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									    Adobe Acrobat

    Experience a better way to connect people, ideas and information!

      Find out more on the Adobe website! http://www.adobe.com/

           Difference between Adobe Acro-
           bat and Adobe Reader:
           Adobe® Acrobat® and Adobe Reader® software are
           separate products but they are complementary to each

           Adobe Acrobat 9 helps you communicate and work to-
           gether more easily and securely using PDF, the standard
           for electronic document exchange. Create and reliably
           share PDF documents and forms, help protect and con-
           trol sensitive information, safeguard your work, and
           communicate exactly as you intended.
           Adobe Reader is the global standard for viewing PDF                                    ludin
           files. It is the only PDF viewer that can open and inter-                  $24   0 inc
           act with all PDF documents. Use Adobe Reader to                            !!!!!
                                                                                 GST            rder
           view, search, digitally sign, verify, print, and collabo-                    can o t the
                                                                                  You              a
           rate on PDF files.                                                               now
                                                                                  online        ebsit
                                                                                          be w

    Top reasons to buy Acrobat 9 Standard
     Create and reliably share PDF                  Combine content in a single
      documents                                       PDF file
     Help protect your documents                    Enable others to fill in and
                                                      save forms
     Easily review documents                        Sign documents digitally

     Convert paper documents to                     Convert from PDF to Micro-
      PDF files                                       soft Word
     Archive documents and e-                         Contact customer service to get help with:
      mail                                                 Order status        Ph. 1800 614 863
                                                           Upgrades
Want to know more about Adobe and
                                                           Returns
its PDF history???
Check out their cool timeline at:                          Product registration
http://www.adobe.com/pdf/about/history/                    Activate your serial number
                                                       ID / password issues

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