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					                                           Afriwater 2009
                     General Exhibitor Information (submitted by exhibitors)

Company name:           ABB Group
Telephone:              011 236 7001
Contact:                Pamela Manda

ABB South Africa offers a wide range of power and automation technologies solutions from a
comprehensive product and service portfolio. In South Africa, the group has a strong local manufacturing
capability with seven manufacturing sites around the country. ABB was established in South Africa in 1992
and employs more than 2400 people.

The company offers complete solutions to utilities, including electrical power infrastructure for transmission
and distribution networks and associated products and systems, such as substations, reactive power
compensation, utilities automation (including protection, control and Scada), water EPC contracts and
power plant automation.

On the industries side, ABB offers systems, products and services in the areas of pulp and paper, mining,
metals and minerals, cement, chemicals and petrochemicals as well as manufacturing and customer

All project capabilities include a comprehensive offering from feasibility studies, project management and
design to construction, installation, commissioning and customer training, and all offerings are supported by
field maintenance and asset performance services.

Company name:           Adroit Technologies
Telephone:              011 658 8100
Contact:                Monica Mynhardt

Adroit Technologies have been in the business of developing Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition
(SCADA) and Human Machine Interface (HMI) software for over 20 years. Found in virtually every industrial
sector ranging from Nuclear to Food and Beverage the product has been a huge success. Not only does
Adroit compete successfully in both the African and international markets, it has become the product of
choice for users in mainstream as well as lesser-known industrial sectors.

Adroit systems serve a wide range of water treatment applications including water treatment plants and
pump stations throughout South Africa.

Company name:           Amitech
Telephone:              011 864 2040
Contact:                Cheryl Knoetze

Amitech Industrial is part of the Amiantit Global Group and is a leader in the field of designing,
manufacturing and installation of customized GRP and related products and technology. The company
services clients worldwide with:

       All GRP and related Thermoplastic and Fluoroplastic piping, ducting, process vessels, storage
        tanks, exhaust stacks and ancillaries for the mining, chemical and metallurgical industries.
       Expertise in the latest GRP technologies.

Company name:           ARI Flow Control Africa
Telephone:              071 492 3043
Contact:                Mr Dawid Deysel

A.R.I Flow Control Accessories is a leading company in water system protection from transient pressures
and entrapped air in pipelines, the main causes for the bursting, collapsing and fracturing of pipelines.
These destructive forces lead to water losses through leaks in the pipeline and contamination due to
intrusion of pathogens into the water system.
The company has developed a wide range of products and special software designed specifically for
various applications in water supply (municipal and domestic), sewage, industry, agriculture and
landscaping. It also has an R&D and engineering centre, which developed tools and models for performing
surge analysis, air valve sizing and location and non-revenue water analysis of water systems.

Company name:           Bearing Man Group (BMG)
Telephone:              011 620 1500
Contact:                Gavin Pelser

The Bearing Man Group stand at this year’s IPUC/AfriWater exhibition (stand 9A) highlights the company’s
energy efficiency focus through a broad range of quality branded engineering components, enhanced by a
technical solutions-driven service.

BMG will display a range of energy efficient products which includes condition monitoring equipment on a
base mounted pump, a Fenner Motoline EFF1 energy efficient electric motor, with laser shaft alignment
equipment attached.

The industrial range of Pall filtration and separation systems – available in South Africa exclusively from
BMG – will also be on display. These systems are designed for efficient use in various applications,
including power generation, mining, paper and pulp, water, waste water and sewage, as well as at steel
mills, aluminium smelters and oil refineries.

BMG – Bearing Man Group - has a network of over 100 branches throughout South Africa, Zambia,
Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland and Botswana, which offers a comprehensive stock holding, profiled to
suit the needs of diverse industries.

Company name:           Brubin Pumps
Telephone:              011 609 1940
Contact:                Barnd Irle

Brubin Pumps, a Division of Set Point Industrial Technology are one of the market leaders in the supply of
Magnetic Drive in Southern Africa.

The company's commitment to the socio-economic needs of the country, specifically in the field of potable
drinking water and sewage / waste water treatment, led to the acquisition of suitable relevant equipment
from leading international manufacturers, all of which are compliant with current ISO quality assurance

The Allprime self-priming centrifugal pumps, for waste water and industrial effluent, have gained
acceptance in a short period of time by leading consultants and municipalities throughout Southern Africa,
mainly due to their rugged design, reliability and economically priced pumps and spare parts.

