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					                                           Bourgeois Isabelle Alexandrine
                                              Born in Washington DC
Chalet “Saute-ruisseau”
3961 Pinsec                                                                                                   Mobile: 079/286 18 82

Born in Washington DC on the 28.04.66

EMPLOYMENT (general)
                                                                                                        April 89 – September 2000
                 Interviews, reports and features on various topics for Swiss newspapers.
                 TV speaker, radio correspondent, camerawoman for French and Swiss media’s.
                 Perform investigations, documentaries and videos on cultural, fashion and humanitarian issues.
                 Perform publi-reportages and advertisements for national and international companies.
                 Chef d’édition for the swiss TV magazine (monitoring and supervision of the complete editing of the newspaper)

               SECRETARY TASKS
              Providing constant assistance to sales team and assisting the manager in a wide variety of activities from general
               paperwork to the selling and the delivering of the products.

                  HUMANITARIAN AND COMMUNICATION ACTIVITIES (ICRC)                                       September 2000- 2004
                 Co-ordinate numerous ICRC promotional programs for various targeted groups.
                 Draft press releases, key messages, production of promotional items, production and editing of a Mine Awareness
                 Human resources management, coaching and supervision of colleagues (8) as a Head of communication department.
                 Accounting, follow-up and monitoring of the budget 2002 for the communication department.
                 Relationship with local politicians, media & local community and reacting accordingly towards.
                 Elaborating communication strategy & media contacts.
                 Shape and protect the ICRC’s corporate image and reputation through the media.
                 WEBSITE MANAGER and foundator of Planet+: creation, concept and basic programmation of
        , a non lucrative site which compiles good news only.

                  -Jeudi Sports et Loisirs (April 1989-December 1990) : redactor and writer for the former weekly Jeudi Sports et
                  Loisirs. Fashion and Beauty.

                  -TV 8 Mont-Blanc (February 90- June 91): journalist and animator in the French TV 8 Mont-Blanc in
                  Annecy. Production and presentation of a weekly cultural program. Reporter in Geneva for the TV evening news.
                  Journalist and camerawomen JRI (Journaliste Reporter d’Images), filming, interview, soundtrack, comments and
                  editing in solo. Animator of the weekly live TV Show “Midi public”, with monitoring of the public and guests.

                  -La Tribune de Genève et La Tribune des Arts, Marie-Claire Suisse, Radio Thollon (December 90-April 93) :
                  articles on the cultural and local life in Switzerland. Articles about the world of beauty and fashion. Radio news.

                  -Le Nouveau Quotidien (September 91-October 93) : journalist, writing on all society and cultural issues.

                  -Le Matin (September 93-September 94) : journalist writing on People, Court cases and Culture.

                  -TVGuide magazine (September 94 -April 96) : journalist. Interviews and features on all issues broadcasted
                  on the TV channels.

                  -Journalist freelance based in Cairo/Egypt (April 96-April 99) : correspondent for the Radio Suisse Romande,
                  l’Agence Télégraphique Suisse (ATS), the American press agency World News Link (WNL), TVGuide, Fémina,
                  La Tribune de Genève, 24Heures, Profil Femmes. Topics : daily news, politics, society.
              -Pro Helvetia (April 96-april 99): press attaché and public relation for the Cairo antenna of the Swiss Fundation for
              the culture. Press release, organisation of cultural events, contacts with media’s. Shape and promote the foundation’s
              corporate image and activities through the media.

              From 2004: Editor in Chief of the ICRC staff magazine “Avenue de la Paix”

              International Committee of the Red Cross (September 2000-September 2004):
              Kosovo : delegate and Head of Office ad interim in Peja/Pec. Establishment of family links, investigation on
              missing files, registration of prisoners of war in military camps.

              Ethiopia : Head of the communication department for the delegation in Ethiopia. Organisation and presentation of
              seminars to promote ICRC activities for various targeted groups. Dissemination and presentation of the International
              Humanitarian Law (IHL) to various publics. Production and editing of a Mine Awareness video in Tigray.
              Press release and clipping process. Monitoring of interviews with media’s. Drafting and creation of press releases.
              Participate in elaboration of key messages. Dealing with national and international media response.
              Production of ICRC promotional items. Relationship with stakeholders, military, politicians, media & local community.
              Promote the image of the ICRC locally. Elaborating communication strategy & media contacts.

              Iran 2003-2004: Communication coordinator in Tehran delegation. Strengthened the cooperation with the Iranian
              Red Crescent Society for various dissemination issues and the launching of EHL in Iran. In charge to gather all
              information, drawings, pictures and articles for the magazine El Insani, special issue dedicated to Iran.
              Dissemination on IHL to media.

              Irak April 2003: Delegate communication in Basrah. Writing of several articles for the website and interviews with

                SWISS FEDERATION OF JOURNALISTS:                                                          FRIBOURG, SWITZERLAND

                Swiss Press Card, January 1992.

                UNIVERSITY OF GENEVA                                                                       GENEVA, SWTIZERLAND
                Licence ès Sciences Politiques et Sociales, October 1990

                COLLEGE DE SAUSSURE
                Maturité artistique, June 86                                                               GENEVA, SWITZERLAND
                 Travels and features in Australia, Africa, Middle-East, Egypt, Asia, South America, India, Iran, Nepal, occupied
                 territories of Palestine. Writing and illustration of a book of features and stories for children « La Puce
                 atlantique part en voyage » .
                 -Mission of evaluation in Bulgaria for the former humanitarian organisation Equilibre Suisse, documentary on
                 orphans issues in the country. Summer 97.
                 -Features and correspondent in Iraq for the Radio Suisse Romande. April 99.
                 -« Tout en Khamon, tout en Brezon » : pictures (Isabelle Bourgeois) and art exhibition about Egypt and
                 Switzerland, made in collaboration with the Swiss artist Claire Zahnd, in the library of the University of Fribourg
                 and the Library Moubarak in Cairo. Publication of a book. August 99.
                 -Painter and decorator for the paediatric department at the Chablais Hospital in Aigle, hired by the humanitarian
                 foundation « Paint a Smile ». January-February 2000.
                 -March 2004: 11 conferences given for 1000 young students in Moutier (CH) about “Le monde à l’endroit”,
                 commitment and ethic.
                 -November 2004: co-writer of the book “De balade en ballade” about pictures, nature and philosophy.

SKILLS          Languages: English, French (mother tongue) and German (basic)
                Computer Skills: Word, Lotus, PowerPoint, Paintshop Pro, Publisher 97.