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					Steve Bandoma
Date of birth: 27/09/1981 in Kinshasa

CONTACT INFORMATION          6 Selby court,               +27(0)76 86 68 426
                             Selby road, Mowbray,
                             7700, Cape town    

EDUCATION /          2010           Certificated in basic financial literacy course, Cape town.
TRAINING             2009           Certificated in Community action team leaders training, Cape
                     2009           Certificated on life skill course, Cape town.
                     2006-07        Multimediations program a of Cape Africa Platform in
                                    Partnership with CityVarsity (School of Media & Creative
                                    Arts) ,Cape town.
                     2000-04        Bachelor in FA, painting (Academie des Beaux-Arts),
                     2000           State diploma of fine art, ceramic (Institut des Beaux-Arts),
                                    With mention” Laureate” on practical course entire
                                    DRCongo, Kinshasa.

AWARDS /             2009           « Visas pour la Création 2009 », Afrique et Caraïbes en
BOURSARIES                           créations, hosted by the French ministry of arts and cultures
                                    “Culturesfrance”, Paris.
                     2009           The best visual artist of the year, beneficiary of the
                                    Prohelvetia bursary hosted by Swiss Arts Council, Zurich.
                     2009           “The Art Buzz Book 2009 Collection”, the coffee book
                                    publication, as Honourable Mention Awards, USA.
                     2008           Grant supported by Greatmore Studios as member of the
                                    Triangle art Trust, Cape town.
                     2008           The Best of Artreach, grant sponsored by the Spier Wine
                                    State in partnership with AVA Gallery, Cape town.

GROUP                2008           Design Indaba Expo, “The most Creative Stand Awards”,
AWARDS                              by the Department of Economic, Development and Tourism
                                    (DEDT), Cape town.
                     2007           Award winner of the Table Mountain Competition with City
                                    Skin group working on public interventions, Cape town.
SOLO          2009   AVA Gallery, with a photographic series of works called
EXHIBITIONS          System from crime series with an installation, Cape town.
              2008   “Contempocalypse” multimedia exhibition accompanied
                     With a performance piece called “Pollution” works at
                     Alliance Française of Cape town.

SELECTED      2010   La Rétrospective (Congo50), A group exhibition for the
GROUP                celebration of the 50 years of DRCongo independence,
EXHIBITIONS          with Chéri Samba, Bodys Isek Kingelez, Alfred Liyolo, Roger
                     Botembe, Freddy Tsimba etc... at The Bernie Grants Art
                     Centre, Tottenham.
              2010   Space, Currencies in Contemporary African Art, with
                     Zwelethu Mthethwa, Willem Boshoff, Barthelemy Toguo,
                     Berni Searle, Godfried Donkor, David Koloane, and
                     Jo Ractliffe etc... curated by Thembinkosi Goniwe and
                     Melissa Mboweni, involving Khwezi Gule,Bassam el Baroni,
                     Elvira Dyangane Osse and Raphael Chikukwa as Consultant
                     Curators while contributors to the catalogue include Simon
                     Njami, Meskerem Assegued, Abebe Zegeye, and Sean
                     O’Toole, Museum Africa, Johannesburg.
              2009   Home Affairs, a site specific performance curated by Breett
                     Baleiy, Infecting the city festival by Africa Center, Cape town.
              2009   Féminisme, at Cité Internationale des Arts de Paris in
                     partnership with culturesfrance and Mains d’Oeuvres, Paris.
              2008   The Best of Artreach, at AVA Gallery in partnership with
                     Spier Wine State, Cape town.
              2008   48 Hour Festival, with a multimedia work “Soft” organised
                     by (PANSA) Performing Arts Network South Africa,
                     Cape town.
              2008   Intervention, a group exhibition with Ed Ruscha, Marco
                     Cianfanelli, Gordon Froud, Daniel Halter, Lyndi Sales,
                      Pamela Stretton ect... curated by Koos van der Watt
                     and Jacob Lebeco at Unisa Arts Gallery, Pretoria.
              2008   Abazobie, Nelson Mandela Museum, at Gateway to Robben
                     Curated by Gaby Ngobo and Pierre Fouché, Cape town
              2007   Human Trafficking, IZIKO Slave Lodge National Museum,
                     Cape town.
              2007   Cape biennale at Blank project Galery, curated by Kathy
                     Croat and Andrew Lamprech, Cape Town.
              2007   - X-Cape Festival a fringe of Cape 07 biennale, with a
                     Performance piece “War” (performance) at in Langa
                     community Center with Tamsin Relly, Cape town.
              2006   Iziko National Museum, Invited on the celebration of the
                     World Refugee’s Day, (CWD) Catholic Welfare Development,
                     Bonne Esperance, Cape town.
                 1999-01   Village Artistique, (EDITION 1, 2, 3) with Roger Botembe
                  Alliance Française, Academie des Beaux-
                           Arts and stadium of Martyrs, Kinshasa.

