Bios of Asia Pacific Leadership Fellows 2009-2010 by Levone


									Asia Pacific Leadership Program, 2009-2010

          Biographies of Fellows

        Asia Pacific Leadership Program
                East-West Center
                John A. Burns Hall
              1601 East-West Road
         Honolulu, HI 96848-1601, USA
WERANUJ ARIYASRIWATANA (Thailand) last year earned a graduate diploma (with high
distinction) in intercultural management at the Japan-America Institute of Management Science
(JAIMS) in Honolulu. Ms. Ariyasriwatana holds a master’s degree in global marketing
communication and advertising from Emerson College in Boston, and a bachelor’s degree in
development economics from Chulalongkron University in Bangkok. Ms. Ariyasriwatana worked
as strategic planning manager for international advertising agencies including McCann
Worldgroup, Ogilvy & Mather, and Hakuhodo. She successfully planned marketing
communication strategies for brands such as Nescafe, Ajinomoto, Durex, and Pond's. Her work
scope included Thai, Asia Pacific, and European markets. Ms. Ariyasriwatana was editor for the
Communications Authority of Thailand trade magazine. Recently she won an award in
Thailand’s Foundation of Children Writing Contest.

TOANI BARAO (Kiribati) serves as deputy secretary in Kiribati’s Ministry of Health and Medical
Services. In this role, he assists in the ministry’s overall administration. Since the mid-1990s,
Mr. Barao has held various Kiribati government posts including service in other ministries such
as Transport and Tourism Development; Labour, Employment and Cooperatives; Commerce,
Industry and Tourism; and Finance and Economic Development. Mr. Barao holds a post-
graduate diploma in economics, a master’s degree in economics, and a dual bachelor’s degree
in economics and economic geography from the University of the South Pacific, Fiji. His
master’s thesis was titled “An Analysis of the Determinants of the Economic Growth Rate in
Kiribati.” Mr. Barao is also the co-author of a paper titled “The Effects of Exports, Aid and
Remittances on Output: The Case of Kiribati.” Mr. Barao’s home island is Beru, Republic of

VIJOY CHATTERGY (United States) brings 16 years of experience in public, non-profit and
private-sector financial services to APLP 2009-2010. As a financial analyst and vice president at
SPARX Asset Management, Hong Kong, Mr. Chattergy focused on hedge fund investments. He
holds an MBA from Cornell University; a master’s degree in politics of the world economy from
the London School of Economics; and a bachelor’s degree in economics from the College of the
Holy Cross in Worcester, Mass. Also, he holds the designation of Chartered Alternative
Investment Analyst. Raised in Honolulu, Mr. Chattergy has worked and/or studied extensively
in the United States, Japan, Hong Kong/China and the United Kingdom. Other work
experiences have ranged from teaching in the charter corps of Teach for America in Compton,
California, to working in the Markets Group of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

JOSHUA COOPER (United States) teaches university courses covering issues tied to political
science, international human rights law, Pacific Island studies, peace studies and journalism as
a lecturer at the University of Hawai’i’s West O’ahu campus and Leeward Community College.
Mr. Cooper is pursuing a doctorate in international human rights law at the National University of
Ireland in Galway, and a master’s degree in Pacific Island studies at the University of Hawai’i at
Manoa. He holds a master’s degree in international relations and bachelor’s degree (with high
honors and distinction) in political science and journalism from UH-Manoa. Mr. Cooper pursued
advocacy work that pushed for adoption of the United Nation’s Declaration on the Rights of
Indigenous Peoples, which was approved in September 2007. Also, in partnership with
indigenous peoples, he has presented human-rights violations matters to the UN Committee on
the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination and Discrimination Against Women as well
as the UN Human Rights Committee.
COLLEEN CORRIGAN (United States) is senior programme officer at the United Nations
Environment Programme-World Conservation Monitoring Centre in Cambridge, United
Kingdom. She serves as an expert in international marine conservation and protected areas.
Previously, Ms. Corrigan worked for The Nature Conservancy as a Marine Learning Partnership
Facilitator. In that role, she coordinated and managed development and implementation of an
international marine partnership tailored to increase and share knowledge about marine
protected area networks affecting 17 developing nations. Ms. Corrigan has spent 11 years
working with local, national and international organizations at the interface of social, physical
and environmental sciences. She holds master’s degrees (summa cum laude) in conservation
biology and sustainable development, and art education from the University of Wisconsin-
Madison; and a bachelor’s degree (summa cum laude) in biology from the College of St.
Benedict in St. Joseph, Minnesota.

