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									Virgin Atlantic
Red Hot Talks
This year Virgin Atlantic is celebrating their 25th anniversary. It all started back in
June 1984 with a single aircraft flying from London to Newark, New York. 25
years later they now fly to over 30 of the world’s top destinations with one of the
youngest fleets in the skies. Design and product innovation are at the core of the
Virgin Atlantic brand and over the last 25 years they have pushed the boundaries
to ensure that their passengers have the best possible experience. Some of the
many innovations include the very first seat back TV in all classes of travel with
the latest movies and TV programmes. More recently there have been a number
of multi award-winning projects including the Upper Class seat with a
revolutionary herringbone shape to maximize personal space and a seat that flips
from a leather chair to soft mattress for the perfect nights sleep.

Come along and see 25 top agencies take part in a Pecha Kucha style event.
Pecha Kucha is a presentation format in which content can be easily, efficiently
and informally shown. Each speaker has a maximum of 25 slides and is only
allowed to speak for 25 seconds per slide. It will be fast paced and exciting and
presenters have a little over 10 minutes to complete their entire presentation.
The talks are split into three sessions and the following companies/agencies will
be taking part.
 Time         Name                           Company
Session 1
11:00         Joe Ferry                      Virgin Atlantic
11:15         Mike Curtis                    Start Creative
11:27         TBC
11:39         Patrick Hegarty                W1 Studio
11:51         Oliver King                    Engine Group
12:03         Patrick Hunt & Jim Fullove     Therrefore
12:15         Alex Maclean                   Airside
12:28         William Welch                  Studio William Welch
12:41         Kate Ancketill                 GDR

Session 2
14:00         Nick Green                     Core Design
14:12         Gary Doy                       Design Q
14:24         Brian                          Universal
14:36         Adam Scott                     Nokia
14:48         David Gadd                     Virgin Atlantic
15:00         Oliver Salway                  Softroom
15:12       Hillary Clarke           8inc

Session 3
16:00       Bruce Duckworth          Turner Duckworth
16:12        TBC
16:24       Antoinette Nassopoulus   Fosters and Partners
16:36       Nigel Goode & Paul       Priestman Goode
16:48       Ben Johnson & Adam       Freestate
17:00       Jez Gardner & Mat Hall   designworks
17:12       Lorenzo Apicella         Pentagram
17:24       Tim Kobe                 8inc
17:36       Luke Pearson             Pearson Lloyd

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