COLLABORATIONS   2009      Amakwerekwere, (Home-Affairs) a public performance with
                           Heteen Bhagat, Athi- Patra Ruga and Brigitte Defaix. A
                           Festival curated by Breet Baleiy, Africa Center Cape town.
                 2008      Soft, a collaboration of multi-media work and performance
                           With Kay Lossgott, 24Hours Festival by (PANSA), Cape town.
                 2004      Librisme Synergy a Collective of young and emerging artists,
                           Defending contemporary art practice in Kinshasa With
                           Visthois Mwilambwe, Apolinaire Wantina, Francis Manpuya...

SELECTED         2009      Three months residency at Cité Internationale des Arts de
RESIDENCIES                Paris in partnership with Culturesfrance and Mains
                           d’Oeuvres, Paris.
                 2009      Home Affairs, in preparative of infecting the City festival
                           by Africa Centre, Cape town.
                 2009      Three month’s residency at the F+F School in Zurich, hosted
                           By Pro Helvetia (Swiss Arts Council), Switzerland.
                 2008      Three month’s residency at Greatmore studios, triangle Trust
                           Member Cape town.

WORKSHOPS        2008      “Fundraising” in partnerships between Cape Africa Platforms
                           And Vansa in Cape town.
                 2008      “Writing” at Cape Africa Platform in partnership with
                           Greatmore Studios in Cape town.
                 2008      Workshop facilitator on professional presentation skills:
                           CV, Statement, digital portfolio on PowerPoint.
                 2008      Workshops facilitator of mural painting at Spier
                           Contemporary 2007, Cape town.
                 2007      ABAZOBIE workshop facilitated by Gaby Ngobo and Pierre
                           Fouché, organised by Robben Island, Cape town.

COMMISSIONS      2009      Facilitator of mural painting with SONKE Gender Justice
                           Project, Cape town.
                 2007      Mural design with Cityskin commissioned by Africa Center,
                           Cape town.
                 2007      Mural painting at the Table Mountain Station with Cityskin,
                           Cape town.
                 2003      Beneficent of 100 banners order from DRC government.
COLLECTION           2008           the Art Buzz 2009 Collection, USA

OTHER                 2008          Guess artist at 20:20 Vansa Networking Session, with
EXPERIENCES                         Kathryn Smith, Loyiso Qanya and Robert Weriek, Cape town
                     2007           Executive member of VANSA WC (Visual Arts Network South
                                    Africa), Cape town.
                     2005           Facilitator of Artherapie workshop with refugee Kids at
                                    Bonne Esperance a (NPO), Catholic warfare development
                                    (CWD) in Cape town.
                     2004           General coordinator of students committee at university of
                                    Fine arts “Académie des Beaux-Arts” (ABA) of Kinshasa.

PUBLICATIONS/        2010           Space, Currencies in Contemporary African Art (Catalogue)
ARTICLES             2009           Infecting the City 2009 (article)
                     2009           féminisme (Catalogue)
                     2008           « Intervention » Unisa (Catalogue)
                     2009           Art Buzz Book 2009 (Book)
                     2008           The Post (article)
                     2008           Geartmore Studios (catalogue )
                     2008           Art Times (article)
                     2007           Brainstorm Magazine(article)
                     2007           Cape Circle(article)
                     2007           La conscience (article)
                     2007           - X- Cape and Cape Biennale, (catalogue)

1.Jasper Walgrave , Pro Helvetia head,        2. Breet Baleiy, Infecting the City Festival (curator)
Cape town, tel: +27(0) 83 56 24 293           Tel: +27(0) 82 57 88 209
Email:           Email: