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									                                 Vol. 9 No.3   • Official publication of the Railway Engineering-Maintenance Suppliers Association •   Fall 2006

Thomas E. Dickey
ESCO Equipment Service Co.
                                  World Rail Expo 2006                                                                                 proves
St. Louis, MO
                                  to be another top-notch REMSA event
Jonathan D. Reilly
Harsco Track Technologies         “By almost all measures, I am happy to
West Columbia, SC                 report that REMSA World Rail Expo
                                  2006 was a resounding success,” said
SECRETARY/TREASURER               REMSA President Tom Dickey of ESCO
Ronald C. Olds                    Equipment Service Co. “My definition of
Plasser American Corp             success includes the number and kind of
Chesapeake, VA                    railroad employees and others who reg-
                                  istered to attend the show, the high num-
PAST PRESIDENT                    ber of exhibitors and new members, the
Dennis C. Wilcox                  success of our new Passport to
Pandrol USA, LP
                                  Knowledge program, the ease of
Bridgeport, NJ
                                  exhibitor move in and out of the exhibit
                                  halls and Osborne Yard, and member-
                                  ship support of sponsorships.
Walter Barry 2006
HIRAIL Corporation                “The companies who exhibited and spent
Lisbon, IA                        so much time, effort and money to sup-
                                  port the show and REMSA, are simply                       Expo 2006 topped out at 1,227 attendees.
Thomas P. Smithberger 2006
                                  the best,” Dickey said. “Every company’s                  Of that number, there were 625 railroaders,
HDR Engineering, Inc.
                                  display was of the highest quality and we                 220 consultants, 73 from government (fed-
Alexandria, VA
                                  were proud of each exhibiting company and                 eral and state) and 309 academics, stu-
Scott Brace 2006                  want them to know how much we appreci-                    dents, employees from affiliated associa-
RailWorks Track Systems, Inc.     ate their participation. There is a list of our           tions, the press and individuals who gave
Lakeville, MN                     stellar exhibitors in this issue of Mainline.”            no company affiliation.
                                  Final registration for REMSA World Rail                                                     Continued on page 2
Dwayne Lambing 2006
Kennesaw, GA
                                      INSIDE THIS ISSUE
Dave Barry 2007
                                     • World Rail Expo 2006 proves to be another top-notch RMSA event
Lewis Bolt & Nut Company
LaJunta, CO                          • World Rail Expo Sponsors and World Rail Expo Exhibiters

Phillip J. Homan 2007                • New Directors, Secretary/Treasurer Elected to REMSA Board at
Loram Maintenance of Way, Inc.         Annual Meeting
Hamel, MN
                                     • REMSA Joins NRC for January Conference in South Florida
Richard Jarosinski 2007              • REMSA Proud to Offer Four $2,000 Scholarships
Portec Rail Products, Inc.
Pittsburgh, PA                       • Railroader Profile: Chris Dodge
                                     • REMSA Welcomes 31 New Companies
Judi Meyerhoeffer                    • REMSA Member Profile: Steel Dynamics
                                     • Events to Note
Continued from page 1,   World Rail Expo 2006...

