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									                                       Hasan F. Ateş

Işık University
Electronics Engineering
Kumbaba, 34980, Şile, İstanbul, TURKEY
(Office) (216) 528 7133 / (Cell) (537) 791 4425
E-mail: hfates@isikun.edu.tr
A full-time academic or research position in the electrical
engineering department of a university or a technical institute.

Video Coding (Motion Estimation, Mode Decision, H.264 Standard),
Image Processing (Wavelet Image Compression, Subband Image Coding, Image
Interpolation, Denoising, Watermarking), Nonlinear Approximation Theory,
Wavelets and Multiresolution Analysis, Statistical Signal Processing.


Assistant Prof.
Işık University, İstanbul, Turkey (Aug.’05-present)
    Acting as the principal investigator for the T¨UB˙ITAK (Turkish
      Science and Research Organization) project on H.264 video coding:
         o Developing state-of-art algorithms for motion estimation,
            mode decision, rate control, and frame selection in H.264.
    Acting as the principal investigator for the Işık University
      project on wavelet-based image coding.
      Advising one M.S. student (on H.264 Video Coding) and co-advising
      one Ph.D. student.
    Supervising several senior projects.
    Continuing research and publishing papers on video and image
    Teaching courses in Image and Multimedia Processing, Circuit
      Theory, Linear Algebra.

Postdoc Researcher
Sabancý University, Ýstanbul, Turkey (Feb.'04-present)
     Acted as the project leader for algorithm development in H.264
       video coding project:
          o Developed state-of-art algorithms for motion estimation,
             mode decision in H.264.
          o Consulted the hardware development group on various
             aspects of the standard and the algorithms.
     Acted as a team member for project proposals submitted to calls
       from DPT, EU FP-6 Programme (Marie Curie actions).

Research Assistant
Princeton University, Princeton, NJ, USA (June'99-Nov.'03)
   - Developed efficient image compression algorithms using wavelets.
   - Formulated wavelet-based models for edge contours, and used these
      models in novel image coding and interpolation methods.
   - Studied nonlinear approximation theory, and investigated practical
      nonlinear coding techniques for natural images.
  -   Developed frequency-selective motion estimation techniques for
      occluded and covered/uncovered regions of frames in video coding.

Teaching assistant
Princeton University, Princeton, NJ, USA
   - Signal Analysis and Communication Systems (Fall'00): Designed lab
      projects, and graded lab reports and homeworks.
   - The Wireless Revolution (Spring'00): Researched lecture material,
      and graded homeworks.

Summer Internship
Schlumberger-Doll Research, Ridgefield, CT, USA (June-Sept.'02)
      Department: Real-Time Modeling and Inversion
      Project: An application of EM algorithm together with Kalman
      filter for tracking signals under heavy noise.
Oyak Renault, Bursa, Turkey (Aug.'97)
      System engineer
ASELSAN, Ankara, Turkey (July'96)
      Algorithm development for object tracking

      Princeton University, Princeton, NJ, USA
      Ph.D, Electrical Engineering, Jan.'04
      “Modeling Location Information for Wavelet-based Image Coding”

      M.A., Electrical Engineering, June'00
        Concentration: Information Sciences and Systems
      Advisor: Michael T. Orchard
      GPA: 3.96/4.00

      Bilkent University, Ankara, TURKEY
      B.S., Electrical and Electronics Engineering, June'98
      Overall GPA: 3.99/4.00

Journal Papers
   1. H.F. Ates, M.T. Orchard, "An Adaptive Edge Model in the Wavelet
      Domain for Wavelet Image Coding", Signal Processing: Image Comm.,
      Elsevier, vol.20, no.2, pp:169-185, Feb. 2005.

  2. H.F. Ates, Y. Altunbasak, "Complexity Optimization for Fast Motion
     Estimation and Mode Decision in H.264 Video Coding", in
     preparation, 2006.