The Pumpex pumps, manufactured by international leaders in this field for over forty years, allows the
company access through their drainage and extensive waste water range to offer state of the art technology
to clients in the mining, industrial and water / sewage reticulation sectors.

The Brubin (Albin) peristaltic heavy duty hose pumps satisfies the need of mineral process, chemical,
precious metal refineries and other end-users who have requirements for handling viscous slurries by
providing a cost effective environmentally friendly solution to transfer applications.

Company name:           Ceenex
Telephone:              012 347 2620
Contact:                Michele McDonald

Ceenex is a firm of consulting business engineers focusing primarily on natural, financial and human
resources development. Ceenex is assisting organisations to optimally engineer the application of their
mission critical resources.

Ceenex is an SMME independent management and technology advisory firm, that focuses on strategy,
business engineering, development consulting and information infrastructure.
Two of the directors of Ceenex, as a work team, have worked together since 1994 and have extensive
international experience in Government, Utility and Private Sector consulting assignments. Primary
competencies include strategy delivery, business engineering (systems, processes, structuring and
resourcing), information management, systems and technology.

Our statement of qualifications covers more than 200 assignments, including: the design and
implementation of Information Infrastructure Business Plans for a large cities, development of a Catchment
Information Management Decision Support Systems for a large utilities, the development and deployment
of a sector transformation plans for a regional water and sewer services utility, as well as logistics studies
and simulation modelling decision support to large capital developments.

Company name:            Consolidated African Technologies
Telephone:               011 789 1014
Contact:                 David Nagle

Consolidated African Technologies (CAT) is a supplier of ultra rugged, robust and reliable mobile computing
for remote data acquisition solutions in Africa. The company designs and develops remote data collection
systems using ultra rugged computing devices. Each and every system is designed to meet specific user

CAT services more than 400 African sites in 13 African countries as far north as Cameroon. Harsh and
hazardous environments that are found at utilities, municipalities, mines and general industrial sites have
made the CAT solutions an industry standard.

The company‘s dedicated team of specialist engineers aim to develop every system into a masterpiece.
This is achieved with a high level of commitment to both the customer and solution. The benefits to
customers are maximized productivity, reduced overhead and logistics costs and real time performance

Company name:            Endress&Hauser
Telephone:               011 262 8000
Contact:                 Glenn Smith
Designation:             Service Advisor

Endress+Hauser's new ISEmax CAS40 system for measuring ammonium and nitrate is based on
potentiometric measurement with ion-selective electrodes and will be on display at the company’s stand at
Afriwater 2009.

Potentiometric measurement uses ion-selective electrodes similar to pH measurement: as a result of
charged ions "migrating", a potential difference occurs between the measuring electrode and the reference
electrode. This difference in potential is measured and is proportional to the ion concentration. It makes the
processes of nitrification and denitrification transparent particularly in the area of wastewater treatment.

ISEmax measures the concentration of ammonium and nitrate quickly and continuously in municipal
wastewater treatment plants. The robust in-situ measurement allows measuring several parameters
simultaneously with one sensor. A distinguishing feature of ISEmax is its short response time. Since
ISEmax is immersed directly into the measuring solution, the measuring system responds very quickly to
changes in the concentration. The rapid trend display supports the early control and regulation of the

Typical applications in municipal wastewater treatment plants include measuring the concentration of
ammonium and nitrate directly during sludge activation, measuring the ammonium (pH-compensated) load
in the inlet to sludge activation, and load-dependent aeration control.

Another new inovation, a portable measuring system, the Prosonic Flow 93T has been developed by
Endress+Hauser to measure liquids from outside of the pipe. The Prosonic Flow 93T is an ultrasonic clamp-
on flowmeter.

The new Prosonic Flow 93T is the quick and reliable way of measuring pipe flow without interrupting
productive operation. Cutting-edge clamp-on technology is a characteristic of this portable ultrasonic
flowmeter. It offers the flexibility to measure flow in very large pipes up to 4 meters in diameter or small-bore
pipes of only 20 millimeters (DN 15/½).
Prosonic Flow 93T works off a powerful rechargeable battery. The built-in data logger reliably records all the
measured values. The current input enables values from other meters to be recorded and saved. These are
ideal properties for running checks on permanently installed flowmeters.