MIAN CUI (China) is news assistant at CBS News’ Beijing bureau. She has contributed to news
coverage on topics ranging from the Sichuan earthquake (May 2008) to last summer’s Olympic
Games in Beijing. Also, she was in charge of coordinating trips in China for the CBS crew. In
addition, Ms. Cui has worked as intern for BBC Chinese in Hong Kong. Ms. Cui holds a master’s
degree in journalism from the University of Hong Kong, and a bachelor’s degree in broadcast
journalism from Wuhan University. She completed a summer program on European study held
at Lund University in Sweden. Ms. Cui is setting up a charity website that aims to raise funding
for victims of the Sichuan earthquake now in need of prosthetics.

AZADEH DAVARI (Iran) holds a master’s degree in food science and quality control from
Shahid Beheshti University in Tehran. Previously, she worked with food and nutrition
communities for seven years as a research staff member for the National Nutrition and Food
Technology Research Institute in Tehran. Ms. Davari holds a bachelor’s degree in agricultural
engineering, focusing on food science and technology, from the sciences and research branch
of Islamic Azad University. Ms. Davari’s ongoing studies include a focus on improving
leadership skills among food and nutrition university graduates working on issues pertaining to
food security — sustainable physical and economic access to adequate, safe and culturally
accepted foods — in Iran. In the last two years, while drafting plans for a leadership training
course, she visited the South-East Asian Nutrition Leadership Program and the European
Nutrition Leadership Program. Ms. Davari works as a sales manager for Ornet Commercial
Company, Tehran.

ANJU DEVKOTA (Nepal) is a health promotion facilitator for Green Tara Trust, a United
Kingdom-based charity organization. She assists with research-related efforts and conducts
health education training and counseling for grassroots personnel such as traditional birth
attendants and child-health workers. As an instructor, Ms. Devkota uses rights-based health
promotion techniques to discuss topics such as sexual and reproductive health, nutrition and
health emergencies. Born in a remote village in Nepal, Ms. Devkota’s family arranged for her to
pursue higher secondary education, with a focus on science studies, at Cambridge College in
Kathmandu. She went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in public health from Nepal Institute of
Health Sciences. This year she received a post-graduate degree in Women’s Studies at Padma
Kanya Multiple, Tribhuwan University in Kathmandu. Ms. Devkota serves as joint-treasurer for
Rotaract club of Rudramati, a Rotary International organization.
THUY DO (Vietnam) is a lecturer and research fellow at the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam,
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in Hanoi. Her work focuses on international politics and diplomacy.
Ms. Do holds a master’s degree in international relations from S. Rajaratnam School of
International Studies (formerly the Institute of Defense and Strategic Studies) at Nanyang
Technological University in Singapore; and a bachelor’s degree in international relations from
the Institute of International Relations — Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Last year, as a visiting
fellow at S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Ms. Do conducted research on
Vietnam-China relations. In October 2007, Ms. Do served as a speaker representing
Vietnamese youth at the Association of Southeast Asian Nations People’s Assembly in Manila.
Also, for two years she served as editor-in-chief of “Young Diplomats,” a magazine for
Hochiminh’s Youth Union. Ms. Do serves as a leader in the trade union of the Department of
International Politics and Diplomacy/Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

BENNETT GILLMAR (United States) last year served as assistant for special projects for the
European Union Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai. In that role, he wrote an application
(approved by the European Commission in September 2008) to fund a training center for
Chinese construction-sector professionals at Tongji University. The center features instruction in
environmentally friendly building practices designed to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions from
buildings. Mr. Gillmar holds a bachelor’s degree (with high honors) from the College of Social
Studies at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Conn. Also, he holds a certificate in Chinese
studies, with graduate-level coursework international relations, Chinese law and other subjects
conducted in Mandarin, from Johns Hopkins University—Nanjing University (Center for Chinese
and American Studies, Nanjing, China). In addition, Mr. Gillmar has worked in real estate-
related positions in Beijing and Honolulu.

