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					                                                     Mitchell High School
                                                      KEYWORTH DRIVE, BLACKTOWN, N.S.W. 2148
                                                   Telephone:          9622 9944 or 9622 8926
                                                   Fax:                9831 2805

                                          NEWS BULLETIN: June 2008
 B. HARPER                      T. BAGHURST                          S. HESLOP                         S. GURLING
 Principal                      Deputy Principal                     Deputy Principal                  President, P & C.

The Mitchell High School P & C Association meets on the second Wednesday evening each month at 7.30pm
in the school Common Room. All parents and friends are welcome to attend.

Dates to Remember…
                                                      From the Principal’s Desk……
 Term 2 - 2008

 Wednesday 28 May – Saturday 31 May                   Recently, Mitchell High School hosted a visit from Quirindi High School.
 Quirindi High School Visit                           This visit was part of the sister council relationship that Blacktown City
                                                      Council and the Liverpool Plains council have. It was a huge success; I
 Wednesday 4 June                                     would like to thank very much all the families who volunteered to billet
 Years 11 & 12 Parent Teacher Night                   one or two students from Quirindi. Without your generosity exchanges
                                                      such as these would not be possible. We look forward to a return visit by
 Monday 9 June                                        our students to Quirindi in 2009. I would also like to thank Mr Black, Mrs
 Public Holiday                                       Bamford and Mrs Mahoney for all the work they put into ensuring this
                                                      exchange was a success.
 Wednesday 11 June
 P & C Meeting – 7.30pm
                                                      I have been approached by a school in China, the Lian Yun Gang Foreign
 Friday 4 July                                        Language High School which is located approximately 40 minutes from
 Last Day Term 2 2008                                 Shanghai to form a sister school relationship with Mitchell High School. I
                                                      have been very interested to establish a sister school link in China, so I
                                                      have agreed. The Lian Yun Gang Foreign Language High School has
 Term 3 - 2008
                                                      5,000 students all learning English. We will sign a Memorandum of
                                                      Understanding later this year and I look forward to organising an
 Monday 21 July                                       exchange trip for Mitchell students to China in 2009.
 Staff Development Day

 Tuesday 22 July                                      I have also had a request from a school in Neuchâtel, Switzerland to have
 Day 1 - Term 2                                       students visit our school in 2009. The Lycée Jean-Piaget is a school with
                                                      students in Years 10-12. The students have lessons in French, however
 Wednesday 13 August                                  many students learn English. The plan at present is for approximately 15
 P & C Meeting                                        students who are in Year 11 to visit our school for 2 weeks just before
                                                      Easter in 2009. We will be offering our students an exchange trip to
 11 – 22 August – Weeks 4 & 5                         Europe in September/October 2009 and will be visiting our sister school
 Trial HSC Exams – Year 12                            in Germany and now this school in Switzerland.
 (HSC Commences 16 October)

 15 – 26 September – Weeks 9 & 10                     I am extremely happy that Mitchell High School is able to offer to our
 Year 11 Exams                                        students these wonderful opportunities to travel and live in peoples homes
                                                      in other countries. I am just as excited about the benefits that all of our
 22 – 26 September – Week 10                          students get from hosting students from these countries.
 Trial SC Exams – Year 10
 10th, 11th, 12th November
 (School Certificate Exams)
                                                      Brett Harper

                                                                                                       News Bulletin – June 2008
Deputy Principals Report                                       area, completion of the Hebel block sculptures (year 10