In addition, Endress+Hauser has announced the launch of W@M Device Viewer, a free, easy to use
introduction to the functionality of its Web-Enabled Asset Management solution, W@M.

W@M is a software solution that manages the entire life cycle of a plant’s instrumentation from purchase
through to de-commissioning. It also ensures fast information access and smooth information flow to
improve process safety, productivity and economic efficiency, throughout a plant.

W@M Device Viewer is accessed through the local Endress+Hauser website ( and is
free of charge. Operators, technicians and electricians can access valuable information relating to a plant’s
instrumentation simply by entering the Endress+Hauser serial number of a particular device. Users then
have access to the device’s order code, production date, user manuals, spare parts list and product status.

Company name:           Erwat
Telephone:              011 929 7000
Contact:                Wanda Henning

The East Rand Water Care Company (ERWAT) is a leader in the water industry, using the latest technology
and the advances of science to offer a world-class, yet economic solution to water and wastewater

ERWAT provides bulk wastewater conveyance and a highly technical and proficient wastewater treatment
for a host of industries and more than 3,5 million people who have access to sanitation services. ERWAT
has seen a vigorous growth pattern since its inception in 1992. It is currently custodian of 20 wastewater
care works, treating a combined capacity of some 550 megalitres of wastewater per day. The majority of the
operations are in the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Council while ERWAT also provides services to other
metropolitan councils.

Company name:           Flo-Tek Pipes and Irregation
Telephone:              083 339 6230
Contact:                Cindy Duncan

Flo-Tek Pipes and Irrigation was established in Botswana in 1998 manufacturing PVC pipes. In July 2003
and June 2004, Flo-Tek began manufacturing rotational moulded products and HDPE pipes respectively.

A company was established in South Africa in 2005. A factory producing HDPE pipe was started in Clayville
in August 2007. Flo-Tek South Africa has since opened a branch in Cape Town and a subsidiary company
in Dundee.

Flo-Tek’s core business is the manufacturing and distribution of HDPE and u-PVC Pressure and Sewer
pipes and Rotomoulded products. The company’s ISO 9001:2008 certificated factories in Johannesburg
and Botswana enable it to manufacture pipes and tanks as well as distribute to South Africa, Botswana and
other SADC countries. The factories have fully equipped laboratories which ensure Flo-Tek manufactures to
SANS, ISO and SAPPMA specifications.

Flo-Tek has a strong association with Hydrodifusion, who will be sharing a stand with Flo-Tek at Afriwater
2009. Hydrodifusion are a leading manufacturer of Compression Fittings, Universal Fittings, Saddles,
Electrofusion Fittings, Control Boxes and Butt Welding Machines. They are continuously developing new
products for the water, sewer, gas and mining industries.

Company name:           Grundfos South Africa
Telephone:              011 579 4800
Contact:                Lorraine Smart

Today we have a well established distribution base                  in South Africa and the African
continent, focussing mainly on the English speaking                 east and west African countries.
In a continent like Africa where one of the major                   problems is accessibility to clean
drinking water, it is clear to see why our priority focus            area is Water Supply. More focus
is also being placed on the Commercial Buliding Services segment, Industry and Wastewater.

Our highly competent staff covers all major business departments, from sales, finance,
marketing, service and logistics. The introduction of the South African academy is evidence
of our commitment to the development of our staff and our commitment to the uplifment
and empowerment programs our Government has put in place.

The company supplies circulator pumps for circulation of hot water in central and district heating systems;
circulator pumps for circulation of cold water and other liquids in cooling and air-conditioning systems;
vertical and horizontal, centrifugal pumps and pressure boosting systems for liquid transfer and boosting of
hot and cold water; drainage, effluent and sewage pumps for a wide range of applications; and a wide
range of pumps for the transfer of waterm, cooling lubricants and other liquids in and process systems.

Company name:           Hydro-Comp Enterprises
Telephone:              011 803 8333
Contact:                Dan Lupou
Designation:            Director

Hydro-Comp is an international information technology and consulting group of companies specializing in
integrated management systems and related consulting services for utilities and water services providers.
Hydro-Comp provides a unique combination of engineering, consulting services and management systems
aimed at improving overall utility performance and efficiency. Its consulting services range from network
optimization to non-revenue water reduction and its management systems include assets management,
work order and maintenance management as well as integrated engineering analysis. Currently the
company operates in Africa, Europe and Asia with offices in South Africa, Botswana, Cyprus, Egypt, Middle
East and India.

