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					Program / Wednesday, May 5 / 8:00 pm / Memorial Auditorium


PROGRAM                                                                                               ARTISTS
Delusion                                                                                              Laurie Anderson, music, text, and visual
by Laurie Anderson                                                                                      design
with special guests Colin Stetson and Doug Wieselman                                                  Colin Stetson, special guest musician
                                                                                                      Doug Wieselman, special guest musician
Delusion was commissioned by the Vancouver 2010 Cultural olympiad, Vancouver, and Barbican
bite10, London.                                                                                       Amy Khoshbin, video design and live mix
                                                                                                      rus Snelling, production and lighting
Additional support provided by BAm for the 2010 next Wave festival; Cal Performances, UC
                                                                                                      Dave Cook, front of house audio
Berkeley; and Stanford Lively Arts, Stanford University.

                                                                                                      maryse Alberti, video director of
  Art + Invention Speaker Series                                                                        photography
  with Laurie Anderson
                                                                                                      toshiaki ozawa, additional video
                                                                                                      Bob Currie, story team
  Hosted by Mark Gonnerman and
                                                                                                      rande Brown, story team
  presented in collaboration with the
  Aurora Forum and SiCa.
                                                                                                      Shane Koss, audio rig design
  Tuesday, May 4, at 7:30 pm                                                                          Konrad Kaczmarek, audio software design
  Pigott Theater                                                                                      ned Steinberger, violin design
                                                                                                      Brad Hampton, tour management
We gratefully acknowledge the support of Sarah Ratchye and Edward Frank Family Foundation. Additional production and residency
support provided by the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center (EMPAC) at Rensselaer. This performance is supported in part
by the Amphion Foundation.

ProgrAm SUBJeCt to CHAnge. Please be considerate of others and turn off all phones, pagers, and watch alarms, and unwrap all lozenges prior to the
performance. Photography and recording of any kind are not permitted. thank you.

                                                                                                              encore art         37
                                                                     Laurie Anderson
                                                                     Delusion is a meditation on life and
                                                                     language. Conceived as a series of short
                                                                     mystery plays, Delusion jump-cuts
                                                                     between the everyday and the mythic.
                                                                     Combining violin, electronic puppetry,
                                                                     music, and visuals, Delusion tells its story
     WALK OR RUN AROUND THE WORLD                                    in the colorful and poetic language that

          TO END LUNG CANCER                        ver
                                                        it   tak
                                                                es   has become Anderson’s trademark.

                                   ..            ate

                                                                     Anderson explains, “the electronically
                        lk/r                                         altered voice i’ve used for many years, the

                                                                     one that turns my voice into a male voice,
                                                                     has been gradually evolving from a stock
                                                                     voice of authority into a more nuanced one.
                                                                     i’ve written Delusion as a conversation
                                                                     between that voice and my own.”

                                                                     the stories in Delusion come from many
                                                                     worlds—technical, scientific, personal,
                                   SPRING                            and mythic—and from various states of
                                                                     consciousness, dream, and meditation.
                                                                     the stories range from the mystic origins
                                                                     of the russian space program to theories
                                                                     of time and speed, ancestors, control,
                                                                     silence, and animals.

                                       FALL                          At the heart of Delusion is the belief that
                                                                     words and stories can create and decreate
                                                                     the world.

                                                                     LAURIE ANdERSON is one of America’s
                                                                     most renowned—and daring—creative
                                                                     pioneers. She is best known for her
                                                                     multimedia presentations and innovative
                                                                     use of technology. As writer, director,
                                                                     visual artist, and vocalist, she has created
BA 031210 lungs 1_2v.pdf                                             groundbreaking works that span the
                                                                     worlds of art, theater, and experimental
                                                                     music. Her recording career, launched
                                                                     by O Superman in 1981, includes the

                                    oPEN                             soundtrack to her feature film Home of
                                                                     the Brave and Life on a String (2001).
                                                                     Anderson’s live shows range from simple
                                                                     spoken word to elaborate multimedia stage
                                                                     performances such as Songs and Stories
                                                                     for Moby Dick (1999). Anderson has
                                                                     published seven books and her visual work