JESSICA GORDON (United States) is a studio artist in Jingdezhen, China. Previously, she
worked as an English teacher in Beijing, and as a public health research team manager for the
University of California, Berkeley and Sichuan Center for Disease Control in Chengdu, China.
Ms. Gordon holds a bachelor’s degree (with honors) in development studies, focusing on China
and Latin America, from Brown University; and has studied Mandarin in China through a Duke
University program and the Inter-University Program at Tsinghua University. Also, Ms. Gordon
has completed all requirements for a ceramics major at Rhode Island School of Design. While
studying at Brown, Ms. Gordon led a group that prompted the creation a permanent faculty
position in American Sign Language. That effort created the basis for a deaf studies program at
the university. Also, Ms. Gordon has worked as outreach director for Farm Fresh Rhode Island.
In that role, she created and ran the state’s first food stamps program tailored for use at farmers

SAMUEL GOROHOUNA (New Caledonia/France) is pursuing a doctorate in economics at the
University of Paris1-Pantheon-Sorbonne. His research focuses on networks within New
Caledonia’s indigenous Kanak community that can impact economic benefits. The Kanak
community reportedly makes up about 44 percent of New Caledonia’s island population
(estimated at 244,410) in the Southwest Pacific area. Mr. Gorohouna holds a master’s degree in
international economy from University of Paris1-Pantheon-Sorbonne. His thesis probed the
“impact of monetary union on insular economics” applied to New Caledonia, which is a French
Overseas Territory. Also, Mr. Gorohouna earned bachelor’s degrees in economics and
international politics from the University of Paris1-Pantheon-Sorbonne. He has worked for a
mining company, Koniambo Nickel SAS, in New Caledonia in a community relations and
economic benefit program, which aims to maximize economic benefits for indigenous people
and other communities.
HAJRA HAFEEZ-UR-REHMAN (Pakistan) has three years of experience working in the
development sector with organizations addressing social, health and education issues affecting
young people and women. As an intern for the United Nations’ Gender Justice Program
(Islamabad/Pakistan), Ms. Hafeez-ur-Rehman worked in the finance and media/communications
departments. She has assisted with mapping and analysis tied to the issue of violence against
women. At Green Star Social Marketing Pakistan Ltd., a non-profit group assisting low-income
people, she was an intern in finance and social work departments. In that role, she assisted with
clinics at which doctors provide free medical facilities to women in slum areas. Ms. Hafeez-ur-
Rehman holds an MBA in finance and a bachelor’s degree in economics and finance, both from
Lahore School of Economics in Pakistan. Last year, she was a keynote speaker at REACH
Youth Conference on Gender, HIV and AIDS in Sri Lanka. This summer she served as a
Hansen Peace Fellow at San Diego State University.

ASHLEY HAGER (United States) brings to APLP 2009-2010 more than 16 years of classroom
teaching and teacher-training experience in the United States. Recently, Ms. Hager spent six
months volunteering in Nepal as a teacher trainer for the Little Sisters Fund, an organization
that provides academic scholarships to girls who would otherwise be at risk of child labor, child
marriage or trafficking in the international sex industry. Ms. Hager trained more than 100
teachers from the Kathmandu Valley and, in collaboration with the Australian Himalayan Fund,
more than 400 teachers from remote villages in the Mount Everest region. Ms. Hager holds a
master’s degree in elementary education from Lesley University in Cambridge, Mass., and a
bachelor’s degree in art history from Oberlin College in Ohio. Ms. Hager has held numerous
teaching, training, and administrative posts in the field of education. Most recently, from 2002 to
2008, she developed and implemented the first Reading Support Program at Gateway High
School in San Francisco, California. The program was recently recognized by the U.S.
Department of Education as one of the most effective initiatives in the U.S. to promote
adolescent literacy.