Company name:           ITT Water & Wastewater
Telephone:              011 966 9300
Contact:                Lanelle Wheeler
Designation:            Marketing Manager

Integrated solutions for fluid handling systems requirements are offered by ITT Water & Wastewater being a
world leader in transport and treatment of water and wastewater. The company provides a complete range
of water, wastewater and drainage pumps, equipment for monitoring and control, units for primary and
secondary biological treatment, products for filtration and disinfection, and related services.

ITT Water & Wastewater, headquartered in Sweden, operates in some 140 countries across the world. ITT
Water & Wastewater includes powerful brands such as Flygt, Sanitaire, Leopold, Vogel and Wedeco and
also incorporates ITT brands such as Goulds, Allis Chalmers, Lowara and Wellpoint.

Company name:           Johannesburg Water
Telephone:              011 688 1545
Contact:                Puleng Mopeli

Johannesburg Water has been mandated the responsibility of providing water and sanitation to three million
residents of the City of Johannesburg. Johannesburg Water employs over 2650 people and supplies water
and sanitation services to more than 3,2-million people. The company plans to expand its network to
service areas not currently connected with water.

Johannesburg Water has recently intensified its water monitoring in the Greater Johannesburg area. Every
month throughout JHB over 500 samples are taken and analysed to ensure compliance with the SANS 241
standard. Between 42 and 46 determinants are checked and over 4000 analysis carried out each month.
The results show excellent compliance with the highest category in the standard, which confirms that the
drinking water in JHB is one of the best in the world.

Company name:           LabWorld
Telephone:              012 664 9900
Contact:                Corlia Buitendag
LabWorld is a leady supplier of laboratory and scientific analytical equipment in South Africa and the SADC
region. The company‘s agencies are specifically selected and many have been aligned with LabWorld for
more than 20 years. The company’s product line includes Shimadzu, Skalar, Perten, Chopin, Gerhardt, PS
Analytical and Ankom.

Company name:           Lesira-Teq
Telephone:              012 440 9885
Contact:                Christine Coetsee

Lesira-Teq is a design, manufacture, distribution and installation company of intelligent water meter
Ssystems        targeted          at    both     commercial        and     residential       markets.
The company was founded in 2002 as a joint venture between Teqnovo - designer and manufacturer of
Teqnovo prepayment water meters, and Lesira Trading - a black-owned enterprise with a focus in niche
product market investments. Lesira-Teq employs close to 120 people currently. The Head Office and
manufacturing facility are in Pretoria.

Company name:           Macsteel Tube & Pipe
Telephone:              011 897 2100
Contact:                Jon Birbeck

Macsteel Tube and Pipe is one of the largest tube and pipe producers in Southern Africa.
The factory complex is located in Lilianton, Boksburg. From our 40 000m facility we supply a large and
diverse range of products to various industries. The company’s core skill is that of forming and welding
steel strip to produce tube and pipe of the highest quality. These skills are enhanced by a CAD design
facility for roll forming and a CNC roll manufacturing operation. Macsteel Tube and Pipe adds further value
by galvanising, cutting, and coating its products. The plant is able to supply special sections and wall
thicknesses as per customer requirements.

Macsteel Tube and Pipe supplies products manufactured to SABS and Internationally quality standards for
applications such as:

-       Water and other conveyance pipe
-       Tube and Pipe for structural engineering and automotive applications
-       Hi-tensile scaffolding
-       Conveyor idler tube
-       Mine support systems
-       Furniture and general purpose precision tubing

Company name:           Magalies Water
Telephone:              014 597 4636
Contact:                Lesego Matlhatsi

Magalies Water is a state owned Water Board providing a wide range of related Water and Sanitation
Services. It operates in four provinces and that include, Gauteng, Limpopo, North West and Mpumalanga.
The area of operation is in the extent of 42 000 square kilometres.
Magalies Water as a water services provider supplies clean and odourless water to Water Services
Authorities. Its primary capabilities include providing:

       Bulk potable water purification and transmission
       Bulk sanitation
       Reticulation management
       General technical advice and assistance to Municipalities
       Metering and billing (retail services)
       Analytic service for potable and sewage water quality control
       Catchment monitoring
       General maintenance of assets
       Pipeline maintenance
       Infrastructure planning
       Project planning
       Upgrading/refurbishment planning
       Contract administration
       Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

