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					                                                                         20TH NEWSLETTER
                                                                          SEPTEMBER 2007

                             Painting The Picture
Welcome to the latest Pinto Pacer Newsletter, the 20th Edition. Firstly I must on behalf of the
entire Skewbald breeders/fanciers group thank Mr. Darryl Brennan for his tireless contribution to
saving the line of Skewbalds in Australasia via “The Pinto Pacer”. His efforts were certainly very
much appreciated by everyone, and being on the mailing list myself I certainly looked forward to
the issue every year, so Darryl I hope you Enjoy your retirement and may I say “The Pinto Pacer”
a job well done!

Secondly, Perhaps I should Introduce myself as the new editor, my contact details are listed
below for all to phone, email, post, whatever it takes to get your news to me. I need everyone who
has news of a foaling, mating, race win, death or any news to do with anything skewbalds. I am
only new to the Skewbald game, the first I had to do with a coloured pacer was watching
Rorschach at Redcliffe when I was only a kid, yeah that’s right I’m 21, so it wasn’t that long ago.
Ever since then I was obsessed with this magnificent animal, and the first chance I had to put a
mare to a skew stallion I did, my Panorama mare went to Medicine Dance last season, so here’s
hoping for a healthy foal come October this year.

I train a number of pacers in Warwick, Queensland. A couple I have had success with are Myola
Tiara for a 1.56 win at the Gold Coast in 06, and wins with Melton Luciall to go through to free
for all grade at Rocklea. I have recently taken over the training of a grey, Vanilla Sky, so watch
out for him on sky channel! I have called the Trots at Rocklea and the Gallops at country venues.
So that’s a little about me!

The population of skewbalds in Australia has exploded the last few years with the help of
strongly coloured stallions and one double colour stallion. The bloodlines are getting faster with
the introduction of American Bred (non colour) imports that have successfully mated with the
skew mares we have in Australia. Its great to see the increased interest in the skews with several
new breeders sending mares to coloured stallions. We have a lot of other news to report in this
issue so here goes. Enjoy my first issue of the newsletter,
                                                           Anthony Collins
                          “Camorel” 217 Warner Street Warwick QLD 4370
                                        Ph (07)4661 2435
                                  International +61 7 46612435
                                       Mobile 0448 932 413
WHITE FIRE is now the fastest
skewbald pacer of all time!                    CULLERMEIN NZ a daughter of
The Mystical shark entire smashed              pacing sensation Christian Cullen
Rorschach’s race mile rate of 2.00.0 by        has now run 2.00.9.
2 seconds to rate 1.58 for the mile at         The cleverly named 5yo mare has now
Albion Park in Brisbane in October last        won three races in New Zealand, those
year. Trainer Wayne Waltisbuhl                 being two at Auckland and one at
deservedly rates White Fire as the best        Franklin for the SPLASH OUT
horse he has trained. White fire broke         Syndicate who owned SPLASHED
maiden status at his 7th race start            before she was later sold to overseas
beating the odds on favourite by 20            interests. Champion reinsman Tony
metres in a bold front running display.        Herlihy, a regular driver, partnered her
Allowed to run freely over the 1660m trip      for two of the three wins.
he rated the sectionals in 29.2, 31.7,
27.4 and 29.8.                                 TRIBAL COUNCIL has broken his
                                               maiden status.
One would happen to think that White           A son of Rorschach, trained by Darren
Fire has more than his fair share of           Grant won at Tamworth in September
credentials, given the fact he is only a       2006 before heading to the stables of
4yo. His dam is Ireland export                 Robert Clement where he placed 5 out
ISHIHARA and his Sire Mystical Shark           of his next 9 starts. Tribal Council was
went 1.51 in America before heading to         bred by G. Rutter.
                                               MAJESTIC HARMONY has proved
                                               too good for his rivals in North
                                               Queensland. Bred by Ian Bonham in
                                               New South Wales the Preferred Bid
                                               Gelding has won twice at Mackay under
                                               the care of the Manzleman family. He
                                               has rated 2.04.4 for the Mile Rate over
                                               the 2160m journey. The Mackay club,
                                               along with the Rockhampton Club face
              Above: White Fire                an uncertain future as no future race
                                               dates have been allocated. Majestic
MAGNOLIA DRIVE has bettered her                Harmony is the 3rd Skewbald foal to be
time to be the 3rd fastest skew of all         bred out of Snowflake Harmony, the
time to 1.59.3.                                other named foal is Theredblonde.
Trained in New South Wales’ Hunter
Valley Region by Brian Elder the               SNOWAY, the 3rd skewbald foal of
unusual Grey and White Skewbald                the gallant Lady Snowflake has won
saluted the judge at Newcastle in              at his last Australian Start.
September last year before heading on          Young was the venue and Michael Day
a successful Victorian Campaign where          was the trainer, he went 2.03.2 for the
she won at Warragul on the 29th of             mile rate to do his owners proud,
March this year, where she proved no           unfortunately Snoway later passed away
fluke rating 2.00.9, which is quite fast for   after being exported.
the Warragul surface. Magnolia Drive is
owned by Barry Rose who has stood the          HE WHO DARES and GO GO
father of Magnolia Drive, Flight Laag, a
                                               CISCO are two skews to keep an eye
grey stallion, at his stud in Scone. The       out for in the coming months. He Who
Mare now has 4 wins to her credit and
                                               Dares campaigns in Victoria for trainer A
10 minor placings. Magnolia Drive is out
                                               Burke has had 4 starts, a son of
of a Snowtime Adios mare in Ginger;s
                                               Rorschach and Remember Manhattan.
                                               Go Go Cisco is trained in Western
Australia, and has had a second in his      and her Courage Under Fire colt is
first seven starts. Go Go cisco is by       going along nicely in Ireland.
Skewbald sire Out Of Nowhere.
                                            Ange Zantis has sadly passed
                                            away. Ange will always be remembered
                                            for his achievements in the Harness
                                            Racing Industry and the Harold Park
                                            Winning Mare LADY SNOWTIME, Ange
                                            was responsible for the breeding of
                                            many of the bloodlines that we now
                                            have in our population, he bred the likes
                                            of Lord Snowtime (pictured) and Icy
MEDICINE DANCE, who has the                 Lord. Ange Will be Sadly Missed.
double-colour gene has certainly
helped the skewbald population in
Australia. Last season he served
twenty-five mares, which will of course
produce coloured foals given the fact he
is homozygous. Medicine Dance will
stand once again for Wayne Waltisbuhl
and Catrina Godden at Elimbah, north of
Brisbane in Queensland.

