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									                       SALVATORE GIOVANNI T. SGAMBELLURI
                                          Post Office Box 1645
                                          Agana, Guam 96932

                           Home: (671) 734-3730 Business: (671) 735-5618

                              OBJECTIVE: SUPERINTENDENT GPSS


Professional leader with over 35 years proven experience in supervision, management, administration,
and education in a variety of private, government, and community college settings. Strong commitment,
strategic vision and leadership. Skilled problem preventer, problem solver, and self-starter with a strong
orientation towards mission goal achievement. Demonstrated success in project completion, team
building and organizational design. Strong interpersonal and communication skills. Effective Listener.
Diplomatic and effective in negotiations. Fair, firm, and compassionate in human relations skills.
Dedicated and passionate educator. Strong union/management drafting and negotiating skills. Strong
advocate for preventive maintenance procedures. And experienced in developing and managing
postsecondary educational programs supported through authored federal grant.


Attended from August 1975 to December 1977
Major:         Law
Degree:        Juris Doctor

Attended from January 1970 to May 1974
Major:         General Business and Management
Degree:        Bachelor of Art in Business Administration, cum laude

Attended from January 1982 to January 1983
Adult Enrichment
Completed 9 credit hours
Survey of Data Processing       Grade A
BASIC Program Language          Grade A
RPGII Program Language          Grade B

Salvatore Giovanni T. Sgambelluri Résumé 2008                                           Page 1 of 20
June 14, 2003
Completed 6 Graduate Credit Hours
Vocational Methods I-         Grade A
Education Teaching &
Learning Methodologies
Vocational Methods II         Grade A
Education Teaching &
Learning Methodologies


National Accreditation from the Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education & Training
Council (DETC) & Licensed by the State of Georgia
Course Title: Professional PC Hardware & Software Repair Program
Diploma awarded November 1, 2000
Course GPA 93% A Average

National Accreditation from the Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education & Training
Council (DETC) & Licensed by the Pennsylvania State Board of Private Licensed Schools, Harrisburg,
Course Title: PC Repair
Diploma awarded October 7, 1998
Course GPA 93% A Average

Information Provided Pursuant to GPSS
Employment Application Section #14 a.

                               ―Higher Education Teaching Experience‖
                                              18 Years
                                         GCC 1990 – 2008
                                         Assistant Professor
                                      Postsecondary Educator
                                Business Management & Supervision

 Year       Rank            Courses Taught                 Key Student Learning Outcomes
1990      Adjunct       AC100 Fundamentals of     Accounting Principles of Interpreting, Analyzing,
1995      Level 4       Bookeeping                Recording, Posting, Preparing, & Journalizing
                        UOG Articulation          Accounting Transactions-Ledger General Ledger
1990      Adjunct       AC101 Accounting          Accounting for Sole Proprietorship, Merchandise, &
1995      Level 4       Principles I              Service Related Firms-Ledger General Ledger
                        UOG Articulation

Salvatore Giovanni T. Sgambelluri Résumé 2008                                     Page 2 of 20
1990      Adjunct       AC102 Accounting           Accounting for Partnership & Corporations, Taxes,
1995      Level 4       Principles II              Bonds, Service Learning & Financial Statement
                        UOG Articulation           Analysis-Ledger General Ledger
1990      Adjunct       AC103 Accounting           Accounting for Manufacturing, Budget, & Cost
1995      Level 4       Principles III             Analysis, 20 hours of Civic Engagement: Service
                        UOG Articulation           Learning-Ledger General Ledger
1999      Adjunct       CS101 Introduction to      Hardware, Operating Systems, Utility & Application
2000      Level 4       Computer Systems &         Software Components
2000      Assistant     MK123 Marketing            4 Ps-Product, Price, Place, and Promotion
          Professor     Essentials (Secondary SH
                        & JFK)
2006      Assistant     OA101 Keyboarding          ―Querty‖ Touch System, GUI Driven ―Keyboard Pro &
          Professor     Applications               MicroPace‖ Software

1995      Adjunct       SM108 Introduction to      Economic Systems, Teamwork, Entrepreneurship,
Presen    Level 4 &     Business                   Financial Systems, Stocks, Bonds, Insurance
t         Assistant
1999      Adjunct       SM205 Purchasing           Policy & Procurement Strategy, Internal Control,
Presen    Level 4 &                                Supply Chain Management Technologies, Value Chain
   t      Assistant                                & Value Systems
1999      Adjunct       SM208 Personnel            First Line Supervision Duties and Responsibilities
Presen    Level 4 &     Supervision
t         Assistant
2005      Assistant     SM211 E-Commerce           Internet Liability & Consumer Rights Issues
Presen    Professor     Management
2005      Assistant     SM215 International        Cultural Diversity Management, Expatriate Pre-
Presen    Professor     Management                 Departure training & Repatriation
2005      Adjunct       SM220 Management           4-Principle Functions: Planning, Organizing, Leading,
Presen    Level 4 &     Skill Development          and Controlling
t         Assistant     Chaminade Univeresity
          Professor     Articulation
2005      Assistant     SM225 Leadership           LeadershipTrait, Behavioral, Contingent, and Dyadic
Presen    Professor                                Theories & Leadership Skills Application
2005      Assistant     SM230 Business Law         Contracts, Agency, Real & Personal Law, Bankruptcy,
Presen    Professor     Applications               Cyberlaw, Uniform Commercial Code, Corporations
2005      Assistant     SM240 Labor &              Title VII Civil Rights Act, Unfair Labor Practices,
Presen    Professor     Employment Law             Collective Bargaining, Child Labor, Pensions

Salvatore Giovanni T. Sgambelluri Résumé 2008                                        Page 3 of 20
Information Provided Pursuant to GPSS
Employment Application Section #14 e.