DANIEL HEINRICH (New Zealand) has played a key role in the development and
implementation of Energy Efficiency Opportunities, a program focused on improving energy-
related productivity while reducing greenhouse emissions linked to Australia’s 200 largest
energy-using corporations. Mr. Heinrich is the project leader and author of the program’s Energy
Savings Measurement Guide, a first-of-its-kind best practice text that details how to estimate,
evaluate, measure and track energy efficiency opportunities. Mr. Heinrich has been engaged as
an energy efficiency consultant for Demand Response Ltd., a firm that assists organizations and
governments with strategies for trimming energy consumption. He is now seeking to replicate
working energy-efficiency models across the Asia Pacific region. Mr. Heinrich holds a bachelor’s
degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Auckland. He serves as a volunteer for
the Refugee Resettlement Services.
RAMY INOCENCIO (United States) is a national broadcast journalist for television, radio, online
and mobile platforms. Most recently, he worked as a network-level anchor, reporter and
producer for CBS Mobile News in New York City. Notably, Mr. Inocencio led division coverage
of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, the White House presidential race and the Republican
National Convention in Minnesota. Prior to CBS News, he freelance reported from Beijing,
Singapore and Washington, D.C. on a wide range of China- and Asia-related topics for
McNeil/Lehrer Television Productions, Marketplace Business Radio and Public Radio
International’s Pacific Time radio show. Mr. Inocencio has also worked as an international news
anchor for Channel NewsAsia based in Singapore as well as a host for China Central Television
and China Radio International in Beijing. He holds bachelor’s degrees in biology and
environmental science from the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, VA and an
Advanced Chinese Language Certificate from Beijing University.

JUNKO ITOKAZU (Japan) teaches classes in business practice, focusing on global economic
challenges and career development, at Okinawa Christian University in Japan. Previously, she
held business industry positions such as procurement manager for Okinawa DFS K.K., and Asia
logistics specialist for Procter & Gamble Far East, Inc. in Kobe, Japan. Also, she has worked as
an English teacher for the Okinawa School of Foreign Language. Ms. Itokazu holds a bachelor’s
degree in business from the University of Maryland (Okinawa). In 2003, Ms. Itokazu received a
Japanese government-sponsored scholarship (Kokuhi) to pursue business studies at the
University of Hawai’i (UH). A year later, she earned an MBA from the UH’s Shidler College of
Business and a China-focused Management certificate from the Japanese-American Institute of
Management Science (JAIMS) in Honolulu.

YONGOE KAMBUE (Papua New Guinea) is an emergency physician at Angau Memorial
General Hospital in Lae, Papua New Guinea, and serves as president of the South Pacific
Society for Emergency Medicine. Dr. Kambue is a Senior Specialist Medical Officer for
Emergency Medicine with the National Department of Health. He is the first Papua New Guinea-
born individual to qualify as an emergency medicine physician. In addition, he is a coordinator
for post-graduate training in emergency medicine. Dr. Kambue is involved in continuing medical
education activities, and coordinates the Primary Trauma Care course for the country. He
serves as an instructor for Early Management of Severe Burns in Papua New Guinea and the
Pacific Islands. Dr. Kambue holds a master’s degree in emergency medicine and a post-
graduate diploma in anesthesiology from the School of Medicine and Health Sciences,
University of Papua New Guinea. He also holds bachelor’s degrees in basic medical sciences
and medicine and surgery from the university.

KRISTIANA KILVERT (Australia) is the founder of the Young Australian Women's Alliance, an
information and support network, and the co-founder of an international online equality project
that promotes peace, respect, and understanding for inter-racial, inter-religious and same-sex
couples. Last year, Ms. Kilvert was a presenter at the World Youth Congress held in Canada. In
2007, she was awarded a Pride of Australia medal. In 2006, Ms. Kilvert was a panelist at the
Women as Global Leaders Conference (United Arab Emirates) and in 2005 presented an
award-winning paper at the Education Without Borders Conference (United Arab Emirates). Ms.
Kilvert holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing and a bachelor’s degree in media communication
from the Queensland University of Technology. Most recently, Ms. Kilvert was working at the
Queensland University of Technology Development Office, and also as a tutor in the Creative
Industries and Business Schools.
SUJEET KUMAR (India) is executive director and co-founder of Kalinga Kusum Foundation, a
social enterprise addressing challenges tied to education and entrepreneurship in rural
communities in India. The foundation is setting up India’s first Community Radio Station to be
managed by an indigenous community. The station generates content for programs to air
relevant to the educational, socio-economic and cultural needs of its local community.
Previously, Mr. Kumar was a global leadership fellow at the World Economic Forum in Geneva,
Switzerland. He managed the Forum’s education task force, which facilitates innovative
education models for schools in rural areas and developing countries; and helped assemble and
manage the Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum for Asia and the Middle East.
Earlier Mr. Kumar worked for UNDP and Infosys Technologies Ltd. in India. Mr. Kumar holds an
MBA in social entrepreneurship from the University of Oxford; and bachelor’s degree in
engineering, specializing in electronics and telecommunications, from the University College of
Engineering in (Burla) Orissa, India.