                                            Queensland Stalwart Ron “Kanga”
                                            Smith is a fresh face in the Skew
                                            Breeding scene. Smith, famous for his
                                            efforts with Harleray including a trip to
                                            the Perth Interdominion many moons
                                            ago sent a Guida mare to QLD stallion
SNOW BRAVE a newcomer to                    Medicine Dance (pictured above left)
Queensland will stand at Stud this          Last season. We also welcome the
season. He is a possible double colour      Shepherdson family from Narrabri NSW
candidate, with both his parents being      to the Skew world, Gary is the secretary
skewbald and 100% of his foals to date      of the Narrabri HRC.
being skewbald. Snow Brave(pictured
above) won a race at Leeton NSW for         In 2006 Skew Stallions served 39
the Day/Zantis combination . Anyone         mares, the breakdown as follows.
who would like any information on the       Medicine Dance      QLD              25
above stallions can contact me and I will   Snowtime Adios      VIC              7
forward them onto the relevant interests.   Flying Jaguar       VIC              6
Also anyone wishing to pursue breeding      Lord Snowtime       SA               1
a Skewbald can contact me regarding
studs/stallions in their area.              In The Current Count there are 230
                                            Live Skewbalds on our records!
Picassos Pride, Litograph,
Rembrants Touch and Splashed
are some of the exports to go out of
Australasia in the past two years.
Reportedly Splashed NZ has a DM
Dillinger yearling colt that is coloured
               2005 and 2006 Foalings
Year   Sex     Sire                 Dam                 Breeder
2006   colt    RORSCHACH            KOARA BELLE         D Maloney Vic
2006   filly   MEDICINE DANCE       OUR VALENTINE       C.Godden QLD
2006   colt    MEDICINE DANCE       THE GIFT OF LIFE    M Bolton QLD
2006   filly   MEDICINE DANCE       MIRAS IMPREZA       C.Godden QLD
2006   colt    MEDICINE DANCE       RAFFLE WHIZ NZ      C.Godden QLD
2006   filly   MEDICINE DANCE       BLIND JUSTICE       C.Godden QLD
2006   colt    MEDICINE DANCE       BRONSKI PRINCESS    S.B Manzlemann QLD
2006   filly   MEDICINE DANCE       MAORIS TOOTSIE      C.Godden QLD
2006   filly   MEDICINE DANCE       KARAMEA TAMBOUR     M Bolton QLD
2006   colt    MEDICINE DANCE       BOLT OF MAHOGANY    C.Godden QLD
2006   filly   MEDICINE DANCE       HARMONY             C.Godden QLD
2006   colt    MEDICINE DANCE       TORAGLOW            C.Godden QLD
                                                        W. Waltisbuhl/C Godden
2006   colt    MEDICINE DANCE       TREVISO GIRL        QLD
2006   colt    MEDICINE DANCE       COUNTESS JUJON      C.Godden QLD
2006   colt    MEDICINE DANCE       ELECTRIC BLUES      M & Y Bellve, QLD
2006   colt    Snowtime Adios       Victory in Paris    N. James, Vic
2006   filly   Flying Jaguar        EXJAYFORTY          K.Hill VIC
2006   colt    Justanotherpoorboy   Moonlight Harmony   G.Frazer, NSW
2006   filly   Lifes Not Fair       Apache Jun Ni       M.Senese,WA
2006   filly   Native's Pride NZ    Native Pep NZ       M.Eden, NZ
2006   filly   MEDICINE DANCE       Sylvias Harmony     M. Eden NZ
2006   colt    DM Dillinger USA     Splashed NZ         R.Sheppard, IRE