Planning for the future
                                                               Stephen Heslop
Recently you would have received the 2007 Annual               Deputy Principal
School Report in the Mail and a survey for parents to fill
in. Please fill in the survey (it will take 15 – 20 min) and
return it to the front office. All completed surveys           Year 12 students were issued with their reports the
handed in will be given the chance to win either a $50         Tuesday before parent teacher evening and were
voucher at the school clothing shop or a $50 Sanity gift       involved in a brief mentoring session with a Head
voucher. All surveys are completely anonymous.                 Teacher. The purpose of these meetings was to focus on
                                                               ways in which individual students can improve their
The parent survey is part of a School Map survey that is       performance in class, assessments and examinations.
designed by the NSW Department of Education. This              This does not replace parent teacher interviews with
survey is part of a three way process that involves            parents but provides overall feedback by a Head Teacher
surveying students and teachers in a similar way. The          before parent teacher night.
survey maps parents, students and teachers opinions on
school culture, management, teaching and learning. The         Year 11 student’s reports were analysed by year advisers.
students will be completing their surveys in roll call this    A number of students who the year advisers believed
week and the Teachers will be completing a similar             were capable of improving their performance in a
survey in week 8 or 9 of this term. The information will       significant way were notified of this by mail and their
be collated and input by Mitchell High School staff and        parents were invited to parent teacher evening. The
further analysis and data crunching will be completed by       purpose of this was to support these young people and
the Department of Education & Training.                        focus on the specific ways that they could improve their
The information is being gathered to develop a more
accurate picture of the school community’s current             As a follow up on these two measures to improve the
opinions and views. This feedback will be used with            performance of Yr 12 students our Head Teacher
other data and information to develop our next 3 year          Welfare Mrs Bamford and our Head Teacher Teaching
plan. The information will also be used as part of an          and Learning Mrs Starink have designed a series of
overall curriculum review.                                     workshops that will be operating on Tuesday afternoons
                                                               with the support and assistance of various teachers.
A 3 year plan is used to establish a school’s direction,
improve student learning outcomes and / or to address an       Initially this program will be offered to year 12 students
issue or problem that exists within the school.                however if there is space in these support tutorials we
Ultimately, the information gathered will assist in            will take applications from year 11 students. Please note
developing a plan for a better Mitchell High School and        a copy of the letter to year 12 is attached to this
enhance the teaching and learning environment for all          newsletter.
stakeholders. The information gathered and key findings
will be outlined in future newsletters.                        Tanya Baghurst
                                                               Deputy Principal

Bus Travel
                                                               Making History
To all students who travel by bus, please don’t forget
your manners. Whilst in school uniform what you say            June 5th marked an incredible anniversary. On this day
and do reflects upon all students from Mitchell HS.            19 years ago, an amazing event occurred in Tianamen
Watch what you say and how you behave. If an elderly           Square, Beijing. China is so much in the news at the
person, handicapped person, a mother with child or             moment, with the Olympic Games so close and the
pregnant woman is on the bus and no seats are available        recent visit by our Prime Minister.
then stand up and give your seat to these people.
Remember that all school bus passes are subsidized by          The events of June 5th. 1989 followed fourteen years of
tax payers, stand for those passengers who are paying          repression (a good word to look up!) by the Chinese
full fare. It is only the right thing to do.                   government, the population understanding what despair
                                                               and hardship meant. Students demonstrated in the streets
                                                               for 5 weeks, culminating in the events on the so-called
Congratulations                                                Avenue of Eternal Peace. The world came to know the
                                                               Tank Man. Who was this young man? This is one of the
To all those students taking pride in their school,            great mysteries of the twentieth century.
representing on the Football and Rugby fields and
Athletics track, wearing the uniform well and presenting       To find some answers, go to din227414. You will find 8
a positive image in the community, being responsible for       videos, each about 10 minutes in length. The poster
their own rubbish and getting involved in various              outside Room 67, which you have probably walked past
wonderful activities such as the building of a brick BBQ       hundreds of times without noticing, will assist you.
                                                                                          News Bulletin – June 2008
These events were great content for my Modern History          training, parent training and medication. ADHD
class in 1989 and just as we wondered what would               treatment is important in order to maximise children's
happen next, the Berlin Wall was dismantled. What a            self-esteem, confidence, social skills and ability to
year!                                                          function successfully at school and home.

