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									               A Rouen Survival Guide

Practical Information for International Students

                   Academic Year 2006 – 2007

Groupe ESC Rouen                               Passport to Rouen   1
           Congratulations on being chosen to go abroad
                    by your home institution.

        You are about to start a new educational experience,
            and we hope that this booklet will help you.

        All the best from the staff of the International Office.

Groupe ESC Rouen                                     Passport to Rouen   2
The Groupe ESC Rouen is situated 10 minutes from the city's center, on 25 acres atop the
vast wooded Mont Saint Aignan plateau overlooking the city. The campus has an extensive
library; computer facilities with internet access; a wireless network for students who have
laptops; affordable on-campus student residences, four cafeterias, swimming pools; skating
rinks; golf courses; and equestrian and sailing clubs. There are 33 student organizations with
activities ranging from sports and culture to opportunities to work in social and humanitarian

The Groupe ESC Rouen was formed with the grouping together of 4 independent schools, all
managed and financed by the Rouen Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
These schools are ESC Rouen, the 2nd oldest business school in France, IFI, ISPP and
ECAL – each school having a distinctive mission and student base.
Groupe ESC Rouen received EQUIS accreditation in 2005. In addition, the school is also a
member of EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development) and AACSB
(International Association for Management Education.)

Each year, 100% of IFI students and about 90% of ESC Rouen students study abroad!
In exchange, Groupe ESC Rouen hosts more than 500 students from all over the world. These
students attend programs for stays one and / or two semesters.

                Groupe ESC Rouen has an agreement with 165 partners.

Groupe ESC Rouen                                                      Passport to Rouen     3
Table of Contents

WELCOME TO THE GROUPE ESC ROUEN ___________________________________________________ 2

THE GROUPE ESC ROUEN ___________________________________________________________________________ 3
THE SCHOOLS ___________________________________________________________________________________ 5
THE INTERNATIONAL OFFICE _________________________________________________________________________ 7
SEMESTER DATES_________________________________________________________________________________ 8
YOUR MAIN INTERLOCUTORS _____________________________________________________________________ 9
NOTICE BOARDS ______________________________________________________________________________ 10
HOUSING   BENEFIT __________________________________________________________________ 10
PERSONAL EXPENSES __________________________________________________________________________ 10
RESIDNECE PERMIT AND VISAS ________________________________________________________ 11
SERVICES AT SCHOOL __________________________________________________________________________ 12
SCHOOL ASSOCIATIONS ________________________________________________________________________ 13
NORMANDY __________________________________________________________________________________ 15
ROUEN ______________________________________________________________________________________ 16
SOME PRACTICAL ADVICE _______________________________________________________________________ 21
POST OFFICE _________________________________________________________________________________ 21
TELEPHONE __________________________________________________________________________________ 21
BUSES ______________________________________________________________________________________ 22
TRAVEL OPPORTUNITIES ________________________________________________________________________ 23
FLIGHTS AND TRAINS___________________________________________________________________24
SHOPS AND SUPERMARKETS ______________________________________________________________25
GARAGES - SERVICES AND LAUNDROMAT ___________________________________________________________ 26
COBBLERS & KEYS_____________________________________________________________________________ 27
IN CASE OF EMERGENCY ______________________________________________________________________27
CINEMAS ____________________________________________________________________________________ 28
BOOKSHOPS _________________________________________________________________________________ 29
MUSEUMS____________________________________________________________________________________ 30
RADIO FREQUENCIES IN ROUEN & ONLINE RADIOS ______________________________________________________ 32
RESTAURANTS _________________________________________________________________________33
GOOD PRICES __________________________________________________________________________________ 34
SPLASH OUT A BIT? ______________________________________________________________________________ 35
BARS _______________________________________________________________________________35
FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS _______________________________________________________________37
YOUR TRIP TO FRANCE _______________________________________________________________ 40
BEFORE YOU LEAVE___________________________________________________________________________40
THE FRENCH PEOPLE ___________________________________________________________________41

Groupe ESC Rouen                                                      Passport to Rouen     4
                                      THE SCHOOLS

Secretaries: building G, 2nd floor.
      Courses information: posted on the 2nd floor, building G. You have to consult them
      one time per day.
      Workbooks and course descriptions: see with the IFI secretaries.
      Exams date (about 1 month before): posted on the 2nd floor, building G.
      Timetables: posted on the 2nd floor, building G.
      IFI teachers contacts: 2nd floor, building G.

Groupe ESC Rouen                                                 Passport to Rouen    5

Secretaries: building B, 2nd floor.
                    Fundamental: ESC 1: Mrs Cullet, room B 210.
                    Intermediate: ESC 2: Mrs Leboeuf, room B 208.
                    Advanced and Majors: ESC 3 : Mrs Duhamel, room B 212.
       Courses information: posted on the 2nd floor, building B, near the secretaries
       offices. You have to consult them one time per day.
       Workbooks and course descriptions: see with the ESC secretaries or Anissa
       R’MILI or Elisabeth Neu.
       Exams date (about 1 month before): posted on the 2nd floor, building B.
       Timetables: posted on the 2nd floor, building B.
       ESC teachers contacts: 2nd floor, building B or with Anissa R’MILI or Elisabeth


   The school is open from 7.30 a.m. to 9. p.m.

   Morning classes go from 8.30 to 10.30 a.m. and from 10.45 a.m. to 12.45p.m.

   Afternoon classes go from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. and from 4.15 p.m. to 6.15p.m.

   Some classes follow different times and you will be informed about these on arrival.

Groupe ESC Rouen                                                           Passport to Rouen   6
                        The International Office

Name      & M. Stephen Murdoch, Director of International
Position    Relations
Telephone   +33.(0)
E-mail      stephen.murdoch@groupe-esc-rouen.fr

Name      & Mrs Annie Malbaux, Deputy Head of International
Position    Relations
Telephone   +33.(0)
E-mail      annie.malbaux@groupe-esc-rouen.fr

Name      &
            M. Michel Motte, Head of Academic Affairs
Telephone   +33.(0)
E-mail      michel.motte@groupe-esc-rouen.fr

Name      &
            Mrs Florence Lallemand, Head of Outgoing Students
Telephone   +33.(0)
E-mail      florence.lallemand@groupe-esc-rouen.fr

Name      & Ms Anissa R’Mili, Head of Incoming Exchange
Position    Students
Telephone   +33.(0)
E-mail      anissa.rmili@groupe-esc-rouen.fr

Name      & Mrs Elisabeth Neu, Head of Incoming Degree-Seeking
Position    & Fee-Paying Students
Telephone   +33.(0)
E-mail      elisabeth.neu@groupe-esc-rouen.fr

Name      & Ms Audrey Horn, Administrative Coordinator for
Position    International Programs
Telephone   +33.(0)
E-mail      audrey.horn@groupe-esc-rouen.fr

Name      & Ms Aurélie Jourdain, Head of International Special
Position    Projects
Telephone   +33.(0).
E-mail      aurelie.jourdain@groupe-esc-rouen.fr

Groupe ESC Rouen                                          Passport to Rouen   7
                                   Semester Dates

                                           2006 / 07

                                          Fall Semester
      Arrival & settling into residence                        Sept. 4 – 5
    Meetings Administrative Procedures                         Sept. 6 – 7
    French Language Intensive Course                           Sept. 8 – 9
                  Lectures                                  Sept. 11 – Dec 8
              Mid-term break                                Oct 30 – Nov. 3
         Final examination session                            Dec. 11 - 22
                                     Winter Semester
      Arrival & settling into residence                       January 4 -5
   Meetings & Administrative Procedures                      January 8 – 10
    French Language Intensive Course                        January 11 – 12
                  Lectures                                January 15 – April 27
               Winter break                                       Tba
               Spring break                                       Tba
         Final examination session                         April 23 – May 15

We recommend you to respect the dates before booking a flight.
         No exam will be postponed or changed.

