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									Automated Forex Robots
Author: Drota Kalis
Y might just be starting out with Forex trading and searching frantically for answers online - any answers! Maybe you have some
experience with Forex trading and want to improve your expertise and are looking at various alternatives to maximize profits - or even
worse - you are hoping to just stop losing money!

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Y are now considering free Forex robots - not a bad place to start you might think as you rationalize that you don't have to spend
money on a robot, especially if you have already lost money (most likely with incorrect systems) and are now trying to recover these
Well, let me save you time and money. Simple... Free Forex Robots do not exist - at least not in the way you and I understand it.
Maybe that is not entirely accurate, so let me elaborate. If you are searching for independent free Forex robots online you will most
probably find quite a few products being listed. On closer inspection you will notice that the products are actually not free as the "free"
portion is generally only for a trial period or for a demo account. Other products that are marketed as being free, such as MQL4
(MetaQuotes Language 4 for Metratrader), which comes with MetaTrader, are actually products that allow you to create your own expert
advisors and are not trading robots as such. Embarking on this route is a whole different ballgame - best avoided by novice or medium-
expertise traders as it means that you will have to "program" and create your own Forex robots - a daunting task to say the least.
In short - "free" in these instances does not really mean free - there is virtually always a catch or the products are simply not worthwhile
considering for the serious Forex trader. I have even come across "free robots" punters or creators claiming to have 80 million Forex
users! Y be the judge of whether this is credible.

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So what then? Will you have to spend money on a robot?
Every successful Forex trader you will come across will stress that a dedicated Forex trading plan, followed rigorously, is the key to
success. I would like to add to this by stating that a reputable and tested Forex trading plan is paramount to your success in Forex
The latter can only be achieved with proper systems. The free Forex robots I have seen simply do not provide any level of comfort for the
trader that is even remotely serious.
My experience is that Free Forex Robots are best avoided if you want to take your Forex trading efforts seriously. Rather spend time to
research and review the more reputable Forex trading robots on the market that have been thoroughly tested - even if there is a once-off
cost involved.

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