2005   filly   Lord Snowtime        Rose of Paris       N.Wallis, SA
2005   filly   Justanotherpoorboy   Moonlight Harmony   G.Frazer, NSW
2005   colt    Snowtime Adios       Howzat Baby         MJ & F Lawrence NSW
2005   colt    Sunlamp              Sylvia Waltham      M.Fleidner,NSW
2005   colt    Total Recall         Stylish Duel        Allan Campbell, Vic
2005   filly   By Xample            Cherokee Lady       Max Francis, Vic
2005   colt    Snowtime Adios       Blue Blazer         E.V Gee Vic
2005   colt    Lifes Not Fair       Bindi's Choice      Graham Tindale, WA
2005   filly   Lifes Not Fair       Elegant Lilly       Graham Tindale, WA
2005   filly   Painted Warrior      Chelsea Blossom     J. Ives QLD
               Cool King Creole                         RJ McGregor & J Pollock
2005   colt    NZ                   Last Call           NZ
               Cool King Creole                         RJ McGregor & J Pollock
2005   filly   NZ                   Ailsa Maude NZ      NZ
               Cool King Creole
2005   colt    NZ                   Vicolo's Gift NZ    BC Power NZ
               Cool King Creole
2005   filly   NZ                   Sunny Queen NZ      R Baker, N Craddock NZ
               Courage Under Fire
2005   colt    NZ                   Splashed NZ         R.Sheppard, NZ
               Tobiano Horses
Brand   DOB    Name                 Sire                 Dam                Owner                 State   Comments
                                                                                                          2 Skew
        1998                        Lord Snowtime        Snow Light         A.Zantis              NSW     Parents
                                                                                                          2 Skew
        1997                        Icy Lord             Snow Call          A.Zantis              NSW     Parents

        2001                        Lord Snowtime        In Command         A.Zantis              NSW
                                                                                                          2 Skew
        1999                        Lord Snowtime        Mandy Lee          A.Zantis              NSW     Parents

        1999                        Lord Snowtime        Sweet Revival      A.Zantis              NSW

        1989                        Gundary Flyer        Moonlight Walk     A.Zantis              NSW

        2002                        Lord Snowtime        Heart Song         B. McGettigan         NSW

        1997   Feathers By Chief    Damien Chief         Koryann            C. Boston             NSW

        1987   Redouble             Shine Your Light     Sad Eyed Lady      G.LEE                 NSW

        1998   Sandshoes            Armbro Best          Moonlight Walk     M.Fleidner            NSW
                                                                                                          2 Skew
        2004                        Star Of Harmony      Damiens Girl       M.Fleidner            NSW     Parents
                                                                                                          2 Skew
        2004                        Star Of Harmony      Sylvia Waltham     M.Fleidner            NSW     Parents
        2004                        Justanotherpoorboy   Harmony            G.Frazer              NSW