HUI LIN (China) brings to APLP 2009-2010 more than 15 years of work experience in the areas
of public relations, advertising and marketing. Ms. Lin holds a bachelor-of-law degree, with a
major in journalism, from Jinan University, Guangzhou. After university graduation, Ms. Lin
pursued employment with multi-national companies. She worked as an account manager for
DMB&B Advertisement Co. Ltd., a subsidiary full-service agency under the international
communication group Publicis. Her main clients ranged from Mead Johnson to Procter &
Gamble. Ms. Lin later joined Cerebos (Guangzhou) Limited as a product manager, leading a
business effort in the South China market. Her work focused on the health supplement Brand’s
Essence of Chicken. She now serves in a senior management role as account director for
Guangzhou Excellent Communications. Her primary duties include new business development,
project management and development, team management, and company operations-related

JUNIOR MANON (United States) is a program manager for an out-of-school-youth workforce
development program at Bronx Community College in New York City. In addition to bridging the
gap between a teen out-of-school status and return to education and/or vocational pursuits, Mr.
Manon provides case management, counseling and job training for program participants. Born
in the Dominican Republic, Mr. Manon moved to New York at age 14. He holds a bachelor’s
degree in fine arts (cum laude) from Herbert H. Lehman College in New York City. Mr. Manon is
a founding member of Art for Change, a New York City-based grassroots organization that uses
media and arts as tools in social justice efforts. In 2007, he won Art For Change’s Volunteer of
the Year award for his efforts in leading a documentary-making program pertaining to under-
served youth in Bolivia, and various other social justice-related projects.

MAEVE McINNIS (United States) holds a bachelor’s degree in global studies, with a major in
human rights and development, from Long Island University’s Global College. Since Fall 2007,
she has worked as a corporate development trainer for Strategic Systems Solutions, an
information technology and business process outsourcing consultancy in Hangzhou, China.
Previously, she served as an intern for Groundswell Community Mural Project in New York City.
The project forms partnerships between professional artists and various communities to create
murals in under-represented neighborhoods. In that role, Ms. McInnis developed and
implemented a program tailored for youth offenders. Also, she has worked as an intern and
assistant teacher, respectively, for La Agrupacion de Familias de Deseparecido in Santiago,
Chile and North London Rudolf Steiner Waldorf School in England. Born in Maine, she has lived
abroad in Europe, Costa Rica, Chile, China and Tibet.
MAIKO NAMIHIRA (Japan) is a high school English teacher in Okinawa, Japan. In addition to
drafting original lesson plans and teaching lessons, Ms. Namihira has supervised English
assistant teachers; organized exchange programs, including one that hosted Hawai’i students
and sent Okinawan students to Hawai’i; assisted with school inspections in the Kanagawa
prefecture and Tokyo; directed a school language lab, and acquired computers for it. She has
also taught English at the junior-high school level. Ms. Namihara holds a bachelor’s degree in
education from the University of the Ryukyus in Okinawa, Japan. Her graduation thesis probed
morphological acquisition research in second-language acquisition. As a university student, she
served as a volunteer as a tutor for Chinese and Korean exchange students. Ms. Namihira
holds a master license in calligraphy, and has demonstrated ikebana, the Japanese art of flower
arrangement, at events in conjunction with Okinawa International Center.

LKHAMDULAM NATSAGDORJ (Mongolia) is executive director of People Centered
Conservation in Mongolia, a non-governmental organization that develops and implements
community-based projects tied to natural resource management and livelihood improvement.
Ms. Natsagdorj’s organization works closely with New Zealand Nature Institute, an international
team of conservation and development practitioners with core competencies in the fields of rural
livelihoods and biodiversity conservation. Ms. Natsagdorj has also worked alongside the New
Zealand organization in pursuit of community-based tourism development. Previously, she was
the leader of a team that conducted a baseline survey of socioeconomic conditions in Mongolia
for the United Nations Development Programme. Ms. Natsagdorj holds an MBA from
Hyderabad Central University in India; and a bachelor’s degree in agricultural economics and
accountancy from the Mongolian State University of Agriculture in Ulaanbaatar.