There were a total of 187 exhibits        not previously attended an AREMA      free). Confusion arose because
at the convention center and              conference and who are not            this was new. While the registra-
Osborne Yard put on by 163                AREMA committee members, will         tion form plainly stated that the
exhibitors. There were 157 exhibits       most likely be offered again. An      exhibition and conference were
at the convention center and 28 at        adjunct benefit of conference edu-
Osborne Yard. Twenty-two compa-           cation is that these individuals
nies had exhibits at the convention       attended WRE 2006 and many
center and at Osborne Yard.               could well become potential deci-
                                          sion makers and buyers in the
“In terms of exhibitors, exhibits and
attendees, this is by far the best
exhibition REMSA has produced in
                                          The staffs
many years,” Dickey noted. “Also,
                                          of REMSA
we were gratified that so many
members stepped up and support-
ed the exhibition by sponsoring
                                          met several                                        two separate events
various events. Everyone who
                                          times to try                                       and registration was
attended the exhibition owes these
                                          to make                                            required for both, it
companies a big thank you, as
                                          the regis-                                         went unnoticed by just
does REMSA. We’ve included a
                                          tration                                            about everyone. We’ll
list of sponsors and the item of
                                          process as easy as possible, but it   take a hard look at registration and
sponsorship in this issue.
                                          still caused problems. Because        try to do better in the future.
“The Passport to Knowledge pro-           there are several types or cate-
gram did not draw the 100 individ-        gories of members, exhibitors and     “As always, anyone on the
uals from railroads that we had           non-exhibitors and non-members,       REMSA Board and Judi
hoped to get, but about 60 signed         each had to be registered differ-     Meyerhoeffer are available to you
up, which is a good number for            ently. And since this was the first   if you have questions, concerns,
this first-time effort,” he said. “This   time we used one registration form    need help or just want to chat. We
program, wherein REMSA paid               with AREMA, we asked railroaders      welcome your ideas and we value
AREMA’s conference registration           to actually register to attend the    your membership in REMSA,”
fee for young railroaders who have        exhibition (their entrance was        Dickey said

      World Rail Expo 2006 Sponsors

  A Night at the Races sponsors                              Monday lunch sponsor:
     HDR Engineering, Race 1                                    RailWorks Corp.
     Plasser American Corp., Races 2 and 3
     Herzog Contracting Corp., Race 4 co-sponsor             Pedestrian crossings at
     Herzog Services, Inc., Race 4 co-sponsor                Osborne Yard:
     Loram Maintenance of Way, Inc., Race 5
                                                                HiRAIL Corp. (2 crossings) and
     Harsco Track Technologies, Fun Bucks
                                                                FCM Rail, Ltd. (1 crossing)
  Opening reception sponsors
                                                             Show program sponsors
     Balfour Beatty Rail
     Burke-Parsons-Bowlby                                       Danella Rental Systems, Inc..
     R. J. Corman Railroad Construction, LLC                    NORDCO
                                                                Pandrol USA, LP
                                                                PortaCo Inc.
  Sunday lunch sponsor:
                                                                Simmons-Boardman Publishing Corp.

                                                                                                               page 2
  World Rail Expo 2006 Exhibitors                              Continued from page 2,   World Rail Expo 2006...