38    LIVELY ARTS MAGAZINE // April/May 2010
has been presented in major museums          RANdE BROWN (story team) is a                 kONRAd kAcZMAREk (audio software
around the world.                            noted writer and translator of texts          design) is a composer, musician, and
                                             on contemporary Japanese spirituality         programmer working primarily in live
in 2002, Anderson was appointed the          and culture. She coauthored the New           audio processing and video performance.
first artist-in-residence of nASA. the       York Times bestseller Geisha, A Life          He received a B.A. in music from Yale
residency culminated in her 2004 touring     with mineko iwasaki (Atria, 2002).            University and an m.mus. in electronic
solo performance, The End of the Moon.       Brown is also president of east West          music composition from the University of
recent projects include a series of audio-   Communications, a company that has            London, goldsmiths, and he is currently
visual installations and a high-definition   been facilitating the presentation of         working on his doctorate in composition at
film, Hidden inside Mountains, created       Western performance and visual art in         Princeton. He has held teaching positions at
for World expo 2005 in Aichi, Japan. in      Asia since 1984. As a longtime student        Yale University, the new School University,
2007 she received the prestigious Dorothy    of Buddhist theory and practice and as        and Harvestworks Studio in new York.
and Lillian gish Prize for her outstanding   a trained interfaith chaplain, she has        His own work has been performed at the
contribution to the arts. in 2008 she        a particular interest in delusion and is      Stanley glasser electronic music Studios in
completed a two-year worldwide tour of       currently on the path to becoming a           London, the Sonorities festival at Queen’s
her performance piece Homeland. Her          psychotherapist.                              University in Belfast, the SoundBytes
record Homeland for nonesuch will be                                                       festival in Halifax, nova Scotia, the tank
released in spring 2010 and spans the        dAVE cOOk (front of house audio) is a         and the Chelsea Art museum in new York,
music of Homeland and her newest             native new Yorker who has been a sound        Brooklyn College, the extensible toy
solo performance, Delusion. this work        engineer for many years and comes from        Piano Project at Clark University and the
debuted at the Vancouver Cultural            a background immersed in recording            University at Albany, and the Princeton
olympiad in early 2010 and is touring        studios, theaters, and concert settings.      Composers’ ensemble. He has been
internationally. Anderson lives in new       His work in the pop/rock world has landed     awarded residencies at the Atlantic Center
York City.                                   him gold and platinum album credits           for the Arts, the Banff Centre in Canada,
                                             with artists such as 10,000 maniacs,          and Steim in the netherlands. Kaczmarek
MARYSE ALBERTI (video director               the B-52’s (he engineered everyone’s          is also a jazz pianist and has received an
of photography) was born and raised in       favorite backyard barbecue song, “Love        outstanding soloist award from Jazz at
the south of france and is a multiaward-     Shack”), nick Cave, graham Parker,            Lincoln Center and the Stanton Wheeler
winning cinematographer. With an eye         the golden Palominos, Juliana Hatfield,       Prize for jazz performance at Yale University.
for thought-provoking and challenging        and many more. He has engineered and
subject matter, she has had a succession     mixed live broadcasts with David Bowie,       AMY kHOSHBIN (video design and
of lauded political documentaries,           radiohead, and morphine, to name a            live mix) is a Brooklyn-based multimedia
including Enron, the Smartest Guys in        few. Dave Cook has also engineered            artist from texas with a background in
the Room, nominated for an Academy           sessions with jazz artists such as Dave       film, new media, and music. Her videos,
Award, and Taxi to the Dark Side, which      Holland, Kenny Washington, george mraz,       performances, and wearable technologies
won an oscar for Best Documentary (both      Jimmy Cobb, and Warren Bernhardt.             have been exhibited at both national and
directed by Alex gibney). She won two        Live concert touring/mixing credits           international art/film festivals, galleries,
Sundance cinematography awards, for H2       include elvis Costello with the Charles       museums, and performance spaces.
Worker and Crumb. Her wide-ranging           mingus orchestra, Carly Simon, nine           Among the artists Khoshbin has worked
body of work includes collaborations         Circles Chamber theatre, maya Beiser,         with are Laurie Anderson, robert Wilson,
with todd Haynes for Poison and              ravi Shankar, Anoushka Shankar, and           Karen finley, poets Anne Carson and Bob
Velvet Goldmine, for which she won           marc Cohn. Cook lives with his family in      Currie, pianist eleonor Sandresky, and
an independent Spirit Award for Best         Saugerties, new York.                         Cory Arcangel. Semiotech, her ongoing
Cinematography, and with todd Solondz                                                      collaboration with sound artist michael
on his hard-hitting drama Happiness.         BOB cURRIE (story team) is an artist          Clemow, explores and creates performance
She won her second Spirit Award for the      living and working in new York City and       technology for use in their musical
critically lauded movie The Wrestler,        Ann Arbor, michigan. He is currently          performance group, And Um Yeah, as well
directed by Darren Aronofsky. in the last    collaborating with composers Kjartan          as for others. She is currently a resident
couple of years she has worked with artist   Sveinsson and Ólöf Arnalds and writer         artist at new York University’s interactive
Pierre Huyghe and Laurie Anderson. She       Anne Carson on an evening-length choral       telecommunications Program.
lives in new York City with her husband      work rooted in a sonnet cycle about iceland
and son.                                     and swallows. the piece will premiere in      SHANE kOSS (audio rig design) was
                                             new York City in the fall of 2010.            born and raised in rural maryland and

