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Board of Trustees


									                                      Board of Trustees
                          Jennifer Leavitt Student Center/Alumni Room
                                            10:00 a.m.
                                         October 1, 2009

Members: Lynn Stevens (chair), Al Barnett, Erroll Holt, Neal Peacock, Patsy Bueno, Scott
Woodward, Willy Woodruff

Excused: Jason Dunn

Staff: Mike King, Greg Benson, Brad King, Guy Denton, Michelle Fleck, Russell Goodrich,
Alex Herzog, Miles Nelson, Dennis Dooley, Brandon Keller, Jay Stephens Betty Hassell, Justin
Orth, Jeremiah Moore, Susan Neel, Bob Potts, Jaycee Ashby.

Welcome Committee of the Whole:
Chair Stevens called the meeting to order at 10:07 am.

Budget and Finance: Scott Woodward reported that the committee reviewed the investment
report with Brandon Keller and found it to be satisfactory. Scott recommended this be moved on
in the affirmative, Patsy Bueno seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

Scott indicated that they looked at the E & G budget and it looks good, we are in the black.

The Audit Committee met with state auditors to review the 2008 audit report, Scott indicated
they are about three months behind and there are four items, according to the State Auditors, that
require action by our people. They met with Brandon and have a plan in place to address these
four items. Overall, it is not a bad report. One of the four items concerned the Trio Grant and the
administrative leave pay. The committee asked Brandon to work on a couple policy items within
the accounting area dealing with accounts receivable.

Curriculum, Planning & Staffing Neal Peacock reported that the committee reviewed the new
standards that Northwest Accreditation is implementing. They also looked at the C&I and T&SL
reports. The policy changes are ready to be implemented but there are a few issues with the
merger that need to be clarified before we go ahead with the Tenure Policy. He said they spent a
lot of time discussing our accreditation. Will we be accredited separately or as one? The way the

MOU is structured may have an effect on this. They looked at what this board could recommend
as to the direction the MOU will take. The feeling of the committee, in general, is to move
toward an MOU that allows us to be accredited separately, acknowledging that the ultimate
decision is for Northwest to make.

Public, Government and Student Affairs Alex Herzog indicated that our dorms are about 85%
full, this includes our single and private rooms. He is working with Brandon Keller to finalize
our end of year numbers in auxiliaries and he will present those at our next meeting. The halls
look really good right now, financially based on what we have set forth. He indicated Sessions
are at about $64,000., AJ - $303,000., Tucker - $78,000., and Burtenshaw - $92,000. Scott asked
if the plan that was put in place last year has helped food services, Alex hopes that food services
will break even.

Brad King reported on the steps that are being taken for H1N1. A campus summit was held to
get things in line and prepare for the areas we have control over.
         1.      Cleaning of public areas has increased
         2.      If students present symptoms
                 a.      Get checked quickly
                 b.      Self isolate
                 c.      Stay home, or go home, if in driving distance
They are watching very carefully and feel good about things but that can change quickly. They
are following the CDC’s protocols for cleaning in the Residence Halls after a student has been
ill. Also, they are working with faculty and asking them to let their students make up work. It is
very important that we encourage our students to stay home when they are sick.

Brad met with the other Government Affairs folks and they are coordinating with the Presidents
and Commissioners Office to have a combined message that will be: We have already cut passed
all fat, we are into the muscle and this year will take us into the bone. Do whatever you can do to
make sure we do not have additional cuts.

The last item covered was our initial enrollment report that came back from the Commissioners
Office. Brad indicated that these would not be officially released until Monday, October 5, 2009.
Brad said that the Commissioner’s Office is now recognizing our Work Force Education (WFE)
numbers. As of yearend, last year on the Price campus FTE increased 8.1% and headcount
increased 79%. These numbers will change significantly our cost per student.
For this year on the Price campus FTE increased by 49 students which is a 4.5% increase and on
the Blanding campus FTE increased by 111 students which is a 29% increase. These numbers do
not include the WFE numbers because their training is not based on semesters, they start daily
and weekly. WFE numbers will be included in the year end numbers. Also, these numbers are
preliminary because we have not registered all of our concurrent enrollment students.

Committee of the Whole

Electronic Meetings - Chair Stevens indicated that the Board needs to put in place the ability to

conduct business electronically either in conference calls or have Trustees call in when they are
out of the area. In order to conduct our business electronically we need to formalize as part of
our Bylaws Article IV – Section 10, dealing with meetings the following wording:

“The Board of Trustees hereby authorizes the holding of electronic meetings, or the participation
of any Trustee by electronic means, provided the conduct of the meeting complies fully with the
requirements of the Utah Open Public Meetings Act.”

Chair Stevens asked for a motion to approve this resolution. Erroll Holt made a motion and
Willy Woodruff seconded. The motion carried.

Faculty Report – None.

Professional Staff Report: Bob Potts spoke for Justin Orth. Bob reported that their concerns are
the same that are being discussed by everyone else and they are patiently enduring, waiting to
see what their destiny will be.

Classified Staff Report Jeremiah Moore reported that the classified and professional staff is
drafting a letter to send to the State Legislature on Monday, asking them for the least possible
number of staff positions to be cut.

Chairs Report: Chair Stevens indicated that we need a November meeting because we have
some actions that need to occur before the December Board of Regents meeting. President King
explained that the Regents will have to approve any program/degree discontinuances, if that is
what we decide to do. The Trustees will meet on November 6, 2009, if needed.