                                       ―Professional Activities‖
                                     GCC Committee Participation

Total   GCC Committee Description                GCC Committee                           Year
1       Curriculum Committee                     Review & approve course guide &         2007/’08
                                                 program document revisions
2       Resource and Budget Committee            Review& recommend faculty               2007/’08
3       Chairperson, Promotions Committee        Oversee promotion process &             2006
                                                 recommend faculty for
                                                 advancement in rank
4       Resource and Budget Committee            Review & recommend faculty              2006

5       Career Placement Advisory Committee      Industry Job Placement Review & 2006

6       Select Committee-Institutional           Interview and recommend                 2006
        Researcher-AIE                           applicants for position

7       COPSA Student Advisor                    Direct and advise SM Student            2006

8       Curriculum Committee                     Review/approve substantive              2005/’06
                                                 course & program guides

9       BOT Negotiation Committee 2005-2010      BOT/GFT negotiating team                2005/’06
                                                 member-team focus non-
                                                 instructional faculty & job specs.
10      Chairperson Standing Committee,          Drafted 2005 GCC mission                2005
        Standards II Mission Statement           statement as amended-BOT
                                                 approved Feb. 2005
11      Select Committee-Dean TSS                Interview and recommend                 2005
                                                 applicants for position

12      Select Committee-Accounting Faculty      Interview and recommend                 2005
                                                 applicants for position

13      Select Committee-MIS Technician          Interview and recommend                 2005
                                                 applicants for position

Salvatore Giovanni T. Sgambelluri Résumé 2008                                         Page 4 of 20
14      Committee      on    College    Assessment   Review, assist, & approve        2004/’05/’06
        CCA                                          administrative, financial, and
                                                     academic units’ assessment plans
                                                     and reports
15      Examination Committee                        Review president’s role and 2004

16      Employee Recognition Committee               Review, approve nominations             2005

17      Calandar Committee                           Develop 5-year academic schedule        2005

18      Select Committee-Accounting Faculty          Interview and recommend                 2004
                                                     applicants for position

19      Resourse Opportunity Committee               Design revenue schemes for GCC          2004/’05

20      User Group Committee                         Review user requirements for pc         2004/’05

21      Technology Group Committee                   Develop 5-year technology master        2004/’05

22      Specification Group XP                       Review proposed institutional-          2004/’05
                                                     wide platform upgrade from
                                                     Windows 98 2nd Ed. to Windows
23      College Affairs Council                      Faculty governance participation        2003/’04/’05/’06

24      Select Committee-Dean TSS                    Interview and recommend                 2005
                                                     applicants for position

25      DOE MOA Agreement                            Negotiation participation in draft      1998
                                                     DOE/GCC Satellite MOA

Salvatore Giovanni T. Sgambelluri Résumé 2008                                             Page 5 of 20
Information Provided Pursuant to GPSS
Employment Application Section #14 e.

                                      ―Professional Activities‖
                                         My Presentations

     Instructor, TracDat Training, AIE, GCC
    Instructor, Technical Assistance, Federal Grant Writing, Business Faculty
    Instructor, Technology Supported Instructor Resources, GCC
    Instructor, Assessment Process 5-column Model, GCC
    Instructor, Mapping Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) Workshop, GCC
    Facilitator, Community Partnerships, Building a Stronger Workforce
    Facilitator, GCC Job Fair Expo, Hyatt
    Facilitator, Time Management, Students Leading Students, Hyatt
    Facilitator, Effective Communication, Students Leading Students, Hyatt
    Facilitator, "Community Partnerships: Building a Stronger Workforce
    Guest Speaker – Disability Awareness, Vocational Academic, Hyatt Hotel
    Guest Speaker – ―Employment Needs of Manamko‖ DPH & SS, Pacific Star
    Guest Speaker – ―Employment Issues‖ Guam Chamber of Commerce, Guam Hilton
    Guest Speaker – ―Staff Training‖ Mayor’s Council, Adelup
    Guest Speaker – ―Helping High School Dropouts‖ Dededo Municipal Council, Dededo
    Guest Speaker – ―Title III Youth Summer Program‖ K-57 Sorenson Broadcasting
    Guest Speaker – ―Financial Times Ahead‖ Rotary Club, Tumon
    Guest Speaker – ―Budget Challenges‖ Association of Government Accountants
    Guest Speaker – ―Plan Your Future‖ George Washington Senior Graduating Class
    Guam Representative – Pacific Basin State JTPA Liaison Conference, Region IX, Hawaii
    Guam Representative – ―Disdvantaged Clientle‖ Region IX Hawaii Conference,
    Guam Representative – PITI Conference, USDAG-DOI sponsored, Hawaii
    Guam Representative –Coordinator for all FEMA Disaster Relief Centers
    Guam Representative –―Compact Impact Funds‖ testimony presented to Chairman Subcommittee
    on Insular Affairs, U. S. Congress Washington D.C.
    Guam Representative – ―Section 30 Entitlements‖ testimony presented to Budget Director Office of
    Insular Affairs (OIA) Washington D.C.
    Guam Representative –―Technical Assistance‖ testimony presented to Director Technical
    Assistance Office of Insular Affairs (OIA) Washington D.C.
    Guam Representative – ―Fund Accounting Overview‖ presentation to Pohnpei Financial Division