MANEESH PANDEY (India) brings to APLP 2009-2010 more than 14 years of experience as a
print journalist in two of India’s leading media houses. Since December 2006, Mr. Pandey has
worked as the Chief of News Bureau for Mail Today, India’s morning daily newspaper published
in collaboration with Daily Mail of London. He manages a team of reporters and writes about
issues ranging from urban planning and city politics to tourism and environmental matters.
Previously, Mr. Pandey worked as chief reporter at The Times of India, the country’s leading
English daily. He holds a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in history from the University
of Delhi. Mr. Pandey has also studied as a Charles Wallace Visiting Fellow at the School of
Oriental and African Studies, University of London, England. As a fellow, he pursued a research
project titled “Issues in Conservation of Indian Heritage.”

HUONG PHAM (Vietnam) holds two bachelor’s degrees from Beloit College in Wisconsin —
one in economics and the other international relations. Ms. Pham studied for a semester abroad
at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, England. Also, she earned a
diploma in advertising and design from the Institute of Advertising Singapore. Ms. Pham has
worked as a research intern for GreenMango, an India-based social enterprise that aims to
empower micro-entrepreneurs by improving their market access through an online platform.
After college graduation, Ms. Pham worked as a reporter and sub-editor at the Phnom Penh
Post, an independent newspaper in Cambodia. In that role, she investigated ethnic minority and
education issues. Last summer, in tandem with a grassroots group of Vietnamese students who
had studied abroad, Ms. Pham served as an organizer of a student-led business conference
held in Vietnam.
VILACHITH PHOMMASACK (Lao People’s Democratic Republic) serves as head of the
information and communication technology unit at the National Agriculture and Forestry
Research Institute in Laos. An ongoing project involves creating a dynamic web data base for
Lao Rice Knowledge Bank, a website that links rice farmers with scientists, researchers and
others who can provide information and education pertaining to various advancements and
research findings in agricultural technologies. Also, Mr. Phommasack has coordinated
development of the National Rice Research Programme’s website and communications. Mr.
Phommasack serves as a lecturer at the National University of Laos in the areas of information
technology and computer programming. Mr. Phommasack holds a bachelor’s degree in
computing (with honors) from the University of Brighton in England.

LAISA ROI (France) is pursuing a doctorate in economics, with a focus on the development of
economic integration in Oceania, at the Universite Montesquieu Bordeaux IV in France. Ms. Roi
is seeking to establish whether Oceania’s regional integration could benefit from a process of
monetary integration based on the emergence of a common anchor currency. Ms. Roi also
holds a master’s degree in international economics and finance from the university. Since
October 2005, she has served as a teaching assistant at the university in the disciplines of
economics and finance, econometrics and mathematics. Ms Roi is a founding member and
treasurer of Expression Bordeaux IV, an association that promotes various cultural activities.
She is also a member of a traditional dance group, “Mana ‘Ori Tahiti.” Ms. Roi was born in
Bordeaux, but her family’s roots are in the South Pacific. Her father is a native of Huahine and
her mother, Port-Vila.

MAHMUD SALIM (Bangladesh) brings to APLP 2009-2010 more than five years of experience
as a developmental professional in the fields of renewable energy, climate change and disaster
management projects. Mr. Salim has worked primarily with national development agencies,
such as BRAC (formerly known as the Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee); Grameen
Shakti, an associate organization of Grameen Bank, and COAST (Coastal Association for
Social Transformation) Trust of Bangladesh. Since May 2008, Mr. Salim has worked as a
research fellow at the Ateneo Center for Asian Studies (Ateneo De Manila University) Quezon
City, Philippines. Among other research pursuits, he is analyzing natural resource-based
regional peace and conflict issues, disaster management, climate change and environmental
polices of Bangladesh. Mr. Salim holds a master’s degree in development studies from BRAC
University in Dhaka, Bangladesh; and bachelor’s degree in science of forestry (with honors)
from Khulna University in Bangladesh.

SAI SENG (Burma/United States) brings 13 years of professional experience, managerial skills
and business knowledge to APLP 2009-2010. Mr. Seng holds an MBA from Emporia State
University in Kansas; and a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Yangon in
Burma. He has worked as a design engineer at Byers Engineering in California, focusing on
engineering jobs tied to an AT&T project; as a logistics manager for IKEA in Long Island, New
York, managing the store replenishment process; and as a research assistant at Emporia State
University’s School of Business, assisting with teaching materials and literature research. In
Burma, Mr. Seng has held positions ranging from offshore administrative secretary for Total
S.A., Burma (French oil company unit) to a manager for Escapade Club, where he supervised
club and bar operations. Also, Mr. Seng started a concept fast-food restaurant in Burma and
managed all aspects of the business for about 14 months.
JONATHAN STRAHL (United States) holds a dual bachelor’s degree in psychology and history
(summa cum laude) from Claremont McKenna College in California (class valedictorian). He
completed a semester of studies at Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso in Chile. In 2007, Mr.
Strahl was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship through the American Indonesian Exchange
Foundation. As a scholar in Makassar, Mr. Strahl taught and assessed high-school level English
at an Islamic boarding school. He also pursued cultural exchange opportunities with the
community via discussion groups, radio and television shows in English and Indonesian;
coordinated a nationwide writing competition; and acted as a cultural ambassador, speaking on
behalf of the U.S. Embassy. Since November, Mr. Strahl has worked as a home-energy
technician for Oregon Green Solutions, organizing and leading teams trained to improve home
energy efficiency. Next year, he will pursue graduate-level studies at Johns Hopkins School of
Advanced International Studies.

DANIEL TAMINATO (Brazil) holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and has completed
additional coursework required for psychologist certification at Tuiuti University of Parana in
Brazil. Mr. Taminato has worked in human resources positions focusing on indicators analyses,
compensation and benefits, development organizational programs, health and safety programs,
and recruitment. For several years, he has served as a volunteer for AFS (American Field
Service) Intercultural Programs, holding positions such as regional educational coordinator and
national training team member. Mr. Taminato first pursued AFS work as a high school student,
after taking part in an exchange program that sent him to Kyoto, Japan. The program provided
him with a deeper understanding of his family history and culture — Mr. Taminato’s Okinawan
grandparents settled in Brazil in the late 1930s.

KRIANGKRAI THITIMAKORN (Thailand) holds a master’s degree in environmental engineering
and sustainable infrastructure from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden; a
master’s degree in bioprocess technology from the Asian Institute of Technology, Pathumthani,
Thailand; a bachelor's degree in microbiology from Srinakharinwirot University in Bangkok; and
a bachelor’s degree in political science from Ramkhamhaeng University in Bangkok. Mr.
Thitimakorn works in Bangkok as a senior project coordinator for a company specializing in
public relations and events. Previously, he was a business coordinator in Lisbon, Portugal for a
company that creates, manages and promotes various events, including efforts related to
environmental awareness. Mr. Thitimakorn has also served as an executive assistant to the
director of the United Nations Environment Programme’s Regional Resource Center for Asia
and the Pacific in Thailand. Last year, he spent two months assisting with laboratory
development in the Department of Molecular Biosciences and Bioengineering at the University
of Hawai’i.