Presidents Report: President King introduced Dr. Cory Duckworth. Cory indicated that he
appreciates the opportunity to get to know this great institution and the people who are so
committed to CEU. He explained that his assignment is to identify the issues that are absolutely
critical to move forward into the first few steps of this relationship and to create the MOU. This
is not a process that can be done in a few months. The MOU is not intended to be the be all end
all of the questions. Many questions need to arise and develop in the context of the new
relationships that are going to be built between the institutions. The process that has been put
into place at this point in time is specifically dedicated to identifying the most critical issues that
need to be resolved right now in order to take those first few steps into the relationship right
now, with the understanding that the transition machinery will stay in place for a number of
years. There are five working committees who will give you a report today. There is an executive
committee made up of both President’s, the Commissioner of Higher Education and myself that
oversees the five working committees. If for some reason the working committees cannot see eye
to eye the Executive Committee will be called upon to achieve the outcome.

The committees should complete their work by the end of October and the first draft of the MOU
should be available for public response by mid November. A final draft will be ready for the

Trustees of both institutions and The Board of Regents at their December 11th meeting.

Scott Woodward asked if we have a definition, mission vision of a Comprehensive Regional
College. These questions cannot be adequately addressed without a definition. Cory replied there
is not a definition. There is however, in the resolution put out by the Board of Regents the
beginning of that definition and they have outlined four specific things that will be a part of that
definition. Beyond those four things the process we are going through will help us make this
definition. These are the four things that are specifically pointed out in the resolution that define
what a Comprehensive Regional Campus is:
    1. Lead by a Chancellor who will report directly to the President of USU.
    2. Diverse range of activities.
    3. Lower division tuition rates.
    4. Overseen by USU Trustees, we will have a Regional Advisory Council.
Lynn Stevens indicated concern about the scope of the MOU. Is it going to be comprehensive
and detailed or summary? He is concerned that if it is not in the statute it is going to go away.
Particularly in the minds of people who aren’t fully committed to the collaborative process from
the start. The meat of the statute is going to have to come out of the MOU and I am concerned
about how much detail will be in the MOU. Cory Duckworth explained this is a project of
USHE, not the Legislator. What goes to the Legislator will be brief and whatever is necessary to
recognize the new relationship within the statutory out line that is already there which does not
give a lot of guidance and direction to any of the institutions in statute but basically recognizes
their existence in a very brief format. The MOU becomes the function of the Board of Regents
and USHE. The direction that I’ve been given is to draft a MOU that is 3-5 pages long. It will
scope out some of the very broad strokes of this relationship leaving many of the details to be
worked out through the ordinary administrative structure that exist on campuses of higher
education in the state of Utah.

Co chair reports:

Guy Denton reported that the Academics Committee has met four times and these are some of
the things they have talked about:
    1. Faculty transition
    2. New hires, will they be hired under a new set of rules?
    3. What do we do with present faculty?
    4. We want individuals to have choices.
A resolution has been put forth by USU. Our faculty has had a chance to look at it and we will
put forth a counter resolution today.

Eric Mantz reported that he has a very good working relationship with Kay Jeppson who is the
CIO at USU. Their biggest focus has been with the users (staff, faculty and students) and how
technology will best be put in place to serve them. These are some of the things they have talked
       1.     One access method
       2.     Use common systems as much as possible

         3.     Localization
If this works the way we would like, there will be better services then we have now. We are very
close to having our issues resolved.

Alex Herzog reported that he is the co chair of the Student Issues Committee. The committee has
met with their counter parts at USU, Eric Olson and Dr. Marales. They compared notes and the
preliminary findings are in the document President King provided. Our student leadership group
has many concerns, some of them are:
    1. Administrative changes
    2. Recruitment
    3. Housing
Eric Olson and Dr. Marales will be on campus on October 5th and we will get these concerns

Brad King reported for the Public Relations and Image Committee who met for the first time last
week with their USU counter parts. They talked about branding and the USU folks were told that
it would be best not to mess with the name. Our people would like to explore a few ideas and
take advantage of this change and use the opportunity to make a big splash out of it. Once the
name has been decided and we have the definition of a Comprehensive Regional Campus it will
be the responsibility of this committee to brand it and decide how and when to roll it out.

Jay Stephens reported for the Administrative Committee and indicated that when they met they
got stuck on health insurance. We are insured with PEHP in the state of Utah group and USU is
self funded through Blue Cross/Blue Shield. We expressed to USU that we want to keep our
employees as whole as possible. Our benefits are a big selling point when we recruit new

President King reported on the following items:
   1. Rankings of capitol development priorities for the Board of Regent. Our Arts and
       Education Building is ranked at five this year. We can always hope but not anticipating
       much to come in the way of building funds this year.
   2. WETC – There is enough money to pay salaries through the end of October. If things
       don’t change there is a good possibility some positions will be eliminated. Terra Systems
       owes WETC money and hopefully that money will come through.
   3. Terminated contract with DFCM in Blanding and we will terminate ours in mid
       November. This should save us $50,000 to $150,000.
   4. Looking for a Museum Director
   5. Campus wide memo relative to 1.5 million that needs to be cut. This will result in
       position eliminations. These cuts are not relative to the USU discussions, these cuts need
       to be made before July 1st.

Brad King indicated that the National Guard would like to rent space from us on a short term
basis. There is room at the WETC facility and we may need permission from you to do this.
Lynn Stevens suggested we create an open ended approval such that Brad won’t have to come

back a second time for a mother may I if the National Guard makes an acceptable offer. Lynn
Stevens entertained a motion to authorize the administration to enter into negotiations to their
satisfaction to leasing facilities to the Utah National Guard. Neal Peacock moved and Scott
Woodward seconded. The motion carried.

Patsy Bueno made a motion to go into closed session and Willy Woodruff seconded. The motion

Minutes submitted by Darla Cloward.


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