This year marks 170 years since the Myall Creek                The following recommended website has more
Massacre, where at least 28 Aboriginals were murdered          information for parents, teenagers and teachers:
by whites. After two trials, six whites were hanged. You
can easily drive past the site of the massacre without
noticing, but a new memorial is about to acknowledge
our first attempt at Reconciliation.                           G.M. Burke
                                                               Support Teacher
Our Sydney Observatory is 150 year old this month. It
was first used as a fort, but by 1858 the fear of invasion
had lessened. Do you know when the shores of Australia
were next under attack? The student with the first correct        ARE YOU A TEACHER THINKING OF CASUAL
answer will win a prize.                                          TEACHING       AFTER     A    LONG     BREAK?
                                                                  Information and advice at our course 24 June at
                                                                  Rouse Hill Community Centre will assist a
Rugby                                                             confident return.   Experienced presenter with
                                                                  current experience.
The Senior Girls team have created a new school record.
They defeated Ryde Secondary College 130-0 in Round               Details at,
3 of the State Knockout. The score was 85-0 after 25              email or ring 0412 027 484.
minutes, so half-time was called early. Players were
rested for the second half, our junior girls having a run.
With 10 minutes still to go, the game was called off. The
record of 100-0 from Round 3 last year has been                Sports Report
smashed! It must be stated that the opposition were
extremely poor, despite having won two games.                  Mitchell High school has been doing extremely well in
                                                               sporting fixtures recently and these need to be made
Both Girls teams are through to Round 4, with the Boys         mention of. Here are some of our recent good results:
teams close behind, both into Round 3. The Under 15
Boys played strongly in patches against Colo High, Mr          Mitchell High School Athletics Carnival
Heslop’s old school, winning 33-5. Another win will see
us confront the Sports High Schools.                           Congratulations to all the students who participated in
                                                               the Annual Mitchell high school Athletics carnival. I
The Under 14 and Under 16 Boys Tens Finals will be             would also like to thank all teachers who worked
held on June 27th, the Under 13 on August 27th. The Girls      tiresomely throughout the day to ensure the carnival was
NSWCHS Championships will be held on Wednesday,                a success.
July 30th. All games will be played at Two Blues Park.
                                                               2008 Age Champions

Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)                          Boys
                                                                12       Samuel Hawthorne
Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a            13       Randy Garth
medical condition which affects children's ability to pay       14       Abdul Bah
attention, stay still and control their impulses. Scientists    15       Brandon Goodwin
think ADHD may be caused by an imbalance of                     16       Ryan Pleydon
chemicals in the brain called neurotransmitters that help       17       Saa James
control behaviour. Genetics may also play a role with at
least one close relative with ADHD. Researchers have                     Girls
confirmed ADHD is not caused by poor parenting,                 12       Mihaela Grnovic
family problems, bad teachers, ineffective schools, too         13       Sharna Brooks
                                                                14       Bernadette Wolfgram
much television or sugar.
                                                                15       Amy Nolan
                                                                16       Lisa Palmer
Up to 6% of Australian children have ADHD and seven
                                                                17       Lisa Todd
in ten of these have ADHD as a teenager. Most do not
'outgrow' ADHD but learn to manage the condition in
                                                               Sydney West Cross Country Championships
their everyday lives. Treating ADHD is a long-term team
effort which involves the child, parents, teachers and
                                                               Good luck to the following students who will be
healthcare professionals. There is no cure for ADHD but
                                                               competing on Friday 13th June at the Penrith Regatta
effective management strategies include a combination
of behavioural management, counselling, social skills
                                                                                          News Bulletin – June 2008
Hawa Saeed                                               Nicole Parry-Ridolfo
Ricky Attard                                             Crystal Player
Callum Higgins                                           Rizwaan Rijwani
Jessica Sainsbury                                        Abdel Saeed
Amie Sweeting                                            Jessica Sainsbury
Katherine Shaw-Holmes                                    Jovana Stojkov
Shaun Keegan                                             Lisa Todd
Sharna Brooks                                            Stephanie Trikaliotis
Tara Thurston                                            Camilla Utatao
Rebecca Robinson                                         IlisaaneWolfgram
Raghda Abusador                                          Bernadette Wolfgram
Scott Nolan                                              Eva Wolfgram
Abdel Saeed                                              Johnathon Zilioli
Tony Bongomin
Abdul Bah
Mihaela Grnovic                                          Girls Soccer Knockout Team
Dino Junklem
Mukhtar Koko                                             Congratulations to the girl’s soccer team who have made
Lisa Palmer                                              it to the finals. We wish them the best of luck.
Crystal Player
Jovana Stojkov                                           Boys Soccer Knockout Team
Lazar Stojkov
William Harris                                           Congratulations to the Boys soccer team who have made
Scott McInnes                                            it to the finals. We wish them the best of luck.