                         Civic Organizations/ Gov/Guam/School/Church
       1989-2008 Board Member, National Association of Uniform Services (NAUS)
       2005-2008 Booster Club ―Sidekickers‖ under 12 Soccer
       1993-2008 Diabetic Support Group
       1998-2006 Heart Outreach & Support Group

Salvatore Giovanni T. Sgambelluri Résumé 2008                                       Page 6 of 20
       1991-1994 National Association of State Budget Officers
       1989-1994 Executive Committee, Guam Visitors Bureau
       1990-1993 Governance Board, Archdiocese of Agana Catholic School
       1990-1992 FDMS Building Project Coordinator-constructed 4 classrooms
       1989-1994 President, Parents Advisory Board FDMS
       1989-1994 Member, Parents Booster Club FDMS
       1989-1994 Board Member, Federal Advisory, Veterans Administration
       1989-1991 Executive Committee, Veteran’s Day
       1989-1990 Executive Committee, Guam Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA) Council
       1989-1990 Executive Committee, Guam Council on Senior Citizens
       1989-1990 Guam Occupational Informational Coordinating Committee
       1989-1990 Committee Member, State Vocational Educational Planning Committee
        1989-1990 Planning Committee, Overall Economic Development, Dept. Of Commerce
       1988-1989 San Vicente Planning Committee, Barrigada


    1. Certificate of Recognition, Student Leading Students, ―Effective Communications‖ Campus
    2. Certificate of Recognition, ―Community Partnerships, Campus Life
    3. Certificate of Recognition, Student Leadership workshop, Campus Life
    4. Certificate of Recognition, ―Assessment Mentoring and Feeedback Award
    5. Nominated ―Who’s Who Among American Teachers,‖
    6. Graduated cum laude – University of Guam
    7. CHI OMICRON GAMA Honor Society, UOG
    8. Annual Award – Parent Support Group San Vicente School
    9. Veteran of the Year – Governor’s Presentation
    10. American Cancer Society – Certificate of Appreciation, Volunteer Work
    11. U.S. Air Force – Certificate of Appreciation, AAFB
    12. Government Appreciation Resolution, Speaker Ambrosio Senda, Pohnpei Senate
    13. National Commendation FSM, President Bailey Olter, 3rd President of FSM,
    14. Commander Naval Forces Marianas – Community Service Award
    15. Governor’s Certificate of Commendation – Executive Committee, Veteran’s Day
    16. Governor’s Certificate of Commendation – Liberation Day Committee
    17. Governor’s Certificate of Commendation – Chairman, Memorial Day
    18. Soldier of the Quarter – U.S. Army
    19. Good Conduct Medal – U.S. Army
    20. Honorable Discharge – U.S. Army

Salvatore Giovanni T. Sgambelluri Résumé 2008                                    Page 7 of 20

                       Numbers Referenced to Gov/Guam Application
                                     Highlights Of
                                  Employment History
                                Duties & Responsibilities

(1) Guam Community College                                    Promoted Assistant Professor Fall 2004
Present Position
Guam Community College is a multi-faceted career and technical educational institution, created by
Public Law 14-77 in 1977 to strengthen and consolidate vocational education on Guam. The College
operates secondary and postsecondary vocational programs, adult and continuing education, community
education, and short-term, specialized training. These programs are delivered both on and off-campus,
in satellite programs and on-site at businesses as needed. The College also serves as the State Board of
Control for vocational education under the United States Vocational Education Act of 1946, 1963, and
subsequent amendments.
Assistant Professor, Full-Time, 9month
Reports to Dean TSS Michelle Santos Ed.D.; Department Chairperson Barbara Bouchard-Miller
Responsible for teaching all Supervision Management (SM) courses offered at Guam Community
College; in addition, taught at Adjunct Level 4 (highest level) Accounting & Computer Science

A. Authored the following documents:
     GCC Mission Statement as amended/revised through GCC Board approved 2005
     Narratives for the Supervision & Management (SM) Certificate & Associate of Science
       program catalog descriptions in the GCC Catalogs 2003 to 2008
     Comprehensive SM Program Revisions for the Certificate and Associate of Science degree in
       Supervision & Management (Revised Program was 20 years old)
     Ten (10) SM course catalog descriptions for GCC Catalogs 2003 to present
     Five (5) new substantive SM Course Guide revisions for adoption and implementation as
       Technical Requirements in SM program Fall 2004
     Five (5) substantive SM Course Guides revisions as Technical Requirements in SM program
     Ten (10) non substantive SM Course Guides revision student text
     $65,000 VEA postsecondary grant for SM student technology support: WiFi printer, scanner,
       multimedia projector, 23 laptops, and charging mobile cart
     SM Certificate and Associate of Science Assessment Plans & Reports 2003 to present
     KUAM script used for TSS Division informercial purposes

B. First business faculty in 2003, to develop an SM home faculty website and upload—via
―Dreamweaver‖ an HTML Web Developer Program—instructor resources such as courses taught,

Salvatore Giovanni T. Sgambelluri Résumé 2008                                          Page 8 of 20
syllabi, grades, assignments, and announcements.
This interactive learning environment provided access to my instructor resources 24/7 for SM students
(1) anytime, (2) anywhere, (3) anyplace, and (4) any computer

C. First faculty to incorporate student rendered tutor support for ―Special Needs‖ students as a
component of Service Learning in response to special needs ―Accommodation‖ in the class learning

D. First faculty to include adjuncts in course guide collaboration, authorship, program documents, and
textbook review

E. Founded first SM student association: the Society of Management Industy Leaders for Excellence
―SMILE‖ a COPSA affiliated student association

F. Served as a mentor for new adjunct and permanent faculty as well as students at Project Aim;
counseled and advised 55+ SM students declared in Supervision & Management

(1.1) Guam Community College

Department Chairperson provides the communication link between management and department
faculty facilitating review and approval of semester workloads, course and program objectives
consistent with institution mission statement and objectives. In addition, Department Chairperson
interviews, hires, and supervises all adjuncts under teaching contracts.

Supervised 10 adjuncts & directed 4 faculty
Reports to Dean TSS Michelle Santos Ed.D.
Pursuant to GFT/BOT 2005-2010 responsible for compliance with Article IX Department
B.Operations, C. Chairperson Responsibilities Numbers 1 through 19 inclusive.

Pioneered as Business Department Chairperson the following activities:
     First Department Chairperson to require all Business Department adjuncts and faculty to
       include the ―Accommodation‖ provision for students with ―Special Needs‖ in all faculty syllabi
     First Department Chairperson to provide (23) WiFi laptops, WiFi printer, and Mobile
       Charging Cart—wireless technology support for Business students procured via VEA federal
     First Department Chairperson to collaborate with adjuncts in textbook reviews and final
     First Department Chairperson to collaborate with adjuncts in Certificate and Associate of
       Science program document review; collaborative endeavours provide resource efficient
       results—since duplication of effort is avoided.
     First Department Chairperson to collaborate with adjuncts in artifact evaluation and active
       assessment participation
     First Department Chairperson to solicit active participation of Advisory Committee
       Chairperson for grading and evaluating student formative and summative direct exams for
       assessment reporting

Salvatore Giovanni T. Sgambelluri Résumé 2008                                         Page 9 of 20
(2) PAINTCO Inc.
Paintco, Inc. was founded in 1998—a local, veteran owned business. The firm offers a full service
paint store providing architectural paint, car paint, and roof coat systems catering to contractors,
maintenance organizations, local government, military, and homeowners. Major brands Coronado
Paint, Gaco Western Inc., SKK, Vista Paint, International Yacht Paint, Ennis Traffic Paints, Parex
EIFS Systems, Insl X. PAINTCO is located in Maite.

Entrepreneur/Part Owner VP Marketing & Sales
I am responsible for sales, marketing, financial statements, audits and review.
     Drafted the Articles of incorporation, bylaws, business and financial plans for purposes of
        starting a new retail and wholesale paint company on Guam—PAINTCO Inc.
     Procured financing through Bank of Guam—initial capitalization $150,000-$100,000 startup
        loan & 50,000 line of credit
     Prepared and executed sales department budget
     Developed and implemented a retail strategic plan identifying PAINTCO’s target market and
        retail mix
     PAINTCO today is a 7 digit annual sales company
     In ten years PAINTCO’s has built a market share second on Guam

(3) Guam Community College
Assistant Professor, Limited-Term, 9month
Reports to Dean TPS Riley Ridgel; Department Chairperson Rick Skipper
Responsible for teaching MK123 ―Marketing Essentials‖ to marketing secondary students at JFK
and Southern High School
    Tutored DECA SH marketing students for nationwide competition SY 2000—my contestant
        won the DECA competition beating out the other secondary schools participants
    Directed, assisted marketing student in SH & JFK marketing student store operations
    Provided innovative learning methods through project-based learning merchandise planning,
        reordering, and selling techniques
    Encouraged through teamwork the entrepreneurial spirit of cooperation among fellow
        marketing students

(4) 24th Guam Legislature
Senior Budget Analyst
Supervised 2 analyst & 1 research assistant
Reports to Chairman Committee of Ways and Means.
Responsible for all constituient outreach programs within the Chairman’s purview; resolving all
constituient complaints, concerns, and drafting requested legislation.
     Reviewed financial reports to forecast the best revenue projections for supporting annual
        legislative, judicial, and executive budget requested
     Maintained computer hardware and software systems at Ways and Means

Salvatore Giovanni T. Sgambelluri Résumé 2008                                         Page 10 of 20
       Drafted Legislative Resolutions recognizing and acknowledging major contributions by
        outstanding individuals in Guam's community.
       Most notable legislation: The Family Violence Act of 1998; collaboration with Judge Mariman
        ―diversion procedure‖

(5) Guam Community College
Associate Dean
Supervised 59 faculty
Reports to three Deans: Dean for Student Development, Dean for Business Social Studies & Tourism
(BSST) & Dean for Technology & Human Services;
Primary School of Responsibility: BSST. Responsible for all individual faculty plans—MBO format,
performance evaluations, Department Plans; negotiated with DOE MOA agreement for Satellite
secondary programs
     Wrote performance evaluation observing faculty teaching methods
     Assisted Deans in performance evaluations
     Supervised BSST faculty at Guam Community College post secondary programs
     Supervised BSST faculty at all satellite locations high school secondary programs
     Inventoried and tracked fixed assets of all equipment in the BSST division
     Upgraded 60 computers from 33Mhz to 300Mhz through a VEA postsecondary grant.

