Monday through Friday. An evaluation can be made available by calling DSN (315) 634-

                                                   CPT Emily Wnuk/(808)438-2459