A & K Railroad Materials        Hertz Equipment Rental                 Plasser American Corp.
Advanced Rail Management        Herzog Contracting                     Plastic Pilings, Inc.
Airtec International            HiRAIL Corp.                           PolyCorp, Ltd.
AOL Crane                       Holland Company                        PortaCo, Inc.
Appllied Ultrasonics            Hougen Manufacturing                   Portec Rail Products
AquaArmor Technologies          Hy-Safe Technology                     Press-Seal Gasket, Fastener Division
Arcon Welding Equipment         iLevel Trus Joist Commerical           Progressive Railroading Magazine
AREMA                           ImageMap, Inc.                         Quixote Transportation Safety, Inc.
Atlantic Industries Ltd.        Industry-Railway Suppliers             R.J. Corman Railroad Construction
Atlas Railroad Construction     Innovative Circuit Technology IPS      R.J. Watson, Inc.
Auto Truck Group                Worldwide                              Racine Railroad Products
Badger Equipment Company        Iron Horse Engineering                 Rail Personnel
Balfour Beatty Rail             Irwin Car and Equipment                Rail Radar
Ballast Tools, Inc.             J.F. Brennan Co., Inc.                 Railtech Boutet
Bentley Systems                 John Chance Land Surveys               Railway Gazette International
Brandt Rail Road                JSC "Remputmash"                       RailWorks Track Systems
Burke-Parsons-Bowlby            Julian A. McDermott Corp.              Rankin Industries
Byrd Brothers of GA, LLC        Kennedy/Jenks Consultants              RBL, Inc./Robolube
Caterpillar, Inc.               Knox Kershaw Inc.                      R-Mac Leasing, LLC
Cembre Inc.                     Koppers, Inc.                          Rocla Concrete Tie
Century Group                   L&H Industrial                         RPM Tech
Cleveland Track Material        L.B. Foster                            R-Solutions, Inc.
Colmar USA                      Leica GeoSystems                       Schroeder Industries LLC
CONTECH Bridge Solutions        Lewis Bolt & Nut Co.                   Seneca Railroad & Mining
Continental Railworks           Lincoln Industrial                     Sieb Sales & Engineering
Danella Rental Systems          Loram Maintenance of Way               Simmons-Boardman Publishing Corp.
Dapco Industries, Inc.          M.C. Dean, Inc.                        Sperling Railway Services
Delta Railroad Construction     MacBone Industries Ltd.                Sperry Rail Service
Deutz Corporation               Macton Corporation                     Sprint Nextel
Diversified Metal Fabricators   Matweld                                Stanley Hydraulic Tools
Duos Technologies, Inc.         McHugh Railroad Maintenance            Staveley Services Fluids Analysis
Durable Wood Products           Equipment, Inc.                        Steel Dynamics Sales North America
Dynamic Composities, LLC        Merichem Company                       Structal-Bridges
E80 Plus Constructors           Midwest Industrial Supply              Summit Contracting, Inc.                 Mitchell Equipment Corp.               T.C. Taylor Company
ENSCO                           Modern Track Machinery                 Tech Products, Inc.
ERICO, Inc.                     Montana Hydraulics, LLC                TECNOGAMMA SPA
ESCO Equip. Service Co.         MTH Praha a.s.                         Teleweld
FCM Rail                        MTU Detroit Diesel                     Tensar Earth Technologies
Fenton Rigging & Contracting    NARSTCO                                TieTek, LLC
Flexovit USA, Inc.              Nat. RR Const. & Maint. Assn.          Tiger Steel Co., Ltd.
Franz Plasser                   Nebraska Machinery Co.                 TKDA
G & B Specialties, Inc.         NORDCO                                 Track Guy Consultants
GE Transportation               NorFast Inc.                           Unit Rail Anchor Co.
Gensco Equipment, Inc.          Norguard Industries, Inc.              United Steel & Fasteners/National
Georgetown Rail Equipment       North American Equip. Sales            Trackwork
Hagglunds Drives                Oldcastle/Startrack Sales              V&H Inc.
Hanson-Wilson, Inc.             Orgo-Thermit, Inc.                     VAE Nortrak
Harger Lightning & Grounding    Orr Safety Corporation                 Visionarie, Inc.
Harr Technologies               Osmose Railroad Services               Vossloh Rail Systems GmbH
Harsco Track Technologies       Pandrol Canada Ltd.                    West Side Tractor Sales
Hatz Diesel of America, Inc.    Pandrol USA                            Western-Cullen-Hayes, Inc.
Hayward Baker                   Peterson Contractors, Inc.             Whitmore Group
HDR Engineering                 Phoenix Contact                        Willamette Valley
Heiden, Inc.                    Picton Technologies, Inc.              Zeta-Tech Associates

                                                                                                       page 3
New Directors, Secretary/Treasurer
Elected to REMSA Board at Annual Meeting
At its annual meeting September 19 in Louisville, KY, REMSA elected three directors to terms beginning January 1,
2007. In addition, Richard Jarosinski of Portec Rail Products, Inc., was elected Secretary/Treasurer of the Board.
In accordance with Association Bylaws, the Board of Directors nominated by secret ballot three candidates for Director.
Representatives of active REMSA member companies voted at the annual meeting September 19 at the Kentucky
International Convention Center in Louisville. There were three vacant positions, and all three nominees were elected
to the Board.
According to the REMSA Bylaws, a Director’s term is two years, with an option to extend the term for another two-
years. This allows all directors to be considered for election as an officer of the Board.