Blacktown Zone Athletics Carnival                        Duke Of Edingburgh

Congratulations to the following students who competed   The Duke of Edinburgh program is open to year 9 and
at the Blacktown Zone Carnival on the 2nd and 3rd of     10. It involves physical activity, learning new skills and
June 2008. The weather was less than desirable but our   service to the community. There is also an expedition at
students showed courage and determination throughout     the end of each level. Interested students are to see Mrs
the day.                                                 Maguire in the Pe staffroom.

Raghda Abusador                                          City To Surf
Theresa Ahofono
Mele Ahofono                                             Mitchell high school will once again be taking teams to
Lueth Ajok                                               run in this years City to surf. Please collect an entry form
Abeda Ata                                                from Mrs Maguire in the PE staffroom if interested.
Maley Aydin
Tony Bongomin                                            Golden Circle Fun Run
Grant Booth
Dylan Eaves                                              All Golden circle run fun booklets need to be returned to
Naomi Fernandez                                          the PE staffroom by Friday 20th June whether or not
Kaly Ford                                                money was raised.
Casey Forster
Luana Gatley
Brandon Goodwin                                          As you can see there are plenty of opportunities for
Mihaela Grnovic                                          Mitchell students to participate in sport. I would like to
Samuel Hawthorne                                         take this opportunity to ask for your assistance in
Callum Higgins                                           encouraging your sons and daughters to participate in
Saa James                                                sport, whether they participate at a competitive or
Dino Juklen                                              recreational level. I would like to take this opportunity to
Riley Keayes                                             encourage all Mitchell students to get out there and have
Rawaan Khoury                                            a go. You just never know how well you might do.
Mukhtar Koko
Kawala Kollie
Alex Lee                                                 Mrs Maguire
Maria Liumaunu                                           Sports Co-ordinator
Najee Makhoul
Ashleigh Marriott
Courtney McMillan
Tristian Mooney
Kayla Boland
Amy Nolan
Lisa Palmer
                                                                                      News Bulletin – June 2008
From the Careers Desk

There is a severe shortage of bricklayers in the building
industry and a decreasing number of young people
entering the trade as apprentices. The Australian Brick
and Blocklaying Training Foundation is addressing the
problem by going into selected schools and allowing
students to experience bricklaying. Mitchell High School                     Healthy Active Living for Young People
students were fortunate to be offered the opportunity to
build a permanent structure as part of the Step Out work                         Are you aged 13-16 years?
                                                                   Do you want to find out how you can get more out of life
experience program. This allowed the students to make                           and reduce your body size?
an informed decision about bricklaying as a career.
                                                                                         What is Loozit?
                                                              The Loozit study involves a FREE weight management program that
Despite the bad weather, nine Year 9 and 10 boys              empowers young people with skills, knowledge and confidence to
constructed a barbeque, which will be a permanent asset                              get more fun out of life!
to our school. The boys involved were James Burnham,
                                                                                      What’s involved?
Mac Campbell, Taner Can, Bilal El Hamed, Orlando              Please come along weekly for nine weeks in the late afternoons for
Fekitoa, Ali Mohamad, Daniel Owen, Scott Hill and               a snack and a chat with other young people who share similar
Dennis Wu.                                                        concerns. Conducted by staff of The Children’s Hospital at