Groupe ESC Rouen                                              Passport to Rouen   8
  Your main interlocutors

                        A problem ?                                               Who go and see ?
You want to obtain administrative informations ?              Anissa R’mili – Head of Incoming Exchange Students
                                                              Incoming students
                                                              Florence Lallemand – Head of Outgoing Exchange
It lacks you a duplicated lecture notes ? You want to fix a
date for a meeting with a teacher ?                           Department Secretaries
International Electives et Graduate Certificate

You have any remarks to do on a class, a synthesis            Your teacher
document?                                                     Your class’ representative
                                                              Department Manager

You want to obtain some informations on a lesson?
(timetable, room...)                                          Years secretaries
International Electives ou Graduate Certificate
You have to book a room for an exam, an oral test?
International Electives ou Graduate Certifcate
                                                              Years secretaries

A computer or floppy disk problem; not enough paper in the The CTI:
printer ?                                                  Nicole Dangerard
                                                              David Greffine
A problem to set up the wireless of your labtop?              Grégory Keddouh
                                                              Laurent Aubourg
                                                              Frédéric DAMBRINE

  Pigeonholes for ESC students

                   Compartments have been installed in the 2nd floor corridor for each ESC business school
                     Exchange Students :     red etiquette
                     Fundamental cycle students:     blue etiquette
                     Etudiants du cycle approfondi : yellow etiquette
                     Etudiants du cycle managérial : green etiquette

          You will find class support in them, synthesis corrections, associations information, the Flash
          (information weekly bulletin on the school live), personals message, etc.

            Compartments are a way to communicate with you so don’t forget to have a look at it!!

  Groupe ESC Rouen                                                                     Passport to Rouen       9
Notice Board

         Some notice board are arranges in the School to inform you. You have to consults them one
         time per day:
         Internationals Relations Information : 2nd floor corridor (building B) for the ESC
      programme and 2nd floor corridor (building G) for the IFI programme.
         ESC Fundamental cycle Information: 2nd floor corridor (building B)
         ESC Detailed cycle Information: 2nd floor corridor (building B)
         ESC Managerial cycle Information: 2nd floor corridor (building B)
         Associations Information : Hall B (near the coffee machine)

University Relationship
If you want to communicate with your original university, please enquire at     R’MILI Anissa, building
D, 3rd floor.

Class choices
If you wish to be advised in your classes choices or if you want to obtain classes information on the
content of a lesson, You should enquire at Audrey Horn, building D (the castle), 3rd floor.

With regards to housing in Rouen, enquire at Anissa R’MILI or Elisabeth Neu, building D (the castle),
3rd floor.

Housing Benefit (called: CAF, in French.)
Since January 2006, only European students or students having a carte de séjour are allowed to apply
for the governmental help for the rent. The CAF never pay anything for the first month spent in
France, the payments can begin up to the second month if the student can provide his residence
permit. The CAF looks at the date of the residence permit to calculate when to open the rights. For
example, if a student gets a residence permit with a beginning date: 12 April, he won’t get money for
April, the payments will begin up to May.

          this depends upon what you are assigned or can find yourself. It can go from 200 euros to
          450 euros per month.

          Personal Expenses, includes food:
          You could survive on approximately 150 euros a month for food. A hot meal in the School
          cafeteria costs approx. 4 euros. Please, be aware that the school cafeteria is open
          for lunch time only, Monday to Friday. If you plan to eat out in restaurants, then plan
          on spending much more for food.

Groupe ESC Rouen                                                              Passport to Rouen     10
Residence Permit called “carte de séjour”, in French.
            EU students:
            Students from the European Union do not need a residence permit.

            Non-EU students:

VISAS: 2 type of visas:

    1. Visa “+1 TRANSIT SCHENGEN”
       On our side in France, this is confirmed from the Prefecture that a student who has received a
       “D” student visa with “dispense temporaire de carte de séjour” (bottom line on the visa) with
       the mention “+1 TRANSIT SCHENGEN” can only be considered as a student and not as a
       tourist, and therefore this visa cannot allow him/her to travel outside France. (There is a
       risk that in case of a control, they cannot come back to France and would have to apply for a
       new visa in the country where they were travelling).

Residence Premit : « CARTES DE SEJOUR »: The mention “carte de séjour à solliciter dès
l’arrivée » must be indicated on the student visa. A student having this residence permit is allowed
to travel anywhere and apply for visas for other countries if needed without problems. But there is a
delay to obtain this card:
     1) Constitution of the application file in the School : copies of the passport, of the visa, birth
         certificate, financial resources [letter from the parents (model below) + their copy of ID card
         or passport] You must have all these documents with you at your arrival at school.
     2) ESC Rouen brings the file to the Prefecture, which provides a “récépissé” = receipt and which
         orders the convocation for the medical visit from the OMI in Paris (immigration office). There
         is about one to two months delay till the students receive their convocation together with the
         letter concerning the fees : 55 € (a 55 € stamps will have to be bought and then it will be put
         on the “carte de séjour”.)
     3) The Prefecture orders the production of the plastic cards at the same time (only one company
         in France) because there is a delay of 6 weeks. The Prefecture will contact us when they will
         receive the cards and then we can send the students to pick them up (we have an
         arrangement with the Prefecture and they don’t need to stay for hours there to get an
         appointment like other persons, but are sure to get the card immediately when they go there)

Letter from the Parents:

Model for Proof of Financial Resources (this can be typed or hand-written):

Je soussigné, Monsieur (Madame for a woman) .................... (fill in with family name), atteste
donner à ma fille (fils for a boy) .................... (fill in with student’s first name) la somme de €500
mensuels pour son séjour en France, dans le cadre de son échange universitaire avec le Groupe ESC
Fait à .................... (Fill in with town where document is written)
Le .................... (Fill in with date)

     To this document, parents should attach a copy of their identity card or passport.

Groupe ESC Rouen                                                                Passport to Rouen        11
   2. Schengen visa
      The best possibility for future students would be to get a Schengen visa, allowing them to
      travel in this Schengen area.

       Shengen areas: http://www.eurovisa.info/SchengenCountries.htm

General problems
     If you have any other problems that those recall above, you could enquire at:
     Anissa R’MILI or Elisabeth Neu, building D (the castle), 3rd floor.

Useful link

           o   Counselling service for International students: http://www.egide.asso.fr/fr/guide/

Services in the School
   The school has a large library. The person in charge is Élisabeth Escande. You need your student
   card for access.
     Opening hours are as follows:
     • Monday         10 am – 7.30 p.m.
     • Tuesday        9 am – 7.30 p.m.
     • Wednesday      9 am – 7.30 p.m.
     • Thursday       9 am – 7.30 p.m.
     • Friday 9 am – 6.30 p.m.
     • Saturday       9 am – 12 p.m.

    The computer rooms in the school are accessible up to 9.15 p.m. every day of the week. Ask the
    computer monitors if you have any problems. These are French students of the school who help
    the CTI (Centre de Traitement Informatique) to look after the computers. There are three of
    them and they are around at lunchtimes (building B, groundfloor.)

    The self-service computer room next to the Eurest cafeteria, building B, (you need your card) is
    open 24 hours a day. But you can only get in from 7 am. until 2 am..... after that time, it is too
    late... and you need your badge - without it you can’t get in or out outside the school’s opening
    hours ! !

 if you try to get out without the badge, the alarm will go on and please, bee aware that
                             we have video cameras at school.

Groupe ESC Rouen                                                           Passport to Rouen        12
School Associations

          Name             Activities             Office                 Location
         Asphalte        Mechanicals                                  Building B, 3rd
                            Sports.                                        floor.
                         Moto, Karting
         Ass’Hum         Humanitarian          President :            Building B, 3rd
                         Organization          Cécile Brun                 floor
                        Téléthon, Resto
                           du Cœur,
                        Sidaction, Don
                            du sang
          B.D.A           School Arts          President :              Building B,
                             Office             Stéphane                basement.
          B.D.E                                                         Building B,
                                                                       ground floor.
          B.D.S           Sports Office         President :             Building B,
                                               Pascal Eang             ground floor.
       Bacchanales       Organize some       President : Jean           Building B,
                         wine and beer          Christophe             ground floor.
                         tastings, etc.…          Pascual
         Beecom                                 President :
                                              Cédric Aaman
       Images Office    Shooting film on        President :            Building B,
                          school’s live        Cécile Maire           ground floor.
        Club Voile       Sailing parties        President :           Building B, 2nd
                                             Victoire Brabant              floor
         Culture             Students          Presidente :            Building B,
        Connexion          Integration         Emmanuelle             ground floor.
                         organization of           Cuzon
                           about China
        Défi Bourse     Organize Traders       President :            Building B, 2nd
                         night, manage        Adrien Tonnot                floor
                        investment club
        ESC Sans         Forward School         President :           Building B, 3rd
        Frontières        stationery to           Pierre                   floor
                          Senegal and           Dominique
                            Cambodge              Vilette
          Éthika         Make students       President : Anne         Room near the
                        sensitive to code    de Braquillange             Vaudour
                        of ethics and fair                             lecture hall.
                             business                                   Building B.

      Foot au féminin   Organize French        President :              Building B,
                         Women Soccer        Shirley Fermon            ground floor.
       Garden Party     Organize concert       President :            Room near the
                          and a music        Adrien Lamotte              Vaudour
                        festival in Rouen                              lecture hall.
                                                                        Building B.
          Genepi           Association       President : Anne         Building B, 3rd

Groupe ESC Rouen                                             Passport to Rouen    13
                             organising       Sophie Marin                 floor.
                         somes visits and        Pache
                           class in prison
          Groove          Organize 3 à 4       President :               Building B,
                          parties per year   Guillaume Keck              basement.
         Horizons             Organize         President :             Building B, 3rd
                            Journey and      Sophie Escalbert               floor.
        Irraiductible       Organize an        President :             Building B, 1st
                         adventure raid in   Pascal Laurent                 floor.
                         Normandy (VTT,
                           running, bow
        Job Affaires       Suggest some        President :             Building B, 2nd
                          specific jobs to    Saadia Achtal                 floor.
     Junior Entreprise    Réalize studies       President :            Building B, 3rd
                              for firms        Aimen Selmi                  floor.
      L’envol des Nids       Afternoon’s        President :            Building B, 3rd
                           entertainment      Adeline Defois                floor.
                           for the hostel
                         located near the
          Player ?        Network game          President :              Building B,
                             association      Xavier Detrez              basement.
       Rallye Deuch      Tourist Rallye in      President :            Building B, 3rd
                                2 CV             Charlotte                  floor.
       Scandimania        Snow bike raid        President :            Building B, 2nd
                           in Northern            Aurélie                   floor.
                            countries.          Maunoury
         Siegfried          Ciné-club           President :             Building B,
        Boulevard                            Grégory Richard            basement.
        Théâtre du       Theatre parties        President :             Building B,
           Radis                               Cécile Barral            basement.
         Topeight             Rugby             President :            Building B, 2nd
                           tournament         Karim Mesley-                 floor.
       Troisième oeil      Photograph           President :            Building B, 1st
                           Association         Solenne de                   floor.
           Viking         Create a guide        President :              Building B,
                            with good        Mélanie Weber              groundfloor.

Groupe ESC Rouen                                              Passport to Rouen     14

Le Mont Saint Michel                                            Etretat

Caen Memorial                                             Deauville

Groupe ESC Rouen                                             Passport to Rouen   15

Groupe ESC Rouen                                   Passport to Rouen   16
A Country, A Region
    Normandy is not an administrative region, having been divided into two parts
    by the State: Upper Normandy (Eure and Seine-Maritime) which is more
    industrial and Lower Normandy (Manche, Calvados and Orne) which is more

The study abroad program will be held on the campus of Groupe ESC Rouen,
France. Rouen is a powerful economic center offering many recreational and
cultural activities. Renowned for its Gothic architecture, Rouen (population
500,000) has been attracting visitors for hundreds of years. As the capital of
Normandy in the Middle Ages, Rouen boasts one of France's most prestigious
collections of medieval and renaissance monuments. Rouen's most well known
citizen is Joan of Arc and the medieval cobbled streets and traditional Normandy
buildings will charm visitors. Rouen 's beautiful cathedral was immortalized by
Monet, who painted its façade innumerable times during his lifetime. In addition to
its historical importance, Rouen is rich in cultural and social life. The city has many
restaurants, theaters, movie houses, and opportunities for enjoying sports events –
skating, sailing, soccer and even golf. Rouen is only one hour away from Paris by
train, and is easily connected to European cities either by high-speed rail or air. In
addition, Rouen boasts a strong industrial tradition. It is the home of Renault Motor
Company, and the region accounts for one–third of all automobile production in



             For those who like the sea : You can discover the sandy beaches and
    the pebble beaches of the Manche, which are easy to get to and ideal for a short
    weekend. Don't miss the sea-side resort of Deauville, known world-wide, and
    one of the most chic in France. For those who prefer fewer crowds, Trouville, its
    younger sister is a better, quieter bet. Furthermore, three exceptional sites: the
    cliffs in Etretat, the old port in Honfleur and the Mont Saint Michel, the most
    popular monument in France after the Eiffel Tower. Finally, to escape from the
    reinvigorating air in Normandy and to gravitate towards the sunshine and heat,
    you'll have to the west coast (Atlantic Ocean) or the south coast (Mediterranean

            For those who like the countryside : You will appreciate both Upper
    and Lower Normandy, both being mainly agricultural. Particularly worth a visit
    is Giverny (the gardens which inspired the painter, Monet), as well as other
    charming Normandy sites : the abbey route, the cider route (apples being the
    most popular fruit accompaniment for meals in Normandy) and the "Dovecote

Groupe ESC Rouen                                                Passport to Rouen   17
             For those who like the mountains : You can choose between the
    Vosges, the Jura, the Alps, the Pyrenees and the Massif Central. You can do all
    types of skiing from December to March and go hiking for a major part of the

          "Townies", last but not least : Lille, Lyon, Marseille and especially Paris.
    Each city with its own history, architecture ... Get out there and discover them!
    However, don't go anywhere without exploring Rouen which has so many
    treasures to offer (it would be unforgivable !).