                          2006 REMSA ELECTION OF DIRECTORS
                                     (DIRECTORS-ELECT APPEAR IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER)

  JOHN DAVISON, PRESIDENT, PANDROL USA, LP                    engineering technician for various engineering depart-
                                                              ments, including TexDot, in highway design and con-
             “I am President of Pandrol USA, LP and           struction management. He first served the railroad
             have been with Pandrol for 28 years. I have      industry with the short line Georgetown Railroad
             seen a lot of changes in the industry during     Company of Georgetown, Texas, in the car shop per-
             that time, most notably deregulation of the      forming general car repair and moving on to New
             railroads and consolidation of both railroads    Product Development Assistant, working on projects
             and suppliers. I would like to make a contri-    such as the Dump Train and various railroad and
             bution to both REMSA and the industry by         transportation marketing projects. As a Marketing
             sharing the benefits of those years of expe-     Representative, he helped GRR and the associated
  rience by serving on the REMSA Board."                      limestone quarry capture significant increases in car
                                                              loadings using unconventional tools and strategies.
  JOHN W. FOX, VICE PRESIDENT SALES AND                       Orrell has attended numerous universities, including
  MARKETING, NARSTCO INC.                                     the University of Texas at Austin and Stanford
               John Fox has been in the railway supply        University. His enthusiasm and creativity remain fixed
               industry for more than 35 years and has        on the prospects of helping develop safer, faster and
               moved steadily through the ranks from          more productive tools for today’s railroads.
               sales, sales management and general man-
               agement to his present position of Vice        RICHARD J. JAROSINSKI, P.E., PRESIDENT AND
               President Sales and Marketing for NARST-       CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER, PORTEC RAIL
               CO Inc. He is presently a Director on the      PRODUCTS, INC.
               NRC Board and is a past director on the
  REMSA Board. Fox has been an associate member of                              Mr. Jarosinski was appointed
  AREMA and its predecessor associations for more than                          President and Chief Executive Officer
  25 years. Since joining NARSTCO three years ago, Mr.                          of Portec Rail Products, Inc., on
  Fox has directed the increasing sales of NARSTCO                              October 1, 2006. Most recently, he
  steel ties and turnouts to record levels.                                     was Group Vice President, with man-
                                                                                agement oversight responsibility over
  STEVEN C. ORRELL, PRESIDENT AND CEO,                                          the company’s largest division,
  GEORGETOWN RAIL EQUIPMENT CO.                                                 Railway Maintenance Products, along
                                                              with overseeing Salient Systems, Inc., and Kelsan
            Steven Orrell is President and CEO of             Technologies. Mr. Jarosinski began his career with
            Georgetown Rail Equipment Company, or             Portec Inc. in 1975 and has held various positions
            GREX, and was the first employee upon its         designing track machinery, culminating as Manager of
            inception in 1992. GREX is a provider of          Engineering. He was Manager of Marketing, Sales
            maintenance of way services, heavy mate-          and Service for nine years prior to being appointed
            rial handling services, automated track           President of the RMP Division in 1997. Mr. Jarosinski
            inspection services and various innovative        received a Mechanical Engineering degree from the
            add-on kits for use in railroading                University of Pittsburgh and is a registered
  worldwide. Orrell has worked as a draftsman and             Professional Engineer in the State of Pennsylvania.

