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									                                                          OTTAWA UPDATE

  Liberals & High Gas Prices
OTTAWA – Recently the Liberals have been pretending to be suddenly
concerned about rising gas prices. Such interest is surprising, given that
Liberal Party policy will require gas prices to go significantly HIGHER. In
fact, Liberal leader Stephane Dion said that high gas prices are actually good
for Canada!

The facts:
       According to economists, under the Liberals’ Bill C-288, gas prices
       would rise 60% above today’s prices. Stephane Dion and ALL Liberal
       MPs voted FOR this bill (Division No. 112, February 14, 2007)
       “Stephane Dion said high gas prices are actually
       good for Canada in the medium and long term.”
       (Calgary Herald, August 24, 2005)
       “Michael Ignatieff (Etobicoke-Lakeshore) is calling for a form of
       carbon tax that could push up the price of gasoline and provide
       incentives for Canadians to adopt cleaner fuels.” (National Post,
       September 1, 2006)
       “Consistently high fuel costs is the only way to keep pressure on the
       auto industry to be more innovative and fuel-efficient, Bob Rae told a
       Mississauga, Ont., audience.” (Globe and Mail, October 14, 2006)
       “The worst thing we could do is slash what little we collect because
       then we're not working toward any kind of solution,” says Ajax-
       Pickering MP Mark Holland. “We have to come to grips with reality,”
       he says. "We need to wean ourselves off petroleum. We need to see
       the silver lining in this rather painful situation.” (Toronto Sun,
       September 11, 2005)
       “The days of cheap gas are gone forever, says John Godfrey (Liberal
       MP, Don Valley West). Godfrey suggested that this is a "teachable"
       moment.” (Toronto Star, September 24, 2005)


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