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									                                                                                       the “clean and jerk”
                                                                                       competitions in her
                                                                                             In the “snatch,” an
                                                                                       event in which a
                                                                                       weightlifter lifts a barbell
                                                                                       from the platform to a
                                                                                       locked arm position
                                                                                       overhead in a single
                                                                                       smooth, continuous
                                                                                       movement, Goad lifted
                                                                                       about 48 pounds — her
                                                                                       own body weight.
                                                                                             In the more
                                                                                       technical “clean and jerk”
                                                                                       event, the weightlifter
                                                                                       “cleans” the weight by
                                                                                       pulling it from the floor
                                                                                       to his/her chest without
                                                                                       allowing it to touch any
                                                                                       other part of the body
                                                                                       and “jerks” the bar into
                                                                                       the air, positioning
                                                                                       him/herself under the

                                                                                       bar as it reaches its
                                                                                       maximum height
                                                                                       overhead. In this event,
                                                                                       Goad lifted more than
                                                                                       her own weight —
                                                                                       approximately 52.8
                                                                                             Schwarzenegger was
                                                                                       present to see Goad’s
                                                                                       lifts and even asked for a

       SYDNEY GOAD IS                                                                  repeat performance. He
                                                                                       presented her with her
                                                                                             “When he gave me

       DYNAMITE                                                                        my award, he said, ‘She
                                                                                       deserves it,’” Goad said.

       IN A SMALL PACKAGE           By Megan Almon

      D     ynamite — more times than not
            — involves a lot of explosive
      power in a little package.
                                               Columbus, Ohio earlier this year.
                                                   Her performance was so
                                               impressive, she was chosen to
           At 10 years old and only 48         demonstrate her abilities for none
      pounds, Sydney Goad of Newnan is         other than Arnold Schwarzenegger, for
      living proof.                            whom the competition is named.
           A member of Robin’s Sports              Though the 10-year-old didn’t
      Academy’s national junior                know of Schwarzenegger’s fame, she
      weightlifting team, Goad competed at     was impressed with his size.
      the Arnold Sports Festival: The Sports       “He was big,” she said.
      Festival That Makes Fitness Fun, in          Goad won both the “snatch” and

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      Goad’s first-place finishes in                   Visit Our One-of-a-Kind Outdoor Showroom.
each of the two events landed her
first place in the “total” — the           Everything to
                                           Create Your
                                                                Outdoor Kitchens and Fireplaces
competitor whose scores add up to                                                   by
the highest sum.                           Backyard
      Some might say Goad’s                Paradise...                                                     Also Including
participation in weightlifting is                                                                          Pizza Ovens, Grill
                                           All in                                                          Parts, Gourmet
      Her parents, Dean and Robin          One                                                             Grill Accessories,
                                           Place!                                                          Sauces and Rubs,
Goad of Newnan, have captured
                                                                                                           Water Features,
several national weightlifting titles                                                                      Pavers, Decorative
and have represented the United                                                                            Concrete
States in international competition.
                                           1381 GA Hwy 85N, Fayetteville 770.716.1291 | 2730 E. Hwy 34, Newnan 770.251.9439
Robin was a member of the U.S.
weightlifting team at the 2000
Olympics in Sydney, Australia.
      Her parents competed with her
at the Arnold Sports Festival. Dean,
whose performance secured a spot at
the national competition, said he had
more fun coaching his daughter than
competing himself.
      Sydney “made all of her lifts” and               Coweta County has two
set personal records in front of a large        popular facilities for residents to host

audience — a big deal for anyone in
the individual sport of weightlifting,             weddings, receptions, banquets,
Dean said.
      Sydney trains twice a week with
                                              birthday parties, family reunions, meetings
her teammates — Lauren Ferguson,                               and more!
Courtney Cowdell, Abby Cowdell,
Mary Noreika, Hailey Scott and                                                            The Asa M. Powell, Sr.
Laura Wurst.                                                                              Expo Center is located
      Last year this group won the                                                        on Temple Avenue
Junior Olympic National
Championship at Virginia Beach, Va.
                                                                                          in Newnan ...
      “Weightlifting is extremely safe
with the proper technique,” said
      Sydney knows a lot about
      Like her mother, who began
weightlifting at 12 years of age to
improve her gymnastics abilities,                            ...and the
Sydney is also a competitive gymnast.      Coweta County Fairgrounds
      She trains 12 hours per week at         and Conference Center
the Newnan School of Gymnastics
                                                        is located on
and Cheerleading.
      One of her gymnastics coaches,            Pine Road in Newnan.
Tripp Almon, described Sydney as
“quick” and “strong,” with a “bubbly”                          For information on booking call
personality.                                           Jackie Butler at the Fairgrounds (770-254-2685)
      “She’s always smiling,” Almon                 or Bonnie Weeks (770-252-6429) at the Expo Center.
said. “She always has a good
      Sounds like Sydney is one type        The Coweta County
                                            Fairgrounds &                                The Asa M. Powell, Sr.
of dynamite her coaches — in both                                                        Expo Center
weightlifting and gymnastics — don’t        Conference Center                            197 Temple Ave., Newnan
mind handling.                              275 Pine Road, Newnan

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