Novo Nordisk_ BI tout diabetes awareness month

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Novo Nordisk, BI tout diabetes awareness month
November is Diabetes                                                                                                      diabetes with a contest inviting
Awareness month and manu-                                                                                                 adults with diabetes to submit
facturers in the space, including                                                                                         videos describing life with dia-
boehringer ingelheim and Novo                                                                                             betes through one of the five
Nordisk, are observing it with                                                                                            senses.
educational campaigns.                                                                                                       videos could run up to three
   Novo Nordisk recruited                                                                                                 minutes and “should express cre-
actress olympia Dukakis and                                                                                               ativity and originality, be truthful
her husband, actor Louis Zorich,                                                                                          and convey emotion in a com-
for a diabetes awareness PsA                                                                                              pelling, evocative and personal
debuting in New York City taxis                                                                                           way,” the sponsors said.
next month.                                                                                                                  The contest was scheduled to
   Dukakis, 78, and Zorich, 85,                                                                                           coincide with World Diabetes
appear in the latest iteration of                                                                                         Day on November 14. Three
Novo Nordisk’s “Ask. screen.                                                                                              weekly finalists were chosen
Know.” campaign, urging people                                                                                            based on unique views, average
65 and over to ask their doctor          Dukakis and Zorich urge people to get screened for diabetes in ads               rating, quantity and quality of
for a free diabetes screening.                                                                                            comments, creativity and origi-
Zorich was diagnosed with                of a medicare benefit covering              seven out of 10 Us adults age        nality. Prizes include kitchen
type 2 diabetes during his last          diabetes screenings.                     65 and older have diabetes or           scales, meter bags and books
screening. The spot, which will            Dukakis and Zorich will                pre-diabetes, the company said.         on living with diabetes.
air on CNN’s airport network,            speak at AArP’s vegas@50+                Fewer than 10% of older adults             The American Diabetes Asso-
encourages viewers to visit Ask-         convention on october 23, and            on medicare are taking advan-           ciation is launching its new stop, where they               will be available for interviews in      tage of the free screening ben-         Diabetes campaign, advertised
can send emails or voicemails to         November. banner ads will run            efit. boehringer ingelheim and          as: “Not just an event, it’s the
friends and family from Dukakis          on sites targeting seniors, includ-      the Diabetes Hands Foundation           beginning of a movement.”
urging them to take advantage            ing and               are seeking to raise awareness of                     —Matthew Arnold

                                                                                                                          FDA letters slew
                  DDR on DTC                                      BY DEBORAH DICK-RATH                                    sponsored links
                                                                                                                          THe FDA’s 14 letters warning
 Abbott Laboratories has achieved           These are the only things in the      triguing, and I am sure it resonates    companies about sponsored links
 something quite rare with the latest    ad that are not body copy. The           with RA sufferers in a big way.         on search engines all but elimi-
 DTC print campaign for Humira,          simplicity of this illustration is in-   Why? Because in this case, the          nated industry use of the media,
 its rheumatoid athritis (RA) drug.                                               “aspiration” is basic functionality.    according to Comscore.
 The ads have only one small and                                                      If a person’s hands are crippled       sponsored link exposures to
 rather prosaic illustration. The rest                                            with pain, the ability just to wash     Us internet users fell by 59%
 is mostly body copy including lots                                               the dishes is probably a more           within a week of march 26,
 of fair balance.                                                                 realistic goal than, say, running a     when the untitled letters were
     Why is this rare? Most DTC print                                             marathon or biking in the Rockies.      issued, and were down 84% by
 ads feature happy, healthy people                                                    I once heard a critic of DTC        the end of June. The letters said,
 frolicking on the beach, in the bath,                                            creative say: “Oops. Your insights      in essence, that the sponsored
 running, biking…you know, “aspir-                                                are showing,” and that thought          links had failed to communicate
 ing.” Or you may see a scientific                                                occurred to me when I first viewed      appropriate risk information.
 illustration of a demonstration on                                               this ad. But then I thought, so            “The FDA letters changed not
 how a drug works.                                                                what? Abbott is truly listening to RA   only how pharmaceutical manu-
     The Humira print campaign now                                                sufferers, not interpreting them.       facturers are marketing online
 running in newspapers and major                                                                                          but what consumers are being
 magazines uses a simple, honest                                                  Deborah Dick-Rath is SVP, health-       exposed to when they search for
 illustration of blue rubber gloves       Humira’s ad includes a small            care practice leader, at FactorTG.      health information,” said Com-
 with the headline, “Doing Dishes.”       illustration, lots of fair balance          score vP marketing solutions
                                                                                                                          John mangano. —MA

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