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					UAA Recycle Program

     By: Tyler Morris
• The Recycle Program has moved their
  operations from the student government
  (USUAA) to the Sustainability Office
  under the Administrative Services
• What has changed?
• Location of the website
• Direct overview from a staff member
  (UAA Sustainability Director)
• Location of our office/HQ
      What Hasn’t Changed:
• Mixed paper & cardboard recycling is still
  collected by UAA students.

• The e-mail address for the recycle program is

• The program will continue weekly recycle
  pickups on the main campus, and at the
  same locations within the buildings.
    Recycling in Your Building:

•   How does it work?
•   When do we pick up recycling?
•   What if we want another bin?
•   What resources are available?
         How does it work?
• Recycling at UAA is a joint effort between the
  recycle workers and the staff, faculty and
• If staff, faculty and students want to recycle,
  they must put their mixed paper and/or
  cardboard in a blue recycle bin. It might take
  a little effort on their part, but if they are
  willing, it can really make a difference in the
  long run.
        How it works (cont.)
• If an office or department on campus
  recycles, they usually have one large blue
  recycle bin located in a central area (usually
  in the copyroom/mailroom).
• Staff and faculty normally have a box or bin
  that fits under a desk or in their workspace,
  and whenever the box or bin gets full, they
  take it and dump it into the central recycle bin.
• Sometimes it’s close enough to even take
  recycling from their desk or work area directly
  to the central recycle bin.
    How does it work (cont.)
• Finally, for the main on-campus
  buildings, the recycling is collected from
  the central bins by the recycle crew, and
  is handled by us and the recycle center
  from there on out.
        When do we pick up
• Recycling gets collected every Friday (unless
  the campus is closed) for on-campus
• Recycling for off-campus buildings gets
  collected on a weekday, and varies from
  semester to semester depending on class
  and school schedules. For this Spring 09
  semester, recycling for off-campus buildings
  is collected on Wed.
     New office/department
• If you notice that an office/department in
  your building is without easy access to a
  centrally located recycle bin, please
  contact us via e-mail or phone call, and
  we’ll try to deliver a bin within a couple
  of weeks.
                                              Medium size bins
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      Available Resources
• List of central recycle bins in your
• Building maps with bin locations and a
  picture of the bin within it’s general
• Weekly lbs. of mixed paper recycling in
  your building for 07-08 school year
               Bin Locations/Description
Sally Monserud Hall                      Professional Studies Building        Second Floor
                                                                              Journalism Department 201
LRC Computer Lab 111                     First Floor                          2 small bins and 1 larger bin by entry
1 medium bin under main printer          Nurses Break and Storage Room 103M
                                         1 large bin by entryway              Department of English 212
LRC Department                                                                2 small bins in copy room
1 medium bin in front of the main desk   Offices 102 &104 A-J and A-D         1 large bin, and 2 bagit racks in hallways
                                         1 medium bin by hallway copier
Tutor Lab                                                                     College of Education 209
1 medium bin by entryway                 KRUA Office 158                      1 small cardboard box in copy room 209C
                                         1 small bin by entry doorway
                                                                              Office 218
                                         Nursing Computer Lab 146A            1 medium bin by entryway
                                         1 medium bin
                                                                              Computer Lab 218
                                                                              1 medium bin by entryway

                                                                              Breakroom 227
                                                                              1 big bin and 1 medium bin

                                                                              College of Education 234
                                                                              1 medium bin by printer/copier
Building maps and bin pics.

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     Recycle lbs. for each building
          07-08 school year
    4/19/08                                                       4/19/08
Arlis       CAS        Admin      Arts          Eng.           Student U    AHS           SMB            PSB          GHH           RH           ESH
         80        160         10          14              4             33          10             17             30          12             11          17
         80         10         27 Total:                  53             27          20             27             26          24              7 Total:
         35         21         21          14             51             14 Total:                   5             14           7             28          17
         60          8         17                         49             17          30             13             11           2             12
         68         12          9               Total:                   28                         16             13 Total:                  16
         22          9          8                        157             17                         11              7          45             22
         19         11         31                                        19               Total:                   12                         12
         45          7         27                                        21                         89             21                         18
         55         13 Total:                                            15                                         3               Total:
         16         12        150                              Total:                                              26                        126
         15         24                                                  191                                        23
         36 Total:                                                                                                 13
         60        287                                                                                             16
         85                                                                                                        21
         72                                                                                              Total:
Total:                                                                                                            236
        748            Grand Total:                    1356
                                                               Grand Total:                        734