                                                                                                     encore art         39
twiddled and fiddled his way through            the University of michigan, in 1997. Six      SPEcIAL THANkS
Berklee, Los Angeles, and London to find        years in San francisco followed and then      michael Azerrad, Cheryl Kaplan, Sean Kelly
himself in new York City, where he now          another four in Brooklyn, new York.           of the Sean Kelly gallery, David Wilson,
stays up way too late making strange            During this time, he developed his unique     Chandler Burr, red Burns, matthew
noises and beating his computers into           solo voice on saxophones and clarinets,       ostrowski, Jim Keller, matt Young, Jack
submission. the latter has helped him           and his efforts culminated in the release     Young, Andrew Zuckerman, Kyoko Hirano,
design studios and performance rigs both        of the record New History Warfare,            Kevin messman, Luke Dubois, and Jennifer
stateside and abroad.                           Vol. 1 in 2008. Stetson now resides in        Bilfield.
                                                montreal and performs regularly on
TOSHIAkI OZAWA (additional                      assorted saxophones, clarinets, cornet,       from Conversation and Company:
video) first met Laurie Anderson by             french horn, and flute. Aside from his        Shohachiro Haga, Sachiko nakanishi,
happenstance at a tiny bar in Shinjuku          work as a soloist, Stetson has brought        Catherine ounsamone, makoto Kawaguchi,
called La Jetée. it was many years later        his talents to the stage and studio with      Yoshikuni Shudo, and motohiro Kikutome
when they met again and he got a chance         dozens of artists, including tom Waits,       from emPAC: Johannes goebel, Kathleen
to work with her; his image-making              Arcade fire, tV on the radio, feist,          forde, and ian Hamelin
skills clearly surpass his ability for bar      Bon iver, Laurie Anderson, David Byrne,       from mass moCA: Jason Steven murphy,
talk. He has been behind the camera             Jolie Holland, Sinéad o’Connor, LCD           Joe thompson, Sue Killam, rachel Chanoff,
on many music videos, documentaries,            Soundsystem, the national, Angélique          and Jim Breitmeier
commercials, and feature films in the past      Kidjo, and Anthony Braxton. He is also a      from Princeton Atelier: toni morrison,
20 years. He has collaborated with various      regular member of the bands the               ellen goellner, Perry Cook, and Dan
artists including isaac Julien, Leandro         Sway machinery and Bell orchestre.            trueman
Katz, and matthew Barney. His latest   and                      from Bergen Community College: Jessica
feature film effort, Scar, a horror movie             Silver and tom o’neill
shot in 3D, enjoyed popular success in
russia and is slated for future release in      dOUG WIESELMAN (special guest                 inspired by the work of the Japanese
the United States.                              musician) has worked as a composer,           filmmaker Yasujiro ozu, the old trout
                                                arranger, and musician with a variety         Puppet Workshop’s Famous Puppet Death
RUS SNELLING (production and                    of artists in different fields. in theater    Scenes, and David eagleman’s book Sum:
lighting) is an artist who has worked as        he has worked with director robert            Forty Tales from the Afterlives.
a production, stage, and tour manager,          Woodruff and the flying Karamazov
lighting and set designer, technical            Brothers, in dance, with Jerome robbins       Additional music production: roma Baran,
director, fire sculptor, and performer with     and Paul taylor, and as a musician, with      Pat Dillett, and mario mcnulty
arts organizations and events ranging           robin Holcomb, Wayne Horvitz, Laurie
from intimate theatrical works to large-        Anderson, Lou reed, Anthony Coleman,          And above all special thanks, as always, to
scale ceremonies throughout Australia,          Steven Bernstein, Butch morris, martha        Lou reed.
new Zealand, the United Kingdom,                Wainwright, Yuka Honda, Antony and the
and the United States. Credits include          Johnsons, and John Lurie and the Lounge       Worldwide tour representation for
John Leguizamo Live U.S. tour, the              Lizards, among many others. in 2005           Laurie Anderson
melbourne international Arts festival, the      he collaborated with eyvind Kang, Bill        Pomegranate Arts
edinburgh festival fringe, the melbourne        frisell, and Hal Willner on robert Wilson’s
Commonwealth games Ceremonies, the              In the Evening at Koi Pond for expo  ■
Sydney olympic games Ceremonies,                in nagoya, Japan. He released a CD of
new York’s Performance Space 122, The           his soundtrack work, Dimly Lit, on John       for further information Contact:
Fellas Live U.S. tour, The Lenny Henry          Zorn’s tzadik label. He coleads Kamikaze      Canal Street Communications
Show and Danny Bhoy Live Australia              ground Crew, which has recorded five
and new Zealand tours, and ross                 albums, in addition to leading his own
noble’s Unrealtime and Sonic Waffle on          ensemble, trio S, with Jane Scarpantoni
London’s West end.                              and Kenny Wollesen. for the last six          Studio manager            Brad Hampton
                                                years, he has composed for the nick Jr.       Bookkeeper                elizabeth Lees
cOLIN STETSON (special guest                    cartoon show The Backyardigans in
musician) was born and raised in Ann            association with evan Lurie.
Arbor, michigan, and earned a degree
in music from his hometown school,

40     LIVELY ARTS MAGAZINE // April/May 2010

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