The bulk operations of Magalies Water include the provision of potable water in bulk to other water service
institutions within its area of operation. Included in this task are functions related to the abstraction and
purification of water as well as quality control, water distribution and demand management aspects. Other
support functions related to these are:

       operation and maintenance
       safety, health and environment
       catchment management
       planning, development and implementation
       water conservation and demand management
       administration
       financial services
       human resources, training & development
       marketing and communication
       management and support functions
       Corporate Social Investments

Company name:            MultiTrode
Telephone:               083 256 5640
Contact:                 Rehann Kruger
Designation:             Sales & Marketing

Reduced Risk of Sewerage Spills with New SafeSmart Backup Controller

MultiTrode has released two new versions of its new SafeSmart Backup Controller for wastewater lift
stations. Most wastewater utilities don’t have backup control installed, and when primary control fails they
rely on manual intervention until the primary control system has been replaced.

Most utilities rely on their telemetry or SCADA system to report a primary control failure – or a primary level
device failure. This usually occurs through a comms fail alarm when the telemetry system cannot
communicate with the remote RTU. Comms fails are therefore treated as potential spill events and an
urgent site visit is required.

When the primary control system has failed, personnel from the utility typically have to stay on site manually
operating pumps until the control system has been replaced and commissioned, a process that sometimes
takes days.

The new SafeSmart controllers reduce the operational pressure on the organization by providing an
automatic backup system.

The SafeSmart family incorporates thermal and seal sensing from the pump, so avoid the problem of
running overheated pumps in backup mode and burning them out.

Company name:            NECSA
Telephone:               012 305 4582
Contact:                 Ms Veronica Ditsi

The South African Nuclear Energy Corporation (Necsa) was established as a public company in terms of
the Nuclear Energy Act, 1999 and is wholly-owned by the State. Apart from several ancillary functions, the
main functions of Necsa are to undertake and promote research and development in the field of nuclear
energy and radiation sciences and technology; to process source material, special nuclear material and
restricted material; and to co-operate with persons in matters falling within these functions.
Company name:            Pall Industrial
Telephone:               003 313 061 3252
Contact:                 Melody Ronsoux

There is no greater calling or opportunity for a fluid management company than today’s challenge – helping
customers protect people, the environment and our natural resources. Pall Industrial is implementing
technologies that purify and conserve water, consume less energy, make alternative energy sources
possible and practical, advance medicine and minimize emissions and waste. Overall, the company’s
collective efforts are enabling a greener more sustainable future.

Company name:            Puricare
Telephone:               071 294 3875
Contact:                 Donald Jonker

Puricare specializes in the design and manufacture of customised solutions in the fields of Ultraviolet and
Activated Oxygen (Ozone) for use in air and water purification. The company was founded in 1990 when a
need for a more effective and more ecologically sound method of sterilization was identified. Following
considerable research into the application of UV radiation and Activated Oxygen (Ozone) it was
scientifically established that there could be a great shift away from traditional sterilizing chemicals and their
undesirable short and long term effects. Puricare's purpose is to purify and sterilise water, effluent and air
without the degradation of our natural life support systems.

Puricare stocks and supplies only the best Ultraviolet lamp technology with a warranted lamp lifetime of
8500 hours of UV output. The company’s germicidal lamps are highly effective in the destruction and
removal (through oxidation) of the following: Micro-organisms, viruses, bacteria and fungi.

The use of long life lamps mean lower operating and maintenance costs. UV and Activated Oxygen
(Ozone) are non- chemical, natural processes and Activated Oxygen is a more powerful oxidant than
chlorine as a water purifying agent.

Company name:            Rand Water Services
Telephone:               011 544 7600
Contact:                 Mandisa Tselane

Rand Water Services plays an essential role in the country to improve, develop, manage and repair water

Its technology is of the highest standard and its wide variety of products are competitively priced. Expert
consultation services on all matters relating to water are offered to both the public and private sectors.

Started in 2005 by Rand Water, Rand Water Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of the country’s biggest
bulk water supplier

One of the many activities that Rand Water Services is involved in is the recent launch of the Smartball the
new leak detection technology. This is a non-interruptive technology which means that pipelines do not
have to be shutdown when detecting leaks in a pipeline, for more details on the Smartball visit the Rand
Water Services stand B44 at Afriwater 2009.