LY TRAN (Vietnam) has worked as national programme officer for Culture for UNESCO’s
(United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) office in Hanoi. Her work
focused on managing and coordinating “Intangible Cultural Heritage” projects. She also worked
on projects pertaining to endangered languages, cultural diversity, ethnic minorities, and crafts.
Previously, Ms. Tran worked as an education program consultant for UNICEF in Hanoi. In that
role, she assisted with planning and implementation of media campaigns focused on early
childhood development issues, and provided technical inputs and translation support. Ms. Tran
holds a bachelor’s degree in cultural anthropology (magna cum laude) from Colby College in
Maine. After completing her degree, Ms. Tran worked for ProPeru Service Corps as a volunteer
affairs coordinator. She organized cultural activities and community efforts addressing issues
such as domestic violence, bilingual education, agro/eco-tourism and art education.
MARVIN UEHARA (Brazil) For the last five years, Mr. Uehara has pursued studies in subjects
ranging from economics and law to history and geography in preparation for diplomatic training
at Rio Branco Institute, an international relations graduate school and diplomatic academy run
by the Ministry of External Relations of Brazil. Mr. Uehara holds a bachelor’s degree in tourism
from the University of Sao Paulo, and has held various positions in that field. Mr. Uehara speaks
English, Spanish and French. He has served as a volunteer for Casa Grande Foundation, a
non-governmental organization that assists needy children in Nova Olinda, Brazil. He has also
worked with deaf children as a volunteer for Santa Teresinha Institute in Sao Paulo. Outside of
Brazil, Mr. Uehara has served as a Red Cross worker in a kindergarten in Salamanca, Spain;
and has worked as a ski instructor in South Lake Tahoe, California.

LOLA WAGNER (Indonesia) in the mid-1990s founded Yayasan Mitra Kesehatan dan
Kemanusiaan (Health and Humanitarian Partnership), a non-governmental agency in Batam
that focuses on combating human trafficking and preventing HIV-AIDS. In 1993, Ms. Wagner
founded Perspective Foundation, a Jakarta-based non-governmental organization that
addresses women’s sexuality issues and media research. During the 1990s, as the Batam area
developed and tourism flourished, increasing numbers of women were tapped for factory work
and prostitution. Ms. Wagner serves as an international advocate for exploited workers,
women’s reproductive health, and counter-trafficking initiatives affecting women and children.
She has received numerous awards and recognition for her work. Ms. Wagner holds a degree in
anthropology from Padjadjaran University in Bandung, West Java. She also has work
experience in media planning and radio announcing.

CAITLIN WYNDHAM (Australia) has over eight years of experience in international
development. Most recently she was a project manager at Handicap International in Maldives
aiming to include people with disabilities in all aspects of the island country's society.
Previously, Ms Wyndham worked for several years in Vietnam as a policy and program design
specialist in the area of disability and development. Recently she assisted the International
Labor Organization in Geneva in mapping services for women with disabilities in Vietnam. While
living in Hanoi, she also worked in China and Cambodia and conducted training for emerging
groups of people with disabilities in Iraq. Ms Wyndham is the author of a guidebook for job-
seekers with disabilities and a trainer's manual for conducting workshops for job-seekers with
disabilities. Ms. Wyndham holds a master's degree in international and community development
from Deakin University in Geelong, Australia; and bachelor's degrees in modern history and
human ecology from the Australian National University in Canberra.

JING XU (China) recently completed an exchange program that sent her to the University of
California, Los Angeles (UCLA Asia Institute Exchange Student Fellowship) as student fellow in
comparative education and social science. Previously, Ms. Xu worked as a Mandarin teacher
and class manager at Western International School of Shanghai; and as a teacher and class
manager at a primary school in Hangzhou. Ms. Xu holds a master’s degree in comparative
education from East China Normal University in Shanghai; and a bachelor’s degree in primary
education from Hangzhou Teachers College in Hangzhou. Ms. Xu is the author of a paper titled
“Education, Class Stratification and Labor Market: A Literature Review and China’s Higher
Education System,” which was presented this year at a Comparative and International
Education Society conference held in South Carolina. She is also the author of “The Impact of
Empathy on Adolescents Moral Consciousness in China,” which was published last year in the
academic journal Modern Education Science.
HITOMI YOKOTE (Japan) is an independent consultant and a lecturer. Previously, Ms. Yokote
worked for Toys R Us Japan in Kawasaki as a corporate officer in charge of corporate planning,
human resources, industrial relations, and various communications matters, working closely
with headquarters in the United States. Between April 1992 and July 2006, Ms. Yokote held
positions at Sony Corporation ranging from manager of global recruiting to senior manager of
international public affairs and external relations. Also, she served for three years as an
administrative officer for the Consulate-General of Japan in Sydney, Australia. Ms. Yokote holds
an MBA, with a focus in human resources and marketing, from Keio University in Yokohama;
and a bachelor’s degree in comparative culture from Sophia University in Tokyo. She has
completed studies as an exchange student at Richard Ivey Business School, University of
Western Ontario.

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