        2004                        Star Of Harmony      Sunset Thor        I.Bonham              NSW

        2004                        Star Of Harmony      Gypsy Waltham      I.Bonham              NSW

        2001                        Lord Snowtime        Blue Tips          T. Elliot             NSW

        1986   Snowtime Adios       Peace Talk           Medora Patch       C. Calleja            VIC

        2004                        Snowtime Adios       Our Sarah          C. Calleja            VIC

        2004   White Wolf           Snowtime Adios       Good Torado        Koster Family Trust   VIC
                                                                                                          2 Skew
        2004                        Total Recall         Stylish Duel       A.Campbell            VIC     Parents
        2001   He Who Dares         Rorshach             Manhattan          Anita Burke           VIC

        1995                        Damien Chief         Minisminute        J. Humphries          VIC

        2001   Flying Jaguar        Trunkey Jaguar       Mitchelina         K.Hill                VIC

        1993   Chiefy Colours       Damien Chief         Pridens Joy        L.Humphries           VIC

        2000   Doug Quaid           Total Recall         Rita Cameron       Peta Suttons          VIC
                                                                                                          2 Skew
        2002                        Total Recall         Snows Last         R.Lund                VIC     Parents
                                                                                                          2 Skew
        2004                        Total Recall         Snows Last         R.Lund                VIC     Parents

        1987   Total Recall         Shine Your Light     Superlative Lass   R.Lund                VIC

        2001   Cool Strides         Total Recall         Blue Blazer        R.Lund                VIC

        2003                        Total Recall         Blue Blazer        E.V Gee               VIC

        1993                        Cassanova            Light Me Up        G.Uren                QLD

        2002   White Fire           Mystical Shark       Ishihara           C. Godden             QLD
                                                                                                          2 Skew
        1993   Medicine Dance       Total Recall         Horse In Pyjamas   C. Godden             QLD     Parents

        2002                        Die Laughing         Lady Snowflake     C. Godden             QLD
                                                                                                          2 Skew
        1994   Snow Brave           Icy Lord             Mandy Lee          S. Oakland            QLD     Parents
        1992   Lord Snowtime        Gentleman            Jacki Baby         N. Wallis             SA

        2002                        Medicine Dance       Bells Lady         Hassel & Austin       TAS

        2004                        Medicine Dance       Bells Lady         Hassel & Austin       TAS

        2002                        Medicine Dance       Atellen            E Mountney            TAS

        2002                        Medicine Dance       Montys Princess    K.Austin              TAS

        2002                        Medicine Dance       Marguerita Time    K.Austin              TAS

        2004                        Medicine Dance       Cindy Con          K.Austin              TAS

        2004                        Medicine Dance       Diamonds For All   K.Austin              TAS

        2004                        Medicine Dance       Tickety Boo        K.Austin              TAS

        2004                        Medicine Dance       Mean Knight        Austin & Coleman      TAS

        2002   Boo Dance            Medicine Dance       Tickety Boo        L.McKenzie            TAS

        2002                        Medicine Dance       Knight Ora         N.Coleman             TAS

        2002                        Medicine Dance       Mean Knight        N.Coleman             TAS

        1987   Emerald Supreme EU   Chinook              Emerald Tara       Duffy & Schofield     WA
                                          Emerald Supreme                                                           2 Skew
        1995                              EU                     Apache Jun Ni       Duffy & Schofield     WA       Parents
                                          Emerald Supreme
        1996                              EU                     Mazdas Sister       Duffy & Schofield     WA
                                          Emerald Supreme
        1996                              EU                     Gold And Silver     Duffy & Schofield     WA
                                          Emerald Supreme
        1996                              EU                     Wilver Ni           Duffy & Schofield     WA

        1996     Indisguise               Lombo Hurricane        Tinks Pride         G. Tindale            WA

        2004                              Out Of Nowhere         Elegant Lily        G. Tindale            WA

        2001     Snowfalcon NZ            Dakota NZ              Snow White NZ                             NZ

        1996     Snowkota NZ              Dakota NZ              Snowball NZ         D. Berkett            NZ

        1998     Decoda NZ                Dakota NZ              Snowball NZ         D. Berkett            NZ

        2001     Snowhawke NZ             Dakota NZ              Snowball NZ         D. Berkett            NZ

        1995     Broken Colour NZ         Wilkies Wonder NZ      Mercurious NZ       Riggs & Jenkins       NZ
                                                                                     Spalshed Out
        2003     Tomahawk NZ              Christian Cullen NZ    Splashed NZ         Syndicate             NZ

        2000     Cool King Creole NZ      Wilkies Wonder NZ      Silk And Ice NZ     J.Pollard             NZ

        2003     Natives Pride NZ         Native Apache          Arnroy's Pride      M. Eden               NZ

        1996     Royal Cherokee           Damien Chief           Royal Roulette      Liam Wallace          IRE

        1996     Beartracker              Damien Chief           Beltana Miss        Liam Wallace          IRE

        1996     Chief Cherokee           Damien Chief           Miss Rain           Liam Wallace          IRE
                 Whowho Gives A Toss
        1995     NZ                       Wilkies Wonder NZ      Philosophy NZ       Patrick McDonagh      IRE

        1998     Piccasos Pride           Lord Snowtime          Early Riser         F.Doherty             IRE

        2001     Lithograph               Rorshach               Let Her Be          R.Reves               IRE

        1993     Rorshach                 Preux Chevalier        Mix n Match         Watson Harrup         UK

        2001     Painted Warrior          Panda Man              Granted A Chance                          UK

        1996     Star Of Harmony          Caesar Blue Chip       Katie Waltham                             JAP

        1988     Holder Of Harmony        Title Holder           Sylvia Waltham                            JAP

        1998                              Snowtime Adios         Lees Chance                               USA
        2001     Tribal Council           Rorshach               Harmony                                   ?

        1998     Out Of Nowhere           Million To One         Tinks Pride                               ?

                       Tobiano Mares
Freezebrand    DOB     Name               Sire                  Dam                 Owner                State   Comments
               1980    Morgan Echo        Mexican Shuffle       Little Hodgen       A&K Stewart          NSW
               1989    Snow Jay           Jef's Emperor         Morgan Echo         A&K Stewart          NSW
               1991    Billabong Magpie   Classic Gary          Morgan Echo         A&K Stewart          NSW
                                                                                                                 2 Skew
               1999                       Lord Snowtime         Snow Light          Ange Zantis          NSW     Parents
                                                                                                                 2 Skew
               2000                       Lord Snowtime         Karamea Magical     Ange Zantis          NSW     Parents
                                                                                                                 2 Skew
               2002                       Lord Snowtime         Karamea Magical     Ange Zantis          NSW     Parents