                                                                                                              page 4
  REMSA        Joins NRC for January
  Conference in South Florida
                     For the second time in two years, REMSA and NRC will be staging a table-top exhibit concurrent-
                     ly with the National Railway Construction and Maintenance Association (NRC) Annual Meeting.
                      The upcoming meeting and exhibition will be held at the Doral Golf Resort and Spa in Miami
                      January 4-7, 2007.
                                 Enjoying the warmth of southern Florida is a great way to start a new year, and the
                                 exhibit offers a great way to display products and services to present and potential
                                 customers among railroad contractors without spending a great deal of money.
                               For more information on exhibiting, visit the REMSA website, For infor-
                               mation on registration and accommodations, visit the NRC Website,

                                            REMSA Proud to Offer
                                    Four $2,000 Scholarships
As the cost of higher education continues to soar, REMSA is         As part of the competition, entrants must complete an essay
proud to be able to help four students and their families with      of 500 words or less on a topic chosen by REMSA. This year,
$2,000 scholarships. The association awarded the funds to           students were asked to address the following: Should the
deserving students within the REMSA family who have a               Federal Government help pay for railroad capacity improve-
potential interest in railway-related careers.                      ment projects to encourage freight to move via rail rather than
                                                                    truck? What benefits or disadvantages would this create?
"Every year, it’s a real challenge for the Scholarship
                                                                    In addition, applicants wrote a narrative about present and
Committee to make the final selections from among the quali-
                                                                    future studies, research projects or school activities, post-
fied candidates," said George Sokulski of Railway Track &
                                                                    graduate plans and why the applicant thought he or she
Structures (Simmons-Boardman Publishing), chairman. "This
                                                                    deserved the scholarship.
year’s winners proved to be very deserving, and they did well
on the required essay. The committee wishes all the best to
every one of the applicants, and we strongly encourage them         Each of the following students received one of
to keep up their good work in school."
                                                                    the five REMSA $2,000 scholarshps for
In addition to Chairman Sokulski, REMSA’s Scholarship               the 2006-2007 academic year:
Committee includes Dave Barry, Lewis Bolt & Nut Co.; Rich
Jarosinski, Portec Rail Products, Inc.; Dwayne Lambing, NORD-       Meredith Browne. Daughter of Thomas Browne, Loram
CO; and Rich Zemencik, Progressive Railroading magazine.            Maintenance of Way, Inc. She is a junior at Bethany Lutheran
                                                                    College in Mankato, Minnesota, majoring in mathematics. Ms.
According to the eligibility rules, a candidate must be an
                                                                    Browne is a previous REMSA scholarship winner.
employee or the spouse, son, daughter, grandson or grand-
daughter of a current full-time employee of a REMSA member          Melissa Coats. Daughter of Bob Coats of Pandrol USA. Ms.
company. To qualify, a candidate must be enrolled and in            Coats is a junior at Massachusetts Maritime Academy in
attendance at the time of application as a full-time college stu-   Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts, and is majoring in marine
dent at an accredited two-year college offering an associate's      engineering.
degree or an accredited college or university offering a bache-
lor's degree. In addition, the candidates must demonstrate          Kendra Lounsberry. Daughter of Stephen Lounsberry of
successful completion of the previous year of study and a will-     Applied Technology Manufacturing Corp. Ms. Lounsberry is a
ingness to continue.                                                junior at the University of Rochester in Rochester, New York,
                                                                    and is majoring in mathematics.
In addition, the student's orientation should be toward working
for a railroad, a rail transit system, a contractor whose primary   Lindsey Ungar. Daughter of Robin Ungar of MTU Detroit
business is construction and maintenance of railroad track          Diesel, she is a junior at the University of Michigan in Ann
and structures, railway-industry consultants or for a railroad-     Arbor, Michigan, majoring in business administration. Ms.
oriented supply company.                                            Ungar is a repeat winner.