Company name:            Ritz Pumps
Telephone:               011 397 5616
Contact:                 Chris Munnick

Having continuously advanced, RITZ offers today the complete know-how as well as an extensive product
range of pumps and accessories for municipal and industrial water and sewage engineering. It is possible to
find an application-friendly and economic solution for nearly all applications. A consequent orientation
towards the client allows us to quickly and flexibly react to the customer's special demands and
requirements. This covers the services: advice, order completion and delivery, after-sales-service with
maintenance, repair and spare parts supply as well as the customer-orientated documentation, professional
software and individual trainings for the customers.
Company name:            Sedibeng Water
Telephone:               056 515 0200
Contact:                 Alfred Theys

Sedibeng Water is committed to quenching South African communities' thirst through the sustainable and
cost-effective delivery of high quality water to an area spanning 86 000 square km across the Free State,
Northern               Cape               and             the            North-West            provinces.

This commitment, which has been affirmed for over two decades, includes: an integrated approach to total
water management; ongoing participation in research activities; promoting consumer awareness of the
value of water, as well as offering complimentary water services to local authorities and industries in order
for them to comply with regulations. Sedibeng Water takes pride in having attained accreditation for our
science laboratory.

The company is also actively involved in community development, capacity building, empowerment,
sponsorships and enhancing our employees' quality of life through the provision of programmes such as
ABET and HIV/AIDS Education.

Company name:            Sew Eurodrive
Telephone:               011 248 7000
Contact:                 Rene Rose
Designation:             Marketing Manager

SEW Eurodrive will be displaying the multiple energy saving solutions the company has to offer at this
years’ Afriwater 2009 exhibition. The SEW Eurodrive solution is a modular energy saving solution: individual
drive components, which each feature a high level of energy efficiency, are combined to form the perfect
drive solution matching the application while at the same time allowing the best possible energy saving. The
products are already energy efficient in itself but a number of combination options of the individual
components make energy efficient drive components real energy savers.

Undoubtedly, investment costs for electrical drives are minor when compared to the overall investment in a
plant, but it is precisely the choice of drive technology that can have a decisive influence on the follow-up
costs. If you compare all costs incurred during the life cycle of a system, you will notice that energy costs of
systems which have not been optimized with respect to their energy consumption can constitute up to 90%
of the follow up costs. This shows that optimizing the energy efficiency of each individual component and
combining the drive technology to match the specific application will achieve a significant economic benefit.

Regardless of whether a system already exists or is in the planning phase, it is always worthwhile
considering energy efficient solutions. A good time for optimizing the energy efficiency of a system is, for
example, when parts of the system have to be replaced. Whether these are individual components or a
combination of various products, there is always potential for energy saving. The latest and most energy
efficient drive technology can be used as part of the reengineering process to make the plant more energy

SEW Eurodrive is the first company worldwide that has implemented die-cast copper technology in an
industrial high volume production. The result is the highly effective energy efficient DRE and DRP motors.
The DRP surpasses the efficiency levels of the new international IEC 60034 –T30 standard and is labelled
IE3 (Premium Efficiency). All this comes at a surprisingly economic price which enables amortization within
one or two years.

Of interest to companies in the water treatment industry would be the Industrial Gear Unit which can be
viewed on the stand. This unit offers more efficiency for mixing and agitating applications with their MC
Industrial Gear Unit range with Extended Bearing Distance (EBD) Industrial Gear Units. On show will be the
MC series size 7 which falls in the torque range 35kNm.

In process plants, large axial and radial forces occur at the agitator shaft during agitating processes.
Traditional designs solve this problem with separate, external bearings that take on the function of the
agitator shaft bearings, a solution that very often proves cost intensive.

SEW Eurodrive’s new EBD concept extends the bearing span across the low speed shaft and offers
stronger bearings within the gear unit itself, which means that in many cases separate bearings are no
longer required in the agitator or an over sizing of the gear unit can be avoided.
These high torque MC Industrial Gear Units can be used for the reliable operation of mixers, agitators and
surface aerators. The concept is supplemented by an optional drywell seal, which reliably prevents oil
leakage at the output shaft together with standardised mounting flanges.
You can find SEW Eurodrive at stand D9 at Afriwater 2009 at the MTN Exhibition Centre, Nasrec from 8-10

Company name:           South African Institute of Mechanical Engineers
Telephone:              011 615 5660
Contact:                Anisa Nanabhay

The South African Institution of Mechanical Engineering (SAIMechE) is the senior body representing the
discipline of mechanical engineering in South Africa. It covers all fields of application as diverse as
automobile, energy generation, process engineering, heavy manufacture, design, management, research,
mining and education.