(6) 23rd Guam Legislature
Senior Budget Analyst
Supervised 2 analyst & 2 research assistants
Reports to Chairman Ways and Means.
     Responsible for supporting legislative public policy by researching and drafting legislation
         directed by the Chairman Ways and Means
     Researched statutes and case law to ensure final draft bill acceptable to the legislative body in
         both procedural and substantive content
     Coordinated and consulted with Rev/Tax on legislative bills related to Banking, Taxation, &
         Insurance matters
     Projected the legislative revenue forecast to support the final appropriation levels
     Drafted the fiscal year government-wide budget to include supplemental budgets
     Drafted legislative resolutions recognizing and acknowledging the major contributions by
         outstanding individuals in Guam's community
     Provided floor staff support to the Vice Speaker during the Committee of the Whole
     Drafted all Committee amendments and incorporating same within the primary draft bill.
     Most notable legislation: drafted FY Budget Bill & assisted in new ―opt out‖ Reigel Neil
         banking bill

(7) Komitea Para Tiyan
In July 1993, the BRAC Commission recommended that Agana Naval Air Station be closed. NAS
Agana, now known as Tiyan, was operationally closed on March 31, 1995. In Executive Order No. 94-
07, dated July 8, 1994, the Governor of Guam, Joseph F. Ada, established the Komitea Para Tiyan
(Komitea) to prepare a reuse plan for NAS Agana. The Komitea adopted the business/industry best use
option and approved the NAS Agana Base Reuse Master Plan. In Executive Order No. 97-27, dated
October 16, 1997, Governor Gutierrez disestablished the Komitea and established the Base
Realignment and Closure GovGuam Steering Committee.
Salvatore Giovanni T. Sgambelluri Résumé 2008                                         Page 11 of 20
Project Director
Supervised 5 supervisors & 72 personnel
Reports to the Komitea Para Tiyan Superintendent.
    Responsible for implementing the policy established and promulgated by the Komitea Para
        Tiyan—the designated Local Redevelopment Authority pursuant to the Interim License
        Agreement between the Government of Guam and the Department of the Navy governing the
        BRAC'93 NAS Base Closure implemented 1995
    Established and authored the procedures for the inventory, maintenance, and protection of
        current DoD lands, facilities, and personal property prior to complete Gov/Guam turnover
    Planned and organized the human resource structure for supervision, labor, materials, supplies,
        and equipment necessary to support the Tiyan facilities’ electrical, plumbing, cooling tower
        systems, interior utility system maintenance, security, fire protection, and utilities required for
        the protection and maintenance of the acquired buildings and premises
    Negotiated and secured the necessary insurance requirements pursuant to the Interim License
    Planned and coordinated with The Division of Highways, DPW, all maintenance of existing
        and proposed roads within the Komitea’s jurisdiction

(8) Komitea Para Tiyan

In July 1993, the BRAC Commission recommended that Agana Naval Air Station be closed. NAS
Agana, now known as Tiyan, was operationally closed on March 31, 1995. In Executive Order No. 94-
07, dated July 8, 1994, the Governor of Guam, Joseph F. Ada, established the Komitea Para Tiyan
(Komitea) to prepare a reuse plan for NAS Agana. The Komitea adopted the business/industry best use
option and approved the NAS Agana Base Reuse Master Plan. In Executive Order No. 97-27, dated
October 16, 1997, Governor Gutierrez disestablished the Komitea and established the Base
Realignment and Closure GovGuam Steering Committee.

Contracts Manager
Supervised 5 personnel
Reports to the Komitea Para Tiyan Superintendent.
Responsible for drafting and negotiating the Master Lease, the Maintenance and Security Contracts,
and the Master Occupant Sublease
     Drafted, promulgated, and coordinated all utility procedures for GPA, GTA, DPW, PUAG,
        Cable TV and Navy PWC
     Supervised all Contract Inspectors
     Approved all work in progress application submitted by the same utilitiy entities listed above
     Assigned and administered all subleases and premises occupied by the Government of Guam
        Scheduled monthly inspection tours of all facilities and houses both occupied and unoccupied
        for safety, environmental, asbestos, lead paint assessments, and safeguarding the health and
        welfare of all Gov/Guam Tiyan occupants, visitors and customers
     Provided periodic inspection reports concerning the same inspections to ensure compliance
        with the Interim License Agreement
     Drafted, promulgated, and coordinated Preventive Maintenance procedures for Tiyan
        supervisors responsible for facilities and premises
     procedures included scheduled, and ad hoc periodic inspections, work order issuance,
        corrective action, and follow up

Salvatore Giovanni T. Sgambelluri Résumé 2008                                           Page 12 of 20
     Negotiated with the Department of the Navy pending Lease Agreement for the non-federal use
   of real property in Tiyan

(9) BBMR Bureau of Budget & Management Research
January 1991 to December 1994
Title 5, Div.1, Ch. 1., Article 3 secs. 1301-1304 The Director of BBMR is responsible for preparing the
governor’s program and financial plan—the executive budget request; responsible for ensuring proper
accountability and implementation of program services in accordance with statutory mandates and/or
other governing rules and regulations as well as the policy decisions and budget determinations of the
Administration and the Legislature

Director—confirmed by the Legislature
Supervised 3 supervisors & 28 budget analysts
Reports to the Governor.
Responsible for providing the overall direction, administrative leadership and guidance to the Bureau;
providing staff assistance to the Governor and territorial agencies as required; assisting agencies in their
statement of goals and objectives, preparation of program plans, program budget requests and reporting
of program performance; preparing issue papers and other reports to the Governor for fiscal policy
development as it relates to program coordination, planning and budget matters; monitoring agencies
and departments compliance to approved fiscal policies, procedures, rules, and practices.