The Population

         With 61 million inhabitants, France is the 2nd European country behind
    Germany. It also has a low, easy to remember population density: 110
            As far as religion is concerned, 86.9 % of French people are Catholic,
    2% Protestant et 7% Muslim or Jewish.


In France the climate varies :

Atlantic in the north-west of the country (mild, damp winter, cool summer). This is
    the climate in Rouen...
Semi-continental in the North and north-east (harsh winter and hot, sometimes
    humid summer).
Mountainous in the pre-cited ranges (very cold winter, snowy, cool, often sunny
And finally, Mediterranean in the South (mild, sunny winter, very hot summer).
     In Rouen temperatures reach their maximum in July ranging on average from
25 to 30°C (or for our Anglo-Saxon friends: 77 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit) with a
minimum in January or February with temperatures sometimes falling as low as -
10°C or even -15°C ( 14 to 0 ° Fahrenheit). Nevertheless, this has been quite rare
over recent years. It can also snow several days a year.

In Normandy, don't forget a little "cardi" and a light umbrella. The weather can vary
a lot with unexpected showers (after all, this is what gives the Normandy

Groupe ESC Rouen                                                Passport to Rouen   18
countryside its wealth of colours!!). However, it's useful to know that the average
amount of precipitation is below that of Bordeaux.


    To give you a little idea of what to expect from Rouen and Normandy, here is
 some historic information on the region:.
      As you will see, there are some very visible traces of history (don't miss the
 half-timbered houses of the old town of Rouen…. It's sometimes difficult to see
 how come they're still standing!).
      The history of Normandy spreads over at least 1000 years. The territory of
 Normandy from before the Roman conquest (56 AD) is neither geographically nor
 socially united. It has always been occupied by diverse people, attached to
 Belgium or Celtic Gaul. Here follow the main points which will enable you to get a
 better grasp of the Norman specificity.
         The arrival of the Normans : The great invasion of the Saxon people began
 in 820 AD. Tribes originating from Denmark were known for their ferocity, and
 destroyed everything in their        way; burning houses, churches and abbeys
 indiscriminately. The Norwegian tribes were more pacific and established
 themselves permanently, everywhere their drakkar         would take them, from
 Greenland to the Normandy coast. They were even at the origin of the town of
 Novgorod in Russia. Fearful of an inland incursion by the latter, the king of France
 conceded to Rollon (the Norwegian head of Rouen) XI th century political unity.
 The Normans, masters of Upper Normandy, conquered Lower Normandy little by
 little, and the Duchy was officially confirmed in 945.

     William the Conqueror : Overcoming many plots against his life throughout
     his youth, his combative character grew with the numerous battles, in
     particular that of 1054 against Henry I, king of France. His power was such
     that he was able to conquer England. The Anglo-Norman empire was
     reconstituted and England passed into Norman hands. Caen owes its two
     most beautiful monuments to this man and his wife: the "Abbaye aux
     Hommes" and the "Abbaye aux Dames".

     The Hundred-Year war (1337-1453) and Joan of Arc: In view of its
     geographically strategic position, Normandy was one of the main battlefields in
     the Hundred-Year war between France and England. In spite of the surprise
     attack on England by the Normans, Henry V of England managed to conquer
     the Normandy territory. It was during the English occupation that one of
     Rouen's major events happened, and of which a major souvenir is preciously

Groupe ESC Rouen                                               Passport to Rouen   19
    kept: It was, in fact, here that Joan of Arc was burned to death. Born in
    Lorraine (in the East of France), she is supposed to have heard supernatural
    voices at the age of 13, and these voices ordered her to deliver France. In spite
    of being a woman, she fought for the king of France, Charles VII, who gave her
    an army. After having taken Compiegne, she was captured by the Burgundy
    (English allies) and sold to the latter in 1430. She was brought to trial for
    heresy and witchcraft, in Rouen and was condemned to be burnt at the stake.
    When France re-conquered Normandy, Joan of Arc was rehabilitated by
    Charles VII in 1456. In memory of this, a monument and a church were built
    on the "Place du Vieux Marché". Her ashes were thrown into the Seine (from
    the "Pont Jeanne d'Arc"). Her Saint's Day is celebrated on the last Sunday in

    The XVII and XVIII Centuries : The XVII th was marked by great commercial
    and cultural prosperity: the development of maritime commerce (founding of
    the town of Quebec in Canada by Champlain, discovery and exploration of
    Mississippi and Louisiana), the textile industry (Rouen and Elbeuf), lace-
    making (Colbert factory) and pottery (in Rouen and Bayeux). Rouen gave
    France one of its best known painters, Nicolas Poussin, as well as one of its
    most reputed tragedy poets, Pierre Corneille. Normandy is also symbolised by
    other famous men : Monet, Proust, Alexis de Tocqueville, Guy de Maupassant,
    Flaubert and others that you will discover for yourself.

    The Revolution of 1789 saw the beginning of a long series of public
    demonstrations in the streets of Rouen. In fact, more than 30 000 Rouen
    citizens protested against the death penalty hanging over XVI. This did not,
    however, prevent his decapitation.

    The XX th Century: Finally, Normandy, like most of the rest of Europe, was
    seriously affected by the two world war. It was on this land that the Allies
    arrived to free France from the German invader. Moreover, numerous Norman
    towns commemorated this day (6th June 1944) and the Peace Memorial in
    Caen offers a passionate vision of these times.

Groupe ESC Rouen                                              Passport to Rouen   20

The Post Office

      The Post Office is generally open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. (sometimes 7
      p.m.) from Monday to Friday, and also on Saturday morning.

      Letter boxes are yellow and stamps can be bought in the Post Office, in
      tobacconists or from the accounts department at school.

      There are Post Offices, Place des Coquets in Mont Saint-Aignan, Rue
      Jeanne d'Arc or rue Constantine (near the Prefecture) in Rouen. See if you can find the others !

The Telephone
To phone abroad, first dial 00

                 E.g. : To call Madrid :

To phone into France from abroad, your correspondents must first dial the country code (33 for
France) and then leave out the first 0 of the 10 figure number. They then dial the remaining 9 figures.

                 E.g. : From outside France : +33

        For those long conversations, there are cheap-rate periods :

                50 % reduction
                from 7 p.m. to 8 a.m. every day
                All day Saturday and Sunday

        All phone booths are card phones. The cards can be bought at the Post Office, some
        newsagents, certain shops (Monoprix) or at the school library. A card costs 7.5 € for 50 units
        and 15 € for 120 units.

        For students living in the Arc residence, the rooms are already equipped with phones. Those
        in the Ango residence will have the opportunity of renting a phone on arrival.

Groupe ESC Rouen                                                            Passport to Rouen       21
       If you have any problems, here's the address to contact:

   France Télécom
   41, rue Jean Lecanuet
   76000 ROUEN                          Dial 10.14 (it’s free of charge) or
   (opposite square Verdrel)

The Metrobus


      You can buy a ticket in the bus (1.30 €), which is valid for one hour after validation.. You can
      also buy a card for 10 journeys (10.40 €).

       If you are under 28, you can get one of the following cards :
       COGITO 7 days / 10 journeys (4.30€)
       COGITO 31 days, unlimited travel (24 €)
       COGITO 10 journeys, unlimited in time (5.50€)
       PASS 1 Year, 365 days Studies (182.50€)
You have to have a student subscription card which costs 7.50 €.

        If you are not in the above category there are 2 SESAME cards :
            10 journeys/7 days (6 €)
            31 days/unlimited travel (31 €)

    As before, you have to fill out a request form for a personal subscription card. You can get one of
    these cards free of charge from one of the three TCAR agencies : Railway station, town hall,
    Metrobus centre (bottom of the rue Jeanne d’Arc). Make sure you take along a passport photo.
    Once you have your card, you can buy any of the above Sesame cards, either from a TCAR
    agency or from a tobacconists.

    To get into town from school, there are two bus routes de bus : n°4, direction Wagner, you can
    get off at the railway station, rue Jeanne d'Arc, Square Verdrel or at the Town hall, and n°8,
    direction Einstein or Town hall, stops Place Cauchoise, Square Verdrel or the law courts...

Groupe ESC Rouen                                                             Passport to Rouen      22
    Travel Opportunities

    Rouen is ideally situated for students wishing to explore Europe on weekends:

•          Paris (65 minutes by train - 20 trains make the round trip daily)


•          Versailles


•          Brussels (3 hours by train)


•          Amsterdam


•          Loire Valley Chateaux


•          Avignon and Provence (5 hours by direct high speed train)


•          London (by Eurostar, plane or boat)


•          The ski resorts of the French Alps


•          Youth hostels


    Groupe ESC Rouen                                                     Passport to Rouen   23
Flights & trains
              To travel from France by plane, some low cost companies offer interesting prices for
            the under-25’s.



             RailEurope for information about rail destinations and fares.


Developping Photos

         Photo service : 62 rue Jeanne d’Arc
  Development costs : 4.30 €
  Cost per photo : 0.63 €

         Photo Speed : 27 rue Jeanne d’Arc
  Development costs : 5.49 €
  Cost per photo : 0.47 €

         Photo Station : rue des Carmes
  Development costs : 3 €
  Cost per photo : 0.5 €

         FNAC : Espace du Palais
  Development costs : 3.10 €
  Cost per photo : 0.40 €

Groupe ESC Rouen                                                        Passport to Rouen      24
Shops and supermarkets

Down town :

         Monoprix : 73, rue du Gros Horloge. Clean, modern, average prices. Open until 9 p.m.
         Intermarché : Place Saint-Marc shopping centre. Open on Sundays! Quite cheap.
         Marché U : Place du Vieux Marché. Small but quite complete. Costly.
         Open air market Place Saint-Marc : A must! Especially Sunday mornings.
         Covered market Place du Vieux Marché every morning.
         Saint-Sever, the only shopping centre nearly in the town centre (Rive Gauche) accessible
         by Metrobus Place Beauvoisine, Gare SNCF or Théâtre des Arts (direction Georges Braque,
         stop Saint-Sever). Hyper-market Leclerc : the biggest and cheapest

Mont Saint-Aignan :

         Carrefour : Parc de la Vatine. Big, cheap and diverse. The easiest way to bet there is by
         n° 11 bus from the town centre, direction La Vatine, stop Town hall.
         Maxicoop : Coquets shopping centre. Open on Sunday mornings.

Chain stores

In the town centre:
         Printemps : All through the day Monday to Saturday
         Nouvelles Galeries : ditto!

Groupe ESC Rouen                                                        Passport to Rouen      25
Garages-Service Auto

   TOTAL : in Mont Saint-Aignan, near MAXICOOP
       Car wash
       Rapid oil change without appointment
       The mechanic offers advice.

   SHELL : direction Bois Guillaume, on the way to the university
       24 hour-a-day carwash
       Rapid oil change


   Washing your clothes at a laundry takes:
        Washing : 45 min.
        Drying : 15 min.
        Costs about 4 €

   Instructions available.

   There are many of them around town, here are just a few :

         43 rue de la République
         56, rue Cauchoise
         Place Cauchoise (nicer, but a bit more expensive)
         47, rue d'Amiens
         39, route de Neufchâtel
         82, rue Saint-Hilaire
         75 rue Beauvoisine
         Mont Saint-Aignan near Residence Ango, and in Residence Corneille (about 3 € for wash
         and dry).

Groupe ESC Rouen                                                     Passport to Rouen     26
       6, rue Beffroy
       74, rue St Gervais
       52, rue Cauchoise
       105, rue Ganterie
       Cordonnerie artisanale : 112, rue des Bons-Enfants

   Mont Saint Aignan.
         Place Colbert
         Centre Commercial CARREFOUR

   If your keys go walkies, check out :
          Mister Minit : 44, rue Champmeslé or Continent in Mont Saint Aignan
          Thoumyre : 37 bd des Belges
          Carinci : 42 rue du Vieux Palais


           You can go to the «preventive medicine» (see campus map) about 3 minutes from
           the school (between the school and Ango) : the nurses will look after your small
           problems. If necessary, they will tell you where to go. The closest Pharmacy is
           place Colbert (see campus map). However, the «preventive medicine» doesn’t
           have the same role as a General Practitioner (could this be because it's free of
       -   Opening hours are 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1.30 p.m. to 5.30p.m.
       -   Other doctors are only available from 9 a.m. to 10.30 a.m. and 2. p.m. to 3.30p.m.

   CHUR : Hospital Charles Nicolle, 1 rue Germont (I3) : 02 35 08 81 81
   Antipoison centre : 02 35 88 44 00
   SOS Médecins 76 : 02 35 03 03 30
   Out-of-hours doctors 24h a day : 02 35 88 44 22

Groupe ESC Rouen                                                          Passport to Rouen   27
    Medical Laboratory : 46, rue Bouvreuil (Just above the Fine Arts museum)
     - Medical analysis without appointment.
    There is always a doctor and nurse on call in the evenings and a weekends :their names
    are published in the local papers (Paris Normandie for example). Dial 15 and the SAMU
    can also give you this information.
    Here   are some emergency numbers :
      -    18 : Fire station
      -    15 : SAMU (Medical emergencies)
      -    12 : Directory enquiries (free of charge from phone booths)
    In the annexes, you will find a list of G.P.’s and specialists, that we hope will be of no use
    to you at all!!


To make the most of your time in and around Rouen don't forget to visit the tourist office situated on
the Cathedral square. It's open every day of the week including Sunday mornings.


      Certain reductions are available, from Monday to Friday afternoon, with your student card,
      whatever your age.

      Check out the following web-site for all cinemas in France. Everything you need, including times
      and the possibility of reserving your ticket: http://www.allocine.fr

      Cinéma UGC Ciné Cité Saint-Sever
   St Sever shopping centre, RG, access by metro
   Tel :, Infoprogrammes : (free call)
   The largest complex with a cybercafé, video games and snack bar. 200m² screen, numerical
   sound, 6 other projection rooms and reduced prices, undeniably the best in Rouen.
   28 rue de la République
   Tél. : 02 35 07 82.72, Infoprogrammes : (free call)
   Card – 5 tickets, 175 F, valid for 2 months and for 1, 2 or 3 people at one sitting. Popular for the
   quality of the projection rooms, the sound and the laser shows at the beginning of major
   showings. Unfortunately, they only show films in French…

Groupe ESC Rouen                                                            Passport to Rouen       28
      Le Melville
   Rue St-Etienne des Tonneliers (E4)
  Tél. : 02 35 98 79 79
  Cinema «Art et d'Essai» offers many films in the original language.
  Place Colbert à Mont Saint-Aignan
  Tél. : 02 35 15.25.99. Infoprogrammes : 02 35 15 25 99
  Cinema «Art et d'Essai» for the campus.
     Gaumont Grand Quevilly
  26 Boulevard Pierre-Brossolette, Grand Quevilly
  Brand new cinema complex with 16 cinemas, bowling lane, café etc. etc.


         Librairie Colbert, Place Colbert
  Large selection of books and stationery over 800m², and only 5 minutes on foot from the school

         FNAC, 39, rue Ecuyère
  Everything, books and music ! You can always order what they don’t have. A word of Advice: avoid
  Saturday afternoons because there are too many people.

         Lepouzé, 50, rue Saint-Lô
  General and academic bookshop. Behind the law courts. Wide choice of paperbacks and Travel

         L'Armitière, 5, rue des Basnage
  (between rue Lecanuet and rue Ganterie, parallel to rue Jeanne d'Arc)
  Wide choice of general and academic books over 600m².

         ABC Bookshop, 11, rue Faulx
  (next to Saint-Ouen church).
  Small English bookshop. Also for German and Spanish.

Groupe ESC Rouen                                                           Passport to Rouen       29
          When you’ve had enough of Finance and Marketing and have been through the literature in
          the school library, check out the municipal library. It’s not marvellous, but it’ll do! The study
          room rue Villon is a bit austere. But it’s free of charge to read there!

      -             Bibliothèque principale de Rouen, 3 rue Jacques Villon
      -             Bibliothèque Roger Parment, Espace du Palais
      -             Bibliothèque St Sever, 65 avenue de Bretagne
      -             Bibliothèque Capucins, 21 rue des Capucins

  Enrolment for the year is only 7 €.

   Musée des Beaux-Arts
  Square Verdrel (G4) 02 35 71 28 40
  Open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (closed on Tuesdays and bank holidays).
  Entrance : 3.5 €, Reduction : 2.5 € (students and groups of more than 10), free for the under-18’s
   Musée de la Céramique
  Hôtel d'Hocqueville, 1, rue Faucon 02 35 07 31 74
  Open from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. (closed on Tuesdays and bank holidays).
  Entrance : 2.5 €, Reduction : 2 €, free for the under-18’s
   Musée Départemental des Antiquités
  198, rue Beauvoisine (G3) 02 35 98 55 10
  Open from 10 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. and 1.30 p.m. to 5.30 (Sunday 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.)
  Entrance : 3.5 €, Reduction 2 €. Free for students and under-18’s

Classical Concerts
   The association for musical entertainment from the University of Upper Normandy organises
   concerts with well known performers, in the Axelrad lecture hall at the «Fac de Lettres».
   Moreover, it’s quite cheap (about 10 euros for students).

   Le Théâtre des 2 Rives
  48 rue Louis Ricard,
  Closest to Residence Corneille. Possible to subscribe for 3 (carte Joker), 5 (carte Quinte) or 7
  (passe-théâtre) shows. Reductions for the under-25’s

Groupe ESC Rouen                                                               Passport to Rouen        30
   Le Théâtre des Arts
  7 rue du Dr Rambart,
  Rouen Opera. They put on classical concerts and of course operas. The yearly programme gives
  the details. A word of advice, get to the theatre 30 or 40 minutes ahead of time on the evening,
  with your students card and you can get remaining tickets for 10 euros.

   Le Théâtre Charles Dullin
     Allée des Arcades, 76120 Grand-Quevilly, 02 35 68 48 91
     This theatre situated near to Rouen suggest many various plays. So many French personalities
     appear on stage.

     Le Zénith de Rouen

  It’s The entertainment place of Rouen !!! Can hold more than 5 000 seating capacity and 7 000
  standing passengers, The Zénith de Rouen is becoming the 2nd province entertainment place, with
  crowds record. The most populars artists appear on stage, humorist, singers, musicals etc. Prices
  and programmes 2004 – 2005 are available on the web site www.zenith-de-rouen.com

Groupe ESC Rouen                                                         Passport to Rouen      31
Radio Frequencies in Rouen

EUROPE 1                       104.9   EUROPE 2                         104.1
FRANCE INTER                   96.5    SKYROCK                          89.3
FRANCE CULTURE                 94.0    NRJ                              100.5
NOSTALGIE                      105.3   FRANCE INFO                      105.7
CHÉRIE FM                      97.5    FRANCE MUSIQUE                   92.0
RIRES ET CHANSONS              103.3   RTL2                             97.9
FRANCE BLEUE H - N             100.1   FUN RADIO                        87.9

Online radios :


Groupe ESC Rouen                                        Passport to Rouen   32

                      Being in France, we couldn’t forget the culinary traditions
                           "Pour un Normand le bien manger est un devoir
                          Sa cuisine est simple mais du lait et de la pomme,
                              il tire une profusion de produits qui habille
                                   les plats d'une saveur naturelle.
                          Il cueille en mer comme au verger, ainsi se garnit
                       sa table, de la sole dieppoise aux huîtres de Normandie.
                      Du gigot de pré-salé au poulet vallée d'Auge et au canard
                       à la rouennaise, son élevage n'a d'égal que le moelleux
                              de ses fromages : le coeur de Neufchâtel,
                           le pont-l'évêque, le livarot surnommé "colonel"
                                  le rond camembert de Marie Harel
                                       connu du monde entier.
                             L'omelette onctueuse de Mont Saint-Michel,
                           l'andouille de Vire, les tripes à la mode de Caen,
                         le boudin de Mortagne, le foie gras nouveau venu,
                                        voilà qui est généreux !
                            Pour le dessert, les bourdelots ou la teurgole
                                         et pour les becs fins,
                        le caramel d'Isigny ou le sucre de pommes de Rouen.
                       Le tout s'arrose comme il se doit de cidre sec ou doux,
                      muet ou pétillant, de poiré, entrecoupé de temps à autre
                                          d'un trou normand.
                              L'esprit de la pomme est dans le calvados
         et se retrouve dans le pommeau. Le bonheur c'est enfin une larme de Bénédictine."

