Medium term scheme of work Year 9 by kpc16389


									Medium term scheme of work: Year 9

Topic 1: Industrial expansion and changing society . Britain 1750 – 1900 – 17 weeks

 Subject content         Learning               Curricular links      Resources
 Britain in 1750         Establish a            Technology            Folens
 Reasons for rapid       framework for the
 population growth       topic                  Geography             Longman
                         Pupils work on                               Thinking History
                         explanations of the
                         factors responsible
                         for population
 Growth of cities        Use a “history         Geo                   Folens
 Contrasts with the      mystery” – Tom
 countryside             Carter/ FOLENS                               Digging Deeper
 Poor living conditions           Explore the   English – Victorian   Dickens “Hard
 in Manchester and       rural world of 1750    writers, Dickens      Times” film and
 London                  Revise sources                               book
                         skills –
                         interpretation and
                         information about 2
 Case study – changes Gain insight into         Technology            F
 in the wool industry    the changes
                         resulting from         Science               Power point
 The impact of new       industrialization                            presentation and
 inventions/technologies and the growth of                            work pack
     1. The importance Start to develop a       Debating society      F
         of Abraham      “who’s who?” for
         Darby – Iron    18th and 19th
     2. Salt and         century people of
         Saltaire –      importance
         thinking        Balloon debate
     3. Links between
         iron, coal,     Stand alone
         trade, working  exercises from
         conditions      Folens
Assessment –            Change/Industry
Colonialism and         Understand how           1. IGCSE topic      Film club –
slavery                 and why Britain             USA the          Amistad
                        gained an empire            road to
                                                    affluence        Thinking History
                        Follow the
                        emergence of the         2. Abolition of
                        slave trade and             slavery day
                        understand its              in school
                        implications                TG

                        Create information
                        booklet targeted for
                        Year 6
Crime in Victorian      Solve a mystery by Edecel GCSE               Film – From
Britain                 cross referencing of coursework              Hell
                        sources and
Jack the Ripper         understanding the    See separate SOW
                        Victorian London

Democracy,               Understanding        Citizenship
Parliament and          government
                        Looking at the
Trade Unions            different forms of
                        government in
Women and the Vote      students’ home

Review and unit test

Topic 2: The World in 1900 – 15 weeks

Review comparison      Think about last      Empirical             Topic 1
between 1750 and       topic                 measurement
                       Raise awareness of
                       rates of change and
                       nature of change

                       Remember how to
                        measure change
World tension and       Broaden the topic 1
empires                 perspective

                        Shanghai during the
                        concession era –
                        visit Pearl Tower

Background to                                 IGCSE topic 1   See W
World War 1                                                   W1 SOW
                                              Science – gas
                                              Music – WW1
Different styles and                          Politics        Film – Dr Zhivago
systems of              Understand the
government              principles of these   IGCSE           SOW Nazi
    1. Communist        two political         International   Germany
       dictatorship     ideologies            Relations
    2. Fascist                                                SOW The Rise and
       dictatorship     2 investigations/                     Fall of
                        case studies                          Communism

                                                              Schindler’s List


Post world war          Students produce                      “13 Days”
issues                  an independent
                        piece of work as
                        their investigative
                        forming 30% of the
                        end of year exam
Topic revision
School end of year
Feedback and review
Reading list for Year
Subtopic: Crime and punishment in Victorian Britain.
Investigation into Jack the Ripper murders. 1 box= 1 lesson

Subject content Learning                       Curricular             Resources
                objectives                     links

                                               Key words
Crime in Victorian     Pupils learn about      Citizenship            Folens p.56 and 57
London                 the norms of crime                             Crime watch 1800
                       and punishment.         Constable
                       Answer structured       Night watchman         Q. 1-4 work
                       questions about real    Capital crime
                       crimes and the
                       treatment of
The development of     Learn about the                                Timeline :Victorian
the British police     creation of the                                crime and policing
force. Who caught      Metropolitan police                            KS4 Crime and
the Victorian          force. Understand                              punishment folder
villains?              improvements by
                       making comparisons                             Folens p. 58 and 59
                       from L1.
                                                                      Met Police:
                       Draw a timeline                                interactive
                                                                      whiteboard diagram
                       Create a full profile                          for pupils to label
                       for the ideal Met
London and             Use texts and bullet    Geography              Dickens’ map of
Whitechapel: social,   point check-list.                              London
geographical and       “Whitechapel,           Cities and contrasts
economic               setting for the                                KS4: Crime and
framework              Ripper murders:         Prevailing winds       Punishment folder
                       what was the
                       character of the                               Two faces of
                        area?                                     London - texts

Introduction to the     Pupils make            Workhouse          KS4 , Crime and
Ripper victims          connections            Lodging house      Punishment file:
                        between the victims    Domestic service   The victims
                        and the Whitechapel    Prostitution       Powerpoint
                        context.               Immigrant
                                               Dockland           Folens p62 and 63
                        Gain further           Strangulation
                        knowledge from the     Garrotting         Internet for pictures
                        PP presentation                           of victims to go on
                        Produce their own
                        victim profiles with                      The Victims: tasks
                        imported pictures,

Assess the              Answer two             Sociology          The Victims KS4
similarities of the     questions – provide
victims and             a developed                               Teacher timeline
understand why          explanation, using
they might have         relevant evidence.                        Folens p.62 and 63
turned to               Q.1 What
prostitution            background, and                           Crime map p. 64
                        personal                                  (give enlarged copy)
Prepare for the         circumstances did
investigation with      the victims share?
the timeline            Q.2 Why did each
                        one turn to

                        Draw timeline
                        showing dates of
                        murders and letters
                        received from
                        possible killer
Think about the         Pupils all study the                      Folens p.62
difficulties faced by   “Dear Boss” letter
the police in           and look at the
tackling these          implications of such                      KS3 file: letters
crimes                  evidence by
                        answering questions

                        In a group, analyse
                        other letters and
                      present analysis for
                      plenary. Conclude.
What was the police   Examine the                        Source H p. 64
response to the       methods of the          Art        Folens
Ripper crimes?        police, starting with
                      witness statements.     Graphics   KS4 C and P:
                      Produce a “Wanted”                 “Limitations”
                      poster                             “Ripper
                     Answer questions                    “Police Activity” Q.
                     from “Police                        1,2 and 3
Were the police to   Make a balanced          English    All work
blame for not        judgement using
catching the Ripper? selected evidence

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