               2000                       Lord Snowtime         In Command          Ange Zantis          NSW
               2000                       Lord Snowtime         Soultrix            Ange Zantis          NSW
               1999    Magnolia Drive     Flight Laag           Gingers Jay         Barry Rose           NSW
               1990    Iona Paint         Damien Chief          Mystyk Dancer       Dianne Anderson      NSW
               1998    Scar Tissue        Thorate               Iona Paint          Dianne Anderson      NSW
               1993    Harmony            Holder of Harmony     Moonlight Walk      Greg Frazer          NSW
               1988    Shanellykate       Title Holder          Katie Waltham       Ian Bonham           NSW
               2000                       Bisto Lobell          Shanellykate        Ian Bonham           NSW
               1999                       Star Of Harmony       Whisper Not         Ian Bonham           NSW
               2004                       Star Of Harmony       Sundays Child       Ian Bonham           NSW
               2004                       Star Of Harmony       Shes Smokin         Ian Bonham           NSW
               2000                       Lord Snowtime         Shekel Lady         Jack Webb            NSW
                                                                                                                 2 Skew
               1994    Damiens Girl       Damien Chief          Wahroonga Royal     Maurice Fleidner     NSW     Parents
           2004                        Star Of Harmony     Sylvia Waltham     Maurice Fleidner    NSW
           1985   Sylvia Waltham       Candios             Shyanne Nelly      Maurice Fleidner    NSW
           2002   Theredblonde         Preferred Bid       Harmony            G,C&P Shepherdson   NSW
           1995   Stylish Duel         Damien Chief        Kany Duel          Allan Campbell      VIC
           1999                        Snowtime Adios      Petite Street      Muscat/Green        VIC
           1985   Light Of Reason      Shine Your Light    Sad Eyed Lady      George Edwards      VIC
           1995   Dash Of Colour       Damien Chief        Scenic Colours     Kevin Hill          VIC
           1996   Mitchelina           Damien Chief        Dollys Mistake     Kevin Hill          VIC
           1984   Horse in Pyjamas     Snow Time           Nookie             Matthew Jones       VIC
           1990   Cherokee Lady        Damien Chief        Adessa             Max Francis         VIC
           1985   Moonlight Walk       Shine Your Light    Wac                Melissa Wicker      VIC
           2000                        The Unicorn NZ      Snows Last         Michelle Grey       VIC
           2003   Snowing In Paris     Snowtime Adios      Victory In Paris   Narelle James       VIC
           1985   Snows Last           Snow Time           Highland Tan       Lund/Grey           VIC
           1984   Gypsy Blood          Shine Your Light    The Governess      Shane Delaney       VIC
           2000   Rose Of Robert       Snowtime Adios      Lees Chance        Z&R Cauchi          VIC
           1991   Lady Snowflake       Gentleman           Lady Snowtime      Catrina Godden      QLD
           1998   Snow Dream           America's Pastime   Lady Snowflake     Catrina Godden      QLD
                  Gingers Grey                             Susannah
           1994   Cloud                Snowtime Adios      Laurence           J Manzelmann        QLD
           1985   Light Me Up          Shine Your Light    The Governess      Greg Uren           QLD
not reg.   1999                        Medicine Dance      Pentlands Image                        QLD
           2001   Justtherightcolour   Rorshach            Our Gay Lobell     Nerissa Wallis      SA
           2004   Allusion             Lord Snowtime       Magic Ali          Nerissa Wallis      SA
           1999                        Byzance             Jay Dinka          John Phillips       SA
           2002                        Medicine Dance      Anna Torado        B&E Mountey         TAS
           2003                        Medicine Dance      Versure            Ken Austin          TAS
           2003                        Medicine Dance      Thelma Bullpit     Ken Austin          TAS
           2003   Ticket Of Leave      Medicine Dance      Thelmas Sister     Ken Austin          TAS
           2003                        Medicine Dance      Measure            Ken Austin          TAS
           2003                        Medicine Dance      Dame Margot        Ken Austin          TAS
           2004                        Medicine Dance      Mays Ticket        Ken Austin          TAS
           2004                        Medicine Dance      Nifty Nina         Ken Austin          TAS
           2004                        Medicine Dance      Parker Jane        Ken Austin          TAS
           2002                        Medicine Dance      Lady Forth         Ken Austin          TAS
           2002                        Medicine Dance      Hands of Fortune   Ken Austin          TAS
           2003   Cheyanne Lass        Medicine Dance      Vault              P Ackroyd           TAS
           2002   Kyniska              Medicine Dance      Aigian Sea         Sulzberger          TAS
           2002                        Medicine Dance      London Gold        Peter Johnson       TAS
           2002   Jazzy Moo Moo        Medicine Dance      Karen Park         Tracey Crossin      TAS
           1989   Apache Miss          Jun Jun Ni          Apache Dollar      Duffy & Schofield   WA
                                       Emerald Supreme
           1998                        EU                  Be Racey           Duffy & Schofield   WA
                                       Emerald Supreme
           1996   Colour Quest         EU                  Steel Wyn          Duffy & Schofield   WA
                                       Emerald Supreme
           1996                        EU                  Miss Steel Wyn     Duffy & Schofield   WA
                                       Emerald Supreme
           1996                        EU                  Chesters Lass      Duffy & Schofield   WA
                                       Emerald Supreme
           1996   Apache Gem           EU                  Chance View        Duffy & Schofield   WA
           1982   Bindi's Choice       Snow Time           Toliver's Fling    Graham Tindale      WA
                  Elegant White
           1999   Star                 Joe Mazzini         Bindi's Choice     Graham Tindale      WA
           1984   Tinks Pride          Snow Time           Tolliza            Graham Tindale      WA
           2004                        Out Of Nowhere      Elegant Lilly      Graham Tindale      WA
                     Elegant White
              1999   Dove                 Million To One         Tinks Pride            Graham Tindale         WA
              1996   Elegant Lilly        Joe Mazzini            Pintada                Graham Tindale         WA
              2004                        Out Of Nowhere         Elegant Lilly          Graham Tindale         WA
              1982   Wogarls Lass         El Rubio               Wogarls Secret         K&A Landsell           WA
              1997                        Proud Prince           Wogarls Lass           K&A Landsell           WA
              1987   Pintada              Bravada Gold           Wogarls Secret         K&A Landsell           WA
              2004   Go Eden Go           Out Of Nowhere         Apache Jun Ni          Maureen Senese         WA
              1988   Apache Jun Ni        Jun Jun Ni             Apache Dollar          Maureen Senese         WA
                                          Wilkie's Wonder
              1981   Snowball NZ          NZ                     Teremoana NZ           Dawn Berkett           NZ
              1993   Snow White NZ        Colonel Kenton NZ      Snowball NZ            Dawn Berkett           NZ
                                          Christian Cullen                              Spalsh Out
              2002   Cullermein NZ        NZ                     Splashed NZ            Syndicate              NZ
                     The Hidden Heart     Wilkie's Wonder
              1995   NZ                   NZ                     Shy LadyNZ             Riggs & Jenkins        NZ
                                          Wilkie's Wonder        Peppy Foulden
              1999   Native Pep NZ        NZ                     NZ                     Melissa Eden           NZ
              1992   Sylvia's Harmony     Dart Almahurst         Sylvia Waltham         Melissa Eden           NZ
                     Little Ikawai Girl   Wilkie's Wonder
              2001   NZ                   NZ                     Ikawai Jazz NZ         W&G Williamson         NZ
                     Lightning Glory      Wilkie's Wonder
              1987   NZ                   NZ                     Big Girl NZ            Carol Smith            NZ
                                                                                                                           2 Skew
              2001                        Rorshach               Black Ice              Pat McDonagh           Ire         Parents
                                                                                                                           2 Skew
              2001                        Rorshach               Ishihara               Pat McDonagh           Ire         Parents

