2008-09 - Chemical Engineering at Michigan Tech

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    Date                     Observe                    Description                 Actions                    Category                          Open/Closed                     Comments
for past year
as of 10/2/08
                  PDMS RV-5 on funnel: Install
                  switch on RV-5 to allow for an
                  interlock to be installed. This
                would help prevent pressurization                     Class agreed a switch should be
   1/31/06                                                                                                 Safety Suggestion        Dave           closed      vendor cannot find a switch for our application
                 of the line while funnel is being                    installed
                used. If possible, install additional
                  system to prevent RV-5 from
                   opening if line is pressurized

                Base spill supplies not clearly
                                                                      Recommend creating a base spill
                labeled on 1st floor. Could not                                                                                                                Base neutralizer is in cabinet under weighing
   11/8/07                                                            kit that is readily accessible and   Safety Suggestion        Dave           closed
                find anything labeled for base                                                                                                                 bench.
                                                                      clearly labeled.
                cleanup on 1st floor
                Insulation on the 1st floor steam
                                                                      Insulation fell off, not hazard
   3/27/08      line next to the SRU is hanging                                                             Faulty Equipment         Tim           closed      Insulation replaced, 12/11/08
                                                                      anymore, needs replacement
                and could fall on someone
CM4110 2008
 Cycle 1 & 2
                Low hanging wire in B003B in
                                                                      Should get a longer, new cord and
   9/15/08      walkway. Wire has poor                                                                     Equipment Problem         Tim           closed      cords are supported from overhead racks
                                                                      re-route it above the walkway.
                insulation in this area.

                There is an extended cord from
                feeder 4 to the electrical outlet
                above the unit. If not in use
                disconnect cord to avoid someone
                bumping or getting caught going
                under the cord. Extruder
   9/16/08                                                                                                 Safety Suggestion    Tim / Dr. King     closed      cords are supported from overhead racks
                experiment. More storage for the
                bags of polypropylene instead of
                stacking under table. Sweeping
                between groups near the outlet of
                the product to avoid build up on

                The emergency exit sign in room
   10/2/08      213 (on the door) needs to be                                                                   Signage             Dave           closed      sign was replaced, 11/4/08
                Beaker was on the table, while
                                                                      Swept up glass and placed into
   9/30/08      cleaning out polarimeter tube,                                                             Handling glassware                      Closed
                                                                      proper box.
                knocked beaker onto ground.
                hand help thermometer was left                        Picked up thermometer and placed
   10/2/08                                                                                                   Housekeeping                          Closed
                on the floor, trip hazard.                            on work bench.
                For the fixed bed reactor
                                                                      Extra precaution when using the
                experiment, one must remove                                                                                                                    Class discussion determined that the
   9/30/08                                                            polarimeter and putting PPE back            PPE                              closed
                their hard hats and safety glasses                                                                                                             polarimeter could be used with a hardhat on
                                                                      on immediately after the reading.
                to use the polarimeter.
                I operated the steam valve on the                     I was sure to roll my long sleeves
   10/2/08      shell and tube heat exchanger                         down to full length for the              Other PPE                           Closed
                with my sleeves rolled up.                            remainder of the lab.