 From this extract, it should be noted that Normandy is a region where people enjoy eating, and
France is a country where literature has retained its nobility. We will help you discover the regional
specialities: We have prepared a list of our favourite restaurants in Rouen. That way, you too can
taste French gastronomy ...

Groupe ESC Rouen                                                                Passport to Rouen   33
Good Prices

   Chez Pépé - Pizzeria
  19 rue du Vieux Palais (C4) Closed on Sundays and Monday lunchtime.
  Reservation advisable
  One of the nicest restaurants in Rouen : always a lot of people. Nice surroundings, quick service,
  giant pizzas (for two) and reasonable prices. Go for it!
  Expect to pay about 6 to 7 € per person

   La Petite Flambée - Crêperie bretonne
  24, rue Cauchoise (C3) open from Tuesday to Sunday lunchtime
  A little creperie, simple surroundings with good service, tasty crepes and reasonable prices. See
  you there!...
  Expect to pay 4 to 5 € for a savoury crepe and 3 € for a sweet one.

   Crêperie La Tarte Tatin
  99 rue de la Vicomté open every day
  Original surroundings of a piano and music shop, lovely crepes and cider to drink. You’ll sit on
  church benches with great music.
  Owner particularly friendly.
  Very reasonable prices.

   Le Byblos - Restaurant libanais
  60 rue de Fontenelle open every day
  If you’re in a group, order a « menu dégustation » Lebanese cooking with a variety of specialities.
  If you like spicy food, you’ll like this place. Good service.
  Different set menus 9 to 14 € at lunchtime , 16 to 20 € in the evenings.

   Le Maharaja
  Indian and Pakistani specialities - 15, rue Damiette (F3)
  Exotic and spicy, worth a detour, reasonable prices and take away dishes available.
  Expect to pay 10 € at lunchtimes(starter, main course and dessert).

Groupe ESC Rouen                                                             Passport to Rouen    34
   Le Queen Mary – Sea food specialities

  1, rue du Cercle (D3)
  Mainly mussels and chips, this is a good place to take your parents because the food is traditional
  and not too expensive. The menu "Entrée-Plat" or "Plat-Dessert" for 50F is good value. Good
  service, original surroundings – naval.. Upstairs room reserved for smokers. Quick service, good
  value for money. Always a choice between red meat and salmon. Worth a visit!
  Expect to pay 11 to 13 €

Splash out a bit?

   La Terre - Neuvas – Sea food Specialities
  3, place du Vieux Marché (C3)
  A good, fresh seafood restaurant. The customer is well cared for and the dishes are tasty and well
  Expect to pay 16.50 to 33.50 €.

   Le Panda – Restaurant Asiatique
  14 rue Sainte Croix des Pelletiers
  Big restaurant with a fountain in the middle. Wide choice and reasonable prices. Good food. Try
  the individual barbecue or the «fondue au bouillon».
  Expect to pay 10 to 15 €.

   Au Temps des Cerises - Cuisine au fromage
  4-6 rue des Basnage (D3) closed on Sundays and Monday lunchtime
  Very copious meals and extremely tasty too! So much so, that you’ll want to come back to taste
  everything, salads, fondues, raclettes and desserts...
  Expect to pay : Menus for 10.50 to 21 €.


       Au Coin des diablotins – 24 Boulevard         Au petit Bar – 5 Bis rue d’ Amiette – 76000
       des Belges – 76000 Rouen – 02 35 71 93 37     Rouen – 02 35 88 88 86
       Bateau Ivre – 1 rue des Sapins – 76000        Bidule – 39 bis rue de Fontenelle – 76000
       Rouen – 02 35 70 09 05                        Rouen – 02 35 07 02 76
       Bodequita del Che – 3 rue des fossés Louis    Brooklyn Café – 18 rue Nétien – 76000
       VIII – 76000 Rouen                            Rouen 02 32 10 04 75
       Central Café – 138 rue Beauvoisine – 76000    Chester’s Café – 44 rue de la République –
       Rouen – 02 35 07 71 97                        76000 Rouen – 02 35 07 15 93
       Clipper – 11 rue Boucherie St Ouen – 76000    Echiquier – Espace du Palais – 76000 Rouen
       Rouen – 02 35 07 00 15                        02 35 71 71 35
       El Guevara – 31 rue des Bons Enfants –        Fab Café – 50 rue Beauvoisine – 76000
       76000 Rouen                                   Rouen – 02 35 98 17 71
       Floralies – Place du 19 Avril 1944 – 76000    Grutli – 38 Rue de la République – 76000
       Rouen                                         Rouen – 02 35 71 09 34
       Hurricane Bar – 28 rue de la République –     Insolite – 58 rue d’Amiens – 76000 Rouen
       76000 Rouen

Groupe ESC Rouen                                                          Passport to Rouen       35
       Intemporel – 35 Boulevard de la Marne –         Jackson’s – 26 Quai Gaston Boulet – 76000
       76000 Rouen – 02 35 14 96 15
                                                       Rouen – 02 35 88 47 00
       Kalif’ – 33 Route de Darnétal – 76000 Rouen     L’Appart – 23 Place Basse Vieille Tour –
       – 02 35 98 35 66                                76000 Rouen
       La Fleche – 14 Place Calende – 76000 Rouen      Leffe – 36 Place des Carmes – 76000 Rouen –
       – 02 35 71 95 61                                02 35 71 93 30
       Mad’House – 36 rue Faubourg Martainville –      Marylin Café – 101 rue Jeanne d’Arc – 76000
       76000 Rouen – 02 35 52 09 10                    Rouen – 02 35 71 69 46
       Matisse – 22 Rue Percière – 76000 Rouen         Moon’s Café – 4 rue Percière – 76000 Rouen
                                                       – 02 32 10 04 51
       Nash Café – 97 Rue Écuyère – 76000 Rouen        Oxxo Café – 10c Rue Alsace Lorraine – 76000
       – 02 35 98 25 24                                Rouen – 02 35 15 30 32
       Reims – 16 Place du Vieux Marché – 76000        Shanti – 66 Rue de Fontenelle – 76000 Rouen
       Rouen – 02 35 71 28 32
       Shari Vari – 51 rue St Nicolas – 76000 Rouen    St Maclou – 246 rue de Martainville – 76000
       St Vincent – 8 Place du Vieux Marché –          Trio – 9 Rue Ecuyère – 76000 Rouen – 02 35
       76000 Rouen – 02 35 71 96 51                    70 60 41
       Why not Café – 11 Bis rue de Fontenelle –       XXL bar – 25 rue Savonnerie – 76000 Rouen
       76000 Rouen – 02 35 88 18 13                    –02 35 88 84 00