  3. H.F. Ates, M.T. Orchard, "Spherical Coding Algorithm for Wavelet
     Image Compression", in preparation, 2006.

Conference Papers
   1. H.F. Ates, B. Kanberoglu, “Rate-Distortion and Complexity Joint
      Optimization for Fast Motion Estimation in H.264 Video Coding”,
      accepted to IEEE International Conference on Image Processing
      (ICIP), Atlanta, 2006.
   2. S.-N. Ba, H.F. Ates, “Low Complexity Motion Estimation for H.264”,
      accepted to IEEE International Conference on Image Processing
      (ICIP), Atlanta, 2006.
   3. H. Ates, M.T. Orchard, B. Kanberoglu, “Equiripple Design of Real
      and Complex Fitler Banks”, accepted to IEEE Sinyal Isleme ve
      Iletisim Uygulamalari Kurultayi (SIU), Antalya, Turkey, April

  4. H.F. Ates, M.T. Orchard, "Wavelet Image Coding Using the Spherical
     Representation", accepted to IEEE International Conference on
     Image Processing (ICIP), Genova, Italy, 2005.

  5. S. Yalcin, H.F. Ates, and I. Hamzaoglu, "A High Performance
     Hardware Architecture for an SAD Reuse based Hierarchical Motion
     Estimation Algorithm for H.264 Video Coding", submitted to
     International Conference on Field Programmable Logic and
     Applications, Tampere, Finland, 2005.

  6. H.F. Ates, Y. Altunbasak, "SAD Reuse in Hierarchical Motion
     Estimation for the H.264 Encoder", to appear in Proc. IEEE
     International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal
     Processing (ICASSP), Philadelphia, PA, USA, March 2005.

  7. H.F. Ates, M.T. Orchard, "A Nonlinear Image Representation in
     Wavelet Domain Using Complex Signals with Single Quadrant
     Spectrum", Con. Rec. 37th Asilomar,vol.2, pp:1966-1970, Pacific
     Grove, CA, USA, Nov. 2003.

  8. H.F. Ates, M.T. Orchard, "Nonlinear Modeling of Wavelet
     Coefficients Around Edges", Proc. ICIP, vol.1, pp:641-644,
     Barcelona, Spain, Sept. 2003.

  9. H.F. Ates, M.T. Orchard, "Image Interpolation Using Wavelet-based
     Contour Estimation", Proc. ICASSP, vol. 3, pp:109-112, Hong Kong,
     2003; Proc. IEEE International Conference on Multimedia & Expo
     (ICME), vol.1, pp:101-104, Baltimore, MD, USA, July 2003.

  10. H.F. Ates, M.T. Orchard, "Block Motion Estimation Using Wavelet
     Filtering", Proc. ICASSP, vol.6, pp:2079-2082, Istanbul, Turkey,
     June 2000.

   - IŞIK-2006: WAVELETS, “Design of Efficient Block Segmentation
      Methods for Wavelet-based Image Coders”, Işık University.
      Principal investigator: Hasan F. Ateş. 2006-2008.

  -   TÜBİTAK-2005: H.264, "Efficient and Low-complexity Encoder Design
      for H.264 Video Coding Standard", Sabancý University. Principal
      investigator: Hasan F. Ateþ. 2005-2008.

  -   FP6-2004: SPICE, "Signal, Image Processing and Pattern Recognition
      for Intelligent Automation Center", Sabancý University. Principal
      investigator: Aytül Erçil. 2005-2008. Funding: 800,000 Euro.

  -   DPT: DRIVE-SAFE, "Signal Processing and Advanced Information
      Technologies for Improving Driver/Driving Prudence and Accident
      Reduction", Consortium: OTAM - Automotive Technologies R-D Center
      (USAMP), Sabancý University, Koç University, Ýstanbul Technical
      University, Ford A.Þ., Renault A.Þ., Tofaþ A.Þ. Principal
      investigator: AytÜl Erçil. 2005-2007. Funding: 750,000 $.