Responsible for assisting and providing guidelines to agencies and departments on acceptable
organizational methods, policy execution and financial management; Responsible as Governor’s
Authorize Representative for all FEMA declarations and subsequent federal drawdowns;
Responsible for all Gov/Guam agency Public Assistance requests through approved public worksheet
documentation, verification with 10% & 25% local funding matching for typhoon and earthquake
disasters respectively;
     Directed, coordinated, and marketed Gov/Guam $175,000,000.00 (one hundred seventy-five
        million dollars) 1993 Series ―A‖ General Obligation Bonds for SH High School, Tamuning
        Elementary School, Astumbo-Dededo Elementary School, Asan Elementary School, and
        Inarajan Elementary School.
     Designed, installed, and implemented hardware and software financial budget system for the
        Pohnpei government, Kolonia, Pohnpei, Dion Neth, Director of Budget
     Designed, installed, and implemented hardware and software financial budget system for the
        FSM National Government, Kolonia, Pohnpei, President Bailey Olter presiding, 3rd President

(10) BBMR Internal Audit Division

Director—Concurrent Duties & Responsibilities (Pre-Public Auditor)
Supervised 1 supervisor & 5 internal auditors
Reports to the Governor.
Concurrent responsibilities as Budget Director. Responsible for follow up on all Inspector General's
independent audit reports Region IX; analyzing and recommending improvements for internal control
procedures within the Government line agencies; conducting continuous review and evaluation of all

Salvatore Giovanni T. Sgambelluri Résumé 2008                                            Page 13 of 20
financial and other fiscal operations of the government of Guam; reviewing audit reports with
appropriate recommendations; conducting review of fiscal and management audits, special funds;
review of all Government of Guam agencies to ensure compliance with local and federal laws rules
and regulations with respect to fiscal and management responsibilities; conducting audit reviews of all
non-appropriated funds—Department of Education (DOE)
Note: Internal BBMR Gov/Guam audits ended 1998—FY 2000 Public Auditor was elected and BBMR
responsibilities ceased.
     Converted audit transactions from manual ledger applications to spreadsheet software Corel
        Quatro Pro and adopted MS Excel
     Rewrote internal audit philosophy, duties and responsibilities for internal auditors governing
        the scope of audits shall include more autonomous agencies to include GIAA, GPA, GPA, &
        Guam Housing
     Expanded the scope of audit purview for autonomous agencies focusing on procurement

    (11) AHRD

The Agency for Human Resources Development administers a federally funded program under the
auspices of the U. S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration.

Director, Acting
Supervised 1 administrator, 2 supervisors & 15 case workers
Reports to the Governor; deferred final service provider contract review and approval to JTPA Board
Responsible for overseeing, managing, and directing the implementation, administration, and
operations of training and employment programs under the Statewide Job Training Plan and the
Governor's Coordination and Special Services Plan; administering all applicable rules, regulations,
policies and procedures under federal region nine guidelines; appointing authority, reprimanding or
removing for cause any employee in the employ of the administrative entity pursuant to and in
compliance with established local and federal laws, rules, and regulations; enforcing all executive
orders, policies, and procedures.

(12) AHRD
The Agency for Human Resources Development administers a federally funded program under the
auspices of the U. S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration.

Deputy Director
Supervised 1 administrator, 2 supervisors & 15 case workers
Reports to the Director.
Responsible for assisting the Director with the overall operation and administration of the Job Training
and Partnership Act (JTPA) programs, services, activities, and other related functions; exercising direct
supervision of all AHRD staff and coordinate with the Program Administrators all daily assignments;
evaluating management performance and identifing areas for improvement; conducting staff meetings;
evaluating the operation of the Agency;

Responsible for supporting disadvantaged/marginalized/non traditional youth and adults: directing the
intake and outreach staff to actively and aggressively pursue and recruit local high school drop-outs for
participation in the GED programs available to eligible youths and adults from AHRD via its

Salvatore Giovanni T. Sgambelluri Résumé 2008                                          Page 14 of 20
designated service providers; encouraging and recommending to the JTPA Council to designate as the
highest priority eligible youths and adults for recruitment and participation in the JTPA programs.
Reviewing and approving through the JTPA Board the following on-the-job training programs offered
through contractual service providers: Vocational/Academic programs in accounting, computer
operations, office adminisration, and automotive repair through Guam Community College;
Pre-employment Skills Training for 16 years and above administered through UOG; Pre-employment
Skills Training for 14 and 15 year olds administered through KBA Educational Centers; directing other
programs such as the Dislocated Workers, the Long-term Unemployed, the World of Work Program,
and the annual Title III Summer Youth Employment Program.

Responsible for intake recruitment for the Senior Citizens & Disability Clients Training Assistance,
training and recruiting Guam’s Manamko under the Senior Citizens Program administered through
Department of Labor and their subsequent employment in either the public or private sector; and
recruiting individuals with disabilities—referred clientele from the Department of Vocational
Rehabilitation Center acting as Service Provider.

       First Deputy Director to establish an outreach program with district mayors to identify, recruit,
        and enroll in AHRD programs high school dropouts, single mothers, manamko, and disable
       First Deputy Director to receive the lowest percentage of questionable costs pursuant to region
        nine audits with no disallowance in subsequent grant reductions—grants awards were
        encumbered, expended, with no lapses
       First Deputy Director to voluntarily engage the services of Department of Labor for purposes of
        client intake assistance and coordination thus improving intake aggregates

(13) Pacific International Co., Inc.
Guam Retail Group/Gibson
Servco Home & Appliance Distribution is a wholesale distributor of premier lines of kitchen
appliances, such as GE Monogram, Bosch, Thermador, Gaggenau and undercounter refrigeration and
wine captains from U-Line. Other products include GE Profile, and GE appliances, Best and Broan
hoods, plumbing products for both kitchen and bath from KWC and Rohl, kitchen systems from Franke,
glass vessels from DeRose Designs, under-cabinet lighting from Hera, as well as split air-conditioning
systems from Sanyo; Automotive - Cars & Trucks Mazda Automotive - Commercial Vehicles
Automotive - Parts & Accessories Automotive - Tires

Division Manager
Supervised 2 department managers, 3 supervisors, & 20 personnel
Reports to SERVCO Corporate Hawaii.
Responsible for directing all six departments in materials management operations which included
managing all merchandise reception from both domestic and international vendors; managing all claims
processing for non-conforming merchandise received; determining the pricing for all merchandise sold
at the Gibson shopping center; providing merchandise support for sister retail outlets in Tumon, Guam;

Salvatore Giovanni T. Sgambelluri Résumé 2008                                         Page 15 of 20
Saipan; Majuro, Marshall Islands; expediting all domestic consolidations fob destination via West
Coast, Hawaii, Guam; implementing authored preventive maintenance/ mechanical fleet documents;
supporting all sales/ promotional activities; preventing merchandise thefts; identifing OSHA problems
and effecting compliance

       Reorganized the Gibson traffic department to yield a higher profit center
       Closed non-profitable distribution center, on Pickanail Street, Tamuning
       Opened a Tumon MiniMart Branch
       Started first random ―cycle count‖ procedures for high-end inventory items

(14) Island Equipment Retail
Tamuning, Guam
Island Equipment Company commenced business on Guam in 1948 with investments in a variety of
home improvement center operations which include, industrial gas manufacturing, LP gas distribution,
hardware, paints, automotive parts and DuPont refinishes, construction, commercial real estate,
Goodyear Tire, movie theatres and bowling alleys.

Assistant Manager
Supervised 3 supervisors & 21 personnel
Reports to Mr. Pete Sgro Sr., Owner & General Manager
Responsible for the daily operations of the following retail departments: Island Equipment store, Car
Paint Mix & Sales, LPG Gas Sales, and Automotive Part Sales;
Reorganized the entire retail store operation to provide customer friendly check-out cashiers,
accessible aisles
     Instituted on-time product reorder points
     Improved new product mix
     Improved warehouse responsive time and store support
     Trained customer service personnel
     Instituted preventive maintenance procedures for fleet and equipment

(15) Australian Hardwood Homes
Bilpin, NSW, Australia
May 1986 to November 1987
Australian Hardwood Homes is the leading manufacturer of Model Kit Wooden Homes; pressure
treated for termite resistant and home foundations guaranteed for 35 years before retreatment is
needed. Starting price for a two-story wooden home $41,500.00 fob destination Guam (1986 Prices).

Construction Supervisor
Supervised 3 personnel
Reports to Australia regional manager
Responsible for the site preparation, and construction of hardwood homes two-story home in Barrigada.
Responsible for supervising work crew of three carpenters and myself; prepared the foundation,
footing, foundation wall, sill plates, termite shield; constructed the flooring, main joists, floor joists,
girders, subfloor, final hardwood floor; constructed the framework, bearing walls, headers; constructed
the roofing, rafters, roof truss, gable, ridge, soffits, ceiling joists, final roof; constructed and installed
finishing, gypsum board, internal cladding wood sidings, external wood cladding, windows, doors,
trims, plumbing, bathroom components, tiles, sanding, finishing, ceiling fans, veranda, and external
garage—project completed and homes has withstood with minor damages typhoons Omar, Paka,
Chataan, and Pongsona.