Company name:           Spiral Tech Screw Conveyors
Telephone:              011 397 8259
Contact:                Jerry Schlemmer

This innovative and service driven company was founded by a dedicated team of engineers with more than
8 years of experience in the shaftless screw conveyor industry. With a wide range of purpose built products,
Spiral Tech strives towards customer satisfaction through offering high quality shaftless spiral products.
Through constant research and development, Spiral Tech has managed to supply custom built products to
suit the process needs and objectives of customers.

Vast resources enable Spiral Tech to design, manufacture and supply the following :
   -      Shaftless screw conveyor systems
   -      Live bottom systems
   -      Vertical conveyor systems
   -      Dewatering presses
   -      Grit classifiers

These systems are ideal for conveying :
   -     Hazardous materials
   -     Sticky materials
   -     Contamination sensitive products
   -     Large aggressive materials
   -     Materials not easily moved by conventional means

Company name:           SSI
Telephone:              011 798 6509
Contact:                Marion Adams

SSI is a leading South African based consulting engineering and project management group that provides
engineering consultancy and management expertise in the transportation, water, industrial, environmental,
ports, aviation & rail, project & construction management, mining and project finance & development fields.

Operating from a network of 20 branch offices around the country and having a staff complement of more
than 900 professional, technical and support staff, SSI has recently increased its resource base through the
acquisition of BCP Engineers, with the integration of Bohlweki Environmental and a joint venture
partnership with Turgis Consulting.

Company name:           Technical Application Software (TAS)
Telephone:              011 325 0686
Contact:                John Schulkins

Technical Application Software (TAS) was founded in 1991 by Harry Rosen in order to produce software for
the pump manufacturing industry. Products produced by TAS include:
       Testbed – produces technical specifications and test performance curves from test data input by
        the designer
       Graftec – allows manufacturers to produce their own pump catalogues in house
       Aquatec – is the leading Windows based pump selection package. Also available in an online
        version enabling an inexperienced user to select and analyse pumps directly from their web site
       Pump Engineer’s Toolbox – offers a wide range of commonly used pump related calculations

In 2000 Harry decided to turn his attention to the user side of the pump industry and to exploit the great
advances recently made in low cost communications and internet availability in combination with the depth
of knowledge on pumps and pumping systems acquired during the preceding years.

TAS PumpMonitor was developed to provide users of industrial pumps with continuous visibility into the
operating performance of their pumps in near real time. It quantifies the inefficiency cost of a pump over its
lifetime, identifies potential equipment failure before it manifests and calculates the optimum time to
refurbish or replace the unit, thus minimising total life cycle cost.

It is supported by analysis of reasons for inefficiency and proposals for effective measures required to
rectify the problems identified in both the pump and the pumping system. It remains unique world wide in
terms of its affordability, robustness and the volume of information it provides across a wide range of
centrifugal pumping configurations, quantified in both electrical and financial terms.

TAS PumpMonitor is installed in a number of major mining operations in South Africa in both dewatering
and process applications, and is expanding into water utilities, power generation and pulp and paper plants.

TAS Online is now ready to move into the world market. A partnership with a major international corporate
has led to a successful pilot study with a water affairs company in the Middle East, and an agency has been
established in the USA.

Company name:           Treverton College
Telephone:              033 263 1927
Contact:                Athol Davies
Designation:            Post Matric Director

In November 2009, the participants of the Post Matric programme at Treverton College will travel from the
source of the Tugela River to the mouth at the Indian Ocean. Along the length of the river, the students plan
to meet the communities and interact with the schools regarding water issues so as to share ideas and
experiences with those who are directly reliant on the river. These communities have the greatest influence
on the water systems and are affected the most by improper water management.

Water is a limited resource and must be conserved and utilised on a sustainable basis. The objective of the
expedition is to create awareness of the environmental issues surrounding water in South Africa. This will
be aimed at the public at large, but more specifically at those communities that are directly reliant on the
Tugela River.

Clean water in South Africa is a rare and precious commodity which many take for granted. The Treveton
Post Matric group believe that the awareness thier expedition could greatly benefit those living near the
river in the long term as well as promoting conservation of our water in South Africa.