              1996   Ishihara             Gold Shield            Horse in Pyjamas       Pat McDonagh           Ire
              2001                        Rorshach               Lets Dance             Pat McDonagh           Ire
              1999   Rembrants Touch      Cool Hand Nukes        Horse in Pyjamas       Pat McDonagh           Ire
              1994   Snow Princess        Over The Wall          Lady Snowtime          Pat McDonagh           Ire
              1992   Snow Dancer          Cue Light              Snow Call              Pat McDonagh           Ire
                                          Wilkie's Wonder
              1995   Splashed NZ          NZ                     Silk And Ice NZ        R.Sheppard             Ire
              1992   Black Ice            Honest Hooker          Horse in Pyjamas       R. Reves               UK

                            Tobiano Geldings
Freezebrand     DOB         Name                     Sire              Dam                 Owner                     State
                1995        Jumping Jayden           Scotch            Morgan Echo         A&K Stewart               NSW
                1997                                 Icy Lord          Magical             A. Zantis                 NSW
                1996        Snow Puma                Icy Lord          Ginger Biscuit      A. Zantis                 NSW
                1998        Clydes Dale              Lord Snowtime     Snow Dancer         A. Zantis                 NSW
                1994        Snow Warrior             Over The Wall     Jacki Baby          A. Zantis                 NSW
                1999        Apache Silver            Lord Snowtime     Snow Dancer         V.Silvestro               NSW
                2000                                 Preferred Bid     Katie Waltham       I. Bonham                 NSW
                                                     Holder Of         Graceful
                1993        Watch the Duco           Harmony           Harmony             I. Bonham                 NSW
                                                     Holder Of
                1993                                 Harmony           Magic Moonlight     W&W Stocks                NSW
                            Snowtime                 Snowtime
                1998        Adiosduke                Adios             Nano                J. Olliver                Vic
                                                     Snowtime          Blond Is
                2003                                 Adios             Beautiful           C. Calleja                Vic
                1996                                 Damien Chief      Pridens Joy         L Humpries                Vic
                1986        King                     Ayrleigh Thor     Mix n Match         R. Lund                   Vic
                1994                                 Damien Chief      Royal Roulette      R. Lund                   Vic
                            Majestic                                   Snowflake
                1999        Harmony                  Preferred Bid     Harmony             J.Manzlemann              QLD
                1998        Onya Roan                Supreme EU        Paquita Adios       Duffy & Schofield         WA
                                                     Colonel Kenton
                1994        Snowdozer NZ             NZ                Snowball NZ         D.Berkett                 NZ
                                                  Precious Gold
                    1988       Snowsocks NZ       NZ                Snowball NZ        D.Berkett         NZ
                               Native Apache      Wilkie's Wonder
                    2000       NZ                 NZ                Impala Vance       M.Eden            NZ
                               A Patchie Native   Native Apache     Princess
                    2003       NZ                 NZ                Chatreuse NZ       M.Eden            NZ
                                                  Wilkie's Wonder
                    1994       Wee Wilkie NZ      NZ                Curly Loch NZ      M.Eden            NZ
                                                  Wilkie's Wonder
                    1983       Bran Flake NZ      NZ                Preston Ann NZ     Riggs & Jenkins   NZ
                               The Cocktail       Wilkie's Wonder   Brandy's One
                    1995       Hour NZ            NZ                NZ                 Riggs & Jenkins   NZ
                               Tan in Jamacia     Wilkie's Wonder
                    1995       NZ                 NZ                Lady Eagle NZ      Riggs & Jenkins   NZ