Mitchell High School sincerely thank Bunnings                                         What’s it all about?
                                                                                    Together we will look at:
Warehouse at St Martins Village for donating a four
                                                                                       Building self-esteem
burner gas barbeque and providing catering for the first                               Setting goals
barbeque for the boys when the weather improves. Thank                                 Becoming more active
                                                                                       Stress
you to the trainer Mick D’Agostino, and the Brick and                                  Healthy eating
Blocklaying Training Foundation for donating the
materials. Special thanks also go to Mr Graham Telfer,                                   When & Where?
                                                                 Starting week of 21st July 2008, at the Summer Hill Community
our general assistant, for his great practical help.                       Centre and Hills Community Health Centre

On 5 June, seventy four students travelled to the                          Want to know more? Please contact:
                                                               Kristy McGregor on 9845 1224 or Janice O’Connor on 9845 1294
University of Western Sydney to attend a careers expo.                          Or email
They gained useful information to assist them in their
choice of tertiary course and career.                                        Booking is essential by 10th July 2008

Recently, thirteen students attended Occupational Health             THIS STUDY HAS BEEN APPROVED BY THE ETHICS COMMITTEES OF THE
                                                                 CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL AT WESTMEAD, THE SYDNEY WEST AREA HEALTH SERVICE
and Safety Induction training at school (formerly called a                   AND THE SYDNEY SOUTH WEST AREA HEALTH SERVICE
green card). This qualification is necessary for people
wanting employment in any area of construction.

Students are reminded to pay attention to the roll call
notices as this is the main way that I disseminate careers
information and opportunities such as those above. In the                                 Chicken Pox
near future there will be a talk about nursing as a career,
so listen at roll call.                                                 A child at Mitchell High School has
                                                                        been diagnosed with Chicken Pox.
Mrs Watson
Careers Adviser                                                         Attached is a Fact Sheet on this
                                                                        contagious disease. If your child
                                                                        has any of the symptoms please do
                                                                        not send them to school and seek
                                                                        medical attention. If it is Chicken
                                                                        Pox please notify the school and
                                                                        ensure your child returns to school
                                                                        with a clearance from your doctor.

                                                                        For  more               information            please

                                                                                02 4734 2022 or 9840 3603

                                                                                                News Bulletin – June 2008
                                                   Study Seminars

Mitchell High School will be offering Year 12 students the opportunity to participate in a series of seminars designed to
assist students with organisation, study skills, stress management and effective exam technique. If numbers permit, Year
11 students are also welcome to attend these workshops.

These seminars aim to address issues identified by both students and staff following the half-yearly assessment period,
and should prove to be very valuable as students seek improvement in their Trial and HSC. The seminars will operate
each Tuesday afternoon from 1:00pm in the library and most will run for approximately one hour. They will be facilitated
by members of the school executive.

The seminars are:

              Date            Topic                              Facilitators

Seminar 1     10/6            How Do You Learn?                  L.Bamford / L.Doyle
Seminar 2     17/6            Organising Study Time              S. Heslop
Seminar 3     24/6            What and How To Study              J. Starink
Seminar 4     1/7             Managing Stress                    T.Baghurst / P.Johnson
Seminar 5     22/7            Attacking Exam Questions           P.Young / H.Vangelis
Seminar 6     29/7            Writing Responses                  J. Yelland
Seminar 7     5/8             Understanding the UAI              B. Harper

We urge you to support this initiative and encourage students to take advantage of this opportunity.

                     Photos taken during Year 10 Boys Sculpture session

                                                                                               News Bulletin – June 2008