Salvatore Giovanni T. Sgambelluri Résumé 2008                                              Page 16 of 20
(16) Micromanipulator, Inc.
Carson City, Nevada
The Micromanipulator Company is a leading manufacturer of analytical probing equipment for 150,
200 and 300 mm semiconductor wafers, solar cells, nanotechnology and MEMS devices.
Micromanipulator provides probe stations and accessories for applications including reliability
testing, low current/low noise IV/CV testing, high frequency testing, and probing for flat panels and

Operations Supervisor
Supervised 4 supervisors & 25 personnel
Reports to the President.
Responsible for all phases of materials management and inventory control; directing the processing
and storage of all finished and component products; providing customer service support for both
domestic and international customers such as IBM, HONEYWELL, TEXAS INTRUMENTS,
manufacturing and machine shops via routing of sub-assemblies and assemblies for loading all work-in-
process in the direct labor work centers; drafting and implementing procedures for materials
management and inventory control; supervising all materials computer input and related data
processing; supervising all audits during annual physical inventories.
     Consolidated and merged two California firms into a single profit center in Reno, Nevada.
     Implemented Just-In-Time inventory arrival system supporting assembly operation
     Authored and implemented work-in-progress assembly routing procedures
     Authored preventive maintenance program for company fleet and assembly equipment

(17) Ingersoll-Rand
CPM/ROSS Manufacturing Division
Sparks, Nevada
Ingersoll-Rand Subsidiary California Pellet Mill manufactures agricultural machinery pellet mills
which are ideal for producing pellets for full line feeds, wood, single ingredients, coal, poultry feed,
hog feed, paper, corn wet milling, and landfill compacts.

Materials Supervisor
Supervised 2 supervisors & 15 personnel
Reports to Corporate, New Jersey.
Responsible for managing all materials departments; supporting and coordinating three distribution
centers in the Western Region of the United States; and assisting the manufacturing functions in the
initial assembly, quality inspections of the finished product.
      Reducing indirect overhead costs by consolidating S.F. CA. area operations into Reno Nevada
          resulting in lower personnel and inventory costs without compromising customer service levels.
      Improved and updated company preventive maintenance procedures for forklifts, sissor-jacks,
          hydraulic pallet lifts.

(17.1) Ingersoll-Rand

Salvatore Giovanni T. Sgambelluri Résumé 2008                                            Page 17 of 20
CPM/ROSS Manufacturing Division

Quality Facilitator
Supervised 5 personnel
Reports to Director of Human Resources
Concurrent responsibilities with Materials Manager. Responsible for training and developing all CPM
subsidiary indirect and direct employees in Sparks, Nevada; Crawfordville, Indiana; Kansas City,
Missouri; Freeport, Illinois; and San Francisco, California in the use and application of quality
assurance and quality circle techniques and methodology. Quality circle is a participatory management
technique that enlists the help of employees in solving problems related to their own jobs. Quality
Circles consist of small groups of employees meeting on a regular basis within an organization for the
purpose of discussing and developing management issues and procedures. Quality circles are
established with management approval and can be important in implementing new procedures. While
results can be mixed, on the whole, management has accepted quality circles as an important
organizational methodology.
     Conducted training seminars for leadmen, first-line supervisors, middle management, in group
         dynamics, current management techniques, and improving human relations between employee
         and employer.

(18) Ingersoll-Rand
CPM/ROSS Manufacturing Division

Supervisor Inventory Control
Supervised 7 personnel
Reports to Accounting Manager.
Responsible for planning and managing all inventory control and production departments; supervising
all source document data input, maintenance of data currency and material document issuance for
material flow activity; preparing annual inventory procedures
      Coordinated and designed with the data processing department innovative inventory control
         systems to allow for real time processing for all debits and credits against the inventory
      Facilitated, managed and operated a new information system parallel conversion from an IBM
         data entry system into a more user friendly full modular IBM Copics software, supporting a
         wider database inventory control and management system
      Improved productivity and efficiency in data input and processing by reducing waste,
         eliminating redundant/unecessary source documents used in material processing proving
         cleaner audit trails for management

(19) Ingersoll-Rand
CPM/ROSS Manufacturing Division

Supervisor Manufacturing
Supervised 28 personnel
Reports to Plant Manager
Responsible for supervising seven assembly departments for both day and swing shifts.
Directed all work-in-process of component parts into sub-assemblies, assemblies, and into top level
finished goods—pellet mills, maintained employee time cards, employee performance evaluations and
counsel same.
      Implementing a third shift to reduce excessive overtime
      Reducing rework levels from 11% to 3% rework

Salvatore Giovanni T. Sgambelluri Résumé 2008                                        Page 18 of 20
       Kept direct labor utilization to an efficient 92% or better
       Reduced industrial accidents 50% from 4 to 2 incidents
       Upgraded company preventive maintenance procedures for assembly equipment, radial drills,
        operated machine lathes, grinders, programmed cad-cam computer driven lathes, forklifts…

                                        Final Perspective

I offer GPSS and all stakeholders affected my occupational and academic background,
my vocational and teaching experience, and my private and management experience.
Experiences that have collectively instilled in me a profound spirit of dedication,
appreciation, and a present and prospective understanding of the GPSS mission and
challenges for the 21st century codified in Title 17, Guam Public School System sections
3103-3132 inclusive.

I believe my early years repairing and rebuilding gas and diesel engines; operating heavy
equipment; working in manufacturing quality assurance and in particular preventive
maintenance procedures and applications; building pellet mills; assembling
semiconductor probes and assemblies; building, troubleshooting, configuring, and
repairing computer systems; and building a complete wooden home from foundation to
roof, has prepared me to appreciate and comprehend, the satellite vocational,
occupational, component of GPSS.

And through a strong foundation of ―established curriculum goals and policy guidance‖
from the GPSS Board to the Superintendent for implementation, I believe GPSS shall
eventually hold its head high and showcase an organization whose education programs
provide a dynamic, synergistic, and balanced quality product that all GPSS life long
learners shall be proud of.
Thank you.
Bunny Sgambelluri

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