  Alexander pub – 85 rue Martainville – 76000          Au Bureau – 2 Place du Vieux Marché –
  Rouen – 02 35 71 33 57                               76000 Rouen – 02 35 98 68 69
  Big Ben – 95 Rue du Gros Horloge – 76000             Boite à Bières – 35 rue Cauchoise – 76000
  Rouen – 02 35 88 54 50                               Rouen – 02 35 07 76 47
  Dakota – 12 rue République – 76000 Rouen –           Emporium Galorium – 151 rue Beauvoisine
  02 35 71 92 30                                       – 76000 Rouen – 02 35 71 76 95
  Highlands Café – 2 Quai Pierre Corneille –           LVN – 18/20 rue des fossés Louis VII –
  76000 Rouen – 02 35 70 38 78                         76000 Rouen – 02 35 89 39 99
  Murphy’s – 12 Place du Vieux Marché – 76000          O’ Kallaghan’s – 13 Place du Général de
  Rouen – 02 35 71 17 33                               Gaulle – 76000 Rouen – 02 35 71 46 55
  Saxo – 11 Place St Marc – 76000 Rouen – 02 35        Scottish Pub – 26 Bis Quai Gaston Boulet –
  98 24 92                                             76000 Rouen – 02 35 71 58 37
  Underground – 26 rue des Champs Maillets –           Welcome – 32 rue des Augustins – 76000
  76000 Rouen – 02 35 98 44 84                         Rouen – 02 32 10 07 32
  Yesterday – 3 rue Moulinet – 76000 Rouen – 02        Zooloo Pub – 79 rue Cauchoise – 76000
  35 70 43 98                                          Rouen -

        Bars and Pubs list is available on the web site www.sortons.net just as Rouen and its suburbs

          Be Careful, Alcohol abuses is dangerous for health, to be taken in

Groupe ESC Rouen                                                            Passport to Rouen      36
                                 Frequently Asked Questions

Who should I contact if I have questions regarding my residence permit?

            o Exchange students: Anissa R’MILI.
            o Paying tuition-fees or double degree students: Elisabeth Neu.

How to apply? Exchange Students only.

            o   No Exchange students shall be admitted without prior nomination by her/his home
                university (an Email from the home university stating the family name, first name,
                birth date, gender and email address of the student as well as the length of
                her/his stay is fully sufficient).
            o    Once the student will be officially nominated, we will contact him / her directly by e-
                mail to inform him / her about the online coming procedures (administrative, housing
                and course selection.)
            o   Upon receipt of the nominees list, we will send a letter of acceptance to the students.

How can I apply for an accommodation?

            o   Information and application will be online. The students will be informed about the
                deadline by e-mail and where the information can be found.
            o   As far as accommodation is concerned, we work on a "first come, first served
                basis". The sooner the application reaches us, the more chances your students have
                to get a room in a university residence.

Can I move into my room before the arrival week (set by the international

No. we do our best but we do not own the rooms and the CROUS (Housing organism) decides when
the rooms are ready (they have to be cleaned up, fixed, etc…)

How to pay?
Please, be aware that you will have to pay your total rent for the whole period at once, by wire
transfer. The details to make the wire transfer will be given by e-mail when the student will accept the

Why didn’t I get my first opinion?

Students have to know that the school helps them to find an accommodation on or off campus with
some organism we are used to work with. The school does not own any room and the housing
organisms are not part of the school.
It is due to the fact that there are only a limited number of rooms. Hence, it is impossible to give 250
persons their first priority.

Groupe ESC Rouen                                                              Passport to Rouen       37
What I will have to pay for my accommodation?

            o Rent x the period of your stay.
            o A deposit: 1 month rent.
            o Bed linen: 25 euros.

Do I have to buy or bring furniture and kitchen utensils?

All rooms rented out through the school are fully furnished with a bed, a table, a chair, a closet,
lamps. The kitchens are not equipped.

Last accepted arrival date?

Arrivals later than the end of the arrival week cannot be accepted. If you have problem meeting these
requirements, please contact your coordinator at Groupe ESC Rouen.

Will there be someone to meet me when I arrive?

The School does organise shuttles (taxis) from Paris to Rouen. To take the taxi from the airport to
Rouen, you must confirm to us at least three weeks before you travel by sending back the travel plan
that your coordinator will send you. You should also give us an email address to which we can confirm
the booking. The fare (cost) depends on the number of clients travelling in the same car, ask your
Groupe ESC Rouen coordinator if you will be willing to share a taxi.

           Nombre de passagers ESC ROUEN /                Prix par personne / Price per person
              Number of passengers to ROUEN
                            1                                          120 Euros
                           2/6                                      60 Euros/person

At your arrival, our French students associations are volunteers to help you. Below is a message they
wish to leave:

 “Once you have arrived, we will be there to welcome you, to take you to your residence and help
you to do your first shopping. Don’t worry (be happy!), we help anxious exchange students to cope
 with administrative formalities (a French speciality you will learn to love). In order to allow you
 to discover the French culture and the French student life (visits of the town, parties, trips in
        Normandy and surroundings, games…), we will organise activities during your stay.

              We wish you a nice and safe trip and will de pleased to see you soon!!!”

                                          Cultures Connection

Groupe ESC Rouen                                                               Passport to Rouen      38
Where can I find course descriptions?
Courses do not change that much each semester but they are updated that’s why our catalogue of
courses cannot be online the whole year. If you have any question regarding the course descriptions,
please send a mail to your Groupe ESC Rouen coordinator.

What is the language of instruction?
Most courses are in English and French.

How many credits do I need?
A full workload corresponds to 30 ECTS credits for European students. Non EU students should check
with their home institution.

How can I register for my course?
The courses selection and timetables will be online. You will be informed by email after your
nomination. You will have to make sure that no course clash occur.

Can I change my courses online?
Not on line but if you change your mind, just send a mail to the person in charge, Miss Audrey Horn at

Can I change my courses after arrival in Groupe ESC Rouen?
Yes, it is possible to drop and add courses during the first two weeks after your arrival. Then, no
change will be accepted.

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      Take photos of yourself; you will need some for administration, transportation cards.
      You can choose to bring French dictionaries from home as they might be more
      expensive in France. And take a phrase book to study in the plane
      Make copies of your identity papers (in case they are lost or stolen)
      You might t(o take) need some medication with you (aspirin, cough drops, etc…).
      The ones you are used to (a small survival kit).
      Go see your dentist. It is never a good experience to have to see a dentist and
      explain what your problem is if you do not master the language
      Take some Euros as you will need some when you arrive
      Take some utensils to cook (you’ll find some at school, but not enough for all
      Do not forget to take an adaptator for your electric appliances (france: 220 volts)
      Check before you leave that you can use your mobile in France. Mobiles from North
      America cannot be used and there is no rental services
      If you arrive in august or September for a few months, take summer and winter
      clothes as it is warm in September( around 18- 20°c) but it gets chilly in November
      (5-10°c). An umbrella is a good thing to pack in as it often rains.

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      French people always say “ bonjour” “au revoir” “merci” and “s’il vous plait” when
      they go in a shop(“hello” ” goodbye “ ”thank you “and “please”). So please do the
      same or people will think you are not respectful
      A lovely habit. The French like to kiss people they know on the chicks (2 or 4, it
      depends on the area. Rouen: 2). Men usually shake hands
      French people are not usually good at foreign languages so try to learn French as
      much as possible.
      do not hesitate with going to French people, in general, they won’t be the first
      coming even if they are dying to meet you!

 You now have some clues for your stay in France but part of your job will be to
                           discover a new culture!

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