Dec.9, ’05
Friday Seminars, Işık University, Istanbul, Turkey
      Talk Title: Future of Video Compression: The H.264 Standard
Apr.26, '05
Iþýk University, Ýstanbul, Turkey
      Talk Title: New Perspectives on Wavelet-based Image Coding
Apr.05, '05
Yeditepe University, Ýstanbul, Turkey
      Talk Title: New Perspectives on Wavelet-based Image Coding
Mar.04, '05
TOBB University, Ankara, Turkey
      Talk Title: Dalgacýk-bazlý Görüntü Kodlamada Yeni Perspektifler
Feb.28, '05
Boðaziçi University, Ýstanbul, Turkey
      Talk Title: New Perspectives on Wavelet-based Image Coding
Nov.19, '04
Sinyalist Group Meeting, Boðaziçi University, Ýstanbul, Turkey
      Talk Title: Novel Approaches for: Wavelet-based Image Coding, and
      H.264 Video Coding Standard
Oct.8, '03
Industry Affiliates Meeting at Rice Univ., Houston, TX, USA
      Poster Title: Complex Image Representations Based on Single of
      Wavelet Subbands
Nov.5-14, '02
6th Wavelet IDR Workshop at USC, Columbia, SC, USA
      Talk Title: Dealing With Location Uncertainty in Images
Oct.4, '02
Industry Affiliates Meeting at Rice Univ., Houston, TX, USA
      Poster Title: Alternative Representations of Phase for Modeling
      Location Uncertainty in Edges
Dec.21, '01
Texas Instruments Meeting at Rice Univ., Houston, TX, USA
      Talk Title: Nonlinear Wavelet Image Compression
Oct.17-19, '99
2nd Wavelet IDR Workshop at AT&T, Florham Park, NJ, USA
      Poster Title: Block Motion Estimation Using Wavelets

1. Princeton University Gordon Wu Fellowship in Engineering and Applied
   Sciences, 1998-2002.
2. Rank 1, among Bilkent University Engineering Faculty graduates, 1998.
3. Bilkent University Scholarship, 1994-1998.
4. TUBITAK (Science and Technology Research Organization of Turkey)
   Scholarship, 1994-1998.
5. Rank 10, University Entrance Examinations, Turkey, 1994.
6. Bronze Medal, 35th Mathematical Olympiads, 1994, Hong Kong (as a
   member of Turkish Team).
7. Bronze Medal, 34th Mathematical Olympiads, 1993, Istanbul (as a
   member of Turkish Team).

Programming Languages: extensive use of MATLAB, C/C++,
                       Turbo Pascal, x86 assembly,
Operating Systems:     UNIX, Windows (95/98), Windows NT
Other tools:           SPICE,HTML, Latex, Microsoft Office
Languages: English (fluent), Turkish (native), German (intermediate)

 Book Review: Y. Altunbasak, H.F. Ates, "Understanding the Future of
   Video Coding: H.264 and MPEG-4 Video Compression, by I. Richardson",
   IEEE Multimedia Magazine, vol.12, no.1, pp:88-89, Jan.-March 2005.
 Technical Reviewer for the following journals and conferences:,
      o IEEE Transactions on Image Processing
      o EURASIP Journal on Applied Signal Processing
      o Digital Signal Processing, Elsevier
      o Signal Processing: Image Communication, Elsevier
      o European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO)
 IEEE Student Member, 1997-2003.
 IEEE Member, 2004-….
Random Processes in Info. Syst., Linear System Theory, Computer
Architecture, Theory of Detection and Estimation, Selected Topics in
Signal Processing, Image Processing and Transmission, An Introduction to
Wavelets, Probability Theory, Communication Networks, Source Coded
Modulation, Stochastic Modeling, Signal Proc. Principles for Wireless,
Numerical Analysis.

Available upon request.

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