The Standardbred by Catrina Godden, QLD
Skewbald breeder                                        My colour abound,
                                                        Though no appaloosa or true black.
I am yesterday’s founding sire,                         I am the chestnuts and brown
Today’s great dam.                                      Of the traditional hack.
The shadow of tomorrow’s
Famed I am.                                             The grey with dapples,
                                                        All smoky and blue.
I boast the great Messenger,                            Roans with bay heads
A clever pony or two.                                   Cream and buckskin too.
The Morgan and Arabs all three,
Their blood courses through.                            The warm woody tones of the bay
                                                        And blacks that are near night.
For a century or more                                   Some of my kind
My breed has been whole.                                God had splashed with white.
My book was closed
With refinement and soul.                               I carry the brand of distinction
                                                        For all to see.
I have created new breeds,                              That signifies I am a horse
This the Saddlebreds don’t regret.                      For performance or company.
The Tennessee Walkers
Requirements I’ve met.                                  I’m often misjudged
                                                        Because of my name.
Though I’m well known                                   It doesn’t imply we are common
In the arena of speed,                                  Just capable of the same.
Performance under saddle
Is also my creed.                                       I do vary in type
                                                        As I’ve been bred for speed,
My gait is not unique,                                  A horse for all seasons
Though highly refined.                                  Whatever the need.
I will travel with ease
Wether you sit on or behind.                            I may earn money and trophies
                                                        Ribbons galore.
With the disabled astride                               But winning hearts
I willingly obey.                                       Is where I really score.
Or as a dressage mount
I will exhibit more disciplined ways.                   I am yesterday’s courage,
                                                        Today’s gracefully bred.
As a first horse                                        Tomorrow’s versatility,
For the eager and keen,                                 I am the Standardbred.
Or working stock
I may be seen.
                      Best Winning Mile Rate or TT for Skews

Rank     Name of Skew                                          Best mile rate
1        White Fire                                            1.58.0 MR
    2    Rorschach                                             1:58.6 TT
    3    Magnolia Drive                                        1.59.3MR
    4    Cullermein NZ (daughter of Splashed NZ)               2.00.9MR
    5    Splashed NZ (mare) (dam of Cullermein NZ)             2.01.1MR
    6    Icy Lord (son of Lady Snowtime)                       2.01.1MR
    7    Lady Snowtime (mare) (dam of Icy Lord)                2.01.6MR
    8    Whowho Gives a Toss NZ                                2.01.8MR
    9    Chief Nakia                                           2.02.4MR
    10   Black Ice (mare)                                      2:02.7 TT
    11   Snoway                                                2.03.2MR
    12   Snow Report                                           2.03.5MR
    13   Snow Princess (mare)                                  2.03.6MR
    14   Tribal Council                                        2.04.3MR
    15   Majestic Harmony                                      2.04.4MR
    16   Lady Snowflake (mare)                                 2.04.7MR
    17   Painted Warrior                                       2:04.8 TT
    18   Karamea Snow                                          2.05.8MR
    19   Santa Karamea                                         2.06.8MR
    20   Snow Brave                                            2.07.6MR
    21   Dana Karamea                                          2.07.8MR
    22   Shine Your Light                                      2.07.9MR
    23   Snowflake NZ (mare)                                   2.09.0MR
    24   Goldulla                                              2.12.0MR
    25   Wilkie's Wonder NZ                                    2.10.4MR
    26   Dikidier                                              2.12.2MR
    27   Gulladeen                                             2.13.5MR
    28   Snow Time                                             2.13.6MR
    29   Snow Prince NZ                                        2.14.0MR
    30   Bungulla Prince                                       2.14.0MR
    31   Deep Snow (mare)                                      2.14.0MR
    32   Bicolour                                              2.14.4MR
    33   Offwego                                               2.15.1MR
    34   Snowtime Adios                                        2.15.4MR
    35   Procter                                               2.16.0MR
    36   Kitty Maid (mare)                                     2.19.0MR
    37   Karamea Way                                           2.19.6.MR
    38   Bundeen                                               2.21.2MR
    39   Rock of Ages                                          2.27.3MR
    40   Terou                                                 2.36.8MR
    41   Kelso's Pride                                         Unknown

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