                                                                                                                          page 5
Railroader Profile
Chris Dodge                                                                  REMSA
                                                                             Welcomes 31 New
Chris Dodge, incoming president of AREMA,
started his railroading career working a sum-
mer for the Santa Fe Railroad on a survey
party, where he was exposed to different
facets of railroad engineering. After graduat-
ing from college, Dodge went to work for the                                 Since the last issue of Mainline, REMSA is proud
Santa Fe in 1975, starting on a survey party in Williams, AZ. He then        to have welcomed 31 companies serving the
worked as a track supervisor before going into the railroad’s manage-        railroad maintenance-of-way field into the
ment training program based out of Los Angeles.                              association. New members range from
                                                                             consultants and contractors to heavy-duty
Dodge worked the southwest from Belen, NM, to Richmond, CA, to               manufacturers. REMSA’s Board of Directors
San Diego, CA. He was an assistant roadmaster in Los Angeles and             and current members welcome the new
Amarillo, TX, then became roadmaster in Gallup, NM, before being             members into the family.
promoted to assistant division engineer at Winslow, AZ, then to division
engineer in Fort Madison, IA, in 1984.                                       New members include:
Dodge was then involved with the various reorganizations of divisions        American Rail Marketing LLC
and regions and was assistant division manager maintenance for the           Caterpillar
Illinois Division and assistant regional manager maintenance for the         Continental Engines
Eastern Region. He then moved to the system office as general direc-         Continental Railworks
tor field for the eastern half of the Santa Fe, then became general          CSA Group
director maintenance planning for the entire Santa Fe.                       Duos Technologies, Inc.
In 1995, another opportunity presented itself and Dodge became chief         Dynamic Composites, LLC
engineer for RailTex, a short line holding company. In the four years        E80 Plus Contractors
with RailTex, the company grew to 32 short line railroads and he had         EnergyLogic
the opportunity to observe railroads in Brazil, Jordan, Australia and        ERICO Inc.
South Africa.                                                                Flexovit USA, Inc.
                                                                             G & B Specialties, Inc.
Dodge came to OmniTRAX in 1999 as vice president engineering, his
current post.                                                                Harger Lightning & Grounding
                                                                             Hayes, Seay, Mattern & Mattern
Dodge graduated from University of California at Berkeley with a             Hy-Safe Technology
Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. He is a Registered                 Innovative Rail Concepts
Professional Engineer in Arizona.                                            Julian A. McDermott Corp.
“I’ve been married for 21 years to my lovely wife, Lina, and we have a       Kennedy/Jenks Consultants, Inc.
son, Scott, who is a sophomore at the University of Colorado-Boulder         L&H Industrial, Inc.
and a daughter, Erin, who is a junior at Mountain Vista High School in       Merichem Company
Highlands Ranch, CO,” he said.                                               Modular Mining Systems
“The honor of becoming president of AREMA is fantastic and a life-           National Trackwork, Inc.
long dream come true,” Dodge said. “I especially appreciate the honor        Press-Seal Gasket Corporation, Fastener Division
of being the first short line railroad person to be selected as president.   Quixote Transportation Safety
The short line industry relies on assistance from AREMA, consultants         R.J. Watson, Inc.
and printed material to assist them in safely maintaining their railroads.   Rail Radar
For some short lines, that is a big challenge. The idea of ‘I am my staff’   Railroad Tools and Solutions (LLC)
is not an uncommon reality for many and my hope is to get the short          Rankin Industries
lines to utilize all types of material to help them.                         Steel Dynamics Sales North America
“AREMA and REMSA have had a long relationship,” he noted. “I am              Tensar Earth Technologies, Inc.
hopeful that over the next few years we can make the relationship            TKDA
even better to the mutual benefit of both organizations.”

