Studying Smartdoc - Studying Smart by maclaren1


									 Be good to yourself.
     o Keep physically and mentally fit and rested.
 Attitude is all-important.
     o Use positive affirmations: "I can pass Science with a good
     o Provide your own psychological edge, be it a positive attitude or
        a "lucky pen."
 Use the internet to look up the material being covered.
  Sometimes websites can make things much more clearer than
 Lean forward and sit up (don’t slouch in your chair)
 Use a variety of study techniques.
     o Use index cards for quick review.
     o Highlight key facts in your notes.
     o Use Mneumonics: Taking the first letter of the terms and
        make up a saying.
     o Remember: frequent review takes facts from short-term
        memory to long-term memory — learning as opposed to
 Study in short bursts.
     o (First and last facts are remembered best; therefore, it will
        accelerate learning.)
 Review notes immediately after class.
     o Even for five minutes.
     o Something magical happens!
 Review your notes out loud.
     o Read your chapters out loud.
 Appearance raises grades.
     o Neatness counts.
     o Computers are a plus.
     o If a handwritten assignment is acceptable, use an erasable pen.
 Don't waste time with constant rereading. Be more active with your
  study methods. Reading the book over and over is not an effective
  study method. Make an outline. Ask yourself what each paragraph is
  trying to say.
 Test teachers before they test you.
     o Ask questions about test questions before the test is near.
     o What material will be covered?
 Become an expert test taker.
 Go with initial hunches.
 Stay with initial hunches.
 Study according to your biological clock.
     o Are you "normal," a night owl, or an early bird?
 Eliminate stress in your life.
 EXERCISE is the best antidote.
 Volunteer to edit a friend's paper.
     o Use it as a learning experience.
 Study smart—not hard!
 Make sure to set an amount of time each day to study. Make a
  time budget.

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