The group plan on taking water samples as well as doing water tests at designated points as we travel
along the river to note any changes in the water as we move away from the source. We will utilise three
systems for the water analysis:
    1) Water samples for the South African Scoring System (SASS),
    2) Working with schools in the areas, we will conduct ‘miniSASS’ (educational water monitoring
        system) evaluations. Results from the ‘miniSASS’ will be fed into the Google Earth system (to be
        established by ‘miniSASS co-ordinators)’
    3) A Bio-monitoring evaluation system to be established for the project.

The Treveton Post Matric group will be exhibiting at Afriwater 2009 in order to raise awareness about thier
expedition and to explain thier objectives and aims of the project.

Company name:           Verni-Speciality Construction Products
Telephone:              086 118 3764
Contact:                Vernon Botha
Waterproofing & Corrosion Protection of Concrete

Waterproofing and Corrosion Protection plays an essential role in the Water Processing Industry. With the
range of waterproofing and corrosion protection products and systems on the market it can be somewhat
difficult for clients or engineers to determine the ‘right’ product for the given conditions.

Verni-Speciality Construction Products is a considerable player in both the waterproofing as well as the
corrosion protection market. Verni has, through its strong technical expertise and unique positioning, the
ability to create tailored solutions across the civil, building and refurbishment industries.

Verni are in a very unique situation when it comes to waterproofing and corrosion protection, this is because
we undertake the complete design of the waterproofing systems to be used on a particular project. As the
company is a material supplier / manufacturer and undertakes its own applications, it is therefore able to
avoid the dreadful spilt responsibilities between material supplier and sub-contractor that may occur when
there are leaks.

With the company’s extensive range of products, it is in a position to specify the ‘right’ product or system for
any particular project. Verni offer the service of sitting with the designing engineer or architect and
specifying the product which best suites the application conditions.

The Verni range of products includes our Crystal Growth Waterproofing Systems, Concrete Repair
Materials as well as Epoxy/Polyurethane Protective Coatings and Screeds.

Company name:            Voith Turbo
Telephone:               011 418 4036
Contact:                 Roy Webster

Voith Environmental Solusions, a division of Voith Paper will be showcasing the new R25 Reactor Water
Purifying unit at this year’s Afriwater 2009 exhibition. The new reactor gathers methane gas for energy
usage while purifying water.

Company name:            Water Institute of Southern Africa
Telephone:               011 805 3537
Contact:                 Dot Zandburg

The Water Institute of Southern Africa (WISA) was formed in 1987 when the Southern African branch of the
Institute of Water Pollution Control (formerly the institute of Sewage Purification), which had served the
water industry in Southern Africa for a period of 50 years, was disbanded.

The Institute keeps its members abreast of the latest developments in water technology and research
through its national and international liaison, links and affiliations.

WISA will be hosting a high profile conference at this year’s Afriwater 2009 exhibition at the MTN Expo
Centre, Nasrec from 8-10 September.

Kerneels Esterhuyse, Technical Director at WISA added that, “the Water Institute of South Africa focuses
on issues pertaining to processes of water and waste water as well as the distribution of water and
collection of water waste effluent, and we see the Afriwater and WISA conference platform as an
opportunity to bring professionals in the water industry together to discuss latest developments and
solutions within this arena.

Company name:            Watson Marlow Bredel Pumps
Telephone:               011 796 2960
Contact:                 Nico van Schalkwyk
Designation:             General Manager

The new Profibus IP66 rated 520Bp cased peristaltic pump will be the main attraction on Watson-Marlow
Bredel SA's stand at the Afriwater 2009 exhibition. Compared with non-networked pumps, Profibus-
compatible units reduce engineering, hardware and installation costs, as well as offering remote diagnostics
that help minimize plant downtime and maintenance expenses.

The new range has already found favor in South Africa's water industry with a R1 million order from Rand
Water for 16 x 620Bp pumps to upgrade its polyelectrolyte dosing station at Zuikerbosch, Gauteng. Rand
Water is now set to standardize on the company's products and has already purchased 30 Watson-Marlow
pumps and 71 Bredel pumps which are being used in a variety of applications – from silica dosing and milk
of lime applications to ferric chloride dosing.

Watson-Marlow Bredel is a world leader in peristaltic pumps and offers a comprehensive range specifically
designed for the pumping of slurries, liquids and semi-liquids. It is the first manufacturer to offer a five-year
warranty on its 520, 620 and 720 cased drives.