                                                                                                                  page 6
REMSA Member Profile:
Steel Dynamics
“2006 marks Steel Dynamics’ eleventh year of steel
production,” said Paul Kotsenas, Rail & Special
Products manager. “Since the first shipment of flat-
rolled steel in January 1996, the company has grown         SDI’s Columbia City, Indiana, mill will produce rail in
substantially and gained a reputation as one of the         standard and premium or head-hardened grades in a
most successful U.S. steel companies. The progress          range of weights from 115-lb. to 141-lb. and in lengths
we’ve made in our first 11 years is indicative of our       from the traditional 39 feet up to 240 feet initially and,
future-growth potential as one of America’s most inno-      ultimately, to 320 feet. SDI is adding an ultra-modern,
vative and cost-efficient steelmakers                       automated weld plant to weld these 240/320-foot rails
                                                            into 1,600-foot strings for delivery to the installation
“SDI’s success came during some very difficult times        site. Such long strings offer customers substantial sav-
for the domestic steel producers,” he said. “During this    ings both in terms of initial capital cost and through
time, many well-known steel companies entered bank-         reduced maintenance. In contrast, current production
ruptcy. This caused a wave of industry consolidation        of rail in the U.S. and available imported rail is limited
that has resulted in a stronger American steel industry.    to 80-foot lengths as a result of existing plant layout
Because of our own fast-paced growth and the numer-         restrictions and the physical limitations of ocean
ous mergers that have occurred in the steel industry,                                             freight. The cost of
Steel Dynamics now ranks as the sixth largest steel                                               maintaining railroad
producer in the United States, after having started as                                            track is highest at
53rd almost 11 years ago.                                                                         welds where exces-
                                                                                                  sive wear and
“SDI has become successful through an extraordinar-                                               fatigue cracks can
ily productive work-                                                                              occur. SDI expects
force and seizing                                                                                 that its ability to pro-
production opportu-                                                                               duce track lengths
nities for high-quali-                                                                            of up to 320 feet will
ty hot-rolled steel.                                                                              reduce maintenance
This has built a                                                                                  costs for customers.
strong and loyal
customer base who                                                                                 “For the production
has faith in our                                                                     of rail products, we retrofitted
ability to meet their                                                                our caster with special molds
steel requirements,”                                                                 and segments to cast the
Kotsenas noted.                                                                      320mm x 250mm blooms
                                                                                     required for rail production,”
From a rail produc-                                                                  Kotsenas said. “We commis-
tion perspective,                                                                    sioned the casting and rolling
2006 has been a                                                                      equipment for the production of
year of refinements                                                                  rail products during 2003, and
in melting, casting                                                                  in 2004 substantially commis-
and rolling. Caster                                         sioned the rail finishing and inspection facility. Soon
modifications for rail production were made and further     we will be able to produce high-quality Class 1 stan-
rail production trials were conducted during the first      dard-strength rail. We expect to be capable of manu-
half of the year to assure product quality. In the fourth   facturing highly desirable 320-foot rail lengths, which
quarter of 2006, SDI expects to provide rail samples to     no one else produces in, or imports into, the North
major rail customers for testing and certification. In      American rail market.”
preparation for future production of longer rail, the
existing cooling bed has been expanded to accommo-          SDI’s mill began rolling in mid-2002 and substantially
date 320-foot lengths.                                      commissioned rail rolling at the beginning of 2004.

                                                                                                                     page 7
Continued from page 7,   REMSA Member Profile:

                                                       The rolling mill is designed for a very wide product range of
                                                       beams 8-36 inches and other shapes, as well as different rail
                                                       sizes, according to AREMA and UIC standards.

                                                       SDI is different from other rail mills because all
                                                       the modern concepts are incorporated, such as:
                                                          •   Rail rolling in a mini-mill by EAF steel.
                                                          •   Universal rail rolling on a tandem mill.
                                                          •   Rail length of 240 feet (330 feet in the future).
                                                          •   In-line rail cooling without pre-bending.
                                                          •   In-line head hardening.
                                                          •   In-line rail finishing

                                                                                  “Dynamic Composites, LLC, a joint ven-
                                                                                  ture between SDI and Primix Ties, is
                                                                                  introducing a crosstie made from a
                                                                                  unique extrusion material that offers both
                                                                                  economical and performance advan-
                                                                                  tages, “ he said. “Dynamic Composites is
                                                                                  the manufacturer of a composite railroad
                                                                                  tie made from recycled materials. Using
                                                                                  an innovative composite material, Primix
                                                                                  railroad ties are manufactured from recy-
                                                                                  cled high-density polyethylene and recy-
                                                                                  cled rubber. Their superior design and
                                                                                  performance provide a
                                                                                  significantly stronger tie with an improved
                                                                                  life cycle.”

