Local Business Marketing And The Known Future

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					Local Business Marketing The Known Future

The Internet has turned into a great local business marketing tool in the past couple of
years. While local businesses have not yet adopted these tools into their marketing
strategies, the technologies are moving forward with or without them. The convergence
of Search, Social Media and Mobile Marketing is bringing business information with
products and services into the hands of the local consumers.

Having had Internet business experience for the past 16 years, I can tell you that this is
probably one of the few times where we can put all the local business marketing puzzle
pieces together and see what marketing tools we have available over the next 2 - 3
years. Let's review each one so we can see how they come together.

             Local Business Listings
             In short these are the interactive yellow pages of the Internet. Interactive
             because as a business owner you can update and manage these listings
             at search engines, social communities, 411 web sites, GPS/Mapping
             websites and basic business directories. They are also interactive
             because consumers can post their experience they had with your
             business, products or services. In order to get started you need to claim,
             update, monitor and manage these listings at multiple local listing
             websites. Don't have the time resources? Don’t worry, there are
             companies that provide local business listing management services.

             Local Business Listing Marketing vs. Data Services
             As a business you will want to seek out companies that provide the
             marketing services. The companies that provide basic data services only
             push your information out, but they do not help you protect your listing
             from being hijacked or for that matter manage your listings for marketing
             purposes with various types of content like coupons, events, QR codes,
             consumer reviews, coupons and citations. The marketing services have a
             higher cost to them than the data services, because the marketing
             services are more effective and do more for your business.

             Consumer Reviews
             This will be the first time that most local businesses dependent upon the
              local consumer for their revenue will need to manage their public relations.
              Consumer Reviews are not just about other consumers seeing the
              information, but too many negative reviews will adversely impact your
              website ranking position in search results. This is no longer about just
              consumers posting their frustrations to a website or blog, but directly into
              your local listing. As a business you will need to closely monitor these
              reviews and also begin to engage customers that have positive
              experiences to post their information as well.

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Local Listing Coupons and Mobile Coupons
The Local business listing gives the business the opportunity of posting their
coupons, offers, and discounts. They are then available for consumers to
find through web searches and through their mobile devices. While this is
not available through all local listing websites or available for free, this is in
no uncertain terms the demise of the traditional coupons.

If you promote your business then you will want to use the Events
promotion tool within Local Business Listings. You can include Specials,
Events, New Products, general News, pretty much any alert you which to
make the local consumers aware of so they can find it through a web
search or a mobile search.

 QR Codes
 These small square bar codes will allow you to program them for consumer
 to scan using their mobile devices. The code will then do whatever is
 programmed to them. For example, a coupon, discount, offer, event,
 website link. You can also use them on business cards, websites,
traditional ads, store window, and much more.

This tends to add a level of complication for most businesses. If you’re
familiar with the idea of inbound links, this is very similar only this time is
not necessarily just about a link, but your company name, address, city,
state, zip, phone and many other aspects that are related to what is known
as HCards to include your longitude and latitude of your business address.
Because this is a combination of marketing and technical expertise you
may wish to get someone to help you with this item.

Websites that are hyperlocal give a local business the opportunity of
highlight targeted advertising and marketing to geography and
demographic. While these websites are not as prominent for this purpose
yet, this will change and needs to be planned for in 2011 and beyond.

Having had Internet business experience for the past 16 years, I can tell you that that
geographic marketing is the direction of our immediate future. Hopefully I was able to
portray to you some of the known components of local business marketing and how this
local business marketing tool can be used to reach the local consumers.

Certainly your time resources are limited and Local Business Listing Management
Services are provided by SmartFinds Internet Marketing. You will find this to be of great
benefit to your time resources and the low cost service may eliminate your yellow page
ad costs. Let the experts of over 15 years Internet marketing experience help you use
this local business marketing tool properly and prevent brand security issues from


Description: Geo-Marketing as a local business marketing tool with local business listings is something a local business cannot ignore. There are several components around local business listings and understanding them sooner rather than later will help a local business dependent upon the local consumer tap into web searches and mobile searches to generate revenue. You cannot expect this to generate a ROI overnight, but rather look at this process over the next 3 years as a new industry around geo-marketing as evolved.
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