                I lifted the 55 gal steel drum onto
                                                                      Assistance was requested while
                the scale unassisted. This is both                                                                                                             Safe lifting video was shown in safety meeting
   10/2/08                                                            moving the drum to ensure safety      Misc. unsafe acts                      Closed
                unsafe and un-ergonomic as the                                                                                                                 on 10/24/08
                                                                      and prevent personal injury.
                drum weighs over 100 lbs.
           Extruder lab, witnessed a female
           member of another lab group grab
9/16/08                                                             Warned her                         Chemical Handling         Closed
           hot polymer as it left one of the
Cycle 3
               Non-Newtonian Flow- The
10/21/08      emergency shut off valve is                           Kept step ladder near shut off     Safety Suggestion         closed   Valves are at eye level
            placed too high, cannot reach it.
           Non-Newtonian Flow- The cooling
                                                                    put paper towels around sink to    Misc. Equipment                    added note to safety manual to keep cooling
10/21/08    water flow can splash out of the                                                                                     closed
                                                                    absorb splashes.                       Problem                        water flow to a minimum
             sink if the flow is set too high
           Fuel Cell - Safety shower and eye
10/21/08   wash has not been checked since                          Performed equipment inspection     Safety equipment          Closed
              Room 105 cabinet drawer
10/21/08    contained metal and glasswear                           Removed metal instrument             Housekeeping            Closed
                    near north door.
10/21/08      Water bottle brought to lab                           removed from lab                      Unsafe Act             Closed
            Group members left 1 member
10/21/08                                                            Alerted group of safety rules         Unsafe Act             Closed
                attending to experiment
            Fixed Bed Reactor - On the lab
10/23/08   stirrer motor, the drive shaft is not                    Covered spinning drive shaft       Safety Suggestion   Tim   closed   Motor is 1/75 hp and is easily stopped by hand.
            covered, this could be a hazard.
            Non-Newtonian Flow- Electrical
                                                                    Moved wires away from water,
10/23/08    outlet and cords are too close to                                                            Housekeeping            Closed
                                                                    outlet is GFIC protected.
                     the water tank.
            Heat Exchanger - Barrel with lip
                                                                                                       Misc. Equipment
10/23/08   needs to be replaced, causes too                                                                                      Closed   Other barrels are available in lab.
                     much splashing.
           Fixed Bed Reactor - rubber hose
           causes back pressure when used                                                              Misc. Equipment
10/23/08                                                            Removed hose when sampling                                   closed
           to take a sample, decreases flow                                                                Problem
                                                   Person was
             Heat Exchanger - not wearing          wearing only
10/23/08                                                            Told them to put 2nd glove on        Improper PPE            Closed
                     proper PPE                    one thermal
             Heat Exchanger - not wearing
10/23/08                                                            Did not handle condensate            Improper PPE            Closed
                     proper PPE
10/23/08   Individual not wearing long sleeves                      Informed of infraction               Improper PPE            Closed
            Water dripping from Pumping A                                                                                                 added note to safety manual to keep cooling
10/23/08                                                            Lowered cooling water rate              Leaks                Closed
                       experiment                                                                                                         water flow to a minimum
             Carrying too much down spiral
10/23/08                                                            Mentioned it was a hazard             Unsafe Act             Closed
           Carrying open 5 gal jug of distilled
10/23/08                                                            Put cap on jug                        Unsafe Act             Closed   reported twice, same incident
           Carrying open 5 gal jug of distilled
10/23/08                                                            Put cap on jug                        Unsafe Act             Closed   reported twice, same incident
           Individual walking and texting with
10/23/08                                                            no action reported                    Unsafe Act             closed
                    cell phone in lab
Cycle 4
                                                   The surface is
           The metal cover on the pump for           right where    Take special caution when taking   Misc. Equipment
10/21/08                                                                                                                   Tim   closed   ventilation holes were added to the metal cover
           non-Newtonian fluid is very hot.         samples are     samples.                               Problem
           There is a pipe that is not
           connecting to anything near the            It can be a
11/11/08                                                           The pipe should be removed          Safety suggestion   Tim   closed   the discharge end of the pipe is shortened
           left side of cooling tower              tripping hazard
           experiment in basement lab.
              Pumping B leaks at PBV-05 and
  11/11/08                                            reported problem                           Leak          Dave    Closed   Tightened packing nuts.
              PVC pipe draining water from
  11/11/08    cooling tower is a possible tripping    None                                 Safety suggestion   Tim     closed   It was painted yellow
              Ladder blocks the measurement           Measurements of the inlet air were
  11/11/08    spot for the inlet air of the cooling   taken once the ladder was no         Safety suggestion           Closed
              tower                                   longer in use.
              Site saver spray bottle in lab office                                                                             Removed eywear cleaning station, disposed of
                                                                                           Misc. Equipment
  11/11/08    is right at eye level. It can spray     None                                                     Dave    Closed   the plastic housing and put the lense cleaner
              into someone's eye while using it.                                                                                and lense wipes on the shelf in 105A.
  11/13/08    Pumping A PA-V-13 is leaking            reported problem                           Leak          Dave    Closed   Tightened packing nut.
              Student did not have 3 points of
  11/13/08                                            None                                      ladder                 closed
              contact when on ladder
              A container of mercury was found
  11/13/08                                            None                                 Safety suggestion   Dave    closed   this has been disposed of
              in cabinet B005B
              Released grip on ladder when a
  11/13/08                                            None                                      ladder                 closed
              person is standing on the ladder.
  Cycle 5
              A 55 gallon drum, used for the
                                                      Drum was removed from the
  12/9/08     Heat Exchanger experiment, was                                                     Leak          Jerry   Closed   drum is no longer used
                                                      experimental area
                                                      Notified TA, cleaned up broken                                            When using CSTR and hadling test tubes, be
              When cleaning CSTR, test tube                                                   Handling
  12/13/08                                            glass, and disposed of in glass                                  Closed   sure hands are dry and that test tube is set
              fell and broke.                                                                 Glassware
                                                      disposal container.                                                       away from the edge of counter tops.
CM4120 2009
  Cycle 1
                                                                                                                                  :Stirrer motor drive shaft is flexible, the shaft
                                                                                                                                installation was modified to reduce a 180⁰ bend
                  PDMS scale reactor stirrer                                                                                     to a 90⁰ bend                                 :The
               became stuck, upon increasing          Fire was extinguished with a fire                                             reactor will be loaded with 500mL of fluid
  1/27/09       stirrer speed breifly to free it,     extiguisher, Dave and Tim were             Spill                 Closed     instead of 750mL, and appropriate changes
              solution escaped onto the heating       contacted                                                                     have been made to the JSA               :The
                    element and caught fire                                                                                      ground glass plug will be replaced with a plug
                                                                                                                                that has a longer tapered section, other shorter
                                                                                                                                      plugs have been removed from the lab
              A person entered the lab with out          The person was notified and
  1/27/09                                                                                      Hard Hat                Closed
                         a hard hat.                        instructed to put it on.
              Area around RV28 and RV29 is
   2/3/09      very hot, and could potentially         Put a warning note in the S.O.P.    Safety Suggestion   Dave    Open
                        cause a burn.
                A person on a ladder was not
                                                       Talked with the person to make
  2/19/09        maintaining three points of                                                 Ladder Safety             Closed
                                                       them aware about the problem.

  Cycle 2
   Date                   Observe                 Description                 Actions                     Category
 Fall 2008
                 Leak under tanks between                       Water was mopped up and
  9/23/08                                                                                                   leaks            Jerry
                      stations 3 and 4                          maintenance was notified

Spring 2009

              Health NFPA Values contradicted                   It will be assumed that acetone is a
  1/29/09                                                                                                  MSDS              Dave
              each other on the Acetone MSDS                    2 for the Health Rating

               Distilled water line needs to be
  1/29/09                                                                                              Signage, tagging      Tim

Open/Closed                     Comments

  Closed      leak repaired

              MSDS shows NFPA and HMIS ratings for H-F-
              R. The NFPA rating is 1-3-0, the HMIS rating is
              2-3-0. That's what they are. There is no
  closed      Pipe is labeled