                                                                            The core is formed by joining the cold
                                                                            rolled steel fabrication with concrete, all
                                                 encapsulated by the composite.

                                                 ”We at Steel Dynamics, Inc., are excited regarding our new relation-
                                                 ship with REMSA,” Kotsenas said. “We believe that REMSA is a vitally
                                                 important industry arm providing all the member rail products manu-
                                                 facturers a solid forum to present our products in a general format to
                                                 the broad base of railroad users. This was very evident at the recent
                                                            concurrent REMSA exhibit and AREMA conference in
                                                                  Louisville, Kentucky. Since we, and our joint venture
                                                                     Dynamic Composites, LLC, are new to REMSA, this
                                                                       was the first time we had the opportunity to be
                                                                         part of the proceedings and we were amazed at
                                                                           the genuine interest shown to both our compa-
                                                                            nies. The number and stature of the railroad
                                                                             industry attendees was very impressive and
                                                                              definitely enabled SDI and Dynamic
                                                                              Composites to reach the interested parties. I
                                                                              believe our membership has already paid a
                                                                             substantial dividend for the Steel Dynamics
                                                                            family. The relative return for the very eco-
                                                                           nomical cost of membership is excellent and
                                                                         can’t be duplicated anywhere! “

                                                                                                                    page 8
Events to Note
November                                                      Website: E-mail at REMSA:
29-30. 2006 Structural Engineer Building Conference. Website:
The Ritz-Carlton. Washington, DC. Contact: Amy Walsh.
                                                              7-8. Introduction to Practical Railway Engineering.
Phone: 800-466-6275. E-mail:
                                                              Miami, FL, AREMA, 301-459-3200
                                                              22-23. 2007 Railway Security Forum & Expo. Railway
29-Dec.1. 2006 Rail Industry Safety & Operations
                                                              Age in cooperation with AAR, ASLRRA, APTA and RSI.
Conference. San Antonio Marriott Rivercenter. San
                                                              Crystal Gateway Marriott. Arlington, Va. Contact: Jane
Antonio, Texas.
                                                              Poterala. Phone: 212-633-1165.
December                                                      Website: conference1.html.
4-6. Terripin World High Speed Rail Congress.
Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Contact: Sarah Butt.              17. AREMA Committee 9-Seismic Design for Railway
E-mail: sarah.butt@                             Structures. New Orleans, LA. 301-459-3200.
                                                              18-19. AREMA Committee 8-Concrete Structures &
11-13. The Maintenance, Rehabilitation and Upgrading          Foundations. New Orleans, LA. 301-459-3200.
of Conventional Railroad Track. Riviera Hotel and
Casino. Las Vegas, NV. Phone: 800-462-0876 or 608-            21-25. 2007 Transportation Research Board Annual
262-2061. Contact: C. Allen Wortley                           Meeting. Washington, DC. 202-234-2934. Website:
14-15. Railway Bridge Engineering. Riviera Hotel and          6-7. AREMA Committee 15-Steel Structures.
Casino. Las Vegas, NV. Phone: 800-462-0876 or 608-            Jacksonville, FL. 301-459-3200.
262-2061. Contact: C. Allen Wortley
E-mail:                            March
Website:                 13-16. 2007 ASME/IEEE Joint Rail Conference. Marriott
                                                              Hotel, Pueblo, CO. Website: http://www.asmeconfer-
January 2007                                        
4-7. NRC/REMSA Conference and Trade Show. The
Doral Golf Resort & Spa. Miami, Fla. Contact: Chuck           13-14. TTCI Twelfth Annual Research Review. Pueblo,
Baker. E-mail:                                CO. Jan Lowther, 719-584-0544 or e-mail

  Mission Statement:
  To provide global business                development opportunities to members.

  To transfer knowledge             about markets, products & the industry to members & their customers.

  To support government initiatives                     that advance the North American railroad industry.

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